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  1. author

    franco3 hours ago

    if they wanna keep the money and the title then they shouldn't have the opportunity to play MLB baseball ever again

  2. author

    Tanner Minogue3 hours ago

    It’s honestly pretty cringe watching most hockey players fight. Especially when they try to get into a “fight stance” like 32 in white. You’d think a “tough guy” like that might take a few beginner boxing classes just so he doesn’t look so ridiculous. 😂

  3. author

    Martin G3 hours ago

    Anything against the rat I will support. Give that man a raise

  4. author

    Lady Vengeance3 hours ago

    Why are comments turned off for the Feb 16 Preds / Blues back-to-back?

  5. author

    CANT THINK OF A NAME3 hours ago

    If he did this to the oilers, their fans would be crying just like the stick flip

  6. author

    J4KE _23 hours ago

    Gasol was by far the funniest person ever

  7. author

    Jaggs93 hours ago

    I wish there was more taunting and trash talk from the players, this is great

  8. author

    The Swordguy3 hours ago

    Bregman is a lying sack of sh*t. Moving forward? Bull. If you're really sorry, you'll give back the money and the trophy. But no, you're a cheating sack of crap, so you won't do that.

  9. author

    Caleb3 hours ago

    Myers vs 3 Anaheim players

  10. author

    Oliver Jasinski3 hours ago

    As a devils fan, thank you Buchnevich. He took the trash out.

  11. author

    Diabeetus3 hours ago

    Lol Bennet has to hit late he's so weak he can't lay out anyone of they're ready for it.

  12. author

    Gleb Negey3 hours ago

    Бержерон вроде уважаемый дядька, а ведет себя, как туповатый малокосос. Впрочем, чего ожидать от канадского хоккеиста😉

  13. author

    Alexey Kozik3 hours ago

    damn, its a shame the head didn't pop-off as well :(

  14. author

    Kevin Hagler3 hours ago


  15. author

    Luke Haynes3 hours ago

    Only Marchand gets a penalty... wow great officials

  16. author

    Ryan Meredith3 hours ago

    1988 NLCS Gm3: Howell ejected after glove examined! The Los Angeles Dodgers cheated their way to a 1988 WS title. The 1988 Los Angeles Dogers should not be Champions! Their pitchers had a repuation of using pin tar throughout the 1988 postseason! Caught in a live game! They are not 1988 WS Champions! They are clearly cheaters!

  17. author

    mason parker3 hours ago

    i mean he had him lined up 10ft away lol simek shoulda realized he was comin

  18. author

    Ariana Nicolas3 hours ago

    Where was Marner going on that play?

  19. author

    Tom Wilson3 hours ago

    Him refusing to play there was the best thing that could have happened to Colorado

  20. author

    Nicholas Benoite3 hours ago

    Not sure what our eyes see and I didn't see the game in which this happened or the highlights after it happen, so I am just working with the angles I have in the video. 1. Faceoff battle leads to Helm slew footing Lindholm. 2. Lindholm obviously upset and takes a run at Helm who braces and gives a Helm a hard bounce. 3. Play turns direction and Helm sees Lindholm bringing his elbows up, while Helm brings stick up to protect himself 4. Lindholm doesn't hit the elbow and Helm snaps his head back to draw a penalty. 5. Helm frustrated he couldn't get the call, loses cool and gives Lindholm tap on the leg. 6. Lindholm gets the last laugh as Helm gets thrown out of the game. Again, this is what I see from the angle of the video and in the slowest mode possible. I do not see an elbow land, but I haven't watched the game live or see highlights other than this one. So my Apologies if I got this mistaken, but it's what I see myself in the video. Also both refs are looking at the play of the puck, which is amature and no wonder so many calls away from the puck get missed. But since the refs did issue a penalty to Lindholm after the video review, I have to gather my assumption that Lindholm did elbow Helm. I just don't see it clearly in this video.

  21. author

    Conner The beast3 hours ago

    Look at Bergeron holding 2 people

  22. author

    Mike 173 hours ago

    Imagine never seeing the playoffs. Sum up Eichels career.

  23. author

    Matt Spang3 hours ago

    Don't be hating on Lloyd Christmas!! C'mon man!! 🤣🤣

  24. author

    OVI-Wan Kenobi3 hours ago

    If I was the Big E, I wouldn't play in a french frog city either.

  25. author

    Ray Boutilier3 hours ago

    Tavares make more

  26. author

    Davey Mcdreamy3 hours ago

    Like father like son, josh “Charlie” Manson.

