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Oppo Reno 10x ZOOM!Oppo Reno 10x ZOOM!

Oppo Reno 10x ZOOM!

10 months ago

  1. author

    Selvin MartinDay ago

    idk what samsung did with those mics but I couldn't wait for it to switch back to the samsung

  2. author

    Mintun VegetaDay ago

    The pictures were good

  3. author

    Ripple EffectDay ago

    what happened to 1080? why is everyone talking about 4k?

  4. author

    Dalton - My WorldDay ago

    Nice phone

  5. author

    Libin HentryDay ago

    Iphone mic sucks that background wind noice🥴

  6. author

    HamboDay ago

    that 8K 24fps looks super choppy. Idk if it's the final video's processing or just that it's bad. The iPhone looked a lot smoother at 4K 24fps

  7. author

    Shubh SayyedDay ago

    Xperia mark || Plzzz

  8. author

    Darrion SDay ago

    Yes Note 10+ vs S20 Ultra

  9. author

    Nyxquick MilkDay ago

    It’s not actually glass it’s plastic

  10. author

    Shubh SayyedDay ago

    Xperia mark || Plzzz

  11. author

    aasas2013Day ago

    is he shooting in Iphone with HDR ?

  12. author

    Vishnu DeepakDay ago

    Me with iphone

  13. author

    donotswallowDay ago

    I'm wondering if the sensor on the iPhone was dirty... the lens flare doesn't seem normal.

  14. author

    I'd k.Day ago

    bro do a camera test of s20 ultra vs note 10 plus

  15. author

    fgtrfdsw32 dDay ago

    For 1400 I thought the s20 would of destroyed the iphone but I guess not

  16. author

    reduxDay ago

    you can clearly tell Samsung are slipping with there quality no longer a hard decision on with phone obviously iphone .

  17. author

    vicky dodiyaDay ago

    Disappointed with Samsung this time. #s10plus user. Video is better in iPhone without any doubt. I hope Samsung will fix camera with software update just like s10 in startup days.

  18. author

    adavid9155Day ago

    Verdict: You don't need over $1000 to have a great smartphone. You don't need the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

  19. author

    HamboDay ago

    S20 line will take 10MP selfies on the widest setting. Since the standard is a crop it shoots at 6.5MP. Not amazing tbh

  20. author

    jordi4384Day ago

    Enjoyed the video supersaf and thank you for providing all the sample shots and video testing on each device I currently own a Note 10 Plus but I have to say that the camera pics and video are better on the iphone. Lately samsung cameras have been slacking example look at the ultra wide shots and video stabilization are blown out on certain day pics while the iphone handles it better.

  21. author

    dazthemanc85Day ago

    As much as I hate to admit it, the front cam looks way better on the iPhone

  22. author

    Jon TrimmerDay ago

    Great video Saf, really love the effort you put into these. Looking forward to getting my S20 Ultra on the 10th!

  23. author

    Irfan SheikhDay ago

    i think ur S20 ultra gonna mad 🙄 every where daylight shot win S20 ultra easily but 😑😑

  24. author

    Jesse GreenDay ago

    You lost me when you said that audio was the same 😂

  25. author

    LeroyrsDay ago

    iPhone wins for sure...

  26. author

    Praveen BhaskarDay ago

    Wherever Samsung Lost, it seemed marginal. But where it scored, it won hands down... With 5G Ultra brings more to the table as compared to Pro Max... Albeit at a little higher price... That's my initial thought...

  27. author

    Arijit RoyDay ago

    I like the contrasty image of s20 .. idk why :D

  28. author

    Mohsin HussainDay ago

    5:43 so annoying!

  29. author

    Sandy MñZDay ago

    I've rocked Samsung since the 5, I believe. I switched from the iPhone 5s And this is the 1st time I'm disappointed with the Galaxy and actually thinking of switching back to iPhone 🤦🏽‍♀️ ....idk, I'll wait it out and see what happens I guess. Ugh, so disappointed

  30. author

    Moutaz Abdel-KhalekDay ago

    Xiaomi mi 10 pro vs. S20 ULTRA

  31. author

    Oluwaseyi OdusanyaDay ago

    I think the problem with the dynamic range is because of the scene optimizer.. You should put it off

  32. author

    Johannes DavidsenDay ago

    iPhone it is but I'm Android user 😂

  33. author

    Daniel WabugeDay ago

    Samsung pretty bad. They've said a camera update is on the works after review handsets revealed dismal performance.

