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    J. R4 hours ago

    everybody was hating so much on this new format before even it came out, now all of a sudden everybody loves it. That's why you gotta give things a chance before trying to tear it down and hate on it.

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    Melly_Ville4 hours ago

    Chicago represented all weekend! Showed up and showed out!

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    Notnice Nolack4 hours ago

    Obviously lebron's team won. This shit is meant for lebron to win these refs are on some bullshit. Lebron's team won only kuz of the refs

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    Arnamo4 hours ago

    My God what a voice! 💔

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    Kehan Sandaru4 hours ago

    Mamba Forever 🥺💝

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    HAVEN DR STUDIOS4 hours ago

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    turbojajko5 hours ago


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    J S5 hours ago

    They should’ve had Luka and trae in the game at the end

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    Cosun Zhou5 hours ago

    Nah Jay cole's was wayyyyyyy better

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    Yasser5 hours ago

    This was incredible!

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    Matthew Rocha5 hours ago

    This was amazing. So many insane alley oops

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    likhakha5 hours ago

    they not playing, they flying lol

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    Z3thr05 hours ago

    Bolt with the travel

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    Justin Alba5 hours ago

    Thank you, J Cole for setting the bar. Kinda hoping they have the All Star next year in Detroit.

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    Luis Gonzalez5 hours ago

    Kobe’s part had me 😢 RIP Legend

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    Hammer Head5 hours ago

    Half these people are Lakers fans now...

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    larry robert5 hours ago

    Just came from 2020 Rob to this Rob

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    Cali's Spoken5 hours ago

    Embiids shake was the favorite moment for me. That was clean

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    Cory Lyons Music5 hours ago

    I thought this format was gonna be terrible but it worked out since the score was close. One of the better all star games in quite a while. I really wish LeBron would have nailed that last 3 though lol

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    dkg keep it so 10005 hours ago

    i like it the usa vs the world in the slam dunk contest lebron vs greek the freak this my option its suck did they practise peoples say 4th was good i watch it i wasn't like wow i wasn't like wft wasn't excited 👎 all star game they don't play defense why the hell u missing dunk miss 3 pointers bricks shots

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    JiveAt55 hours ago

    How come white players don't bring out their kids to the press conference, is there more then meets the eye behind this, it seems they are trying to prove something.

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    rbatista205 hours ago

    They had the classics from Kanye in the background shit too fire 🔥 great intro by common

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    Jacob Bandawal5 hours ago

    If this went to gm 7, bucks probably would have won

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    Dhinesh V5 hours ago

    9:36 look at james harden trying to be one of the kids

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    wrightterence6805 hours ago

    This was a great All-Star game and I'm ready for the remaining 2 months of the NBA season

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    Maribel Camaño5 hours ago

    Best assister ever 😚

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    Still D.R.E 💯💲🏁5 hours ago

    So unfortunate he tore his Achilles, he’d be the best player in the world EASY!!!!

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    Nba Goat 0855 hours ago

    Aaron Gordon dunks over tacko fall and shaq : Dwayne wade 8

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    TheArmanibuie5 hours ago

    Nunn dont get enough credit

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    Julius Adrian5 hours ago

    Ight now im waiting for all star game held in detroit. So eminem could perform in halftime show. Whos with me?

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    Maria Gutierrez5 hours ago

    J.Hudson did tha damn thing!!! Beautiful just amazing. it touched my heart to hear her sing the way she did.

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    Roberto Hernandez5 hours ago

    Arron Gordon got robbed I mean the dunks we’re insane 🤯

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    Dumisani Mawoneke5 hours ago

    I don’t need to watch this again, rather l listen to dem rhymes

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    I Yorkie5 hours ago

    Everyone give my MReporter a subscribe!!🔥 help me get out there!

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    kau x5 hours ago

    Roubado mais uma vez

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    Auztin Rosales5 hours ago

    I notice something the final score is 157-155 (1+5+7+1+5+5) what do u get?