  27. author

    kvandy59893 hours ago

    So good I watched it twice

  28. author

    Jeff Howell3 hours ago

    "Frontier Justice "'s gonna happen.....😁

  29. author

    Deb K3 hours ago

    It took gutz to do that.... good for him...

  30. author

    Don Macdonell3 hours ago

    You live by the sword, you die by the sword.

  31. author

    drttyu liqm3 hours ago

    Glad to se he fixed his game from last year. He’s gonna have a great career.

  32. author

    Mike S3 hours ago

    Country music for a goal song?

  33. author

    BbrooksR3 hours ago

    Would be cool to see an actual french man who puts up the points on the habs again (saying this as a leafs fan)

  34. author

    The Poison3 hours ago

    Having to do that in your own arena. 😂

  35. author

    DRCheeb3 hours ago

    Moustache? Is that what he calls that thing over top of his lip? Matthews may want to consider stepping a little closer to the facecloth. "Moustache" .... ROFL!

  36. author

    hydeks3 hours ago

    We really could use this guy in desperately lol

  37. author

    Waking Traveler3 hours ago

    Маршанд подлая крыса вонючая,тьфу бля!

  38. author

    kevin raihani3 hours ago

    I think all the lay offs are really starting to take a toll on sportsnet, starting to mess up their video titles

  39. author

    wovokanarchy3 hours ago

    When you have Brad Marchand as one of the NHL's toughest players you know Gary Bettman's plan to destroy the roots of hockey has finally worked.

  40. author

    TJ Carr Jr3 hours ago

    If the commissioner can not delve out punishment then it is up to the players to deal out their own form of punishment!!!

  41. author

    Miles Henley3 hours ago

    Marchand deserved every bit of that

  42. author

    MrMcfly1253 hours ago

    You love to see the salt in these comments. Makes me smile more than they were smiling when they watched the video. We all know he's a rat, but dammit if he isn't a rat on easily one of the best lines in hockey a good chunk of this season.

  43. author

    Jester Man3 hours ago

    I hope I never see the 🐀 in public because I'm knocking him out and going to jail

  44. author

    isaac gonzalez3 hours ago

    Yeah the dodgers lost game 7 at home... They also lost games 3 and 5 in Houston so...yeah.

  45. author

    Alex Hutcheson3 hours ago

    This owns. Love when players show some personality

  46. author

    C-Breeezy3 hours ago

    Tears at the Peace Bridge

  47. author

    P S3 hours ago

    10$ lower bowl seats, 2$ drinks how is this team even still in buffalo? Feel bad for the people who drove down the QEW and paid an arm and a leg in gas. The sad drive home should be a time to reflect why you should not support a team that doesn’t care you spent 20$ to sit front row glass.

  48. author

    Rejean Nowlan3 hours ago

    to bad he did snap his neck

  49. author

    BigH0mie893 hours ago

    LOL very nice jack. Enjoy the early summer and the golf course⛳️

  50. author

    send it3 hours ago

    first 2 and the last "points" were iffy They seem to be giving him points for being on the ice...

  51. author

    Billi Hockey3 hours ago

    Marchand will get suspended for that - how dare he put is face in the way like that! He knows how big his nose is!

  52. author

    Cameron Durham3 hours ago

    Canucks, Oilers and Maple Leafs

  53. author

    Cj Bautista-mendoza3 hours ago

    Stole this idea from SJS

  54. author

    Vorexal3 hours ago


  55. author

    Vorexal3 hours ago

    What about Gustav nyquist?

  56. author

    Yup, it's your mom3 hours ago

    I hope that ALL Astros fans who are parents step up to the plate and explain to their kids that cheating comes with consequences, that the Astros will never gain the respect that they once had....truly a sad time in baseball.

  57. author

    King_WarZo3 hours ago

    Everybody in the comments.... marchand just don’t care that he got cross cheked .... he still had the 2 point at the end of the night and he at least gonna make the playoffs

  58. author

    Tayler Gann3 hours ago

    Price stumbled

  59. author

    IMschleepcuh693 hours ago

    Lol the amount of salty ass haters in these comments 🤣 that........warms my heart.

  60. author

    Michael Leth3 hours ago

    But the little rat can play,actually.

  61. author

    Jomaru Joestar3 hours ago

    That's a clean hit Pettersson to dump the puck and stay out of harm's way or wait for your teammates

  62. author

    Christopher S.3 hours ago

    Can't tell if they put the A on his Jersey or just under his eyes

  63. author

    Who Am I D.I.Y. Ryan Panana3 hours ago

    Brad is a b:tch.

