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  1. author

    Abd E-Nasser Abdrabbo30 minutes ago

    13:57 that's some weird ass back nick looking hair.

  2. author

    Dankasaurus630 minutes ago

    "The hard drives are dead" They're Seagate No surprise

  3. author

    Luna Skiles30 minutes ago

    Seeing Tylers was like looking at myself, right down to the G502

  4. author

    jivandabeast30 minutes ago

    Linus: this is kinda overkill for civ Also linus: does entire system upgrade for Anno 1800

  5. author

    Binsu200531 minute ago

  6. author

    Nadjib Ben31 minute ago

    Wait till that guy confesses that it's his after jerking sock

  7. author

    SpencerOneShot31 minute ago

    That was fucking amazing

  8. author

    Ralph Raphael32 minutes ago

    wait isnt Jake Linus brother

  9. author

    ImHerholdt32 minutes ago

    sick wallpaper, i made that :)

  10. author

    Adrian H.32 minutes ago

    I'm triggered by the door that opened outward instead of inward.

  11. author

    Andrew Tay32 minutes ago

    Both of them should get runner up prizes

  12. author

    packman67ny32 minutes ago

    sOMEONE HAS A LINK for his stream?

  13. author

    Heavenly Rice33 minutes ago

    How do you think games that started at a set price (like $30) later became free to play or even “freemium”. Would the original owners of the “paid” keys be able to sell? But it’s also a free game to begin with? This sounds like a messy grey mess

  14. author

    justin wojciechowski33 minutes ago

    Low FPS diminishes the returns IMO. Tech isn't far behind though soon enough 8K will be possible and have good FPS. I think it is the new TV's that are not meant for this purpose that are killing your framerates We are not far off from 8K monitors However I feel 4K is more crisp because it is much more smooth because of the refresh rates for now. The tech is close though and I love your experiment thanks for showing what is currently possible with disposable income. P.S. I love the videos and Info you pass on please keep going man I knew tons in the past and present but I learn lots from you @Linus Tech Tips Thanks for always pushing the bar We APPRECIATE YOU!!!!!

  15. author

    Ramunas Devyni34 minutes ago

    wow a tv from China 🙄

  16. author

    Mark Leos34 minutes ago

    “Or should I say, Jakes mom’s house” yea because you don’t pay him enough to move out

  17. author

    SquirrelyBlake34 minutes ago

    We'll see what happens. Due time.

  18. author

    Yvon Cui34 minutes ago

    It's not stolen if you give it to me.

  19. author

    Azim Alif36 minutes ago

    Find the best pc and make them average.😀

  20. author

    ozzieboy00736 minutes ago

    When I bought my MacBook pro back in 2011, the marketing campaign was "This is the last laptop you will ever buy"...

  21. author

    Baron Clime36 minutes ago

    Hey LMG, is there any way you guys could lend some assistance to UFD Tech? They are in a bad spot.

  22. author

    Naughty Senpai Gaming37 minutes ago

    RE-sell the game to other people but a percentage of the money coming to you goes to the developer instead.

  23. author

    Chirea Ionut37 minutes ago

    so i guess the others at ltt have ryzen at home and becouse this is a intel video we see just 3 ppl... ok 03:18 any one a link to that tutorial? or maybe explain better what he was talking about?

  24. author

    Theron Dalton38 minutes ago

    I'd love to know about Tyler's Desk - any details?? is it custom?

  25. author

    RoniRhino38 minutes ago

    Can we get an Anthony only channel he’s funny and has a very soothing voice.

  26. author

    JBorg9738 minutes ago

    This episode should be called LTT Cribs: Upgrade Edition

  27. author

    T M S39 minutes ago

    So... You're telling me Linus paints walls? Mine could need a fresh coat of paint in the near future...

  28. author

    Zachary Dallatore39 minutes ago

    Bro, that's wired. Go clean your own room and give Tyler the i9.

  29. author

    Carlos Oyuela39 minutes ago

    I wanted to see Anthony's setup :(.

  30. author

    az zahar39 minutes ago

    This video is more like "which LMG employee steals from the office the most"

  31. author

    Allen Mccullough40 minutes ago

    That was definitely Jake's happy sock!

