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Laura Lee
Laura Lee

I'm am Alabamian that recently turned into a Californian (L.A BASED) Excuse my accent :)
I have a deep rooted love for all things beautiful.
Join my MReporter Family spread the LOVE *(hugs)* & prepare to have FUN and Giggle a little

: "You're only given a little spark of madness." You mustn't lose it. -Robin Williams
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Lets Chat: 9-25-18

2 months ago

  1. author

    Nicole Haddad10 months ago

    Beautiful channel. Come by mine lets support each other

  2. author

    Meherbano FaisalYear ago

    or maybe show ur boobs af

  3. author

    Mary BlackYear ago

    Hey Laura my name is Lisa I'm from Birmingham Alabama and you have inspired me to start a MReporter channel Saw your first video when you were in Montgomery Alabama any tips you can give me😘love you

  4. author

    Sara DearYear ago

    I was hoping you could do a review on a brand called Notoriously Morbid. It has SOO many gorgeous colors. They are an up and coming brand. I would love to see what you looks you could do and show us the quality of the products.

  5. author

    Dragon Lady Shadow 333Year ago

    Hi Laura, i watch your show every morning. Since you like to try different make up products, i have a few suggestions. Love the Victoria Secrets Lip products just love! and Ive been also buying alot on Had some good beauty products on there. im a disabled mom, with a 11 yr old daughter. So i have never tried any high end beauty products before. Hopefully you might have to try some of these.

  6. author

    Brandi LomontYear ago

    Oh My Laura! Since I found your channel, I have completely reinspired! It's so nice to see someone as cray as me! I love your looks and all of your reviews! You've totally got me wanting to start my own channel!

  7. author

    Michelle BootheYear ago

  8. author

    Shannon Did-dellYear ago

    Laura I'd love it if you could do a Two Faced Peaches and Cream review, I know there are 1000 other reviews on it but for me, your opinion is the only one I can really trust! x x

  9. author

    GLAZE BRTSYear ago

    hey laura. im a fan from the philippines love your tutorials :*

  10. author

    Cassandra MoyerYear ago

    Hey Laura, I was really interested in knowing how you actually clean your brushes. I bought the 3502 palette and the colors are so pigmented and they stay on the brushes really well. I just wanted a good idea or process on how you clean your brushes and was wondering if you could do a video? I also saw the video you did with Jeffery Star with that brush cleaner bowl/spinner and I was going to buy it because it seemed awesome and after watching your video together I am sooo glad I didn't buy it. Thanks if you are able to make the video!

  11. author

    DragonpopYear ago

    It broke my heart to see you in such pain in your last video. My son gets canker sores occasionally. When he does I dab colloidal silver on it and alternate that with Manuka honey. It seems to speed up the healing. Feel better soon!

  12. author

    Paige McQuillenYear ago

    Could you do a review on the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette please :)

  13. author

    Gracie AlbertYear ago

    hey laura u should do a giveaway on your palette.

  14. author

    tyler noonYear ago

    you are amazing

  15. author

    Elizabeth 98Year ago

    my CATS PAJAMAS came in today and I am sooooooo excited !!!!!!! love you 5ever Laura lee girl :))))

  16. author

    Kelley MooreYear ago

    Omg laura I just brought cats pajamas and I'm so happy for you and excited to use it. CONGRATS BABE!! πŸ±πŸ’•πŸ‘ΈπŸ½

  17. author

    peace love and meganYear ago

    Hey Laura! You are one of a few MReporterrs that I actually look for new vids from. Great personality, very genuine and love your reviews and tutorials. Have you ever heard of/used Perfectly Posh? The products are all naturally based, smell incredible, do exactly what they claim they will do and are all under $25! Let me know if you are interested in trying some or their products and I will send some off to you! I'm totally obsessed with Posh and love sharing these products with everyone! Keep up the great work, Laura!

  18. author

    Haley MarquesYear ago

    hey laura im a big fan of your chanel and I was wanting to do something big but I need someone to help me out with it im not a big youtube star or anything but if you could contact me @ that would be really cool!

