The Slow Mo Guys
The Slow Mo Guys
The Slow Mo Guys

Gav and Dan take on the world in Slow Motion!
Definitely in the top 10 of slow motion based MReporter channels!
If you can, watch our videos at the highest possible resolution on your device for some offensively crisp slow motion footage.
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Paint DrillPaint Drill

Paint Drill

2 years ago

Bear Trap PowerBear Trap Power

Bear Trap Power

2 years ago

Catapult LaunchCatapult Launch

Catapult Launch

2 years ago

Fruit vs FruitFruit vs Fruit

Fruit vs Fruit

2 years ago

Tidal WaveTidal Wave

Tidal Wave

2 years ago

  1. author

    害悪ガノタ俺が全て正しい5 hours ago

    すげえな 手をつっこみたい

  2. author

    MR.KOROLEO-staɴdoff25 hours ago

    meanwhile my pc: 25 fps

  3. author

    Kerry Zhang5 hours ago

    who here waited for the watermelon?

  4. author

    Ujjwal Bhandari5 hours ago

    Seriously youtube 2020 huh?

  5. author

    David Stanciu5 hours ago


  6. author

    Fire elimental5 hours ago


  7. author

    William Brick5 hours ago

    4:23 Dan tried to go for a broshake and Gav walked the other direction so he played it off LMFAO

  8. author

    Thicc Bois Incorporated5 hours ago

    Me and the bois playing with out new Hot Wheels

  9. author

    Yellow Angel5 hours ago

    So that's the moltov used in Pubg and CSGO

  10. author

    Sean Williams5 hours ago

    I love you guys watch you daily and liked subscribed and turned on pos

  11. author

    HeavyMetalConspiracy5 hours ago

    Classic Irish video

  12. author

    A Hat5 hours ago

    I didn't even know you could flick the ink out of those

  13. author

    Sean Williams5 hours ago


  14. author

    Afif Hammada5 hours ago

    Yg dari indonesia like bang

  15. author

    Clay The Public6 hours ago

    Ulti kratos

  16. author

    Y1 plus6 hours ago

    It's funny! I want To be Friends

  17. author

    Logan Krinock6 hours ago

    I'm not gonna lie, these things are kinda badass

  18. author

    shiva SHIVA6 hours ago

    2020!! Recommended

  19. author

    William Brick6 hours ago

    3:55 perfect camera cut with gav falling in and his ridiculous face haha!

  20. author

    Ristube6 hours ago

    The second maltesser looks like a Borg sphere launching out of an exploding cube.

  21. author

    Ristube6 hours ago

    I guess this is the new Jim Jeffries show.

  22. author

    Bob Leonheart6 hours ago

    should have shot the one with the bullet lodged in it a second time to try and hit it.

  23. author

    Turtle Chubby6 hours ago


  24. author

    Ragnarr Loðbrók6 hours ago

    Sounds like they have alot of experience dealing with 2 inch guns. Bazinga 😄

  25. author

    Erickson sekina6 hours ago

    hey,, next video why don't you make racquet and shuttlecock video. iam just suggest. ☺️

  26. author

    XxKINGNITROxX6 hours ago

    Came here to dislike.

  27. author

    Ariah Kyla6 hours ago

    10 trillion speed of light cam am I a joke to you!?

  28. author

    Muhammad Nur Hasan6 hours ago

    I am focussing on DAN's lab coat. 😁😁😁

  29. author

    Dan Elleson6 hours ago

    LPs warp a lot with a slight thermal gradient. They’re black and you’re working in the sunlight. That’s part of why they were so wonky.

  30. author

    Barakath Ahmed6 hours ago

    What if you glued two records or CDs side by side, Or if the record was just thicker, Would it endure a higher speed?

