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Binging with Babish is the realization of a young(ish) man's dream to combine his love of film and cooking, and to have some fun in the process. Join us each week as we recreate the foods you've always wanted to try in movies and television - and if you're not careful, you just might learn a thing or two.
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  1. author

    WolfClaw6 hours ago

    *this is a tasty burger!*

  2. author

    Ponuru6 hours ago

    Cormeal in waffles is some real Yankee shit.

  3. author

    Tiffany Cornette6 hours ago

    BRB, gotta change my panties.

  4. author

    lolCabby6 hours ago


  5. author

    lolCabby6 hours ago


  6. author

    HomegrownTyrone6 hours ago

    This was so sexual. I need a smoke

  7. author

    DatGuy Miller6 hours ago


  8. author

    SCP Foundation6 hours ago

    Dont worry, i remember to tootsie roll ad

  9. author

    Y1 plus6 hours ago

    I Like it! I want To be Friends

  10. author

    Roshan Singh6 hours ago

    Is it just me or your hands shiver alot?

  11. author

    Dark Kermit6 hours ago

    Guess they ran out of llama

  12. author

    a simple man6 hours ago

    Freshly squeezed Baby Yoda, now available for Whole Foods.

  13. author

    참새너구리6 hours ago


  14. author

    Hyper RPG6 hours ago

    Babish incorporated too many onions into this recipe.

  15. author

    I need a house6 hours ago

    Joshua looks like a nerd with a nice CAKE

  16. author

    Mr Music6 hours ago

    Incredible bro

  17. author

    drhossawy6 hours ago

    Was it easier to just order domino’s?!!

  18. author

    YELLOW SMOKE6 hours ago

    Hey Vsauce michael her

  19. author

    black guy6 hours ago

    Don't look up lemon party😳

  20. author

    Monica G. K. Tambajong6 hours ago

    As a follow up to this, maybe you can make Team Rocket's triangular donuts/malasadas from Pokemon Sun and Moon?

  21. author

    B. Son6 hours ago

    Hey Mr. Owl.

  22. author

    High at dusk6 hours ago

    Soup nazi

  23. author

    Rex6 hours ago

    I'd take inspiration from cinnamon rolls. Might even use the same type of dough on the inside with regular dough on the outside for firmness. This way you could get the ideal size, control the shape, and it would look nice when sliced in half.

  24. author

    Mr Music6 hours ago

    Love that bone rack idea!!

  25. author

    LlamaPower LP6 hours ago

    *sad blue Sega hedgehog noises*

  26. author

    Eduardo Delgadillo6 hours ago

    Hi i want to work out too

  27. author

    Deutoo47846 hours ago

    I didnt lose my grandfather to cancer but he did die of a heart attack. This video was a heart punch as it instantly made me think how i didnt hug him hard enough a week before he went in and died. I am happy however at least someone is happy in the world with their life

  28. author

    The Bus0016 hours ago

    This is the type of tension you feel when you have to be nice to another dude.

  29. author

    zh2ii - حاتم6 hours ago

    Poor dough i feel sorry for her she gots Sexually harassment 💀💀

  30. author

    BoomBastic Bag Man6 hours ago

    Hey Babish,While playing apex today I unlocked a loading screen with the laviathan stew recipe.If you ever make it I hope to see what your substitution for laviathan meat is!

  31. author

    {•Vanilla Ice-creám•}6 hours ago

    so you're telling me filipino people make ube roles and i was never aware? my filipino mum better know how to make it otherwise i will order a new filipino mother to make one for me.

  32. author

    Hero Game6 hours ago

    *bubble bass like that*

  33. author

    Peasant7 hours ago

    Cumshots and burger batter with Babish.

  34. author

    King Astro7 hours ago


  35. author

    Glossyx Tae7 hours ago

    “You can’t sue me”

  36. author

    Britt-Marie7 hours ago

    How long until there is fanfiction about this bromantic sexual tension?

  37. author

    Sascha Raine7 hours ago

    I love how this video showed more of Babish's sense of humour haha

  38. author

    belinda head7 hours ago

    The chicken dose look pale but we will make that up by cooling it

  39. author

    Mr. Popo7 hours ago

    You should do Rusty's rib-eye next

  40. author

    Kojinshi7 hours ago

    Weirdly a lot of sexual tension...

  41. author

    James Meneses7 hours ago

    This made my day.

  42. author

    SSBV2 ball7 hours ago

    Just add sea water

  43. author

    DagKyCo 8157 hours ago

    Jeezus!! 1,000 dislikes?! Why?

  44. author

    Furret Congregation7 hours ago

    Babish's camera angle is like the 12 year old whose ipod just wasnt able to balance at a good angle to their face without slipping off the book, so he just stood it straight up and called it good enough. And I love it

  45. author

    Ahmad Khalid Durrani7 hours ago

    627 Nazis disliked this video...

  46. author

    sophia doesn't get it7 hours ago

    still can't believe you chose Seinfeld over Parks and Recreation

  47. author

    Tony Phan7 hours ago

    Great movie but the noodles were okay

  48. author

    Peter Peterson7 hours ago

    Why do you use so much plastic wrap instead of a kitchen towel? That's how my mom does it.

  49. author

    LaTory507 hours ago

    In my eyes, if you're not using your hands to mix the dough, you doing it wrong. Pls take this comment in a lighthearted way.

