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Kitchen Nightmares

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  1. author

    Masterpro 121211 hours ago

    0:57 insane voice crack

  2. author

    Julian Chavez11 hours ago

    Father didn’t even want to touch it that’s probably the thing

  3. author

    erica11 hours ago


  4. author

    a e s t e t h i c b i t c h11 hours ago

    How can you be such a shithole to a customer? She was right

  5. author

    Ms Marris11 hours ago

    What’s the episode called

  6. author

    Starlight Liar11 hours ago

    Im surprised no one in the comments r talking about "sci fi sperm", this man has the most unique and hilarious insults ever

  7. author

    Ultimate Tatician11 hours ago

    My favorite part of these is when the the waiters and waitresses just smile like “Yeah, I know it’s bad.”

  8. author

    Ceki11 hours ago

    I always hear "yes bitch" instead of "yes Mitch" 😂😂

  9. author

    Nicky The Greater11 hours ago

    1:58 Classic? Yeah that’s like a dominoes but like worse than a dominoes

  10. author

    Jodie Steven11 hours ago

    I think Gen need Nino ro advice her restaurants

  11. author

    you Han11 hours ago

    The hypocrisy.

  12. author

    Playronix Games11 hours ago

    Gordan looks at fish doesnt touch it doesnt taste it.... its cold inside. This man got thermal Vision.

  13. author

    Kyle Duffield11 hours ago

    No excuses for a kitchen like that. Disgusting

  14. author

    Walkero39_ Rbblx11 hours ago

    Gordan says that if the lasagna is not homemade he will dance naked at this restaurant *Welp the lasagna is homemade but it's just frozen*

  15. author

    dazzaburger11 hours ago

    Isn’t $9 an hour just above minimum wage? And that’s their excuse not to give them tips.

  16. author

    Hell Yeah11 hours ago

    She loves the alligator

  17. author

    Starlight Liar11 hours ago

    Im slightly jealous of the waiters now chz they get to see this live and be praised by gordan what a dream

  18. author

    Djbolanis !11 hours ago

    The waitresses are always so sweet, like what the hell are they doing there?? 😂

  19. author

    João Pádua11 hours ago

    Finally some good fucking food meme found by accident

  20. author

    David Lovelady11 hours ago

    Some people enjoy their meal prepared that way Gordon Ramsey at times can be a spoiled bitch. He's rich and conceded.

  21. author

    IM YOUR DAD11 hours ago

    I thought the thumbnail was someones hand

  22. author

    Cecilia Westerlund-fuentes11 hours ago

    What episode of kitchen nightmares is this?..

  23. author

    alicatty11 hours ago

    He basically orders food to sit there and mutilate it.

  24. author

    Angie MontoyaCuri11 hours ago

    This man is eating his pizza with a fork. Gordon got some classssss

  25. author

    Michael11 hours ago

    Would rather kill myself than interact with a Jersey girl.

  26. author

    sparsh.11 hours ago

    I hate how he expects everyone to cook like him. Like dude, not every restaurant owner is a world class chef.

  27. author

    Palmen Alma11 hours ago

    Me: oh my god that looks so good🍕👌 Gordon: Eww This is disgusting! Me: Disgusting! I would never eat that !

  28. author

    MasterStepz9 •11 hours ago

    Waiter be like "Heres the large sausage you ordered.

  29. author

    Owen Luo11 hours ago

    David is a excellent cook but his boss is an idiot

  30. author

    Tacsense11 hours ago

    0:07 the greatest lie ever told

  31. author

    The insane aerospace engineer11 hours ago

    Some of them looked pretty good honest

  32. author

    Stoopid11 hours ago

    Is this re-uploaded?

  33. author

    Uwuraka Animates11 hours ago

    Why is this woman so aggressive, Gordon had the right to say she needed therapy i mean look at her, she called for his help, and fricking argued and told him to get out of her "restaurant" bruh

  34. author

    Grace Lord11 hours ago

    Help, I can’t stop clicking on GR videos. It’s 2 am and I may never go to sleep.

