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    Troll Trolling2 years ago


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    Jay Lynch2 years ago


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    Ben Hertzman2 years ago

    LOve the channel

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    Victor Santamaria2 years ago

    is it creepy that i want more of your content? don't care!! love your stuff, and your energy! needs me some more of that!!

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    TnT FoX2 years ago

    Early donation since its not number 50 yet. but here is 50 bucks for another 2500 facts to blow my mind

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    EaterofCookies2 years ago

    I really like your 50 AMAZING Facts to Blow your Mind! If you run out maybe you should remix them together. I don't know if people would like it, but doing it once might be worth a shot. Thanks

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    Victor Santamaria2 years ago


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    Keith Lewis2 years ago

    amazing MReporterr

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    Survival Gamer2 years ago

    dude you're a trip. I love your videos.

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    Azaki Shimo2 years ago

    dear matthew, I was wondering if youre feeling any better now? So far I do subscribed to you and have sometimes watched your videos but its still awesome! Hope youre feeling so far OK or yet WAY BRILLIANT AS EVER, friend!

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    Kenneth Nichols2 years ago

    Matt, make right with your fans and make your amends, you had a lot of happen to you don't let this be the mistake like you did with your ex, you can fix this. apologizing will make the hate go away. Don't let this be a trepidation.

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    napoleon 17682 years ago

    your still awesome :)

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    Alexia Doland2 years ago

    Don't be silly! Wrap your willy!

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    Tyler Pilkinton2 years ago

    Everybody still complaining about the plagiarism allegations, just check out the newest video on Matt's vlog channel.

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    Muskie2 years ago


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    Joseph@Films2 years ago

    y tho

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    Extatic Music2 years ago

    You seem to be a happy guy but im sorry to hear about this copyright thing you must be sad!

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    Willow Raevynwood2 years ago

    Love your channel! My husband and I put it on autoplay last night while we enjoyed some wine. I had to put my wine down when we got to the Inappropriate Children's Book video because I was laughing so hard.

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    BlazingNemo2 years ago

    copy my profile pic

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    Tekashto2 years ago

    Memento mori

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    Bobby Martin2 years ago

    One day, as long as no new languages are developed, no new cultures come in existence , then someday off in the distant future humanity will cease to be original. No mater which way you turn you will be plagiarizing, and it is in that future where as people will take from any source they please and sprinkle their own individual touch to it. Making it new. Is his videos enjoyable, does he make it his own. I see a lot in this man, vicious people are so quick to turn on an individual, trying or not, will or will not, judge as you may.

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    Amy Telinore2 years ago

    I guess an annoying British asshole can spout nonsense and everyone will swallow it.

  23. author

    Trafalgar D. Water Law2 years ago

    Everyone messes up. I still respect you anyways. BTW don't use Wikipedia as a source.

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    Alexia Doland2 years ago

    VVVVVVVV What they all said. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ What they said too.

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    tђє ςคยϟє ๏Ŧ ฬєt קคภtเєϟ2 years ago

    Plagiarising bald toothy cock sucker lol

  26. author

    wintonsweyr2 years ago

    Hang in there Matt! You can surf this lousy wave and turn it into a killer ride. Peace.

  27. author

    iCEnOVAA2 years ago

    Anyone else still sticking with Matt like I am?:P BTW everyone makes mistakes! I was a mistake(Im not really a mistake people)!

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    Tyler Bennett2 years ago

    Please, Ladies and Gentleman, He cited his sources. Can somebody please read the description.

  29. author

    Tyler Fead2 years ago

    now Canadian summers are terrifying

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    davwalker2 years ago

    some of us are still here for ya Matt!! best of luck and love!!

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    Stray Tyrian2 years ago

    Hey, you're getting a lot of hate and a lot of critisisms Matt, I just wanted to say, I still think you're a cool guy. I enjoy your videos and find you funny and nice, I hope you keep making vids and keep being you.

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    jakeisawizard2 years ago

    you used to have 6mil subscribers by the way

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    Sam Mloome2 years ago


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    Master Roshi2 years ago

    Man,i used to respect i don't hate you,but you FUCKING dissapointed us ALL!!

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    Aidan Elliott-Perreault2 years ago

    Leave youtube we have no more room for liars

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    Buffalo2 years ago

    You suck!

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    Mike B2 years ago

    Damn plagerist....

