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  1. author

    JULIO CHAVEZHour ago

    Stupid commentators

  2. author

    papiHour ago

    Mpj can’t even walk yet

  3. author

    john handHour ago

    MPJ has a potential to be a model

  4. author

    Mark Meza2 hours ago

    The disrespect 2k20 took manu out the game

  5. author

    Brad Cook2 hours ago

    Kawhi wanted spicy to join the clippers 🤯

  6. author

    Mike Kiviranta2 hours ago

    They probably aren't as good and KD beats them himself. Maybe leaves for another place

  7. author

    Kristian Fernandez2 hours ago

    Max is entitled to his own "STUPID" opinion

  8. author

    Wilkens Dolce2 hours ago

    Jayson Tatum dunk on bron*

  9. author

    Sam Lovely2 hours ago

    Steph, Kerr, Warriors, all sacrificed, KD thin skin got in the way. Good for warriors and NBA.

  10. author

    Young Oh2 hours ago

    1. Mj 2. Kobe 3. Lebron 4. Duncan 5 Shaq Facts best team.. no cap

  11. author

    Courney Hallcy2 hours ago

    If someone dunked on me the way Blake did that boy we gotta fight for sure

  12. author

    Larbear 252 hours ago

    Green is not a real as it gets for the simple fact tht he doesn't keep the same type of energy when hes out in public as he does when hes on the court. Trash talk all you want but like the melo k.g situation you better be ready to back it up when someone isnt about to let tht stuff slide.

  13. author

    Houston Mkenzi2 hours ago

    I respect Dennis way more after watching this i cant imagine how it was being black growing up in the 60s without your parents around. Must of felt like the whole world was against him..

  14. author

    Jefferson Edwards2 hours ago

    KD doesnt have any warriors. Steph does.

  15. author

    Okcnation446 Good guy2 hours ago

    Draymond is a system player

  16. author

    Amber 72 hours ago

    I was more surprised doc being more involved then ballmer. I can’t imagine nick nurse being that involved in negotiations in trades.

  17. author

    Super Mega Foxy Awesome Hot3 hours ago

    Mark Jackson is a homophobe and deserves to be black balled until the end of time

  18. author

    kingmichaeln13 hours ago

    I mean Gordon Hayward was a different situation tho before he got hurt he was easily a top 20-30 player in the league porter never played a nba game so it’s a huge difference

  19. author

    Tyster 183 hours ago


  20. author

    Chris Green3 hours ago

    KD knows he was only brought in to ensure they beat lebron nothing more and that’s why his rings never made him happy cuz no honor came with it

  21. author

    Chris Green3 hours ago

    Graymond Dreen

  22. author

    Sandernista3 hours ago

    He wouldnt have come there in the first place if Mark Jackson was still there.

  23. author

    Lil Lean3 hours ago

    My list PG:Steph SG:MJ SF:Lebron PF:Dirk C:Shaq

  24. author

    1HAVEWON EVERYTHING13 hours ago

    Seriously its already been done

  25. author

    1HAVEWON EVERYTHING13 hours ago

    Next month I destroy everyone at every sport

  26. author

    Heather Henry3 hours ago

    God loves you Dennis, please know that...HE is the one who has you covered!!!! God is... HE is!!!!!!!

  27. author

    Strawberry Llama3 hours ago

    Is this what he was doing in montechello?

  28. author

    Jay3 hours ago

    I’m in Denver and we don’t think that at all🤣🤣

  29. author

    Guybrush Threepwood3 hours ago

    Lol N O

  30. author

    onlyrog53 hours ago

    Hyperbole for every headline gets old

  31. author

    Heather Henry4 hours ago

    This is sad... God loves you Dennis.....I love you too ... You are loved baby xoxo

  32. author

    JRT 4JUSTICE4 hours ago

    Steph is a born leader...KD is a mamas boy.

  33. author

    JRT 4JUSTICE4 hours ago

    KD has some deep psych issues which I pray he gets help with...sometimes our past growing up doesn’t provide us with the coping life skills when you become rich and famous quickly...unlike Steph who had a supportive environment growing up, not a lot of the NBA players had the same opportunities..the WSJ report is very revealing. KD needs a mamas boy. He’s not a leader . How can he ever have his own team with these issues ?

  34. author

    Harry B4 hours ago

    Mark Jackson is just not a finisher or clutch. There’s a reason Jordan trusted Kerr There’s a reason Phil & Pop respect Kerr There’s a reason Kerr developed his star player.

  35. author

    john k4 hours ago

    durant will not even come to gsw if mark is the coach, gsw also will not win any championship..

  36. author

    Carl Arias4 hours ago

    Why is Ryan Hollins alive

  37. author

    Anon Ymous4 hours ago

    This team is fool's gold. D'antoni is an overrated coach, James Harden has choking-tendencies in the playoffs, plus refs let people play defense on him in the playoffs and don't blow the whistle every time he moves all retarded to try and draw a foul. I love Westbrook but there is no denying that he is just somewhat of a problem in a lot of ways. Do I expect this team to be good? Yes. Do I expect them to win a ring? Out in the first round is more likely than a championship imo.

