on youtube I will be gaming with fans and friends and expanding my fanbase beyond comparison, I want to be bigger than an artist or "rapper" so feel free to contact me to game on here and to invite me to gaming sessions! add me on skype @makeouthill,
I love you all.

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    Chief TWEAK13 days ago

    amazing channel homieeeee

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    Norris Bennett4 months ago

    nice video

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    Bongie Tha Yung'N6 months ago

    Cool Stuff!

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    MOS_HAJI987 months ago

    we got you niggah, dont forget that

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    D Chase7 months ago

    *X makes video on cuphead*

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    Itoro7 months ago

    i love & adore you and your music. xoxo

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    Shewz7 months ago

    French comment

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    WeirdasF oK7 months ago

    make discord channel tho

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    Axel π8 months ago

    I love you so much

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    Cosmic Squrbles8 months ago

    I love what you do, I love your work!

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    Jimmy A8 months ago

    I've really enjoyed your music. King of The Dead was the first song I listened to... really good, i'd must say. Take things easy, X! Looking forward to hearing more music/gaming. - Fan from Canada.

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    Mad4Skrillex8 months ago

    play rainbow six seige on pc!

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    Titus Hawkins8 months ago

    Mad Respect and like you said everyday write in a journal .X the world is listing. migos gets no play in the benz and joe buddons needs to stop his dick riding with migos.

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    brøøklynx MSP8 months ago


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    Marco Pagnozzi8 months ago

    how can i use depression and obsession without being blocked for copyright?

  16. author

    Dylan O'Quinn8 months ago

    dude thanks so much your music is goat you helped my sister with depression and not committing suicide thanks so much man

  17. author

    Parafron8 months ago

    XXXTentacion, can I send you a song I made ? I'm trying to be a producer and thought whats better than having young dagger dick rap to a song I made. Its a slow piano kind of beat not like speaker destroying bass (although I made one like that incase) Please reply if you are interested.

  18. author

    YewwHeu ,8 months ago

    Hey bro, i don't know if you read this or even check this. While this might only be a message from a kid in Australia but still. You're worth every second on this earth and you shouldn't let shit get to you. Hope to see you soon in the future.

  19. author

    xX_TrippłeKiłłah_Xx8 months ago

    One last thing TrippleX fuck the explicit use them rappers don’t know how to use only you brother you talk about reality real fuckin life bro this time peace ✌️

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    xX_TrippłeKiłłah_Xx8 months ago

    Yo xxxtentacion is it cool to call you TrippleX if you don’t like it just tell me and it’s all right cause I love you no fucken homo bruh but anyways I feel your pain and I feel you, you know please don’t take it wrong like that but bro I’m here for you #freex but bro anyone who fucken mess wit you there gonna have to go through me and they start calling pussy ass nigga I’ll let you know so you can go up to there face and fuck them up real bad. I’m in your side x I always been bro also you will be back friends with ski mask ok bruh #FREEFUCKINXBROOOOOO member homie I’m right by your side alright peace ✌️ out brother. If you don’t like it if I call you TippleX just reply to me k bro. #FREEFUCKINGXBRUH.

  21. author

    Carey Bell8 months ago

    my little brother just showed me this, ur message is an awesome truth

  22. author

    Lil Ed8 months ago

    I know my comment will not get seen or reply by lots people. But I'm rapper who does not cuss and my rap sound/style would find your attention. I have much more to offer but right now I need you. Music brings us closer like family, my music is to make that family. The same way you support me is the same way I will support you.. 1luv, together well change the universe one take at a time

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    Justin Gamer1838 months ago

    #HailGrasa prros :v

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    ZanzoxO8 months ago

    i want some gaming from x+Hes facecam too

  25. author

    Chloe Reign8 months ago

    X please don't stop making music and you don't know how badly i wanna meet you ;( i tear up a little from it.. I LOVEE U!

  26. author

    Grace Ober8 months ago

    for everyone thats saying he racist your dumb, you gotta listen to the words and he's not being racist at all

  27. author

    flawless8518 months ago

    nice channel i like the content you post

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    Dasha M. Famat8 months ago


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    Baca :v8 months ago

    Vuelve ya con mas y mejores canciones porfa (Come back with more and better songs plis)

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    StancedFRS8 months ago

    dang,he will not make music anymore...

  31. author

    mardie marl8 months ago

    umm dude what happen;(

  32. author

    memesforlife8 months ago

    Uhhh I don't know how to start this but um first my name is kyle and that I really love your song garrets revenge because when I was looking through the lyricsand I just started crying full out because before I was born my mom was gonna have two kid but instead she killed them or what's called abortion.....and she didn't tell until this year and im 13. im not lying, I just wanted to say that I probably wouldn't have forgave her without your song so thank you....

