No Copyright Gameplay
No Copyright Gameplay
No Copyright Gameplay

Hi, I'm Zane! I upload entertaining gameplay footage that is free for anybody to use and monetize in their videos.
Rules for every video:
- This video is free to use, edit, and monetize in your videos.
- Attribution text (Link to this channel, or this video) is required by the
Creative Commons license on all of my videos.
- Re-upload the gameplay to your channel.
- Claim the gameplay is yourself playing.
^ I have the ability to claim copyright infringement on your video if you do these. (Which could give your channel a strike.)

I'm considering doing private gameplay deals. If you would like exclusive gameplay for just your channel, send me an email with a link to your channel and if I like what you are producing and it seems beneficial enough for me then I would be interested.
My Discord:
Want your game featured on the channel?
Send me a key or gift copy through Steam, if I like your game I would love to show it off!