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    Wu Ammo5 hours ago


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    Adrián García5 hours ago

    0:37 Bench player: Omg what a slam dunk 0.0000001 seconds later: oh shit that's not my team

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    AFTERMATH1235 hours ago

    They should have chris smoove in the next celebrity game

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    ChrisOnAWave5 hours ago

    Best dunk of all time

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    Nerp Pringo5 hours ago

    Kidd, Nash, and White Chocolate are few of those White Boys that can dominate just by passing.

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    janet mngae5 hours ago

    Song 9:58 plis music?

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    The Nigel Douglas5 hours ago

    3:10 monté chasing Klay throughout this whole part is just like MAKE IT STOPPP

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    GamingReality '815 hours ago

    Jordan is Old School Grand Master of dunks !!!!! My motivation sportsman , I love basketball so much firstly thanks to him !!!!!! MJ 23 forever !!!! And Jordan Kilganon is Jordan !!!!!

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    Terry Melvin5 hours ago

    ESPN had the audacity to call this game "great basketball". It was, if you hate defense. This game was played not for competition, but for what it exhibition.

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    Patel Dhrumin5 hours ago

    They were trying so hard to make the game as close as possible. Tho i loved the 4Q

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    Sean Felder5 hours ago

    Kobe earn his 5 NBA championships and is one of the all time greats

  48. author

    ROBONTV5 hours ago

    Giannis tried to give himself the best chance to win MVP and it backfired 😂😂😭

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    Joe Mana5 hours ago

    Jordan: how many times will i get a 50 for ft dunk? Judges: yes

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    Irfan RaveN WMS5 hours ago

    8:14 john wall

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    Alec35015 hours ago

    LeBron: "I pick..." Giannis: "That's a good pick"

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    Rick Robitaille5 hours ago

    Thanks NBA and allstar game all time.

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    Jeffrey Keith Horne II5 hours ago

    Aaron saying I aint got time for these chicks, it is my time to shine @ 2:31. God Bless.

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    Ricardo Milos5 hours ago

    Lmao I just realized the game looks like crips vs bloods

  55. author

    Rico Val5 hours ago

    Tacko highlight

  56. author

    Nean Derthal5 hours ago

    Ice Trae is better than Luka.

  57. author

    the king adam5 hours ago

    Ice trea

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    Zaavan Mieczkowski5 hours ago

    gordon would have won if he wouldn't have knocked tacko over

  59. author

    Warren Gee5 hours ago

    NBA confirmed it.. Curry #1...

  60. author

    Pen Productions5 hours ago

    2:32 *That shot from Young tho* If he can do that in a All star game, how are the Hawks not making the playoffs-

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    Crows BAKAHHH5 hours ago


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    Wookey -5 hours ago

    10.33 kyrie says welcome to cleveland motherfuc*ers

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    erica ntokozo5 hours ago

    This is everything!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  64. author

    Jeffrey Keith Horne II5 hours ago

    You know the man when ladies try to talk to you, but you busy doing your thing @ 2:33. God Bless.

  65. author

    Maher Rahman5 hours ago

    They should have put in Kyle's charges at number 1😂😂😂 Don't blame him for the foul though, he was just trying to keep Anthony Davis from scoring easily and he was helping so much throughout the whole game😃

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    Luke Hoppe5 hours ago

    Dude lebron is so dope with that head bob thing he does at 0:18. He is so cool!!! Omg #millenials4ever2020

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    Xjun W5 hours ago

    It should be Luke on not CP3 in the 4th quarter

  68. author

    waylon zhang5 hours ago

    (Hidden comment)

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    the king adam5 hours ago

    Yes I won 1k I was so scared that the Wille lose

  70. author

    Pen Productions5 hours ago

    Who was on team Giannis? We lost but at least us raptors fans got to see Siacom and Lowry lol Edit: we lost the 4th and 2nd quarter I mean-

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    Ava Ingraldi5 hours ago

    I want it to be an actual movie

  72. author

    Dxrk5 hours ago

    who’s here after he got robbed again?

