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    July Myers2 hours ago

    The fact that Bill is gay and the only one of these boomers who has benefited from our generation’s values, and he’s the only one who’s open-minded, shows how privileged the other two are. They think we “don’t know” our values and are entitled because they come from a position of privilege where the things we need don’t benefit them.

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    Joy Lee2 hours ago

    💕I strive to have a relationship like this one day💕

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    Summer Fatima2 hours ago

    How they both mentioned target is kinda cute 😭

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    C.J. Rhodes2 hours ago

    I couldnt believe that mega nerd lol!

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    Edgar Agapay2 hours ago

    honestly NOLA knew her stuff the whole time.

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    CodyOsteen52 hours ago

    These flat earth people are so ignorant.

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    Djentzneau2 hours ago


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    Zbot2 hours ago

    Tf did I just watch?

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    Taylor Buck2 hours ago

    Okay I don’t like Derrick, but the other men had real points. Like on the locker room talk, I know women make jokes and talk about men’s bodies too. And when one of the women tries to say that she can dismiss the mans request for information and then furthermore just say that she shouldn’t have to back up her own talking points. And the one lady on the dress, she was pulling up emotional experiences. That’s not an argument because it’s an individual that you dealt with, not all of men. In fact most men would be furious with those that were harassing you. Overall I think it was a halfway decent conversation.

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    Zane Wall2 hours ago

    That girl is the type of vegan that makes people think vegans are shitheads.

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    J&H2 hours ago

    No such thing as a good cop when they all work for a system that protects criminal cops... Undebunkable

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    WiseOldBill2 hours ago

    Its setup like these are opposite factions but really what you should have is Veterans and Peace activists againsts pro war politicians

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    luuuke_exe2 hours ago

    TRUMP 2020 BABY

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    spoooky2 hours ago

    11:00 you heard it right here

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    lord Cancer2 hours ago

    you guys should do a episode with former kkk and African Americans

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    Rohan Nagi2 hours ago

    Should have been the black girl on doctor Phil who thought she was white.

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    Дайнис Борданс2 hours ago

    theyre all wrong. earth is a cube

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    Victor Aguilar2 hours ago

    Can’t believe the guy is marrying someone who cheated on him

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    Mikas Kristensen2 hours ago

    Why does Zach remind me of Elon Musk? Haha

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    Loi Ngo2 hours ago

    Dammit... Ok. I'm a flat Earther again.

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    michaela 132 hours ago

    the girl in the yellow is pissing me off, like just say u hate the gays and be done with it

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    _Back_Rolls_?! _2 hours ago

    Chantelle is an example of a big, beautiful girl. She is really pretty and confident, I like her

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    Matthew Thompson2 hours ago

    I'm Gen X, so I'm in the middle of these groups. My perspective is that Baby Boomers, who are inherently American, elected politicians that they knew would cut taxes and defund programs. You had decades to see the effects that those decisions had. You still keep voting for the same politicians. Many of you did and still contribute to huge problems. Some of you push for social justice, and I applaud you for that. But we're not where we are because the majority of you made good decisions, even when you had easy access to data showing you better options.

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    Daniel G2 hours ago

    I hate to state the guy who is a flat earther in the blue shirt is not seeing the curvature of the Earth from the ground while looking toward a mountain range. Go skydiving, go for a flight in a plane and look out of the window. There is a curve from a distance.

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    TheBestMovieAlive2 hours ago

    What's the point of having a ton of money if you have nobody to share it with?

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    Morgan Raymond2 hours ago

    i think this just shows how some white people grew up learning about the history of race/america while others didn't

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    Snike2 hours ago

    How did you guys get AOC on this episode?😂😂😂

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    isa novo2 hours ago

    Keith at 3:25 sounds so much like anthony jeselnik and it took me like 10 minutes to rack my brain to try and figure it out

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    Armenian Masioun32142 hours ago

    Fuck socialism! -making people poor since 1917

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    Idk Me2 hours ago

    Haven’t they used this guy before?

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    o0ericj0o2 hours ago

    why are ppl still arguing about this? go to space and f off and learn what shape the earth really is instead . fact is everything sofar says earth is not flat so if pl think it is flat than get fking proof or stfu.

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    Jason R2 hours ago

    "I know you came with your little research or whatever..." Lol wow

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    Scarlet Kiene2 hours ago


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    TheBestMovieAlive2 hours ago

    That republican male saying "learn to code" to people who lose their job to automation is the part of the problem. He wants people to have to go back to school to learn a new skill to get another job that wasn't taken away by automation , but he doesn't want to help them pay for it.

