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This is my place to share videos of me having fun playing games! I play on the Playstation 4 (PS4), Xbox One (XB1), Xbox 360, PS3 and even Wii U. Sometimes I'll play other games too!
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my 1st 1st time...

my 1st time...

5 days ago



6 days ago

the return...the return...

the return...

12 days ago

  1. author

    Diles46 - AIRSOFT4 months ago


  2. author

    FORCE8 months ago

    hey dude keep up the good work - lookin forward to see more of your channel !

  3. author

    Pop Rocks2 years ago

    Ok guys ill be going for the Guinness world record 4 longest playing time. The time i have to beat is 140 hours 50 mins no bs ill be streaming the hole time check me out on poprocks184@MReporter & twitter so lets go thanks for ur time

  4. author

    ibz212 years ago

    Ali, can you please do nightmare mode on black opp 3

  5. author

    Luke Steadman2 years ago

    Can you start uploading gameplays with live cometary or post 2 vids one about news and one gameplay

  6. author

    Trina Merriman2 years ago


  7. author

    Trina Merriman2 years ago

    and do more zombies

  8. author

    Trina Merriman2 years ago

    do a nook seesin

  9. author

    Aiden Cardona2 years ago

    ee on xb1, need 2 players gamertag is iiAidenn prestige 2 level 24

  10. author

    VileBitchAboveOnVideo2 years ago

    omg I just hit a 720 trickshot

  11. author

    VileBitchAboveOnVideo2 years ago

    waiting for video wheelie playing bo3 you are amazing ali a!!!!!1 :) :) :)

  12. author

    uni tv2 years ago

    are you going to do any competitions

  13. author

    WhoopQuiss2 years ago

    thats some serious car u got yourself mate! love that sound!

  14. author

    gods.blanket2 years ago

    how did you make ur profile picture ali?

  15. author

    Mr.Dickson22 years ago

    Ali-A you are my best you-tuber, can you please mention me in your other videos to support me? You have my like, share and subscribe! Thanks for your time!

  16. author

    Garry Cool2 years ago

    your cool i think your my favorite you tuber and wish you good luck for your future

  17. author

    Jonathan Egan2 years ago

    Ali-A What is your favorite song? Mine is Flight

  18. author

    Alex G2 years ago


  19. author

    Brendan Curole2 years ago

    Where da videos at doe

  20. author

    BlueLink IceMaker2 years ago

    ali will you help me make MReporter videos <3 :)

  21. author

    Brendan Curole2 years ago

    +GappleDerpChild you have like 3 hundred

  22. author

    PrestineGamer2 years ago

    Been watching since you were matriox!

  23. author

    Smilygamer2 years ago

    when minecraft coming up

  24. author

    Austin-gaming&vlogs2 years ago

    ali you are my favorit youtuber and you have admired me to do youtube an my anishals are alja and I don't know what I should call myself I have started with aljay but I wanted to know what you think one day if im as famous as you and if you wernt I would menschen you in every video I made even if I lost 5 million subs every vid and I would also want to know if you have any tips for youtube you are the best youtber ever and thank you if you awnser this question be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. author

    James X.2 years ago

    keep up the good work AliA we all believe in you!

  26. author

    Extended Raven2 years ago

    hey Ali-a I got Diamond AR if u like to see them msg me back(:

  27. author

    The Penkster2 years ago

    i just made my first video and it isnt great but its not terrible. the reason i got started in this was because of Ali-a. Ali-a is the best youtuber out there and i watch his videos everyday. #Ali-ASupport #Ali-A4Life Thank you Ali :)

  28. author

    elena novikova2 years ago

    ?Ali a can you do more black ops 3 videos

  29. author

    Taveon clarke2 years ago

    ail a do you have a girlfriend

  30. author

    ibrahim qureshi2 years ago


  31. author

    Andrew Gurney2 years ago

    Hi can you give a shout out on one of your videos cause i have just started youtube please.