  19. author

    Alyssa WestphallYear ago

    I am soooo excited for eye shadow palette to come out on the 13. I was wondering if there was one day shipping because my homecoming is the 14? I really hope so!πŸ’„πŸ’„πŸ˜˜

  20. author

    CalliopeighYear ago

    I absolutely adore your merch, but I am still missing a tee or something else stating "I pronoune it OL - OK!?" or something similar. Would buy that one immediately, I watch your videos just to hear you say "oil" in that accent of yours. I think it's great, I love it and it makes me laugh. :)

  21. author

    Dara RowellYear ago

    Hey Laura! Can you go into detail about your ethnicity and what shades/tones you look for when you are at the store? I want to know more about you!!

  22. author

    Lizzi LangstonYear ago

    I'm looking at buying my first set of extensions. I would love your input on which ones you think are the best. Yours always look so natural and beautiful. I didn't even know you wore them until you said some thing about them. Much love. And thank you in advance.

  23. author

    Morgan benderYear ago


  24. author

    Samantha KYear ago

    Does anyone remember when she is announcing her new line? I know she talked about it in an intro lately but I cant find it.

  25. author

    Lequia KiddYear ago

    laura! please, please, please try out Rihanna's Fenty Beauty line :)

  26. author

    Riddhi PanchalYear ago

    Heyyy Laura! You're seriously my favorite MReporterr! I just wanted to let you know that you are doing a great job and keep up the great work! SLAYY ON LAURA :) xoxo

  27. author

    Lisa TaylorYear ago

    Always love watching your videos boo!! On that note, If anyone cares to check mine on my little face pic- LOL!

  28. author

    Jamie StossYear ago

    Hi Lauralee, I have a quick question regarding your summer clothing line. Are all of your tops true to size (with the sizing chart etc)? I have one that I am wanting to purchase, but do not know if I should get a size up just to be on the safe side or not. Thank you so much :)

  29. author

    Kylie ClearkinYear ago


  30. author

    Aimee StabenowYear ago

    My makeup game has changed for the better after stumbling into your videos. Ive binged watched all of them now and I subscribed today to your channel. Thanks for making the videos entertaining!

  31. author

    Ana Cristina ParadisiYear ago

    Hi Laura! I'm watching you from Venezuela, I love, love love your work! Keep it up! I'm learning a lot with you. Thanks!

  32. author

    Brian&Sarah TomlinYear ago

    Hi Laura! I would love to see a video on brush and sponge care and cleaning, if you haven't already done one. Cheers!

  33. author

    SolangeYear ago

    Hey Laura! I love you so much , you are my favorite MReporterr, I love all your advice, your attitude and energy! I would love if you do a video on setting powder that does not flash back! Thank you girl! Love all the way from beautiful Costa Rica! Come visit! <3

  34. author

    Jordan WalkerYear ago

    laura please make more full coverage videos and best of concealers and primers too <3 you !!!

  35. author

    Allison ManleyYear ago

    Laura, could you please do a halo eye look and do a tutorial on it? Thank you!

  36. author

    Meherbano FaisalYear ago

    hey laura can u plz try the dermacole foundation the most full coverage foundation plz try it

  37. author

    JUMIMAHYear ago

    +lata88lee I am from the UK and I would like to buy your merchandise but it is in US dollars!! what should I do????!!!! luv u xxxx

  38. author

    Hannah ElyceYear ago

    How did you do your channel banner?? What site? What font did you use? How did you get those cute dots?? SO MANY QUESTIONSSSS <333333

  39. author

    Melissa ChavezYear ago

    Laura I just wanted to say thank you so much for your upbeat vibe. I love your videos. You are my favorite you teach me so much. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND ANF BEAUTIFUL CAT. I got a kick out of your Halloween video.

  40. author

    Melissa ChavezYear ago

    Laura can u do a review on air spun translucent powder and show me how to use correct.

  41. author

    Shayla Nicole GrayYear ago

    hi laura, i am such a fan of your work and your videos. you have really shown and taught me so much to look amazing. i have recently been in a home fire and lost tons of my most prized beauty products, its been a tough time trying to get my collection started again. thank you again for everything you do for your viewers, and just know you are making an impact and a positive one for a lot of us out here. love ya

  42. author

    Niyati PatelYear ago

    Hi Laura! I was on Ulta and I saw this brand called 2B colours.. I have never heard of it. Can you do a whole face using that brand products please??