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    Holdy's Corner TV5 hours ago


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    BKnudsen55 hours ago

    Yo being Trae to Utah. Him and Rudy together would be great

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    Chute No Bigode Games5 hours ago

    Muito top o seu canal Nba se inscreva no meu canal TB o/

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    waylon zhang5 hours ago


  77. author

    Medicinal Blood5 hours ago

    Chris Paul should be on here...

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    M M5 hours ago

    1st could of quarter were meh, like any other all star game. No one other than Giannis and Kawhi offensively were taking things seriously.The 4th was epic as everyone was trying hard. Kemba in particular was failing HARD. You can tell this guy is new to super intense playoff atmosphere like games.

  79. author

    Steven Schaub5 hours ago

    This made me shed a tear like d wade. This is why we love basketball. It brings us all together and at the same time inspires generations. It’s gives hopes and dreams to the less fortunate. I bet Kobe was smiling looking down on this RIP to a legend 🏀

  80. author

    namersongs5 hours ago

    The absolute greatest singer of this generation! Such a moving tribute

  81. author

    God5 hours ago

    Why is the jerseys 2 and 24 but not 8 and 24 because of kobe

  82. author

    Game5 hours ago

    Game was boring as hell and too many tributes to Kobe. Enough is enough.

  83. author

    kesha jones5 hours ago

    Did he put up the sixes umm 🤔 yes he did damn Illuminati’s that’s why I didn’t even watch that shit wake up ppl

  84. author

    Matt Wilson Icmat5 hours ago

    1:34 Raptors vs Bucks for Eastern Conference. Lakers Vs Clippers for western conference. Bucks vs Lakers for Finals. Bucks 19-20 Champ

  85. author

    Hussh5 hours ago

    The rising star game was just some kids having some fun at the park

  86. author

    Cee Cee5 hours ago

    Gordon definitely should've won yo, wtf

  87. author

    M M5 hours ago

    Kemba fk CHOCKED hard in the 4th quarter when the intensity got up to another level turning over the ball like crazy, couldn’t guard anybody, and even missing open layups lol Dude is allergic to size and intensity. You could tell he hasn’t been involved in high stakes playoffs games before while developing in the NBA with the disaster that was and is the hornets. Doesn’t not bode well for the Celtics.

  88. author

    M M5 hours ago

    Kemba fk CHOCKED hard in the 4th quarter when the intensity got up to another level turning over the ball like crazy, couldn’t guard anybody, and even missing open layups lol Dude is allergic to size and intensity. You could tell he hasn’t been involved in high stakes playoffs games before while developing in the NBA with the disaster that was and is the hornets. Doesn’t not bode well for the Celtics.

  89. author

    Jocsan Betancourt5 hours ago

    Tell me that’s not Lethal Shooter @ 0:37

  90. author

    Sammie Sosa5 hours ago

    Jordan got 50s cause of who he is a lot didn’t deserve 50

  91. author

    Jackie Tags5 hours ago

    Damn tha alley opp by james to james was smoth 0:15

  92. author

    Roderick Strong5 hours ago

    What happen to him?

  93. author

    Herbie Versailles5 hours ago

    Three mini games is a genius idea. When are we going to see a 3 on 3 tournament with 4 games going at once?

  94. author

    HTX Lemarc5 hours ago

    Judges: *47* 😭

  95. author

    Lionheart 19065 hours ago

    1:54 daaaaag! - with cheese kid's voice

  96. author

    Justin Vescera5 hours ago

    He did us dirty by going from cocoa butter kisses to hot shower 😤

  97. author

    Lokra5 hours ago

    I hope Kenny Smith will never ever comment on live dunk contest. Soo annoying, robot, repeating the same thing with his "lets go home ladies and gentlemen'. So go home Kenny, and don't come back ever. We will continue to enjoy the show without your toxic presence. Its old, stupid saying and someone need to realize that.

  98. author

    Aaditya Patel5 hours ago

    To be honest J Cole's performance was probably the best one

  99. author

    Justin Sylve5 hours ago

    is it over?

  100. author

    NELLSPITTA5 hours ago

    No Chris Paul ooop?!?