  32. author

    Kazuto Frost2 years ago

    When you gonna play some zombies? Pretty sure you're busy with a lot of stuff, but you're always hyped for zombies and multiplayer. But only a few gameplay videos for zombies. Hope you consider making some zombies vids. BTW, like the new logo!

  33. author

    NuKe BOSS2 years ago

    i know hees going to go HYP3

  34. author

    Mohamed M2 years ago

    Hi Ali, happy new year and can we chat

  35. author

    T Ali2 years ago

    im about to reach 10 million subs too. with ur help.

  36. author

    Taveon clarke2 years ago

    buy me cod black ops 3 for ps4 plz

  37. author

    Bolesy5K2 years ago

    can you guys check out my youtube and drop me a sub, much appreciated

  38. author

    DOGE GAMING2 years ago

    more miss leading titles

  39. author

    ICreamyy9222 years ago

    hey alia thank you for the best class setup for the kn44 I do well now so thank you

  40. author

    EtharTheGar2 years ago

    Ali-A can you sub to me it would be great

  41. author

    Alexhall HD2 years ago

    10 mil subs long and epic live stream cod bo3 and cod aw

  42. author

    Jacoby Coleman2 years ago

    were is the ray gun mark 3 at wat map

  43. author

    ReJeCT_ xXMODZXx2 years ago

    alia i looooove you your my fav youtuber your number 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 the best

  44. author

    Carlos Vasquez2 years ago

    whoo gun game hey can u do team deathmatch

  45. author

    themoustwonte2 years ago

    can somebody make me a good baner for my chanel i do ghost

  46. author

    Allstar35cf2 years ago

    Hey man if you could give ,y channel a shoutout in your next video or something or like maybe next time you make a video for zombies on black ops 3 maybe we can do it together I've got PS4 my gt is @allstar35cf

  47. author

    Gabriel Fausette2 years ago

    why he no posting today?

  48. author

    Rom2 years ago

    Just starting out on MReporter, check and see if you like my content (:

  49. author

    Carlos Vasquez Jr.2 years ago

    Can u do gun game

  50. author

    RestingLeaf2 Flynn2 years ago

    ali how abowt if you have a xbox 306 can you ad me and I'm over the moon with your videos o love them but not being bragy but can you do video and pop the coment wat inm saing know to you I wold eprasheot it your the best ps my gamertag is RestingLeaf2

  51. author

    AZ Killer2 years ago

    alia can you live stream on bo3 for me today

  52. author

    Aidan Bagwell2 years ago

    hi I was wondering if you could do a Bo2 best class setup with the (vector k10) plz

  53. author

    SwiftPlays2 years ago

    Congrats on the new Audi, happy for you man enjoy!

  54. author

    SoggyBox_2 years ago

    does anyone know a headset that works for ps4 and xbox one?

  55. author

    Richard knowles2 years ago

    Nice videos Ali a 😀

  56. author

    ali hassan2 years ago

    i play this game bo3 24\7

  57. author

    ali hassan2 years ago

    ali a what can i do on bo3 if im bored of the game

  58. author

    Artem T2 years ago

    Ali A you are a great youtuber And i really enjoy your vidS!! I am going to start a gaming youtube channel any suggestions ?

  59. author

    thehotshot12212 years ago

    hey minecraft is on moreAli-A

  60. author

    Broken Blastoise2 years ago


  61. author

    chaos destoryer2 years ago

    i am making a live stream on Monday so if you want do watch you can

  62. author

    TITAN RD RUNNER2 years ago

    Great channel mate u got a sub from me great job

  63. author

    KarimAlim2 years ago

    I am big fan of Ali a!!!!

  64. author

    colby fagan2 years ago


  65. author

    Thomas Erickson2 years ago

    Do you play with XBOX or Play Station ?

  66. author

    BladeCJ2 years ago

    @Ali-A please look at my video, im new to youtube, i need ideas and things people think are bad about my channel, anybody who sees this please check it out!

  67. author

    micah Randolph2 years ago

    is there any light machine guns on bo3? really enjoy the videos and thanks.