  43. author

    Shelly. LeoYear ago


  44. author

    Galoran AmosYear ago

    Laura! I really hope you read this. As a fond viewer, I want you to know how much you have helped me in makeup and what an inspiration you are for people who have a hard time being their genuine self in their lives, I really feel that you don't change yourself just for the camera! Being that genuine a person can really set an amazing example for those out there without the courage or support in their lives to really bare themselves the way you do, so thank you! I'm sure you see both the positive and negative sides of the general public in the comments section of your videos, since you're a public figure, and I'm sorry you sometimes have to be an outlet for peoples misguided anger and unhappiness in their own lives. I don't know about other viewers, but I think I can tell what mood you're in when you're shooting and I feel that perhaps the negative comments may be affecting your attitude and overall mood lately when you're talking to us! On behalf of all your viewers I want to say sorry for all the judgmental, cold, mean things that people feel comfortable saying to you, safe behind their computer screens. And I want you to know that I, and I'm sure many others, really do see the value in everything that you do here on youtube and that your success in being who you are and doing what you love is an inspiration all its own! Know that the negativity is never personal and that the work you do is truly valued, no matter where or how you get the products, or even how you decide to live your life on your own time. The mere act of exposing yourself and your life to your viewers is a huge sacrifice and I want you to know that it does not go unnoticed. Please try not to be too discouraged or hurt by those negative few, and know that you never need to be bashful or "careful" of how much of yourself you put out there just because of the cowardly haters who only attack you to make themselves feel better or more powerful! I know you "know" all this already, but I'm sure its hard to internalize all the time since the haters never stop :( We love you for you, so just keep doing what you're doing! Hope you're feeling good and doing good and I look forward to seeing you in your next snap/video! <3 Yours, -G.A.

  45. author

    Sierrah CunninghamYear ago

    I love you and everything you do here on youtube it is are very inspiring. You are hilarious and really good at what you do I will continue to support you and watch your videos.

  46. author

    fannyakaYear ago

    Can you make a video were you show us how you wash your brushes and sponges? love :-****

  47. author

    Sabrina ShermanYear ago

    Hey Laura, If you have any makeup you would like to get rid of please let me know. I ,too, am semi-new at make up and a lot of products I'm lost at buying.... Thank Yall -Sabrina

  48. author

    Izzy WrightYear ago

    Laura you are so amazing, inspiring, ambitious, relatable, and strong. Keep doing you because I know MReporter helps you and has gotten you so far but I hope you realise you're doing so much for the people watching too, you help get me through the day and watching you be so perfect while having imperfections has helped me love myself even more.

  49. author

    Madi BeautyYear ago

    Laura, I just wanted to thank you for the inspirational messages you posted in your lasted GRWM. I've wanted to go into a musical theatre career for a very long time and just when I thought people were excited that I had found my passion, they told me I would never make it anywhere. I have gotten so much negative crap about my dream and have continued to search for a reason to continue to believe in that dream. You gave me reasons and I thank you so very much for that. Love you :)

  50. author

    Kayleigh BrownYear ago

    Hey i intered they instagram giveaway i I just wanted you that kayy.love51_ is my daughter so this is the account that she subscribed to you with

  51. author

    Nathalie123Year ago

    Hey Laura! Have u ever tried bareMinerals products? I would love to see a Video where u try their products and let us know your thoughts! Thank you for making not just intresting and honest Reviews but also funny ! ;) greetings from sweden! :)

  52. author

    alyssa castilloYear ago

    Laura you don't have to explain yourself to ANYONE! Let those drama channels talk while you make your pretty coins! $$ love you by the way, I feel like you're a close friend <3

  53. author

    Andrea ThomasYear ago

    Laura, I am a teacher and I really wanted to thank you for giving a shout out to your former math teacher in your high school makeup video. That was cool and you are right bc school is not all of everything in the entire world. Seeing how talented you are in art, why not make costume/ theatrical makeup videos? I teach Spanish and dress up for Day of the Dead, for example. I love getting new makeup/ costume ideas from youtube and would love to see what you create in that genre. IDK just an idea, love your channel and wish you much more success.

  54. author

    Nicole AyoubYear ago

    Hey Laura, could you possibly do a video reviewing the Sephora collection???

  55. author

    Rachel EichmanYear ago

    Laura lee u are amazing! love you channel!