  50. author

    Lucarizard Y7 hours ago

    Ngl the people making the part 3 jokes make me cringe

  51. author

    Constant Chaos7 hours ago

    But parmesan sucks ass

  52. author

    SqueezleMcCheezle7 hours ago

    babish the only dude to make smoking look cool

  53. author

    Jacob Halifax7 hours ago

    RIP Carrot. It didn't even make the clean plate club ✊😢

  54. author

    ASFD12347 hours ago

    No! We dont mix Jjajangmen and Jjambong. Just the instant noodles.

  55. author

    Mohsen Homaid7 hours ago

    Not one non-white person ever laughed at that please prove me wrong

  56. author

    luki nuryadin7 hours ago

    My imagination gone wild...

  57. author

    Wong Vern Jet7 hours ago

    But...but...but... they don't have beef under the sea??? or was that the real Krabby Patty formula 😱

  58. author

    Watchdog 90007 hours ago

    Josh has such a baby face

  59. author

    alexnobody17 hours ago

    I believe this is the first instance of "I feel like I'm saying X too much."

  60. author

    ultragalx17 hours ago

    The salty ingredient is semen ;)

  61. author

    -Frosty Fire-7 hours ago

    Please trust binging with babish for the rest of your life

  62. author

    antonio7 hours ago

    3 years later and you gained 5 million more followers

  63. author

    Your future boyfriends7 hours ago

    This better make me poop a diamond

  64. author

    CJ Thee Juic37 hours ago

    I dont know one person who watches regular show but its like half of everything you make.

  65. author

    BluArsenic7 hours ago


  66. author

    Sarah Engels7 hours ago

    You eat like a pidgeon

  67. author

    RyanRed197 hours ago

    How about the "99 cheese pizza" from the 2014 verison of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

  68. author

    boomin sniper7 hours ago


  69. author

    Dustin Ngo7 hours ago

    I have never heard someone refer to Sriracha as "cock sauce", but hey at least it isn't white

  70. author

    Sarah Engels7 hours ago

    This is totally not authentic. And I would know because I'm Korean.

  71. author

    SoLongSidekick7 hours ago

    4:35 did you realize at this point that saying "pan" like you did earlier is about the douchiest thing you can do in a kitchen?

  72. author

    DISNI8 hours ago

    You should do floor spaghetti from American dad

  73. author

    styleshawty8 hours ago

    Nect video please: Binging with Babish reads thirst tweets

  74. author

    I/O8 hours ago

    But you wanna know, what else is crunchy, soft and chewy? B-roll

  75. author

    Nitrouskick8 hours ago


  76. author

    F4B8 hours ago

    Do a video on the diner kabob from jojos bizzare adventure, or any other foods from that show!

  77. author

    Jen C8 hours ago

    I’ve never been so attracted to arms before........

  78. author

    SnottyToe698 hours ago

    to take it a step further, let General Tso himself cook it for you.

  79. author

    Guess Who8 hours ago

    Dear lord....I love bone marrow. Its weird that out of the whole video, that's what i focus on.

  80. author

    The Shady Boi8 hours ago

    Ny pizza is it’s own beast same with Chicago why compare them and not just enjoy all of the styles of pizza

  81. author

    unknown incognito8 hours ago

    someone: *makes a jojo reference Jojo community: *that was a mistake*

  82. author

    Austin Hammonds8 hours ago

    Holy fuck I love this man and everything he does.

  83. author

    Cynthia Hulscher8 hours ago

    I need to know where to get a scoring knife like that!!! I think I found it. Etsy: HartvedtHandverk, The Surfer - Bread Scoring Lame. Beautiful

  84. author

    Gabriel Malkira8 hours ago

    Wow fantastic

  85. author

    Blue Snake1718 hours ago

    You got to be a mad man to leave such delicious dishes and dessert as room service.

  86. author

    Yin Yang Domain8 hours ago

    A great way to top my bannettons has been to use Covermate Stretch to Fit covers. They are breathable and oversized so you can teepee them for space.

  87. author

    Simon Hernandez8 hours ago

    Omg that looks delicious

  88. author

    Major BOLT8 hours ago


  89. author

    Syrus8 hours ago

    Ur mic was so bad then

  90. author

    Julian Jamil8 hours ago

    am i the only one who noticed andrew smoking?

  91. author

    Vanessa Borgia8 hours ago

    Try making the original tamales please!!!

  92. author

    Nathan Trujillo8 hours ago

    Yeah idk. Way too much time, effort, and technique for just one item.

  93. author

    LADYFINGERS8 hours ago

    Daaaayymmn our daddy flexxing the blang blang. Gold rollie and a fruit watch. And yes there is wifi in the cupboard. He looks after us.

  94. author

    Nathan Trujillo8 hours ago

    This show tries a little too hard to be funny with the banter sometimes but atleast the content is good.

  95. author

    Fun Gamer Moments8 hours ago

    Much awaited collab!

  96. author

    Asher Morris8 hours ago

    Hey I'm getting out of my shitty batchelor pad into a 2 bedroom place in a few days... and its cat food not dog food...

  97. author

    shagroids mcfloomin'8 hours ago

    Yes... now make steamed hams.

  98. author

    soranoaji8 hours ago

    What if i dont have a pressure cooker?

  99. author

    Bob barker8 hours ago

    50first dates spam and eggs or the waffle house and volcano

  100. author

    Just passing by8 hours ago

    I'm sorry to tell you but there is no good versrion