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    Glorioustigereye2 years ago

    What if nicol is write

  39. author

    Eva Grogan2 years ago

    very dissapointed mathew :( unsubbing

  40. author

    Gods God2 years ago

    GRADED, scroll down for results:

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    Phloat Wireless2 years ago

    Shit channel, also my freaking god you are humpbacked and you smell, why don't we meet up so I can push you in front of a bus. And sometimes I like to relax in the hot tub and think about someone else taking shit in your fucking asshole. Unsubbed. P.S I hope Leafy will fucking roast you mate.

  42. author

    HLNinja2 years ago

    -1 sub

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    Dark Horizon 6212 years ago

    Dude, you are straight fucked.

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    ModArkPhobia2 years ago


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    Hamster God2 years ago

    -1 sub.

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    Joshua Latham2 years ago

    Best thing you can do now Matthew is own up, and apologize. You seem like a nice guy, don't rise up to it.

  47. author

    TheoMC - Minecraft2 years ago

    FUCK U

  48. author

    Grand2 years ago

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh suck it up, you guys. It's not like he used the shit for a research paper. And besides, how else would he make the videos he makes. One video every Saturday is much harder than weeks of research for a simple essay, y'know.

  49. author

    Hardcore United2 years ago

    Oh matt wouldn't it just be easier to get permission to use other people's content and just credit them to instead of just yourself shame on you. Prepare yourself for a shit storm

  50. author

    Sarcopathic2 years ago

    You'll get no sympathy from me, mate

  51. author

    Golden2 years ago

    Lol everyone needs to chill out, plagiarism is all over MReporter. Have you seen DrawMyLife? -Plagiarism, Hauls? -Plagiarism, Facts videos? -Plagiarism. Who even cares, as long as they're funny.

  52. author

    ExtremelyModerate2 years ago

    I'm surprised this guy lasted this long. I stumbled upon this guy for the first time today and thought "someone has been reading cracked articles." Then I read the comments and apparently people have just figured this out within the last 24 hours.

  53. author

    Parker Hudson2 years ago

    Damn Matt. I had a lot of respect for you as a content creator. Not anymore -1 sub.

  54. author

    DoneWithYourShits2 years ago

    Hey, I'm still staying :)

  55. author

    TriHard2 years ago

    loser faggot kys

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    Josh Ellerby2 years ago

    Do u know what i want to happen to u i hope u get nut cancer literally just so you can't make videos and so that i don't have to c u on the internet you fucking nut job

  57. author

    Emo Emu2 years ago

    no matt you are still the best list maker

  58. author

    Superior leader Kim Jong-Un2 years ago

    So, when he goes back to like 20 subs, will they take back his plaques? Just realised, can't go back to 20 subs, his bots can't unsub.

  59. author

    Superior leader Kim Jong-Un2 years ago

    You like your butthole fingered?

  60. author

    Ruben Braddock2 years ago

    So many assholes. You guys are really gonna stick up for nicole arbor? M'kay then.

  61. author

    Dooske Hooske2 years ago

    #FirstLeFinger #ThenLeCoqq

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    Jack took2 years ago


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    TheQuazz2 years ago

    About time this nigga gets the hate he deserves.

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    bob bobbet2 years ago

    R3kt much m8?

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    Marshall2 years ago

    TORCHES AND PITCHFORKS! (Hey there matt. Big fan big fan.) GETCHA TORCHES AND PITCHFORKS HERE! 24$!!!!(Really sorry about what's about to go down and i wish you the best of luck) GET YA TORCHES AND PITCHFORKS RIGHT HERE! 30$!!!(I think you're a swell guy and your content is a fairly decent way to pass time, but your next couple of weeks is not going to be very fun. I wish you the best of luck and im prayin for ya. Now nothing personal but i gotta sell all this youtube war paraphernalia before someone beats me to it.) GET YA TORCHES, PITCHFORKS, HAND GRENADES, RIOT SHIELDS,SPIKED BASEBALL BATS, SHOTGUNS, LIMITED EDITION WALKING DEAD CROSSBOWS, TEE SHIRTS, ANNNND BOB TANKS! ONLY 100$ EACH! COME ONE! COME ALL! TO THE BIGGEST MReporterR EXPOSITION SINCE THE FINE BROS! (Seriously tho, my condolences. you can bounce back from this.)

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    Tyler Durden2 years ago


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    klarth12342 years ago


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    Papalareis2 years ago

    I like how people are jumping on the bandwagon just to hate on Matt just so they can look "cool" or, "mainstream". Don't give up Matthew.

  69. author

    Rated M2 years ago

    It's down to 8,000 now

  70. author

    Dr. Rx2 years ago

    Minus 1 Sub for you Matt! Don't worry, I'm not copy and pasting this comment from someone else! It's completely plagiarism free! Unlike somebody...

