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  1. author

    narcos pablo3 hours ago

    we want this update on the samsung galaxy s8 ..why samsung keep this policy of 2 years update ...look at apple even the iphone 6s still puching the updates ...shame on you samsung ...

  2. author

    Ussr3 hours ago

    5 cameras this is getting cancerous

  3. author

    Sambo Visal3 hours ago

    Samsung: Here is galaxy Z Flip Web developer: Hah! Here we go again

  4. author

    Mamta Vijayvergia3 hours ago

    Apple: Iphone11. Samsung:hold my megapixels

  5. author

    Omar Abid3 hours ago

    Wish to work for SAMSUNG.

  6. author

    SOMETHINGAMER3 hours ago

    What is the point of this? I understand that the fold made the screen bigger but...this is stupid

  7. author

    Rinil Nittoor3 hours ago

    Jerryrigrverything says hai..

  8. author

    ธฤต เพ็ญภาคกุล3 hours ago

    I came here to watch this because I thought on the Ad display was Taylor Swift 😂😂😂

  9. author

    storyfell chara3 hours ago


  10. author

    KNIGHT 5043 hours ago

    Iphone Trynna Copy DIS FR

  11. author

    BIG_ BARK3 hours ago

    What happend 2 hi gogel

  12. author

    the leader bg3 hours ago

    What about screen protectors

  13. author

    nini plet3 hours ago

    Can't wait for Jerry to rig this phone "We see scratches on a level 5 with deeper grooves on a level 6"

  14. author

    Warrior3 hours ago

    No it's not glass !!! It's just useless plastic which scratches at level 2 with deeper groves at level 3 !

  15. author

    Angel Villalpando3 hours ago

    This looks like the gameboy advance sp lol

  16. author

    ㄙSedexㄙ3 hours ago

    Реально это круто

  17. author

    Prince Chaderkona pk3 hours ago

    fall in love with the ultra 😍

  18. author

    Pedrocoelho pedrovisc203 hours ago

    passing to warn that the Brazilian version of this ad is much better kisses

  19. author

    Dusan Jancic3 hours ago

    I fear not man But that music It scares me

  20. author

    Les gamers ozdemir3 hours ago

    Ça fait bim bam boum

  21. author

    # savage3 hours ago

    2019: iPhone 11 three cameras. 2020: Samsung S20 Ultra five cameras 2021: iPhone 12 four camera and Samsung S30 six cameras.

  22. author

    Yike Lol3 hours ago


  23. author

    Jeanno3 hours ago

    phone case be like : 😧😧😧

  24. author

    RedSetalers Playz3 hours ago

    Whos watching after S20 Ultra

  25. author

    bhakto ka papa4 hours ago

    Motorola : hello moto Samsung : hold my Z flip

  26. author

    Ana Apolzan4 hours ago

    Asta e tablețoi direect🤣✌🏼

  27. author

    Razor Man4 hours ago

    Samsung govno apple top

  28. author

    Razor Man4 hours ago

    Самсунг говно эпл топ

  29. author

    Bloodin4 hours ago

    Spoilers: Screen is NOT glass, you can scratch it with your fingernail, almost same with Galaxy Fold...

  30. author

    Lisa Pizza4 hours ago

    Basically it's just a $2000 phone which folds.....hmmmm

  31. author

    lowery George4 hours ago

    😎 👕 🤝 👖 👞👞

  32. author

    Eduard Alexandru Predescu4 hours ago

    Aragaz cu 6 ochi

  33. author

    Bot. R.4 hours ago

    Samsung: "yup, we've folded glass" Jerryrigeverything: let me stop you right there

  34. author

    Felipe Almeida4 hours ago

    Eu quero!

