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  1. author

    Chris Holt4 hours ago

    BFR bands have shown zero evidence of increasing strength, size, or performance

  2. author

    Galva Tron4 hours ago

    Wanna knkw why we hate Cena? He made hhh and sean michaels both tap in back to back wrestle mania's , WTF? Who's great idea was that?

  3. author

    Sanen Aier4 hours ago

    WTF 😂 Can't believe Cena walked out to Marilyn Manson

  4. author

    Axel González4 hours ago

    They have to put over the NXT TAG TEAM DIVISION... AGAIN.

  5. author

    mohsen nj4 hours ago

    حیف وقت به خدا دوران اوج wweتموم شده و اسطوره ها بازنشسه شدن.اینا مسخره بازه

  6. author

    Rahul Jenny4 hours ago

    Honestly they don't look cute at all ....more like dumbest .... infact Did you know that Bobby is already married and has kids!!! Modern Marriage?

  7. author

    Chris Baybay4 hours ago

    She wanted him

  8. author

    Nefran m_enim SUMSEL4 hours ago

    My favorite john Cena's

  9. author

    Denis RuskiBear4 hours ago

    Nice to see The Donald choose uMaga.

  10. author

    Luke Everson4 hours ago

    U can tell Cathy loved her job

  11. author

    Black Hound4 hours ago

    This video has most Likes than Dislikes

  12. author

    Vishal sonawale4 hours ago


  13. author

    BTS大好き4 hours ago

    ロンダが1番好き💓💓💓💓 自分のファンに対してめっちゃいい対応だし 最後の少しのぞいてニヤみたいな顔がめっちゃいい

  14. author

    Justyn Hendricks4 hours ago


  15. author

    Hano Hiwa4 hours ago

    Give a gold

  16. author

    Johnny Emerson4 hours ago

    I'm ' shocked' I didnt think Charlotte would accept

  17. author

    David Stephens4 hours ago

    Man I miss Cena.

  18. author

    ShRekNatIon OFFICIAL4 hours ago

    Wheres Dean Ambrose

  19. author

    Kamren Myers4 hours ago

    Who's here after Takeover: Portland

  20. author

    mohit pawar4 hours ago

    Cena Goldberg rock All legends in one video

  21. author

    Griffin Reviews4 hours ago


  22. author

    MKULTRA4 hours ago

    Gotta love WWE's ability to re-write history in their image...there's at least 7 other 4th generation wrestlers before Simone. Congrats to her nonetheless.

  23. author

    Markus Thomas4 hours ago


  24. author

    JustAnOtaku4 hours ago

    Randy Orton:So you have chosen,death

  25. author

    Callum Mafarlane4 hours ago

    Nxt tag champ. Well done. matt riddle should have a move called the bro kick

  26. author

    Luis Gustavo4 hours ago

    Goldberg es mejor de wwe

  27. author

    HJL JR4 hours ago

    R-Truth is better than most Hip Hop artists nowadays

  28. author

    Shubham4 hours ago

    Man the moment triple h lowblowed both Cena and the referee that was litt😂😂😂😂

  29. author

    Dquan IsSavage4 hours ago

    John Cena Is A Legend!!🙌🙌😎🐐🐐🐐

  30. author

    Anantha Padmanabhan4 hours ago

    People keep going on and on about attitude era but most of the matches in attitude era are barely watchable. But in ruthless aggression era had some of the great workers in wwe and matches were great.

  31. author

    Suraj sinha amit4 hours ago


  32. author

    Nə çəkirəm ?4 hours ago


  33. author

    Wesley C4 hours ago

    What a thief for Natalya.

  34. author

    Joluno234 hours ago

    I was right about every match except Cole and Ciampa

  35. author

    Offical VWF Network4 hours ago

    1.000th Comment

  36. author

    Vlog Kid4 hours ago

    He jumped in to a steal chain

  37. author

    Woken Pancake4 hours ago

    God I hate these Velcro belts. They ruin so many moments.

  38. author

    Dquan IsSavage4 hours ago

    Just Watched This Whole Thing Without Moving A Lick!!🙌🙌😎

  39. author

    R F4 hours ago


  40. author

    Soggibanana boi4 hours ago

    The guy is 10-3 at wrestlemania he truly is one of the best

  41. author

    عمر العريقي4 hours ago


  42. author

    Alexander Delarge Ss4 hours ago

    Dunne's face reminds me of the face that a girl I met when I talked to her friend put on. I do not know why?