  38. author

    JRT 4JUSTICE4 hours ago

    KD has some deep psych issues which I pray he gets help with...sometimes our past growing up doesn’t provide us with the coping life skills when you become rich and famous quickly...unlike Steph who had a supportive environment growing up, not a lot of the NBA players had the same guys hit on this well.

  39. author

    Terry Wong4 hours ago

    These analysts are dumbasses. Did you actually watch any basketball

  40. author

    Infinityflow4 hours ago

    Mark Johnson was not a good enough coach for this team to win championships. The warriors would have been just another good or great team, because his offense was that bad. KD would never have gone there.

  41. author

    Vic r4 hours ago

    These guys clearly know what their talking abt

  42. author

    100 Grand5 hours ago

    He was always a problem he has a great motor every since college

  43. author

    DR. Mighty Quinn5 hours ago

    This dude knows nothing about basketball.

  44. author

    Obi Nwa Ka Na Obi5 hours ago

    5:08 Cast him as the MCU's Uncle Ben

  45. author

    Garfield Taylor5 hours ago

    K .B is not from around here

  46. author

    Christopher Shivar6 hours ago

    Make a whole speech over and over and over again over something you heard, which is probably %100 WRONG

  47. author

    Christopher Shivar6 hours ago

    KD never would have came. System is why he came, so he could coast to titles.

  48. author

    EA -Sports6 hours ago

    I want Derrick Rose to be in the 2020 Olympics he needs that gold medal even if he is there to play like 5 minutes. Becuase he got in injured in 2012 where he was gonna participate.

  49. author

    Dan Harrison6 hours ago

    Jay Williams sucks KD off

  50. author

    Sammy Sam6 hours ago

    They would have a coach who believes in a sky wizard and a bearded baby can moonwalk on water

  51. author

    Gangsta B6 hours ago

    I feel like our 5% is rebounds

  52. author

    shepherd corgi husky6 hours ago

    The end of the warriors champ run. Lol

  53. author

    Mike R6 hours ago

    Never gonna happen when an NBA coach bangs a stripper and gets caught what NBA owner would want him as a coach again...

  54. author

    jajaslicher6 hours ago

    Rubio will teach the Suns how to flop at a very high level

  55. author

    The ManDragon6 hours ago

    Y does he have all that jewelry on? Like really dude.

  56. author

    Felix Chavarria6 hours ago

    People who never saw the Warriors live keep on saying Mark Jackson made the Warriors no he didn't. He did force them to think team defense but that's it. He had Draymond riding the bench, Andre Ingulauda starting. He had Curry driving more even though he knew Curry ankles can't take that punishment. He forced Klay to play more backing to the basket. It was a horrible offense. Too many bricks. Sure defensively they were better but they won by 1 or 5 points back in those days. He would yell at Curry or Klay if either one took a shot with 20 seconds left on the clock. You could hear him through out the arena sometimes. Kerr saw the personal n open the book. You fools out there are crazy saying Mark Jackson would work in today's era of open basketball. He was a decade too late n never knew how to use his personnel correctly.

  57. author

    mm mm7 hours ago

    draymond was the poison should've kept kd

  58. author

    Tony Borum7 hours ago

    This guy could have easily averaged 25-30 if he was the go to scorer on a team.

  59. author

    David Reyes7 hours ago

    The moment I heard his dude talking Ik he was a clown

  60. author

    Armando G7 hours ago

    Future Coach??

  61. author

    Jason Tan7 hours ago

    Manu ! The Argentine icon that handed “ The Chosen” LeBronze James one sweep and one finals record margin and also denied him a gold medal

  62. author

    Raymond Benito8 hours ago

    IE Clippers

  63. author

    Dame Dolla8 hours ago

    People also think he won’t play 🤷🏽‍♂️

  64. author

    poke chopp8 hours ago

    Lonzo gonna put him to shame

  65. author

    Mando A8 hours ago

    I get this but you know it’s like in football(soccer) for Americans football player do the same thing before the season starts the World Cup is starts and I don’t see them whining about it and basketball maybe is more physical but in football its all about pace and stamina and it’s more demanding overall and they don’t back out not to mention there a lot of great countries not like in basketball that there’s only one dominant country soo it makes it more interesting and one football match is 90 minutes and overtime is 20+ and don’t get me started about the Stadiums

  66. author

    isaac debeila8 hours ago

    why it will work? Harden best of the dribble 3 shoot and OP step back 3 shooter Westbrook best of the midrange of motion...and his ball distribution for assists... speed of transition Why it wont work? Harden over dribbling and slowing the game down too much Westbrook worst ball distribution of pressure from D and moment

  67. author

    Darius Brantley8 hours ago

    James harden is a regular season player everybody saw that last year...Next

  68. author

    Ras Geo GFC8 hours ago

    It's never kevin Durant warriors, it's the warriors

  69. author

    Darius Brantley8 hours ago

    He didn't ask that man about Carmelo? Shame on you Stephen A

  70. author

    alvin0819888 hours ago

    Why not learn from Dragic.....A pint guard who has great footwork and fundamentals

  71. author

    Anakin Cloutwalker8 hours ago

    Did LeBron died ? Did Drose died ?