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    l4ur3n2 hours ago

    lowkey thought brandon was chris pratt

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    Hearth2 hours ago

    Do racial nationalists VS “gender is a social construction” people

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    Vance Maeshiro2 hours ago

    16:27 - ah, yes. “You can’t see Chicago from New York because of the Atmosphere.” This is because the atmosphere is being polluted by the weed you’re on.

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    Pinches Panochas2 hours ago

    *1:13** I Know For A Fact She Ain't From East LA, Or Ever Truly Been There.*

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    Amy Louwho2 hours ago

    My brother and I laugh at all the times we got spanked. We deserved it because we did things we absolutely knew we weren't supposed to do at an age to know better. Those spankings were few and far between because only certain things were spankable offenses and never done in anger. Neither of us are violent and my brother has only had to spank his kids a couple times too. However, I do believe some kids are "smarter" than others and spanking is not needed, my brother and I were bot those kids. Each parent has to decide for themselves for each child what is adequate punishment.

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    Ilina Velkova2 hours ago

    Thank you!

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    Jose Bermudez2 hours ago

    The first guy looks like agent Holden Ford from Mindhunter

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    HydromaniacCat2 hours ago

    I feel like I'm watching identity politics where vegans think they're a marginalized group and someone can't be a vegan unless they share their values as if they all think the same thing for the same reasons... poor Brandon with his halfassed attempt as being a vegan :(

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    mary smith2 hours ago

    im sorry what?

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    King Krayt2 hours ago

    So Candace is a pedophile?

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    Memeneal Scott2 hours ago

    Are they even GenZ they look like millennials

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    Mitchellthe senpai2 hours ago

    She was so annoying dont @ me 💀🙄

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    Amy Lin2 hours ago

    almost if these people are like the least woke i’ve ever seen lol. when you take on that mentality that you’re “woke” it kinda blindsides you

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    Jelena Alison2 hours ago

    i ADORE taylor idk why do some people hate her

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    Aaron Ramirez2 hours ago

    Nobody: Comment section: I felt that.

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    Jelena Alison2 hours ago

    i cant lie i like meat and i can’t eat something without meat not everything but most things also most of my food is not vegan and i hate vegetables so if i become vegan i’ll die

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    One Eyed King2 hours ago

    That blonde is insane...Like, her eyes scream it and her opinions confirm it.

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    Brenda Az2 hours ago

    The first girl who agreed that “okay boomer” is ageist is a clown. 😂 Her explanation made it seem like she was kissing ass. You clearly agreed to make yourself look good. What a boomer. 🥱

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    Ur mem2 hours ago

    If the guy that had stabbed him had been carrying a gun then he would be dead luckily it was only a knife

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    Jacqueline Lundell2 hours ago

    awww we love you guys i’m sorry abt the bad comments

  55. author

    One Eyed King2 hours ago

    Jesus christ...why even give these idiots a platform?

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    Mariana Rabelo2 hours ago

    Meu Deus eu tomei um susto quando o cara começou a falar em português kkkkk fiquei confusa

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    John Bower2 hours ago

    I don't trust scientists; however I DO trust my own eyes; and the evidence I see with them. And all I see tells me the Earth is a globe. Not flat.

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    Naomi Darling2 hours ago

    The girl in the flannel seems like she just says yeah ok to everything

  59. author

    Kyle Hampton2 hours ago

    I fast forwarded in the video and I was expecting a giant fist fight but there was just yelling....!

  60. author

    Alexandria Hayse2 hours ago

    Damn they cute.

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    Isaiah’s Bias2 hours ago

    I immediately knew all the vegans as soon as I saw them lmaooo

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    michaela 132 hours ago

    mike; wanting equal opportunity for all ≠ a communist thought process. ur over reacting bc u want a classist society

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    Kyrill Guba2 hours ago

    Everyone in this video is a g Probably the most competent group of people on a middle ground video I've seen so far Respect

  64. author

    Alejandra2 hours ago

    Spanish subtitles were so funny, I'm lol!

  65. author

    Sushii Wølfie2 hours ago

    I bet ik who it is lmao

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    Helli We2 hours ago

    Richard we don't have fruits and vegetables everywhere. Also if there is a crisis and people are starving. Yes please eat meat instead of dying. And I say this as a vegetarian. And also Richard nit sitting with your family because of your diet is not good in my opinion. My entire family is not vegetarian and I don't force it on them. If I don't have to eat meat it's fine but it's the others want to eat meat... Do it... your decision. And I also no only because you are vegan doesn't mean that you are a better person. The fact how ignorant richard is shows it.