  43. author

    grand theft auto san andreas4 hours ago

    john cena=like randy orton=comment

  44. author

    Armaan Raza4 hours ago

    Seth: I am the Man Becky: Hold my beer

  45. author

    Buzz Me Mulatto4 hours ago

    Tbh i didnt like cathy at first because she was too happy in her speeches but she really grew on me. I will miss her

  46. author

    Callum Mafarlane4 hours ago

    No one will survive Except Jonny gargano

  47. author

    Languérand Yacine4 hours ago

    Paul Ellering was better

  48. author

    Shocknation wrestling4 hours ago

    So Lesnar is 5-4 currently at wrestlemania

  49. author

    Jaxs112x4 hours ago

    Only one Title Left To Take The NXT Champion Adam Cole

  50. author

    balistic knight4 hours ago

    8 years ago and since then he hasn't won a championship.

  51. author

    milan naskar4 hours ago

    Fake police

  52. author

    Justyn Hendricks4 hours ago


  53. author

    Rajarshi Chakraborty4 hours ago

    The treatment Sami got is just disgraceful! If you know El generico you know he's one of the best they've got

  54. author

    Tushaar Gusain4 hours ago

    We came for 2:53

  55. author

    Tha Real Mccoy4 hours ago

    3:22 Flair looking like Paulie from the sopranos

  56. author

    Kick MeBitch4 hours ago

    She’s going to be overshadowed by her dads shadow just looking at how Vince manages the company.

  57. author

    Jamie Deen4 hours ago

    cena-kurt wm 36 confirmed

  58. author

    Justyn Hendricks4 hours ago


  59. author

    brie mode4 hours ago

    team bella

  60. author

    Negano4 hours ago

    I say John Cena, Edge and Orton defined this era...but John Cena was the one who gained more superstar status during the duration of this era.

  61. author

    Tony Mayberry4 hours ago

    Funny moments right there tho

  62. author

    Hey Man4 hours ago

    No one gonna talk about how hot lita is ??

  63. author

    Gabriel Camargo4 hours ago

    REINA Gonzalez

  64. author

    Justyn Hendricks4 hours ago


  65. author

    Bud Evans4 hours ago

    The Fiend Remembers ....and will come for Orton

  66. author

    Justyn Hendricks4 hours ago


  67. author

    Ляззат Лл4 hours ago

    она серёзно боксёрша или проста актриса🤦‍♀️😹

  68. author

    Wesley C4 hours ago

    Nikki got surprised Natalya.

  69. author

    audrey 0617394 hours ago

    All we need now is an lee, regular bray Wyatt and Wyatt family, the shield, and you basically have 2013-2015 wwe,

  70. author

    Rey Devil4 hours ago

    Hey can someone tell me why they are promoting the era of ruthless aggression

  71. author

    SemiAwesomeGil4 hours ago

    For he is limitless.

  72. author

    Sheena Roberts4 hours ago

    I Thought you were nice roman

  73. author

    Justyn Hendricks4 hours ago


  74. author

    Justyn Hendricks4 hours ago


  75. author

    Nikola Rittichová4 hours ago

    John Cena 💗💗💗

  76. author

    patreezzy4 hours ago

    they have dakota become a heel and shes still gonna be a #2, if this is how it is i hope dakota and tegan get on the same side eventually

  77. author

    singh Sekhkon4 hours ago

    Nobody : Wwe every year : john cena returns this week and would challenge the wwe champion for the title and lose the match and get injuried , would return next year again . Thanks for reading

  78. author

    Vernon Francis Gallagher4 hours ago

    Size of his hands 😱

  79. author

    Md Monju islam4 hours ago

    I love you john cena Bangladesh

  80. author

    R F4 hours ago


  81. author

    Cerebral Assasn4 hours ago

    These new superstars do not fit in this intro. Too crappy of characters

  82. author

    Gabriel Camargo4 hours ago

    2 years later...

  83. author

    doggo the coco4 hours ago

    Rey:ima end this guys while carer

  84. author

    Johan Stapelberg4 hours ago

    where are you going Cathy

  85. author

    twfchamp024 hours ago

    I don’t remember the broadcasts being in black and white.

  86. author

    alishehzadpaul4 hours ago

    That chokeslam was sick!!

  87. author

    perla kesserwani4 hours ago


  88. author

    DARK IZZO4 hours ago

    Is this the latest

  89. author

    Ryback TV4 hours ago