  35. author

    chizukuu11 hours ago

    it's healthy, it's *fresh* what

  36. author

    Prisec11 hours ago

    Oof she looks ugly in the thumbnail

  37. author

    Ethan K11 hours ago

    My names NINOOO

  38. author

    and I oop-11 hours ago

    My dad's a professional chef and since he has the exact same standards about food as gordon he has taught me a lot and when i saw the first dish i almost gagged.This is a pot of grease wtf.

  39. author

    Abdullah Ahmed12 hours ago

    “Unique......uniquely shit” Hmmmm 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  40. author

    Othee Death12 hours ago

    Its true, imagine being a master chef then going in all these wannbes shit holes with mental problems:D

  41. author

    Miss Psycho Scorpio12 hours ago

    It went from Italian Restaurant to Jersey Shore reeeaaalll quick. I see why their father retired in Italy, far far away.

  42. author

    Zoldeng12 hours ago

    Just curious why are all these episodes that were made in like 2014 getting posted now?

  43. author

    Moa Eriksson12 hours ago

    ”Story of my life” lOl

  44. author

    Miss Psycho Scorpio12 hours ago

    2:31 I think we found the problem

  45. author

    S H12 hours ago

    Such a waste of meat

  46. author

    Jack Krus12 hours ago

    You you you you and fucking you 😂😂😂

  47. author

    piczasso12 hours ago

    How people can be so stupid ?

  48. author

    Michael🇺🇸12 hours ago

    Can you imagine leaving the toilet seat up at that woman's house...

  49. author

    My Mafia Videos12 hours ago

    When Ramzee will come he'll FACK Sammy

  50. author

    Red Heart12 hours ago

    watching 2 british fighting its like whatching 2 chiken having sex ......"shut the fock up"

  51. author

    whatish thishshiz12 hours ago

    "I'm so fuckin furious, I'm.. F U M I G A T I N G" *gets gas mask*

  52. author

    Rhino12 hours ago

    “I think chef Ramsey has never tasted a classic pizza” *lives in Colorado

  53. author

    John De Luna12 hours ago

    Chef Mike is always present in kitchen nightmares

  54. author

    Fus Ro Dah12 hours ago

    Only American love oil...not British

  55. author

    Oriv_kaboom Nathaniel12 hours ago

    They probably drank a beer at the end of the shift

  56. author

    That guy I know him12 hours ago

    Gordon: Wow, this looks like a fucked up version of a science lab 🔬 Sound fx department: *SCIENCE SOUNDS*

  57. author

    Sofie Jensen12 hours ago

    This video hurts my Danish heart :'(

  58. author

    Mubashar Khan12 hours ago

    The guy with scallops was just pretending it was off

  59. author

    Edwin Bitsoe12 hours ago

    Croc Tears from a TOTAL CROC........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. author

    The Man506112 hours ago

    He should try Olive Garden

  61. author

    A Multifandom girl12 hours ago

    R.I.P to that pizza lol

  62. author

    Bhargav Chetia12 hours ago

    She was just saying "let me finish" to get more time to think up of something

  63. author

    A Multifandom girl12 hours ago

    14 years old? What the holy FUCK?

  64. author

    Kim-Kelly Dang12 hours ago

    “We’re really united together” Amy : Gordon please give me a cha- Her husband : WdYm GiVe yOu a ChAnCe????

  65. author

    Gabe Merchant12 hours ago

    i cant with the thumbnail of this video omg

  66. author

    ipodguy912 hours ago

    86 this clip

  67. author

    Atharva Saxena12 hours ago

    Guess why Gordon's show cam never be canned? Cause he hated canned things Okay thats a bad one

  68. author

    российские военные ,12 hours ago

    Hey Guys, the Colossus Pizza is horrible right? But that was a long time ago, This time its very good, i reviewed it, Its fucking delicious, But then the Restaurant was shut down for a reason.