  56. author

    the_lifeof_ashYear ago

    Hey Laura. Do you think the icon twilight palette would be any good? I have not seen you do any tutorials using absolute New York. I absolutely love watching you channel.

  57. author

    MaryYear ago

    Watching your channel after work is like popping xanax which I'm not prescribed and can't afford. Glad I just subscribed and have so much catching up to do.

  58. author

    Brittany RippyYear ago

    I love your channel! I literally feel like your friend! Thanks for making me part of the gang. <3

  59. author

    Maizie FothYear ago

    Hi Laura! I'm trying to find a good banner for my channel, how did you do yours?

  60. author

    Sarah OlivasYear ago

    laura lee what is a good under eye cream day and night (anti-aging and moisturizing throughout the day)? Also after a couple of hours wearing my face my under eyes get very dry and the wrinkles start showing, what can i use to moisturize my skin without ruining my makeup? Thanks girl would really appreciate it.

  61. author

    Reem NawazYear ago

    Laura will you please review the new Laura Geller Highlighter Diamond dust Please?

  62. author

    IttttssssFatimmmaaaaYear ago

    Just wanted to stop In and say I love you loads Laura!!! Thank you for your positive spirit and all the amazing videos that brighten my day!!!

  63. author

    beanzzy_ dltYear ago

    love yah girl sad i dont live in LA anymore but if your ever in Phoenix id love to meet you :)

  64. author

    Gabriela GuessYear ago

    Can you please make a video about brushes??? maybe like your top 5 must haves?

  65. author

    jennifer sandersonYear ago

    Laura, what about doing an "ALL KIDS MAKE-UP" make-up review??

  66. author

    Veronica Koh EischeidYear ago

    Who did the calligraphy in your logo on your banner? I love it!

  67. author

    Adele WYear ago

    Laura, Thank you for your tutorial for oily skin. I really like the idea of putting less make up on as I get really oily. I have only started watching tutorials and your the first person I subscribed to. Thanks again for the tips :)

  68. author

    meriYear ago

    #nomakeup #truebeauty Don't use make up. with every use, rinse, and all the products to wash off everyday pollute land and ocean impacting our healths as we depend on the quality of environment. #EveryActionsAddUp #NowandFuture also people who use a lot of makeup and cosmetics are 90% less caring towards other people and more concern with self image than those who do not use makeup. #selfishreality #self #paintedface #oceanrecover #earthismorethanimage #beautyisnocosmetic

  69. author

    Captain OtakuYear ago

    you should do more bh cosmetics tutorials, they have so many good products and it sucks not seeing them being reviewed and used by youtubers!

  70. author

    OlivialightsYear ago

    Hey Laura! Can you start doing 1 brand tutorials that would be great!

  71. author

    Zulay Marie RiveraYear ago

    Laura, I wanna know your opinion on Becca Shimmering skin perfecto Pressed and Liquid. Do I use the liquid then finish with the pressed??? Or do I use just 1?? HELP!!!!

  72. author

    Stephanie DavenportYear ago

    One of the best lipsticks I have come across is NYX liquid suede in kitten heels

  73. author

    Brittany CaytonYear ago

    Laura do you have a 5 below store near year? I went in tonight and found soooooo much makeup. I think it would be a great video similar to the dollar store ones you have done in the past!!

  74. author

    JuneYear ago

    Hello Babes! I hope all is well.. Just wondering if you get acrylic on your nails or do you buy falsies and polish them after you apply them? I was watching your snap story one time and I couldn't tell if it was either or.

  75. author

    Vanessa ValdezYear ago


  76. author

    Mercedes SturdivantYear ago

    Hello congrats on your collab with mac. I love you MReporter videos!!! The lipstick color is beautiful. It's a great color that can be worn everyday!!! Keep up the good workπŸ’•

  77. author

    Tanya MezaYear ago

    do a makeup video on maybelline products and could you try to do a summer time pink smoky eye kind of look

  78. author

    Leanna VuonoYear ago

    idk if you have already done a video like this but could you do a video about really good drug store eye shadow palettes, i don't have money to buy high end palettes so I'm trying to find some! thanks laura!! love your videos<3

  79. author

    Rachel HillYear ago

    Hey Laura! I've just recently started your videos and have already learned so much!! Would you be able to do a video featuring products for more fair-skinned people? I'm a red head, super pale, lots of freckles and a few acne scars. I find it hard sometimes to find products that aren't too full coverage (so my freckles still show a bit) but still hide my acne scars and also provides some sun protection. Maybe it's an impossible feat but if you have some tips it would be much appreciated!!

