AJR is a New York City based indie pop band comprised of three brothers:
Adam Jack and Ryan. Self produced and recorded in their living room, their music inspires comparisons to both contemporary and classic artists, while still sounding completely their own.
The brothers' collaborative style spans their writing, vocals, production and instrumentation. Adam, 23, and recent graduate of Columbia University, sings, plays bass and writes lyrics. Jack, 16, sings, plays guitar and contributes to songwriting all while still being in High School. Ryan, 19, currently studies at Columbia University and is the primary writer/producer for the group; in addition he plays guitar, ukulele, piano and sings. Growing up in New York, Adam, Jack and Ryan started performing together in 2007 and are constantly inspired by the creativity and individuality that their city brings to the table.

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    Ben OhMan3 hours ago

    Out with Yang! Eh? Ehhh? No? Aww come on...

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    Ghosty The 054 hours ago


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    Jackson Morse4 hours ago

    I swear I’ve heard the part with the violins in another song. Does anyone know where they sampled it from?

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    Matthew Domeij4 hours ago

    We’ve reached one million views boys

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    Marissa Watson4 hours ago

    Me: listenes to so many songs by them not realising its by them. Friend: have you heard of ajr Me:um idk lemme see Also me: WHAT THE FU-

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    nope dude4 hours ago

    Wait isn't that the song of Emporios stand

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    SALUTE TV4 hours ago

    I'm very tore about this song, because it has a very catchy beat, but, unless there a pop band now, it's too much like there trying to merge with the new pop culture era, ya know. Not that I don't think they are amazing, all I'm saying is, don't go with the flow, put your spin on it.

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    mr._baum4 hours ago

    Is anyone watching in 1943?

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    ALL CIME4 hours ago


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    Watch Kengan Ashura4 hours ago


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    TheBlueAlchemist4 hours ago

    EVERYONE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR!!! Set you speed to 1.25 you're welcome.

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    Flako7u74 hours ago

    2:58 that was great!

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    lol lop4 hours ago

    Stuck on repeat

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    Rhino Dino5 hours ago

    This song is so great (edit: if they are leaving from what im hearing they made amazing music so thats whats great anyways)

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    Truly Peculiar5 hours ago

    Isnt that the old lady from the tinder videos?

  16. author

    pat kennett5 hours ago

    Only here cuz I love AJR

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    TheNormalCreepers5 hours ago

    Man I can’t wonder what’s going to be their overture

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    Foxy taem5 hours ago


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    Foxy taem5 hours ago


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    Foxy taem5 hours ago


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    Foxy taem5 hours ago


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    Naticole5 hours ago

    u can tell that a green screen in 1:58 look at jack and you'll see white thats glowing

  23. author

    Take101away5 hours ago

    My new favorite song good job AJR! Really love the 'Here we go' part

  24. author

    b_cookie235 hours ago

    My face erupted into a smile, when I saw the notification AND the smile stayed on throughout the entire song. THE EXCITEMENT!!! Also this song has been on repeat for the past 48 hours, as I have just been dancing and bopping to it non-stop. Another banger guys ;).

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    Harris Murphree5 hours ago

    Are they gone ? ? ? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Sizzledew6 hours ago

    I hope this doesn’t mean you’re quitting but I get it totally if so

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    RedPandaPlays YT6 hours ago

    Just add a natural disaster in the background and you got 1 million views

  28. author

    Chris Jones6 hours ago

    I’m going to ur Denver concert

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    Cube6 hours ago

    they look so young here

  30. author

    Jonah Kim6 hours ago

    I feel like this song was supposed to be for New Year's.

  31. author

    Dinesh Kapoor6 hours ago

    Am just 16 and idk why this bought tears in eyes.. maybe just cause I know I wont live long

  32. author

    ƬΣDDII BΣΛЯ6 hours ago

    Everytime I hear this song I imagine them burning the White House 😍

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    Krystle Lacey6 hours ago

    Okay hear me out I've been thinking about this for a while.... This whole song is litterally a roller coaster, like how they say pretend you know this song like you would a roller caoster.THEN I know we all realized the guy that says here we go sounds like hes from a ride when you go on the drops. "Feel like I'm gonna puke", "been a hecc of a ride", usually when you go to a theme park you always want to end with the best ride"lets go out with a bang", (this may be a stretch) the metronome is like the clicks going up the steep part of a coaster,Lastly I would like to point out that the song has its ups and downs (sonically) with loud parts and quiet parts. This is just my idea thanks for coming to my TEDTalk

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    Mr. Edit6 hours ago

    I went to their concert in buffalo

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    Arthur Faisca6 hours ago

    0:14 thats the same background as half alive's still feel

  36. author

    Laken Marsh7 hours ago

    If you are reading this you are better then evryone

  37. author

    Victory Gaming7 hours ago

    Still kickin! My fav since I saw Weak in AXN love youu

  38. author

    Bacon Lube7 hours ago

    The only good thing about this shit is the movie posters in the back.