  69. author

    Gina Rivera12 hours ago

    This guys dead stare makes me uncomfortable 😣 lol

  70. author

    Ashley Jones12 hours ago

    I was about to thro up when he ate the pizza 🍕 and then he said it was good😷🤢🤮

  71. author

    Black Alpha13 hours ago

    Hmmmm i guess you see 1 .... Chief Mic

  72. author

    Soroor Ahmad13 hours ago

    I felt so bad for the son

  73. author

    Ryan McDowell13 hours ago

    As they bitches be bonkers

  74. author

    Kim-Kelly Dang13 hours ago

    *”fucking pigeon”*

  75. author

    Mohammed Khan13 hours ago

    4:09. 👀

  76. author

    John T13 hours ago

    Love him or hate him, Gordon Ramsay knows his stuff. He has turned around so many failing restaurants. This woman blew it. He could have made her restaurant successful. A fool to herself

  77. author

    Nashila Andyel13 hours ago


  78. author

    Henri Tlaloc13 hours ago

    I would have been absolutely LIVID. With contaminants like that you can legitimately kill someone!!

  79. author

    Zeemas13 hours ago

    1:42 Though the US version ups the "_drama_" but I think this sells it

  80. author

    spoddie13 hours ago

    salmon sashimi is always frozen, otherwise it's full of parasites.

  81. author

    the1976boy13 hours ago

    Gordon offers me a glass of water: I Would take it and tell him, this is the right temperature, it's not raw, and it's seasoned perfectly...the best god damned glass of water I've had in my whole life!!!

  82. author

    Small World13 hours ago

    Every 70 seconds in africa, a minute passes

  83. author

    chiNG13 hours ago

    I saw Filipino on subtitles

  84. author

    zipzip zapzap13 hours ago

    I saw this vid last year

  85. author

    Omid Zarei13 hours ago

    Gordon: the water is fucking dry you fucking dickhead Everybody else: yes chef

  86. author

    Vick Parker13 hours ago

    Gordan Ramsay:can I have a water? Still Gordan Ramsay:it's raw

  87. author

    retroV13 hours ago

    Me: Damn, that food looks pretty good Gordon: Fucking hideous Me: Fucking disgusting

  88. author

    M H13 hours ago

    That dude thought he had won the lottery marrying a younger woman. The years passed and he realised he was trapped with a lunatic.

  89. author

    Gabrielle Schurig13 hours ago

    Me: “looks good to me! Gordon: “DISGUSTING ABSOLUTELY, TERRIBLE!” Me: “yeah- what he said- heheheh-“😅🙃

  90. author

    Thanos The destroyer13 hours ago

    The thumbnail is me when I slam my room door after an arguement and I hear my dad’s voice footsteps

  91. author

    Fantasy Queen13 hours ago

    ...8YEARS?!? And ITS FAKE?!?

  92. author

    mattbod13 hours ago

    I so prefer the Brit version: entertaining but real not a manufactured circus. This makes you proud to be British I mean the lad saying “someone get him a drink” none of the Americans do that in same situation. Normally self obsessed and in denial. Loved that Northern lad.

  93. author

    illestpirahna Btv13 hours ago

    Grace lol

  94. author

    Sadira Soomarie13 hours ago

    2:17 Ramsey almost killed the head chef😯

  95. author

    Big Mouth Prick13 hours ago

    so much oil the americans are surrounding it

  96. author

    AS13 hours ago

    Customers getting mad, crying, insulting people. No matter how bad the service is, none of that should be happening.

  97. author

    Kelsey Loch13 hours ago

    I really hope that they’re doing good now:)

  98. author

    Joana Moreira13 hours ago

    13:59 "wOAh"

  99. author

    JUDI SULAIMAN13 hours ago

    How giva shit if your name is nimo😒😒😒😒

  100. author

    magpiemaniac13 hours ago

    “fresh frozen”