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  1. author

    Eren Kaya4 hours ago

    Seni seviyorum mike

  2. author

    G code Risking It All4 hours ago

    kt5 life is gamble roll the dice and risk it all

  3. author

    Rico Malhotra4 hours ago

    alr but why does he have a watch for a flex and money to give poor but still gotta iphone 7.

  4. author

    Danny DeVito4 hours ago

    Ur doggy is Aweome. Rocco rules bitches!!!!

  5. author

    Benjamin Zanabria4 hours ago

    Caring how team in that man purse

  6. author

    Senses Greens4 hours ago

    Ryan’s sister is fine asf

  7. author

    Enlight Miscellany5 hours ago

    Please Do one with Tobias Harris

  8. author

    Tnc AceVoyage5 hours ago

    Would I be in the nba 3 point contest if I shot one 3 pointer and made it???

  9. author

    AW115 hours ago

    I’d wanna see the guy with the most tattoos. Mostly because I wanna see what all of them mean

  10. author

    Bobbey bob5 hours ago

    why not remove the red tag on the shoes must be bothering while wearing

  11. author

    x1Gunnerx5 hours ago

    JH is a nice guy

  12. author

    Bruh Moment6 hours ago

    Guys I found joe

  13. author

    Ben6 hours ago

    “Wet like I’m book” - Drake, ASTROWORLD, 2019

  14. author

    buggy dgaf okay?6 hours ago

    I seen Naruto and instantly clicked XD

  15. author

    GullySZN6 hours ago

    Ryan Garcia bet I wanna 1v1 you in super smash

  16. author

    Ikolaba Mustapha6 hours ago

    "10 body care products Tyrann Mathieu can't live without" sounds more appropriate.

  17. author

    Hilda Rera6 hours ago

    I love you Mike Tyson....the best fighter in the planet

  18. author

    Plazma boi6 hours ago

    I wont eat anything that has a mother and father STEAK BRUH

  19. author

    Blue Boy6 hours ago

    Did he say "plus she ripped someone's arm off" wtf

  20. author

    damir huselja7 hours ago

    When performing a jumshot he just goes way off balance, it's very hard to hit jumpers like that, almost every shot is a fade away. . .

  21. author

    Michael Anthony7 hours ago

    everyone is into Naruto again lol

  22. author

    Minato Namikaze7 hours ago

    Naruto gang

  23. author

    Ahmad hawakbar The performer7 hours ago

    He got a really bad shooting form for a three pointer

  24. author

    Supreme Alex7 hours ago

    I am a la fan

  25. author

    Shur1kn7 hours ago

    Gleaming the Cube ❤️

  26. author

    ralph benoit8 hours ago

    You got to love cowboy he always a show when he fight

  27. author

    S8 hours ago

    I use to like him, wish I wouldn’t have seen this.

  28. author

    China Motorsports8 hours ago

    He’s like Will... only Will makes publicity of his fame because he’s a movie actor while this guy just doesn’t care... I must say he’s had a lot of duds in the 1985s n even if he wasn’t aggressive he would have won but his techniques is pure. Punch through opponent... he might be the one that ever boxes like that. I think that’s what he misses when he ages because he was going back to basic n not as his prime.

  29. author

    MildKoala 038 hours ago

    You really missed the chance to say, Can an Average JOE bear Joe Harris’

  30. author

    A V8 hours ago

    HAHAHAH this an actual essentials video, never heard him talk this much but I like his personality.

  31. author

    Barbara Smith9 hours ago

    When it said "How do you stop Karl-Anthony Towns?" someone else commented "A laser pointer." 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  32. author

    willhelm udit9 hours ago

    Dacson Danger Cerrone: *wears my dad can beat up your dad t shirt* Conor McGregor Jr: am I a joke to you...

  33. author

    G C9 hours ago

    This kid looks like he’s on a Disney channel

  34. author

    VerticalSwagXx HD9 hours ago

    He said money grow trees?! Maybe for u

  35. author

    ZECHARIAH BARREDO9 hours ago

    Why dpes he like playstation look at his intials PS

  36. author

    Kerox Noizy9 hours ago

    This guy a billionaire and still has wired headphones Thank you for trying to look as poor as me 😂

  37. author

    Cat Meme9 hours ago

    that jumpshot is very tiring

  38. author

    Mikale Weathers9 hours ago

    Who else went to look at how much money he has when he said he was broke

  39. author

    N cM10 hours ago

    I wanna play blitz chess against KT, can't say I'm really good but I'm decent.

  40. author

    Knifix10 hours ago

    why in the air, the basketball looks like a baseball

  41. author

    Aaron Hyberger10 hours ago

    There is zero chance he put even minimal preparation into this, he literally just brought his bag to the studio and dumped it out. If he ever tried to be fake or phony it would be so obvious, Alex is the most genuine ‘celebrity’ in the world. So awesome

  42. author

    L10 hours ago

    that is the most busted jumper I've ever seen

  43. author

    Ethan Edits10 hours ago

    You should do one of these with James Harden.

  44. author

    Hakuna Matata10 hours ago

    Love this guy

  45. author

    Hakuna Matata10 hours ago

    Tray to mix Organic Beet juice and Karrot juice.. It tastes good considering u drinc Beets! The Karrot not only nutrelieses the beets taste but also has a trigger each other in the nutrition field.