  35. author

    Matt Bina4 hours ago

    I am an iphone user but this thing is blowing my mind 🤯

  36. author

    Roblox Gamer4 hours ago

    I wanna get it so much ;( My Wallet: You don't even have 1000 Turkish Liras = 165,45 Dolar

  37. author

    Loco Busters4 hours ago

    How do i enable the icon movements

  38. author

    Larry The golfclub4 hours ago

    It’s not glass you can scratch it with no effort of your fingernail

  39. author

    Nick Gers4 hours ago

    Foldable trash

  40. author

    Nick Gers4 hours ago


  41. author

    tobias4 hours ago

    is it just me or this is scary af

  42. author

    Nasci Creeper4 hours ago

    I lote samsung 😚💘❤💘

  43. author

    Peu FF4 hours ago

    Quando vcs vai lançar a tualizaçao do j4 core para o android 9 falaram q ia lançar estou muito ansioso e quero q lançe lpgo pfv lança

  44. author

    Pablo Gisbert4 hours ago

    Iphone sucks

  45. author

    Kevin Sandria4 hours ago

    bad guy moment in every where

  46. author

    Ziegenterminator4 hours ago

    i can't imagine why this should be a good idea...

  47. author

    IzEya4 hours ago

    They just made a Camera and covered it with a phone👀

  48. author

    Rohan Gutty4 hours ago

    Hauweii will now make now a 1000x zoom phone camera

  49. author

    ProfessorPixel4 hours ago

    my entire grade thinks Apple is so much better than Samsung and me and my friend just say "nah"

  50. author

    Drone Shots4 hours ago

    when can i buy it in germany?

  51. author

    jiauy jiauy4 hours ago

    0:28 Am I the only one who can see that?

  52. author

    Razvan Duciuc4 hours ago

    Apple has left the chat

  53. author

    ɴickиate [ɴи]4 hours ago


  54. author

    Rahul Ghosh4 hours ago

    Billie Eilish❤️

  55. author

    Lixel Boy4 hours ago

    ITS plastik

  56. author

    Jomar Medina4 hours ago


  57. author

    Lixel Boy4 hours ago

    ITS not glass

  58. author

    10 pound Peen4 hours ago

    iPhone 30xr max pro sv rx lite incoming

  59. author

    Jomar Medina4 hours ago

    Samsung 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  60. author

    SHARK- GAMING4 hours ago

    Nobody Samsung: *100x zoom*

  61. author

    Gracekk24PL4 hours ago

    This phone has better specs than my gaming PC

  62. author

    Jack Warren4 hours ago

    Ill replace my current phone when the camera on the front display is removed

  63. author

    Cauan Vinícius4 hours ago

    Am I crazy or is that phone in the beginning the Galaxy S20 Ultra?!?

  64. author

    Micheal king4 hours ago

    My God I love the galaxy book s, wish I could own one.

  65. author

    LoLRiNo4 hours ago

    Isnt that music from Ratchet & Clank part? I can tell lol

  66. author

    Lendrick Austria4 hours ago

    Am I still on earth?!

  67. author

    Xristos Liosis4 hours ago

    Samsung in about five years:NEW GALAXY Z 3747273 ultra

  68. author

    oDaiCu Rares4 hours ago

    Bad Guy?

  69. author

    Fazby5 hours ago

    Iphone has better

  70. author

    RaeRandom5 hours ago

    I just keep re-watching this.

  71. author

    Mr Jhony5 hours ago

    Samsung not coming slow this time

  72. author

    Adi Adi5 hours ago

    "Samsung Z Flip Me: *faints*

  73. author

    ProfessorPixel5 hours ago

    i wanna see the Apple fans' faces after seeing this

  74. author

    rizahavoc5 hours ago

    Why is everyone still complaining about headphone jack, people who can afford this can afford a bluetooth headphone

  75. author

    Mattheus • 16 years ago5 hours ago

    This song was in the fifa 16 soundtrack

  76. author

    GiorgosaB5 hours ago

    Samsung: We folded glass! Yes *glass* !! Me: **angry JerryRigEverything noises**

  77. author

    Xx Epic_ gamer69 xX5 hours ago

    Who’s here after finding out the screens plastic?

  78. author

    sakin rebel5 hours ago

    I defiantly gonna buying this phone.

  79. author

    Andrej Zarnovican5 hours ago

    All of us (unless unbox therapy) are watching the video with knowing the fact that we cant buy such a phone cause of the money😂 but we are also axited

  80. author

    Paul Kirubakaran5 hours ago

    No one can't beat SAMSUNG

  81. author

    luuk power5 hours ago