  31. author

    KatieArtist 946 hours ago

    Watch 0:35 with captions! 🤣 ” * gavin noise * ” The captions don't even know how to describe what he did!🤣 And 0:48 * Dan struggles in an intense battle with the battery packaging * 1:03 * Dan thinks to himself, success- wait * 1:15 * Dan now struggles with his newly acquired knife * 1:22 * Dan seals the deal by pulling out the battery with his mouth * 1:34 * Dan contemplates life as he sets up the heating device * * Gav has probably ran into the house already * 🤣 * the suspense is real * 3:03 * Battery makes a beeline for Dan’s head * * mission failed * 🤣 3:48 * Dan runs away in a loping fashion * 3:58 * Ready for liftoff * * oops might be burning the runway a bit don’t worry about it * * zoom zoom...? * 4:56 * Dan gets super excited as the flame jet takes off * 5:05 * taking off for real this time * * uh oh it’s turning ... just slightly off trajectory * 6:40 * Gav realizes Dan is smarter than him * 🤣 7:17 * Gav purses lips in either an oh shoot moment or in an attempt to contain his laughter *

  32. author

    Manav Singh6 hours ago

    From where can i buy this

  33. author

    John Long7 hours ago

    Play at .25x playback speed for SUPER slow motion.

  34. author

    Mesut Atmaca7 hours ago

    Your 120V 60 Hz two led diode fast. Slow look

  35. author

    Gavin's Videos7 hours ago

    Instead of crashing them both give one to us lol

  36. author

    Aji Reza7 hours ago

    why this video show up in my yt recomendation?

  37. author

    AngrySheepgaming _7 hours ago

    Age restricted?

  38. author

    Manoj Kumar7 hours ago

    Real life Hisoka right here everybody.

  39. author

    William Booysen7 hours ago

    Dan and Gav went from "We're best friends fooling around with a camera", to "We hate each other, but tolerate eaxh other for the channel"

  40. author

    Jordan Ezell7 hours ago

    This June, put six foot balloons inside a neoprene scuba suit and wear it.

  41. author

    Rizky_ nation7 hours ago

    Itu mobilnya gak rugi?saya orang indonesia

  42. author

    Allen Plant7 hours ago


  43. author

    Sun JoeXYS7 hours ago

    I think I saw T-1000's face in there somewhere.

  44. author

    SavageCXV7 hours ago

    The thumbnail is an accurate representation of me

  45. author

    justin time7 hours ago

    That was awesome.

  46. author

    Sun JoeXYS7 hours ago

    "The fire is obviously done with some wonky CGI, no wonder the Oscar for best SFX went to 1917."

  47. author

    Jordan Ezell7 hours ago

    Why can’t there be more like this? Please invite them for GB June!!😄😄😄😄😄

  48. author

    James Mucio7 hours ago


  49. author

    amirul akmal channel8 hours ago

    kizaru must be smile seeing this

  50. author

    Raghava Dilip8 hours ago

    and that my friends is how you make a mixed bowl of fruit

  51. author

    Stars andWars8 hours ago

    2:26 wrong Its a akm, u can tell by the muzzle brake

  52. author

    TheNinjaDuck1033 Offical8 hours ago

    Can you guys record a game whith a 240 hz monitor in slow motion

  53. author

    TsundereGamer8 hours ago

    This reminds me of the old immersion episode with Monty Oum. rip Monty

  54. author

    JonBoy8 hours ago

    "It is still very hot" Still holds the hot glass in his hand

  55. author

    Chimney8 hours ago

    1:55 looks like the skin of fried chicken

  56. author

    BeezuzFafoon8 hours ago

    Fat Geoff is my favorite Geoff

  57. author

    Thay Ray8 hours ago


  58. author

    Forest Hoffman8 hours ago

    Casual Autocar in the background

  59. author

    ibhel febrian8 hours ago

    The so is this editting

  60. author

    justin time8 hours ago

    I thought the wave was fake. Wow.

  61. author

    freaker1268 hours ago

    chilly and grouchy aka chilly gruchy. Cool name. :p

  62. author

    Rain atom8 hours ago

    Gordon will be good on this show.