  33. author

    mardie marl8 months ago

    ya boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  34. author

    Jaden Limes8 months ago

    Come back plz x

  35. author

    Chillz HD8 months ago

    Can't wait for some GTA online! xD

  36. author

    Anon Number 27188 months ago

    we miss you, your true fans miss you

  37. author

    Xdpigg8 months ago

    x you need to get over these things we know its hard but you gotta get through this and keep on going

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    Randomgamesman8 months ago


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    Petar Petrovic8 months ago


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    S-X8 months ago

    can u play roblox if u do that would be 🔥 lit🔥

  41. author

    Corinthian8 months ago

    Damn it! He's quitting!

  42. author

    SilentQuiK8 months ago

    Its sickening how people are hating on X and thinking hes racist, and some are hating for no reason at all. (unless they are hating cause of the same reason too, which is thinking hes racist)

  43. author

    v r o 💔8 months ago

    HE QUIT ON US :(

  44. author

    98Challenger898 months ago

    we will support you through whatever you do, love u <3

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    Giuliano Nathar8 months ago

    Hail from fkn Brazil!!!

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    Don't read me k8 months ago

    "gaming" well life is a game itself not e very good one, a shit one that ign would give a 9/10

  47. author

    DJ Vinylove9 months ago

    Lynching of Small Black Child new Video OUT NOW

  48. author

    Andreas Vázquez9 months ago

    we want fucking spicy gameplays x, ill foocking smash a glass vase in my head if you upload a gameplay.

  49. author

    Outlaw JI9 months ago

    hola gente de youtube Ayo & Teo - Rolex

  50. author

    CALEB HARRIS9 months ago

    i love your songs keep up the good work man

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    uninstalldotexe9 months ago

    Drake a fuck nigga

  52. author

    Hawkeye9 months ago

    love u x

  53. author

    Cairo Gibbs-White9 months ago

    Whats up with this thing about Shiloh Dynasty?

  54. author

    AyeMr BigJuicyPickle9 months ago

    If anybody doesn't like XXXTentacion then Get the fuck out, Shut the fuck up, Nobody wants to hear your shit, Get a life out there man, I dont give a fuck what you say. Gtfo.

  55. author

    Lane Rose9 months ago


  56. author

    ExplosiveTears gaming9 months ago

    bruh all the uneducated hate on this feed lmao its funny af. im not saying you should like his music or like him as a person but atleast take the time to listen to the lyrics fully and try to understand the message before hating and even if you do do that and still think hes racist and such then just pay no attention hold your oppinion. your entitled to it, but dont try to put others down for seeing it differently. i keep seeing people call x a bigot and its ironic cause the views they push and the hate they spew is true bigotry. atleast x doesnt try to change people to be more like him, he tries to rach out to those who already are and need a voice.

  57. author

    Brian Adams9 months ago

    x is my hero he showed me tha beig different is great

  58. author

    ian klimack9 months ago

    why racist

  59. author

    MATTHEW CHANNER9 months ago

    your music helps me so much

  60. author

    Jonathan Mendoza9 months ago

    xxxtentacion you ar cool bro

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    Draygon Stone Harris9 months ago


  62. author

    Markailon B.9 months ago

    Im tired of people sayin shit about jahseh yall only see xxxtentacion but i see human just like the rest of u and people talk everyday i suffer from deppression and so what? yall mad because he is compasionate? he inspires me and i might be 13 but hes my role model his life is his get out of it if yall so nose

  63. author

    wait for it9 months ago

    people need to stop hatting on x, this is suppose to be a chill zone. If anyone wants to talk about crime I'm Native American and over 95% of my people where killed over land, disease, and racism. This state of getting mad over nothing will solve nothing, why you think the my people made truce with the whites.

  64. author

    Warren L'Minggio9 months ago

    She doesn't even go here!

  65. author

    Henry Arias9 months ago


  66. author

    Emma Darland9 months ago

    X your song Jocelyn Flores is amazing it’s sad to know that I’ve felt the same, been threw the same shit, I can relate, the feelings you have created a beautiful song, I can feel your pain in the lyrics it’s just beautiful. Just keep on going we love you and don’t listen to them hamster ass niggas they just stuck in a loop all they do is hate and make fake shit so just ignor it your true fans are here and we love you keep it up.💜xoxo- Emma rose.

  67. author

    Steve Marberry9 months ago

    This music is what kids listen to before killing themselves. This music promotes depression and sundial thoughts. Kids kill themselves after listening to this music. I know because it happened. I am trying to prevent my son from following the same path his friend did who we buried yesterday. I am considering legal actions against this MReporter channel and the maker of this music.

  68. author

    Steve Marberry9 months ago

    This music is what kids listen to before killing themselves. This music promotes depression and sundial thoughts. Kids kill themselves after listening to this music. I know because it happened. I am trying to prevent my son from following the same path his friend did who we buried yesterday. I am considering legal actions against this MReporter channel and the maker of this music.