  34. author

    Abdul HadiDay ago

    Iphone is better

  35. author

    ᗪ卂ㄚ-乃尺乇卂ҜDay ago

    Biased review no way the I phone has better camera than the s20u

  36. author

    ANDRO GAMERDay ago

    Let's be honest guys, the iphone still has the best camera out there. I'm myself a Samsung user and admirer but damn apple really did something with this 11 pro. Maybe Samsung could make it better with updates but now iphone is the real MVP aside from that incredible zoom the s20 has. Other than that the image processing and video recording is miles better on the iphone.

  37. author

    豚ポップ人間の黙示録Day ago

    Both are equal in dynamic range, stabilization and 4k 60. The S20U kills it in the 8k video. I prefer majority of the shots on the S20U though the iphone sometimes has slightly better colors

  38. author

    CBR 1000RRDay ago

    I'm sorry but iPhone is the worst.. it's way to expensive for what you get when you can get better technology for cheaper and a nicer looking screen that's full screen or almost full it's only 60hz when you can get a better cheaper phone with 90hz to 120hz.

  39. author

    Sarxan IsmievDay ago

    I think S20 Ultra will do much better job after release date. Please make a new comparison after release.

  40. author

    Sergio CasinoDay ago

    I was pissed since i could not order a 512GB S20 Ultra and i refused to buy a 128GB device. After seeing this i am confident to skip the S20U and move on. What a dissapointment at that price. Even struggling to win in the camera department from a 6 month old Iphone (is a long time in tech world). Samsung has been slacking for a couple of years now.

  41. author

    Ant CDay ago

    Iphone takes it

  42. author

    zolbaboDay ago

    I wonder if the 6.3 back display can be used as your main phone just like the front side.

  43. author

    Ahmed SamhanDay ago

    But honestly you always support iPhone only😁😁

  44. author

    Radin MohammadiDay ago

    s20 ultra

  45. author

    Ryan ButcherDay ago

    downvote for "whassup guys"

  46. author

    bam bamDay ago

    I am a Samsung fan but I think, the Iphone's camera is unbeatable..

  47. author

    falak sherDay ago

    S20 nightmode is insane they really bumped it up this year.

  48. author

    Suleiman AlievDay ago

    iPhone behind as always 🤣

  49. author

    Abubakarsiddik MohammedDay ago

    What's the point of using 108mp sensor when it cannot take better shots than note 10 plus????

  50. author

    Tom G.Day ago

    Update incoming or not I was expecting a lot better out of the box from Samsung #notsold

  51. author

    Steven WhiteDay ago

    S20 ultra by any mean!

  52. author

    Amadou AamDay ago

    Zooming, Night Mode and Edge Detection Samsung Wins otherwise iPhone Wins in all others. Overall, iPhone Wins

  53. author

    Tushant ThokchomDay ago

    idk what to think of these tests on youtube the dynamic range of the s20 was much better compared to the 11pro max in another channel i watched the other day

  54. author

    Abdul Satthar KodaguDay ago

    0:03:00 iphone getting incline road and Samsung s20 getting declined road. How it possible 😅

  55. author

    Johnny MorrisDay ago

    Everytime you say the iPhone did better it's because there was so much detail caught by the Galaxy on your face

  56. author

    jamaica newsDay ago

    All you youtubers are iPhone fans so you wont tell the truth... about Samsung.. only person I really believe is lew...

  57. author

    Ben JensenDay ago

    I would so get the s20 ultra...but I've had 3 samsung phones in the past and they never last long you would be lucky to get two years out of a samsung, I might go to iphone this year since they last 6 years

  58. author

    Morffi ChannelDay ago

    2:00 😮💘

  59. author

    gladwin miguelDay ago

    Iphone software processing + colors and combine that with S20 ultra hardware. That would make for a perfect phone camera.!! Basically c'mon Samsung, you have the great hardware, just have to tune your software.!! Do it...!! Do it...!!