  71. author

    Bromius2 years ago

    This dude is a manipulative asshole who makes up fucked up stories, (like the abuse one) for views.

  72. author

    SweatyNerdNation2 years ago


  73. author

    Dylan Locke2 years ago

    yooooooooooooooooooooooo fuck youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  74. author

    Kevin Leonard2 years ago

    Matthew legit likes his asshole fingered and he is a plagarist

  75. author

    Wait, I thought I had to use my real name, Google?2 years ago


  76. author

    Redcorvin2 years ago

    Unlike most of the hating immature Asshats in here whinning about some hypocrite limeys tirade of rhetoric crap.. I myself will remain subbed even tho at time i dont necessarily agree with your abusive comments about my Country (USA) Fact of the matter is Your a decent person that DID NOT Plagerize under the fair use laws and copyright laws so all the little fanbabies can get a life and learn the laws instead of being reactionary twits.

  77. author

    DanK MeMeSteR2 years ago


  78. author

    Mr Wonderful2 years ago

    You know I thought what he said was bullshit until I actually saw the proof fuck this channel.

  79. author

    IncompleteMadness2 years ago

    I wouldn't take what Grade had said too seriously. I watched the video about PewDiePie, Markiplier, and you and found it to be general slander and copious amounts of logical fallacies. I just couldn't take it seriously. I do understand that plagiarism is a real thing that could ruin a person and discredit them, I do appreciate that you are putting up the sources so now even I can have easier access to where you got the facts from. I also do know that I am fully capable of searching the internet on my own to find out where the facts came from. I follow many sites that have hundreds of articles about fun facts and trivia, but I prefer to watch videos about them because it takes less time and I can be more entertained. In short, I'm still gonna watch your videos, no one is gonna make me not watch your videos, and if someone is going to slander I will go out and find the information on it so I can have my own opinion on it. Keep doing what you do, and we love you!

  80. author

    Holly Roscoe2 years ago


  81. author

    Entrr Username2 years ago

    Can you all shut up about plagarizing. It's not a big deal.

  82. author

    Kubo Bleach2 years ago

    My favorite Audio book straight out of piratebay

  83. author

    Wong Jing Shen2 years ago

    Just add your sources so your problem solves itself, it'll probably blow over really quickly because people are just looking for something to enrage themselves with. I subscribed because I like your format. Just be more aware of laws.

  84. author

    dave burger2 years ago

    Matt for real man, you are a man to my heart and i have the deepest respect for you after what you have bin true. I just saw your vid about your story and i never knew a thing after 4 years of watching your content! My respect man!

  85. author

    Kollin Roberts2 years ago


  86. author

    An Agent of Chaos2 years ago


  87. author

    Uberling2 years ago

    Shit dude you got caught plagiarizing your scum Mr Santoro. I was subed but I cant support plagiarizing bitch

  88. author

    Alexander Coelho2 years ago

    he plagrizes

  89. author

    Platinumhits1232 years ago

    Your a bitch

  90. author

    Darth Kriegor2 years ago

    I wonder if there will be livestreams of Matt's sub count going down or not. Grade shredded you.

  91. author

    Boring Boi2 years ago

    Everyone just go through all of his videos and disike each one

  92. author

    Jonathan Le2 years ago

    Yo going for a ride santoro

  93. author

    McGoldenblade2 years ago

    Matt, you've made a huge mistake and it's your job to fix it. If you do, I will consider subscribing to you again. Plagiarism is a crime, and is a crime that will not be tolerated. PS. everyone, please don't be too harsh on him. He made a mistake, just like all human beings do. Cursing at him will not fix anything.

  94. author

    I can't a name2 years ago

    Jesus Christ everybody that's subbed to Grade A Just shat on your new video with dislikes

  95. author

    doggyass122 years ago

    He's probably gonna post some butthurt vlog soon. Just like that time when he did a collaboration with Cinemasins and he wasn't well liked and had a suicide watch moment

  96. author

    Oscar 292 years ago

    Bye Jinx...

  97. author

    TheGamingAthiest2 years ago

    Creative my arse

  98. author

    Kytetsu2 years ago

    Im still here for u matt

  99. author

    Oxy2 years ago

    Am I the only one not really bothered about the situation? Considering I already knew he was plagiarizing like, a year ago

  100. author

    Jacob Smith2 years ago

    i wonder how many copyright strikes he can get in the next 3 weeks?? i say 3 what about you???