  68. author

    xxCODxloverxx952 years ago

    ali dude if you see this my brother and i were playing bo3 on the xbox 1 and he gt the knuckle dusters and he uppercut a guy in neck #weevil love

  69. author

    ViBE Spok2 years ago

    Ali A is a BEAST keep it up fam.

  70. author

    Harshdeep Parhar2 years ago


  71. author

    Michael Ensley2 years ago

    Alia why are you such a freaking pimp bruh. I just watched a video on "8 reasons why people hate Alia" and they were just all jealous of your pimpness. Just keep it up and it would be cool if we could play some bo3 together some time.

  72. author

    SyzkedZanz2 years ago

    Whats up Ali-a i watch your videos all the time there interesting if you want add me on Play Station 4 xBrainHunterXx

  73. author

    Dylan Farraway2 years ago

    i love your videos

  74. author

    x Chaliem2 years ago

    DUDE, ALI-A you were the first youtuber i really got into and im only thirteen but im subscribed and i really got to give you props brah

  75. author

    Jace Nelson2 years ago

    Ali-A is great to watch and seems like a really great person. Just wish I knew how to contact him about some questions :)

  76. author

    Its Tobiii2 years ago

    hello Ali I really appreciate you being on youtube man you are awesome!

  77. author

    Kizzeric Graves2 years ago

    I love watching your videos man! Never change

  78. author

    DELTA_WING HD2 years ago

    yes this live stream doe

  79. author

    Marino Kerk2 years ago

    bo3 boizzzzzzzzzzzz

  80. author

    Qure Paniic2 years ago

    I do BO3 Paintjob tutorials on my channel :)

  81. author

    Rogerio Ferreira2 years ago

    Alia-A, do you know something about the slow-walking in BO2 ?

  82. author

    Petr Prejza2 years ago

    i need your cap, but i´m from czech.... is it possible to do it something ?

  83. author

    Kouteyba Abdel2 years ago

    in minecraft if you break a chest with items inside of it will the items inside it break to

  84. author

    Itsmychance2 years ago

    alia could you please uploud more constistantly

  85. author

    ZEENITH2 years ago

    Alia i have my own channel called Mr Ping i want copy you in all of your vids your my number 1 youtuber

  86. author

    X_capturetheflag _X2 years ago

    just started yt plz sub

  87. author

    marquis williams2 years ago

    im new subscriber i love you

  88. author

    marquis williams2 years ago

    have a great chrismas ali a $$$$$$$$$$ lol

  89. author

    Alberto Dorito2 years ago

    What does tha A stand for- asshole or assgetslickedbyjustinbieber

  90. author

    ohbadluckyhd2 years ago

    i have 539 cryptokey

  91. author

    Dakota Mihelcic2 years ago

    come look at my channel its gaming, vlogs, and just crazy stuff

  92. author

    Metan Maharaj2 years ago

    please can you post a blackopps2 video on ps3 or xbox PLEASEEEEEE

  93. author

    XxxThe MaSk3d GaM3rxXx2 years ago

    ali a could you send me a ps4 code for seson pass in a chat plzz

  94. author

    Sam Cautela2 years ago

    Hi Ali A i am trying to become a youtuber and i really want you to star in my first video my channel will be mainly Black ops 3 and if you could please contact me by sending me a friend request on ps4 my name is samcaut

  95. author

    Hyper Gaming2 years ago

    hey guys help us reach 100 subs black ops 3 content thank you guys and have a nice day

  96. author

    chaos destoryer2 years ago

    i have 2 accounts and one of them have been suspended and I don't know why ?

  97. author

    The COD Squad2 years ago

    Yo love ur vids and u are so good at COD BO 3 and u are one of the best youtubers well for me u are

  98. author

    chaos destoryer2 years ago

    alia on ps3 and ps4 can you please add me becasue i am going to start youtubing in couple of days so can you please add me ?

  99. author

    Frances Filth2 years ago

    anyone know where to find alis streams?

  100. author

    Octavius Foxx2 years ago

    please follow my channel I'm a huge fan