  64. author

    Juan Cazadore3 hours ago

    How are they not banned from baseball?! "We didn't cheat. We broke the rules."???!!! Ok. Got it. Thanks for the clarification. 🤨

  65. author

    GoalHornFanatic3 hours ago

    Loootta salt in this comment section. Yikes.

  66. author

    Joel Heaney3 hours ago

    May play Tuesday. Kipper and McKenzie's sources could not possibly be worse

  67. author

    Aa I3 hours ago

    If NHL officiating isn't corrupt I'll eat my own boots.

  68. author

    honkingantalope3 hours ago

    He's telling them to stay because it's the closest he's ever been to a playoff game atmosphere.

  69. author

    Massimo3 hours ago

    I really don't understand why everyone hates marchand so bad. If he was on your team you would be happy becuase of how god damn good he is. yes he can be dirty at times but i mean nhl is a dirty, rough, and fast sport. at least he's not a goon who doesn't do shi* to help his team and just f's up people.

  70. author

    Do py3 hours ago

    Would someone please mess up Marchand once and for all...

  71. author

    jjmbeausoleil3 hours ago

    Ever since he was invisible in the two Oilers games and he got those sweet frosted tips he has been scrapping more.

  72. author

    Maynard4 hours ago

    Gret shot by Trenin.Good for him. Chara deserves it.

  73. author

    Ronnie james DIO4 hours ago

    10:29 looking like Robert Dinero lmao

  74. author

    RICH TV LIVE4 hours ago

    I agree with Sid 100%

  75. author

    Lucic and Chong4 hours ago

    Tyler Myers and Jacob Trouba have lost their way. They just get beat up and take penalties now.

  76. author

    Zach4 hours ago

    Good on Manson lmao

  77. author

    Richard Remick4 hours ago

    Lucid got punched pretty good,but hung in there. Man he punched Macdermid with one haymaker from hell and that big ass boy went flying. That’s scary strength from Lucic.. They both can dish it out and take it. Hope to see more from these two big goons this season. At least it keeps us entertained And watching. Thanks guys!!! 😁😊👍🏻

  78. author

    Isaac Lara4 hours ago

    That cross check was a thing of beauty!

  79. author

    Jekk4 hours ago

    Manson.. he's a bot so who cares

  80. author

    Yvette Darlene4 hours ago

    Tuve, hastros? *

  81. author

    Ben Sellar4 hours ago

    Gold is back where it belongs now

  82. author

    jorge alvarez4 hours ago

    clean hit.

  83. author

    Marcus Hedlund4 hours ago

    This was a good one 👌

  84. author

    Lucic and Chong4 hours ago


  85. author

    Maynard4 hours ago

    Chara deserved to get suspended for a couple of games. Guess the blind mice didn't see it. Or they only see it for selective players.

  86. author

    Jayz Gamez4 hours ago


  87. author

    Scramblieggs4 hours ago

    Eichel dunking on Leafs fans, nothing new.

  88. author

    Aa I4 hours ago

    The Bruins are the only team in the league that saves cap room for paying the referees.

  89. author

    TheTruthIsSweet4 hours ago

    The face licker deserved it.

  90. author

    Eric Gallo4 hours ago


  91. author

    Buffa Stuffa4 hours ago

    Marchand will get his revenge. Ranger scum.

  92. author

    MrPantera1234564 hours ago

    As a leafs fan....I love you Steve. It’s nice to have a tv/MReporter personality who shares in my anguish.

  93. author

    MICHAEL Prime4 hours ago

    I predict Dubas and Shanahan will be in the garbage can at the end of regular season. Freddy traded and Tavares will lose the C to Matthews

  94. author

    Christopher Young4 hours ago

    I would love this concept. I hate the Sabres goal song for sure.

  95. author

    Tha4thLetterr4 hours ago

    MacKinnon has the music taste of a 13 year old girl... 🙄

  96. author

    Ernesto 134 hours ago

    normally this was called finishing a check, but unfortunately when a boy gets elevated to a mans league. it looks brutal. now we count steamboats and the canucks never stand up for a teamate. just complain

  97. author

    Joshua Girardi4 hours ago

    Nice another clean hit in petterson that the canucks don’t like and end up hurting a player way to go

  98. author

    habshabsrule4 hours ago

    MacKinnon knows Future had the best part on the song 🔥

  99. author

    Pierce McLaughlin4 hours ago

    Should have been a matching penalty. Good game though

  100. author

    Hello -4 hours ago

    Ghalagar and Chara’s hand were both shoulder high but one is two feet taller so now everyone should wear stilts to match his height