  63. author

    justin time8 hours ago


  64. author

    Grassshii Tu8 hours ago

    Can you feature pacman punch

  65. author

    UkMadMan6668 hours ago

    I’d love to see that vs a coconut, I think the first one would crack it and the second would go threw, loved the video guys 👏👏

  66. author

    Bearclaw Chris Lapp8 hours ago

    monks spend 10 years perfecting the art of throwing a needle through glass *dan chips glass first try*

  67. author

    Tronman Durglur8 hours ago

    iv always wanted to see that eye giggle i can do it really fast and a lot of movement and always wanted to see it in slow motion but never bin around a camera able to capture it

  68. author

    BeezuzFafoon8 hours ago

    Demo disk

  69. author

    Thor Erickson9 hours ago

    At 7:10 why didn't you just use an actual wrench instead of a needle nose pliers to tighten the bolt.

  70. author

    dingz9 hours ago

    That fire tornado reminds me BoboiBoy The Movie lol

  71. author

    Ben Williams9 hours ago


  72. author

    Jake D.9 hours ago

    The two guys on the side that is holding dan up looks so serious

  73. author

    jagardina9 hours ago

    I watched this at 1.25x and have no idea what speed I watch the slow mo in. But great video. Thanks.

  74. author

    lol no9 hours ago

    Thorough fellas would have jumped on the turret .50 and finished those surviving melons off proper, before they had a chance to regroup and counterattack... Seriously cool video!

  75. author

    Unique Reisen9 hours ago

    2:15 Being kicked in the nut reaction

  76. author

    Jesus Robles III9 hours ago

    Sounds like the gun that was used when all those people were slaughtered in Las Vegas at that festival.

  77. author

    Glitchyboi1234_x9 hours ago

    Freeze frame of 2:07 is awesome

  78. author

    Elijah Jonhson9 hours ago

    I have not laughed that hard in a while. Thank you

  79. author

    Existance_is_pain__9 hours ago

    Now i dont have to shoot myself

  80. author

    zaiks01059 hours ago

    Funny ... the two interviewers are in lab coat while the actual creator is in plain clothes

  81. author

    Finn9 hours ago

    Jump into 1000 mouse traps Mouse : thats our god

  82. author

    Jordan G9 hours ago

    Look at that pants tent at 1:40

  83. author

    Dioross Orozco10 hours ago

    Video starts at 4:12

  84. author

    Alastair Mackay10 hours ago

    That’s still very funny

  85. author

    Randy Burgess10 hours ago

    You may want to look into Bon Mundon & Jerry Miculek, both record holders.

  86. author

    KubiqFeet10 hours ago

    Oh jeez! Thanks for telling me that now! After I got shot with a .50 cal!

  87. author

    Toady 2410 hours ago

    Gav: You look so silly! Dan: Says the person who doesn’t do anything

  88. author

    Mystic Deagle10 hours ago

    Why are there lego people on the top left next to the tower playing leapfrog?

  89. author

    Whezdez10 hours ago


  90. author

    Kolokoy TV10 hours ago

    hug to hug please. 😊😊😊

  91. author

    TheVet4id10 hours ago


  92. author

    wolfe dima10 hours ago

    So basically you won't even see the bullet coming at you even if it was all slowmo

  93. author

    jackson tharin10 hours ago

    6:50 doh

  94. author

    Mr. Gator10 hours ago

    7:58 *me in the shower*

  95. author

    Raymond Thiessen10 hours ago

    The noise is slow mo is satisfactory.

  96. author

    Watchu Lookin4Tv10 hours ago

    B4 the fat 1 got fat😂😂😂

  97. author

    100 subscribers with no Videos10 hours ago

    1:46 bruh, the explosion was so big it lagged my internet the video froze came back and youtube asked "why am i having intruptions"

  98. author

    Olga Wcislo10 hours ago

    How is no one commenting about Dan's sleeve being ripped half off and dangling?!

  99. author

    ClutchEveryTime10 hours ago

    He wasnt actually in the RV when the ball hit. Disliking for that.