  32. author

    Rene Sosa40 minutes ago

    Jajajaja great video

  33. author

    Emmanuel Dupuis40 minutes ago

    That was actually a very funny and interesting episode! It`s fun to get out of technical videos sometimes! I liked watching it from beginning to the end and I rarely do so.

  34. author

    Legendary Collektor41 minute ago

    Pfffft AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2920X Nvidia gtx 2080ti 32GB ram 10TB total of HDD space 1.5TB of SSD space Peasants

  35. author

    daniel Gordon41 minute ago

    "And now I will paint your silver pants blue". That guy is literally 40 year old virgin

  36. author

    Zing Z41 minute ago

    Eww Intel

  37. author

    mrsYnTTaX41 minute ago

    first time i disliked a ltt video, i dont think this was a fair review at all

  38. author

    Why Tho42 minutes ago

    120ML's because RGB and I thought the MAG LEV would make them quieter (they kinda are pretty damn quiet)

  39. author

    Patrick Josey42 minutes ago

    This is crazy cool, please do more content on this or improvements on it, possibly have someone try and daily drive it?

  40. author

    Ender Gamer42 minutes ago

    I was waiting for one of them to have a 3900x and so it would be a downgrade to a 9900k

  41. author

    lxdimension42 minutes ago

    1000th person to ask maybe, but what is that sofa keyboard and where can I get it?!.... In europe with UK keyboard layout ideally!

  42. author

    Vini Dalvino42 minutes ago

    that video is amazing! I would-be glad to know setup of all ltt staff

  43. author

    Gonkdoeshype43 minutes ago

    same pc specs i have lol

  44. author

    mike gam43 minutes ago

    dennis is the goat

  45. author

    Prince Antony44 minutes ago

    Everyone stolen from LTT , But Linus will loot something from Tyler's home, on the cleaning day. because , there is some cool creative stuffs(Linus don't try to clean other's home)😈😈😈

  46. author

    Water and Steel44 minutes ago

    Pass a torch or Tylers keyboard and mouse

  47. author

    tsmspace45 minutes ago

    those are NOT the original star wars, which had much longer scenes of luke looking at his burnt "parents"

  48. author

    djdjukic45 minutes ago

    More water flow!

  49. author

    Master Of Puppets45 minutes ago

    imagine the 3way after thr the shooting stopped sorry, had to ask

  50. author

    Jake Hix45 minutes ago

    1:38 i also stole.... xD I love him

  51. author

    Risky Business Rides45 minutes ago

    The fuck was not bleeped out. Lmao.

  52. author

    Raul Salazar45 minutes ago

    I think it was a good selection of the winner, just let us know that you got rid of the HDMI cable.

  53. author

    zodiacfml46 minutes ago

    No AMD love. 😞

  54. author

    CM Harrington46 minutes ago


  55. author

    jetpackdd 12346 minutes ago

    it’s because someone who plays a lot of video games and has more expirence will invest in a better pc and a noob is not gonna buy anything over 1000 dollars

  56. author

    K4yr4h46 minutes ago

    less points for the dog. thats my linus cat tips there

  57. author

    Khaffit47 minutes ago

    Tyler best waifu :3

  58. author

    Vincent Quy48 minutes ago

    So, this CEO dude gives away tech stuffs for his employees and offer to come clean their house. DAMN!

  59. author

    Iron Fan48 minutes ago

    Linus is droppin so many things, this video. XD

  60. author

    Unwise49 minutes ago

    Turtleshoe.wav I 'member

  61. author

    Reprisal49 minutes ago

    Down vote for trash 18:9 aspect ratio.

  62. author

    Reprisal49 minutes ago

    Down vote for trash 18:9 aspect ratio.

  63. author

    Reprisal49 minutes ago

    Down vote for trash 18:9 aspect ratio.

  64. author

    Reprisal50 minutes ago

    Down vote for trash 18:9 aspect ratio.