  69. author

    Anthony Johnson Jr the 2nd9 months ago


  70. author

    Serriety9 months ago

    1st off to all you racist people shut up and deal with it 2nd I'm white and I love xs music all the people hating this are red necks 3rd he's not being racist he's trying to make a point that racism is wrong he even said at the end of look at me that killing either race bc of color is sickening and the fact that you want to kill x because of this proves xs point 4th you racist people are sick in the head. 5th if your like that today your no better then the kkk.

  71. author

    Shoahshana Goldberg-Shekelstein9 months ago

    Filthy nigger.

  72. author

    Serriety9 months ago

    I'm white and I love xs music

  73. author

    camx9 months ago

    For everyone wondering if this is the real account for x.. yes. it is lol

  74. author

    C4cestmoi/Jugo9 months ago

    I'm not gay but love u I hope you never give up

  75. author

    O9 months ago

    lol his description tho

  76. author

    Gabriel Cruz10 months ago


  77. author

    Cal Curran10 months ago

    I dont get why so many people are angry?? especially white people? Im white,I fucking love X,his msuic,lyrical talent and messages are slick and amazing,so fuck all you people taking valuable time out of your day to comment on a fucking discussion board spouting shite.Peace X! Love the new album,fuckin hits home

  78. author

    Spencer Boulware10 months ago

    What platform are you on? What kindof games do you play?

  79. author

    O G10 months ago


  80. author

    The Ps4 Gamer10 months ago

    X is the best rapper in my opinion.He has a lyrical flow,and btw him and ski mask the slump god should make another song. If ya'll do its going to be lit.

  81. author

    悪魔SUICIDAL10 months ago

    Why did you request to get my video taken down X ?????

  82. author

    Dremaus191110 months ago

    i wish you were as old as Hillary Clinton

  83. author

    S.S CheeseFuck10 months ago

    Valentine is by far my favorite song!!!!!!!!!!!! keep it up X

  84. author

    Vortonic10 months ago

    make a discord channel, make me admin ill set it up, then game. ez @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion

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    briwatkins7910 months ago

    what a no talent, racist, girlfriend beating piece of ghetto shit.

  86. author

    Jasmin •10 months ago

    I totally fuck with your music, and you've even helped me through some of my depression so thanks so much, love ya X <3

  87. author

    Kiwayne Shaw10 months ago

    you did well X you are a project not to be finish

  88. author

    Unknown_user00010 months ago


  89. author

    Patrick Cabahug10 months ago

    Your video has become a recruitment for Neo Nazis and KKK because you are inciting violence against White People. Get that through your retarded head

  90. author

    Patrick Cabahug10 months ago

    You are dipshit asshole for violence against white people. How dare you post a video about lynching a child. Two wrong don't make a right you stupid fuck

  91. author

    Norge Først10 months ago

    Only low-IQ people like this crap.

  92. author

    Knightrem 1010 months ago

    ) ( ( .======. You have been spooked by the burning lower case letter t, ) )*. | | which means it's time to leave. ) ( ( .).| | ( ) (*) ( | | .========' '========. (| . ) . ( ( 14\88 | ) .( * ) . ) ( | ( ). ( . ( ) | )========. / / ========' ( ( .) . | \ \ | ( ) ) ) ) . .)( | / / | ) . / ) ( ( ) ( ( ( . ( )| ) | ( . ."/ / /) ) ( ) ) ) ) . )( | ( | ) ) ./ . " / ( ( ( ( . "( ) . )| ( .) |( . /" ./ ." / / ) ) . . ( | ) ( | ) ( " . ) " / . / .( ). )| ( . ( ( *) . ) / "./ . / ) ( ( ) ( | . . ) ) )( .( / / . / ( ) )( . . . ( " ( ) . / ( . "' . " ' . )' . ( ( ( ( , ) " . (. ) ( ', ) . ) ) .' ) ( . ) , ( , ) ( . ( .( ). ,( . ( ) ( , ') .' ( , ) (_,) . ), ) _) _,') (, ) '. ) ,. (' ) jgs^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  93. author

    R.N.G FODA-SE10 months ago


  94. author

    Iwatch Vids10 months ago

    xxxhoodrat should have been aborted.

  95. author

    Raymond Forde10 months ago

    i don't know about u guys but i don't appreciate how that asshole that does those illuminati videos is bad mouthing x i would really love to punch him in the fucking nose!

  96. author

    yxvng dead10 months ago

    X Saw the new music video kinda messed up how you hanged the kid. But overall the song was really good keep the wonderful music. Oh yeah and also love the new 17 album

  97. author

    Damien INSANO10 months ago

    Reporting your videos and your channel by the way you bigot.

  98. author

    Damien INSANO10 months ago

    It's a shame you're so filled with hatred and prejudice toward whites. Maybe one day you'll cast off the shackles of your unparalleled ignorance and wise the eff up. I'm not holding my breathe however.

  99. author

    Sebastian Hardt10 months ago

    This indeed is X's real channel ...

  100. author

    Mac McCann10 months ago

    hey scumbag punk mother fucker!!!! please let me know where you live so i can come visit... you fucking scum sucking animal.