  46. author

    Roarsarch201 •11 hours ago

    no coordination whatsoever

  47. author

    Shuvo Roy11 hours ago

    This is the baddest man on the planet And he is adorable also

  48. author

    ColetteLelette11 hours ago

    Clay Skipper sounds like one of those names Japanese game developers make up when making games set in america

  49. author

    The Answer11 hours ago

    Literally could have taken 17 min.. longwinded explanations 😴

  50. author

    Cheyenne Watkins11 hours ago

    Mike Tyson has come a long way. He inspires me to do better for myself

  51. author

    HBK Joee11 hours ago

    1. He was more focused on his jumpshot then it actually going in 2. Idk if this is staged or if you were unlucky that day but how does one make 15/100 3 pointers and still get called above average im 16 havent played basketball in like a year and a half and probably would make atleast 20

  52. author

    ML is Life12 hours ago

    This is why scary men talk with their fists.

  53. author

    zelexen Lizaola-V12 hours ago

    i can probably do 10 and im absolutely average lol

  54. author

    dollasign voodoo12 hours ago

    You know? -RG

  55. author

    Dávid.12 hours ago

    5:11 *_"I will be the best in the world one day, you know, you got to believe it"_* *_Facts_* , _good luck brother_

  56. author

    Lucas Chng12 hours ago

    He lost to joe on the first rack

  57. author

    Brooklyn Papii12 hours ago

    What did he do about the persons arm that was ripped off? Lmao

  58. author

    Maurice Mallari13 hours ago

    And then of course he gets injured when i draft him in my fantasy league.

  59. author

    Commander N1nja13 hours ago

    Bruh imagine take 20 shots and only making 3

  60. author

    Андрей Локтионов13 hours ago

    That's a funny court they got there, 3 point shot is a half court shot

  61. author

    iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers13 hours ago

    My only meaningful tattoo is my kids writing

  62. author

    Андрей Локтионов13 hours ago

    -Can i hire you? -I don't know if i can help you But seriously it looks like he is not even slightly serious about this.

  63. author

    MrSnoopydupy13 hours ago

    don't do snowboarding, but this guys is hilarious.

  64. author

    Silent-Assassin13 hours ago

    Nar root to!

  65. author

    Inseption14 hours ago

    why doesn't he main little mac???!!!

  66. author

    Dumpy14 hours ago

    Damm I really thought Ryan was a Lil Mac main

  67. author

    Fearless TDG14 hours ago

    You know they Dominican when they whip out the big wallet lol

  68. author

    Agilan A14 hours ago

    Interviewer should be fired, why try to be disrespectful when you don't even know basketball

  69. author

    Daniel Ortega14 hours ago

    He represents Victorville he's right it is pretty rough he made it out and made something of himself.

  70. author

    0814 hours ago

    The way he held his macbook is just like he’s holding a notebook (well that rhymes) AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

  71. author

    Haec14 hours ago

    this video is so pointless

  72. author

    fialee815 hours ago

    I like the part... oh, she ripped some guys arm off, like it was just a minor boo boo.

  73. author

    Philip Dirosa15 hours ago

    guy really said taylor swift

  74. author

    Young Jesus15 hours ago

    I just came for naruto now ima dip. This kid cool tho

  75. author

    Jason Bouphasavanh15 hours ago

    Hez got so much hot sisters, of i were him id bang of one of em!!

  76. author

    cecil farmer15 hours ago

    Damm right god is Love

  77. author

    cecil farmer15 hours ago

    Big respect keep god 1

  78. author

    Oh No16 hours ago

    Get kobe on here next

  79. author

    jon18meci16 hours ago

    I liked how Naruto Inspired him. That's dope.

  80. author

    Moses Ramirez16 hours ago

    That cowboys hat tho

  81. author

    Martin Zuniga16 hours ago

    I watch all this to see him make 4 points

  82. author

    NugMySug2116 hours ago

    The trainer kinda looks like a bald Jayson Tatum

  83. author

    Mike Harkins16 hours ago

    Leave it to GQ to find the 1 of like 20 black players to ever play in the NHL to do this little scene lol

  84. author

    FlyingWLF16 hours ago

    He can’t live without his Ankles cause they always get broken

  85. author

    Levi Mesrin16 hours ago

    All you need is a phone earbuds and a 8th to have a good time

  86. author

    Kase Chopp16 hours ago

    He makes millions and still had wired headphones

  87. author

    Flextro_ 1117 hours ago

    Damian Lillard is an old head

  88. author

    Hellboy70017 hours ago

    Edge is back. NOW, I want C.M. Punk back. Make it happen WWE

  89. author

    TSU SMURF17 hours ago

    Mike Tyson is living evidence that cocaine, hookers and beating people up for a living transforms you in to a great man.

  90. author

    Wyatt Hammack17 hours ago

    I found this because I'm trying to find a way that I don't have it but I'm starting to get more and more worried. I played football all my life. Since 3rd grade through college. 90% of the plays I had a violent blow to the head. Starting to get scary

  91. author

    That Guy17 hours ago

    so no one is gonna talk about how he brought pasta?

  92. author

    mironlang17 hours ago

    right now i am sure i can make at least 5. at least 10 15 yrs ago. I think Clay is below average.

  93. author

    codemiesterbeats17 hours ago

    12:49 lol in school my skater friends made fun of me saying "you mongo goofy foot sumbich"

  94. author

    Caelen OW17 hours ago

    I tried this out today and got 13 and I haven’t played in almost 4 months. This dude is trash lol

  95. author

    Erik Åberg17 hours ago

    10:05 in the club

  96. author

    Raymond Martinez17 hours ago


  97. author

    Armaan Chaudhary18 hours ago

    Above Average 🤷‍♂️ they couldn’t get someone good

  98. author

    18 hours ago

    Who tf is Ryan Garcia ???

  99. author

    IURII GOLOV18 hours ago

    One of my favorite basketball players to watch!

  100. author

    CrimsonCriminal18 hours ago

    This dude is like a real life lil mac but doesnt play him in smash?