  39. author

    Aiden ‘Yeet’ Clark7 hours ago

    *ive never seen poker played like this before*

  40. author

    Brooke Lazaruk7 hours ago

    Best song if all time!

  41. author

    MORTE7 hours ago

    BRs né?

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    Kamil Tocha7 hours ago


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    senura sovis wwe fan7 hours ago

    Ajr is the best

  44. author

    Silver Beret7 hours ago

    *crap- i’m late-*

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    Mediocre Gaming7 hours ago

    This song would be a hell of a lot darker if you imagine he releases this song and then shoots himself shortly after. Or you could also potentially interpret it as a story of someone being tired of life. So they invite all of their friends over, hang them all by the neck, and then shoots himself. Or with the whole "put your best face on, everybody" could also mean for this little story I made up that instead of him killing them all and himself, they all kill themselves either with a gun or by hanging. Sort of a mass suicide, like that one (true) story about the dude who ran a religious group secluded from society who he forces to all drink poison And now that I think about it, the "I feel like I'm about to puke" line could be about drinking poison. But that seems a little too ambitious, even for this completely fictional idea I'm just putting out

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    Day & Out Hotels and Suites8 hours ago

    BANG! I get up I get down And I’m jumping around And the rumpus and ruckus are comfortable now Been a hell of a ride But I’m thinking it’s time to grow So I got an apartment Across from the park Put quinoa in my fridge Still I’m not feeling grown Been a hell of a ride But I’m thinking it’s time to go (Here we go) So put your best face on everybody Pretend you know this song everybody Come hang Let’s go out with a bang I’m way too young to lie here forever I’m way too old to try so whatever Come hang Let’s go out with a bang Feel like I’m gonna puke Cause my taxes are due Do my password begin with a one or a two? Been a hell of a ride But I’m thinking it’s time to grow (Metronome) Man I'm up to something Oo-dee-la-dee-doe Thank you all for coming I hope you like the show Cause it’s on a budget So oo-dee-la-dee-doe Yeah come on here we go Yeah come on (Here we go) So put your best face on everybody Pretend you know this song everybody Come hang Let’s go out with a bang I’m way too young to lie here forever I’m way too old to try so whatever Come hang Let’s go out with a bang Been a hell of a ride But I’m thinking it’s time to go So put your best face on everybody Pretend you know this song everybody Come hang Let’s go out with a bang I’m way too young to lie here forever I’m way too old to try so whatever Come hang Let’s go out with a bang

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    Alex Mitchell8 hours ago

    I don't think there's one song by ajr I hate. This is up there with Burn the house down too

  48. author

    Krub's Burger8 hours ago

    Very good. Love your music♥️

  49. author

    Zack8 hours ago

    This songs so good that I can’t get it out of my head.

  50. author

    DomiJay8 hours ago

    This is the youngest I’ve ever seen them omg-

  51. author

    Gacha Lover8 hours ago

    AJR: I'm Not Famous Their song that came out 5 days ago and already has a million views: Are you sure about that?

  52. author

    DomiJay8 hours ago

    Honestly speaking here, I didn’t know Pixar used this in the “Soul” trailer. I only watched this because I’ve been hearing it on Netflix and I wanna see the official music video.

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    Shoclolatito 'w'8 hours ago

    Dicen que cuando no puedes dormir es por que alguien esta pensando en ti con razon yo duermo tan a gusto :"v

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    memes co mz8 hours ago

    wheres the guy that explains the video?

  55. author

    Vanessa Koehler8 hours ago

    I've played Netflix Trip on my acoustic guitar and it was awesome.

  56. author

    Tex Toad8 hours ago

    I found them on pandora about 3 years ago and I absolutely love them. Surprisingly, Pandora has found me some of the best artists and I’m glad to have found them.