  65. author

    VOLCARONA50 minutes ago

    I want those dead hard drives to fill my hhd trays

  66. author

    Eduardo M. Portella51 minute ago

    Hey Linus, I can imagine how traumatic touching the sock might have been but Jake deserve more than the too others. The second dude doesn't need it simply because he enjoys more the board games and the prizes will be under used. And the last guy, well.. he has already more than he can play with

  67. author

    Ufphen51 minute ago

    i am one of those 3 people that only play call of duty for the single player, call of duty 3 has a good single player campaign. fight me.

  68. author

    Charles Wolf 451 minute ago

    Aight still waiting on those hd results

  69. author

    Catabois Carl Edouard jean52 minutes ago

    Very good contest but i m off lol. I m a low ball user

  70. author

    Bhaswardeep Sikdar52 minutes ago

    I think the first bloke needed it the most since he had the shittiest hardware

  71. author

    SirLink52 minutes ago

    For maingear, your chart said it didn’t have instructions for removing the foam inside when right on the side panel of the case it said WARNING remove foam inside of computer 🤦🏻‍♂️

  72. author

    Water and Steel52 minutes ago

    50 seconds in I'm calling it Rileys

  73. author

    Spades52 minutes ago


  74. author

    Rodrigo Sierpe52 minutes ago

    When Linus says "the non-compromises, upgradable option, and it looks like this"... Man, for a second I felt like I was watching Blue's Clues, a highly nerdy version of Blue's Clues.

  75. author

    Iron Fan52 minutes ago


  76. author

    Matthew O'Mealey54 minutes ago

    Linus=best boss

  77. author

    Ibraheem Productions54 minutes ago

    i'd show u the benchmarks... byt my pc blue screen's when i open blender...

  78. author

    Vai1d54 minutes ago

    I think that these videos just show that Linus does not pay his staff that much

  79. author

    pradeep kumar54 minutes ago

    Why i havr to watch 2 ads at start of video

  80. author

    pigtailsboy56 minutes ago

    Wait, dude. How is this a contest? If someone has the "best setup" winning should mean you take their system and and replace it with the most wack gaming rig of dead end parts imaginable, and then challenge them to game on it for a month.

  81. author

    Misericordia56 minutes ago

    Must be nice to have all these things. *Cries in the corner People says money won't buy happiness but I'm pretty sure they are dead wrong in this case.

  82. author

    maoherrera7356 minutes ago

    #OMG I´m in love!!! XD!!!

  83. author

    Justin Bradley57 minutes ago

    Now both try Linux

  84. author

    Chris Banana57 minutes ago

    @7:55 hahah that mouse pad :P I use a FUNC mousepad that i bought in 1999, i saw it on an ad during an ONG (on game net) starcraft game.... the textured side is finally fading away, and i have always hated the smooth side...

  85. author

    justin wojciechowski57 minutes ago

    Over Powered Pentium 4 in 2018 Go Wally World :-)

  86. author

    Jarod Skaff57 minutes ago

    Hey don't blame him for having an xbox one Kinect. I have the Xbox 360 Kinect to play Fruit Ninja which the game sold for 20 million dollars.

  87. author

    john doe58 minutes ago

    Jake that sock was crusty!! We could see it from the video !!!!

  88. author

    dannass558 minutes ago

    This was really entertaining! Can't wait to see you clean his house lmao

  89. author

    Simon james Bishop59 minutes ago

    Seriously 3 sponsor plugs.... shameless guys, simply shameless.

  90. author

    samdur 1759 minutes ago

    Budget my ass

  91. author

    It’s MelonHour ago

    or you can use Vmware esxi

  92. author

    Kamal MahmudHour ago

    As someone who hates clutter, this is anxiety inducing

  93. author

    Dtr146Hour ago

    lol i learned some shit

  94. author

    Iron FanHour ago

    I feel weird being in Jake's room, y'all. ~.~

  95. author

    Diego GutierrezHour ago

    it doesn't have a cd slot darn!

  96. author

    ChrisHour ago

    fml that vc is better then what I have :(

  97. author

    Blue PrinceHour ago

    CCP: we must honor Dennis and give him promotion for letting us slip on Canada Network.

  98. author

    Amit KumarHour ago

    Funny thing is no one has ryzen. Cpus

  99. author

    AndrewHour ago

    I remember when Ivan had the dopest setup.