  80. author

    Lisa AllenYear ago

    I got a notification about best/worst liquid lipsticks and now it's gone.....did it get deleted or is it me??

  81. author

    Nikolina K74Year ago

    How have I not known about you?!!!! I so love your channel and THANK YOU so much for being real! You are so beautiful and have such an amazing spirit! It is so nice to hear about all kinds of makeup and finding dupes. I love my high end products but girl there are times where I want to find great stuff that is cheap too and you have shown me a new world! Thank you so much being a mom of two I have to stretch my money and can't always buy my high-end stuff. That is like splurging now, so the fact that you test it and love it is awesome and reassuring! Keep it coming girl! FYI if your ever in NorCal let us know would love to meet you :).

  82. author

    Jimmy JadienessYear ago

    Love! Love! Love! your channel. New video ideas, Make-up for people with acne issues ( I know you don't have any but I do lol) and best brushes for the whole face (foundation, contour, highlight, eyeshadow etc)

  83. author

    Brennen BushnellYear ago

    Hey, girl! Have you ever tried Lipsense liquid lipstick? I've been hearing more and more about it and would love to get your thoughts after trying it out. I think you would have a really honest opinion and with your knowledge of cosmetics could do a very good comparison.

  84. author

    Lara ContrerasYear ago

    Laura, I love your channel! It has given me so much confidence in branching out with makeup! But if possible I think a video on facial products and routines for different skin types would be really beneficial! Thanks for all you do (:

  85. author

    Elisa StrobelYear ago

    You are so beautiful and have a wonderful spirit. I enjoy learning about makeup products from you :)

  86. author

    Cheyenne PYear ago

    I was just wondering what your ethnicity is, out of curiosity. You're so pretty!

  87. author

    Aurora DavisYear ago

    Please collab with Sylvia Gani again, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. author

    Darby McIntyreYear ago

    hey laura! i saw that you were doing giveaway with the new unicorn products from tarte. i was wondering how you choose your winner and how you get ahold of them. thanks, xoxo

  89. author

    jamie shearerYear ago

    Can you do a tutorial using the too faced chocolate bar pallettes. I want to buy one but I can't decide which one to get.

  90. author

    Jacqueline AndreiYear ago

    Hey Laura, I'm a 20 y/o girl from Austria and absolutely love your channel and the videos you are making! <3 I am thinking of starting a youtube channel as well and I have already watched your youtube video with your honest suggestion on how to start with youtube. So I just wanted to ask you if you could do a video about your vlog equipment? <3 I would love to see what camera and stuff you are using and what you are recommending to beginners. I really love the quality of your videos <3 Lots of love Jacky

  91. author

    JennBunnyYear ago

    Laura, I've Binged watching all of your snapchats and youtube videos this weekend! lol! Thank you for all the Honest Advice about starting a Channel on MReporter. Also, your reaction to your first video on MReporter brought me to tears! I am currently working at a Medical Office and graduated from a CSU AND I'M 24! I told myself 2017 is my year to give MReporter a try! Don't stop making videos because you've inspired me so much, Thank you! XOXO JennBunny

  92. author

    Somaya TasnimYear ago


  93. author

    Jackie FlynnYear ago

    Hey!! LAURA !! You should try out the app called wish! They have lots of makeup that's only a couple of bucks. Lots of hits but some misses

  94. author

    April ParishYear ago

    ok so last week I got on the violetvoss website and they had your palette still for sale on their I got one and I got it today but I'm wondering cause you said that it has ran out and it wont be for sale any longer that that's it this true

  95. author


    Ti Amo.

  96. author

    4TheLoveOfLashesYear ago

    You are my favorite youtuber! Love your sense of humor and how you are so down to earth!

  97. author

    Inorn SitanonYear ago

    Hey Laura! i would love to see you reviews your best/worse contour palette and stick! love your channel and thank for inspiring me to get into makeup!

  98. author

    Addison HenniganYear ago

    Have you ever used the hard candy banana baking powder? Would you test it if not?