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    Glamorous Taee2 hours ago

    “There isn’t supposed to be a boy.” Meanwhile, she’s doing everything she can to physically emulate a boy.🤦🏼‍♀️

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    HystericalTV GaMeS2 hours ago

    (Say in funny voice) Hail Satan

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    Updated8SecondsAgo2 hours ago

    Dam boomers are real pussies 😂 Don’t see Gex X, Millennials and Gen Z crying over being called a simple name 😂🤣 dam old people grow up your clocks are ticking ⏰

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    Sakareeh2 hours ago

    My guy bestfriend I’ve known since 4th grade chose his girlfriend over me :’)

  71. author

    Jacob Wilkerson2 hours ago

    Those flat earthers creepy smile though... the entire time... wtf... cause your not crazy 🤭😳🙄

  72. author

    johan jimenez2 hours ago

    You can tell a feminist is misinformed when they bring up the wage gap and having no understanding what it is.

  73. author

    Kate Gibson2 hours ago

    Happened to come across this... it’s interesting since I am of both worlds. I am a Catholic and a PhD student in chemistry. One of the priests at my church is also a PhD in chemistry. The other priest understands science beyond the average person. We astound people when the priest and I are chatting healthily and people ask “how can a priest and scientist be agreeing?” It’s a beautiful thing.

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    Lan Yuan2 hours ago

    Alot of cops are cool. Infact, when a cop came to my house to inspect it for guns, he saw my xbox and was like, "hella man, this thing is at my house too. Your room looks cleaner than my house, even."

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    Hardcore Herbivore2 hours ago

    Trigger Warning! LOL good job ladies.

  76. author

    BigChungus2 hours ago

    Elizabeth: *OK let’s act cringy to blend in*

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    Ethan Day2 hours ago

    I wish there was more of a variety of immigrants in the video, just for another perspective, maybe a Scandinavian some one from Oceania maybe just a wider view of it

  78. author

    Swayvy YT2 hours ago

    The 1 cent went to charity

  79. author

    xSerpent2 hours ago

    Those Thigs Tho

  80. author

    Nermin2 hours ago

    Derrick is such an incel, being around women made him anxious.

  81. author

    Vaako ExtraV2 hours ago

    i dont see why there is a need wall between them?

  82. author

    Shibal Seki2 hours ago

    scumbags acting like they victims lol "it was a defense mechanism"

  83. author

    One Eyed King2 hours ago

    Tim wants a utopia, but isn't willing to admit to personal responsibility. Good luck with that tim.

  84. author

    shyfoxer2 hours ago

    What's the name of that song in the background? So peaceful

  85. author

    B B2 hours ago

    Man Muslim chick just got problems

  86. author

    johan jimenez2 hours ago

    I believe most men have the "incel mindset" they just try to ingore it, because of society. However if they have had bad experience then it shows.

  87. author

    // youniverse2 hours ago

    8:47 “you’re gonna have to tell me everything that happened” maybe if you didn’t interrupt him it would’ve happened sooner

  88. author

    Honesti Reaves2 hours ago

    JASON is the cutest as a baby

  89. author

    Sumedha Halder2 hours ago

    MReporter you don't recommend contents like this for someone like me who will die single. That's rude.

  90. author

    Razz Barry2 hours ago

    Poor Saul :(

  91. author

    SuitedSS3 hours ago

    4:30 i hate people like this, she is black that is her race but she uses it as its her personality that's all she thinks she is, is black shes not a student shes not a daughter or mother shes just black because thats the only thing she cares about.

  92. author

    Micah Gambill3 hours ago

    I like how he asks why would they go to these great lengths for a fraud? Look up heliocentrism and do I little digging..

  93. author

    Ali Kısagün3 hours ago

    How much did they make??

  94. author

    Tusk Act 13 hours ago

    the Bible: it literally says that the creation of the world shown there is not a fact, it is only to help us understand Flat earth guys: tAKe bIbLe literaLlY

  95. author

    Pink Perfume Fairy3 hours ago

    White: I'm better than you! Black: No I am! Amateurs. Both:Who said that?!? Mixed: AMATEURS!! (Not trying to be Racist I'm saying that both are good.)

  96. author

    Karina Hdz3 hours ago

    I’m sorry but I will cry the day the Try Guys aren’t just these four amazing guys🥺💛

  97. author

    Jackson Brown3 hours ago

    I want this guy to be my second dad, why couldn’t he have been my dad

  98. author

    Blaine Wilson3 hours ago

    Great questions and great answers. Wonderful video.

  99. author

    Charles Ulmer3 hours ago

    Joy, Growth, Respect, Christ!! Communication. Congrats!

  100. author

    Street King3 hours ago

    Really? This cop speaks about the alleged”Law”! When none of them are qualified to make a legal determination on their own period. No one one that panel asked him REAL questions about non violent/ victimless crimes. I really wish that I could have been on this panel. I would have unmasked him with simple questions to show you who he really is and works for. He got off easy with a lot of soft ball questions.