  72. author

    Robert Lennig8 hours ago


  73. author


    Kd wanted to be the face of a franchise that he didn't help grow. He came at the peak of their power. That's what I call freeloading

  74. author

    Jahleel Mills9 hours ago

    commentators act like they can hoop

  75. author

    Nathaniel Silva9 hours ago

    Kawhi missed free throws in the 2013 finals that Kobe would’ve iced...

  76. author

    Rath-O-McGrath D-Dog & DaddyMac9 hours ago

    Manu just gave GS five championships. 3-2 my favorite Spur. Don’t give them as many as us please. Lol

  77. author

    Shifu Sage9 hours ago

    About time they remembered this man. mark jackson is the most undervalued catalyst in the warriors turn around

  78. author

    SDSUMIGUEL9 hours ago

    Tekashi just released the list.

  79. author

    Isaac Robinson9 hours ago

    Bobby Portis was ballin last year I think they should start him at the 3 and have Knox come off the bench

  80. author

    Andradé9 hours ago

    Don't get all the Nick hate

  81. author

    Mike Hartman9 hours ago

    Maybe my favorite professional athlete of all time and I am football first. Impressive human being!

  82. author

    Lv79 hours ago

    kd is an ignet

  83. author

    Nick Collins9 hours ago

    How do he win this over mills?

  84. author

    strait5129 hours ago

    I don't think mpj will ever play an entire.

  85. author

    Uria859 hours ago

    This guy is washed but let's get Melo to a team. SMH

  86. author

    Shamgar9 hours ago

    Marc BUILT that team brick by brick. Steve Kerr inherited a growing dynasty. End of story

  87. author

    Alaskan Pipeline9 hours ago

    Mark Jackson is a scrub coach. There's a reason no one wants him at head coach.

  88. author

    fladdada mean9 hours ago

    y just be saying anything he said no allstars on any team and malika agreed without a doubt but if they thought about it for a little dlo was an allstar was he or was he not

  89. author

    Khalie Benjii10 hours ago

    Stagger Westbrook and Harden to load manage the both of them- involve Eric Gordon and Austin rivers as the sidekicks to load manage them. While PJ and others fill their defensive and floor spacing rim rolling roles. Allowing for 4 iso ball handlers to learn to stay in the moment, be counted on to run the show. Read the defense and create whatever mismatch you (the player) wants. Bringing a street ball or summer ball vibe to the offense because that’s what a lot of them do best In my opinion -This will be psychological for their team. Creating a you can’t guard me culture w/ Harden as the lead, followed by the other 3. Pushing the ball, one man fast breaks, creating and drawing fouls from assertive and aggressive play. Allowing them to play in the half court the way they know how and still having the complementary pieces they wouldn’t have if they had their own teams to themselves. This load manages everyone for example offensive load breakdown would be (harden 30% Russell 25% Eric and Austin 15% each and 15% from those four creating shots for others, defensive stops, and broken plays. D’antoni style of coaching and being go with the flow will work. That way he can sense whose “hot” or flowing better against a particular team(s)- compared to having to satisfy egos and play certain guys at certain times. I have more but I’ll End it there .....

  90. author

    _SwaggDaLion10 hours ago

    Justise gives us the best chance, Dragic would be so much better as the back up Pg off the bench...he could really give the second unit a spark, I want herro to start next to Butler Bam Winslow and K.O...bench would b Dragic, waiters jones Johnson and Mayers

  91. author

    mikeogh197610 hours ago

    jackson had draymond on the bench..if draymond never starts warriors never win pre KD wouldn't go to GS to begin with

  92. author

    JAESTAR FILMZ10 hours ago

    can somebody point me in the righht direction of the documentary??? i wanna see it !! thank you !

  93. author

    Alanas Skirvainis10 hours ago

    Graymond Dreen xd

  94. author

    Robert Boyd10 hours ago

    Scottie so mad at LeBron, one min he's the greatest,next he's not better than Kobe

  95. author

    Khalie Benjii10 hours ago

    Because kawhi was a champion already and know what it really takes not what people think it takes

  96. author

    Tony H10 hours ago

    You mean Curry’s Warriors

  97. author

    Ty Lito10 hours ago

    These thank you videos are horrible

  98. author

    James Kinder10 hours ago

    Mark Jackson was a very bad coach!! Warriors are not anything without Steve Kerr!

  99. author

    G. Balo10 hours ago

    denver is sleeping on juancho

  100. author

    Elijah Ward10 hours ago

    As a kid dennis was always shy and different from the other kids but Madonna brought his weirdness put he will always be remembered as the 🐐 rebounder and 🐐 defender