  57. author

    N30 Trinity8 hours ago

    Who was here before 1m✋✋

  58. author

    Abby Sennett9 hours ago

    My guesses for the eight references 1) “So I got an apartment” Don’t throw out my Legos 2) “I’m thinking it’s time to go” Finale 3) “Pretend you know this song” 100 Bad Days 4) “Come hang” Come Hang Out 5) “I’m way too old to lie here forever” Karma 6) “Metronome” Overture from The Click 7) “Thank you all for coming” Birthday Party 8) “I hope you like the show” No Grass Today

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    Spankyoff9 hours ago

    100.000 ✅ 500.000 ✅ 1.000.000 ✅

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    Maria RBLX9 hours ago

    2020 gang

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    Imdaad Pobon9 hours ago

    I came for the tiddies but I ended up liking the song

  62. author

    K V9 hours ago

    Hell yeah. I usually do not even comment on videos. But DAMN.

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    blueboy Art9 hours ago


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    Rhyan Carrero9 hours ago

    I been waiting this

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    Vertex Playz9 hours ago

    OMG I'm the last one to watch this before making this 1M

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    :3 Phi3phi9 hours ago

    Wait who's tobi?

  67. author

    The Little Pill9 hours ago

    Before 1 mil gang?

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    Sm Tasin10 hours ago

    Can you believe this song is about their thoughts on addiction on sugar?

  69. author

    Sm Tasin10 hours ago

    The song makes me feel as tho it's their last song

  70. author

    Shamir Enzian Rivera10 hours ago

    Asome rythm, i love it, it's so sticky

  71. author

    Bryan Taylor10 hours ago

    I Love the music and the video but let’s be honest... anyone smart enough to be an astronaut would know to throw the hammer in the other direction propelling them back to the ship 😅

  72. author

    павпы rgr10 hours ago

    Обожаю! Хоть и не понимаю)

  73. author

    saltypotato 314910 hours ago

    This song explains my school life so well

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    павпы rgr10 hours ago


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    CHOWY10 hours ago

    BANG BANG BANG! Stuck on my head.

  76. author

    HamanoKaito11 hours ago

    As time pass on and growing each day. . . this song is beginning to feel true

  77. author

    Mila Kluczynski11 hours ago

    can’t believe I found these guys from when Danielle Cohn used their song weak and I loved them ever since

  78. author

    Maida Khan11 hours ago

    Why haven’t they got enough recognition literally like he’s so good wtf is billi Elish and all the others this, this is GOLD !

  79. author

    NickySlicky11 hours ago

    I like that the thumbnail says "Come Hang Out" and its a remix but also a song by itself.

  80. author

    captain snowball11 hours ago

    me:"were my hater's were my haters i dont got em i am not famouse" my big bro:"o...ok"

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    szykmenowic1011 hours ago

    When are you coming to europe on tour???

  82. author

    nice.12 hours ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  83. author

    sTimulantz12 hours ago

    B A S S

  84. author

    Isabella White12 hours ago

    Dose he have ADHD like he moves so weirdly but I love them and one day I really wanna go to one of there live things btw love jakes hat lol

  85. author

    Mike Partipilo13 hours ago

    A new Movie song

  86. author

    noah alvarez13 hours ago

    I don’t care if you don’t like this band, this song is so sweet and everybody should agree on that

  87. author

    -DAFFANKA -13 hours ago

    omg this is cool

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    chinqalicious13 hours ago


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    InboxplayzMC13 hours ago

    I wonder if "beats" from neotheater referenced this video with the "produce aisle"

  90. author

    Nexus Online13 hours ago

    Why does this feel like a Panic! video?

  91. author

    Caleb Mixon13 hours ago

    Their songs are like fever dreams and honestly can’t complain

  92. author

    Ërîkã Çøśtėlłār14 hours ago

    I have no idea why but this reminds me of The Wizard of Oz when the munchkins are waving goodbye to Dorthy

  93. author

    Khaozz14 hours ago


  94. author

    Isabella White14 hours ago

    At the end Jack:do you think it will go viral Adam I think:nope

  95. author

    Ledermann Gianna14 hours ago

    Ajr: posts about 8 eggs Me: spends the next half hour listening for all of them

  96. author

    Ryleigh Bosworth14 hours ago

    My favourite part is *metronome*

  97. author

    Parrot Parfait14 hours ago

    You think that AJR's jackets (plus the poker) is a reference to Kakegurui?

  98. author

    Gabriel Yeet14 hours ago

    Yes. Take over the Jonas brothers.

  99. author

    GachaGirlCreeper 114 hours ago

    My millionth comment on any video stating that we went to that one in Pittsburgh, the only concert I have been to that I knew EVERY song

  100. author

    GachaGirlCreeper 114 hours ago

    Was that short 1st clip Pittsburgh? Someone had ended up needing water there