  60. author

    Johnny MorrisDay ago

    How can you say the iphone looks better on the selfi camera here 11:11 ? The galaxy looks way better. You look way better in the galaxy selfi.

  61. author

    Johnny MorrisDay ago

    The galaxy ultra looks better than the iPhone using the ultra wide camera

  62. author

    FZM StudioDay ago

    S20 Ultra appears to be lacking in comparison to the iPhone 11 Pro Max in video quality.

  63. author

    Painkiller RobinDay ago

    Note 10 + vs s20 ultra pleaseeee

  64. author

    Eldo EldonDay ago

    Would like to see S20 vs Iphone 11...

  65. author

    Dimo DimovDay ago

    Supersaf Apple fan? 🤔

  66. author

    David BergDay ago

    Another superb video, Saf! Your #SuperSafStyle camera comparisons are top notch! Would love to see a comparison between the Galaxy Note10+ and S20 Ultra! That would be amazing! 😉😊

  67. author

    AbdulhanaankhanDay ago

    You copy other youtubers Copy cat 😒

  68. author

    Robert LopesDay ago

    That super slow autofocus on the ultra isnrea)is really a problem for me... They won't be able to enhance it via updates...

  69. author

    Balaji SSDay ago

    Is the s20u running the latest update ?

  70. author

    buster colinDay ago

    Great comparison video!

  71. author

    gladwin miguelDay ago

    Samsung will surely be sending out multiple software updates within the first year of this phone.

  72. author

    Diogo GiggsDay ago

    17:50 Jacket: "how many zippers do you want?" Saf: "Yes"

  73. author

    therealmccoy2004Day ago

    Video=iPhone Pics=Galaxy

  74. author

    T16 DgtruckerDay ago

    The mic is better on the iphone

  75. author

    Shardul SubediDay ago

    Plz do note 10+ vs s20 ultra aswell

  76. author

    Clifton ParchmentDay ago

    ‘Sung is too gimmicky for my use. They getting desperate , thumbs down 👎🏻

  77. author

    JrDay ago

    I’m a Samsung fan but seriously they fucked up this year. Bring back our beautiful designs 😭

  78. author

    gladwin miguelDay ago

    Wow... Wind noise on the iPhone is really bad.

  79. author

    Rico ChapaneriDay ago

    Is that the Leicester Space Station?

  80. author

    simon vezDay ago

    definately helpful thanks

  81. author

    runkillorun 2Day ago

    I cringe every time these dumb asses complain about finger prints. All I hear is "Oh no! Finger prints! I'm too dumb to know what to do! I don't want this phone anymore! It's dirty! It a FINGER PRINT MAGNET!" Puts it back in its case.

  82. author

    Ashish JainDay ago

    Battery life?

  83. author

    Bilal JaadDay ago

    I just got mine today. Its an amazing device. Coming from galaxy s8 plus

  84. author

    EnageeDay ago

    A bit late to the party... Might as well skip this, grow some and do a battery test

  85. author

    Brandon CabreraDay ago

    Samsung isn’t that good, the only thing good (somewhat) is the megapixels which was smart what they did (but’s still needs work)

  86. author

    Andrea DanieliDay ago

    What is 7:1 about a screen?

  87. author

    Ken TembeDay ago

    Saf: Lets go ahead and run me: (Stands and starts running also) I cant disobey supersaf

  88. author

    Satyam ChoudharyDay ago

    I think iphone rear and Samsung front facing is good

  89. author

    Sondre LisøDay ago

    Think the Samsung S20 Ultra is best!

  90. author

    Don CardoDay ago

    iphone is the king og cameras but its not perfect

  91. author

    Dj PyromaniaDay ago

    I wish Samsung and Apple would work together on a camera. It would be unbeatable in the smartphone market

  92. author

    HamhamDay ago

    I know no one is gonna upvote this but the pictures you guys use for the video previews are just getting more and more stupid. It's not even original anymore, everyone does it. Try something else for a change.

  93. author

    tony okoroDay ago

    Sharpness, details, low light and zoom to the S20U. Dynamic range and colours to the iPhone. Also surprised by the drop in d range on S20U. Well I guess it's a completely new camera from Samsung. No dual pixel auto focus and weaker hdr processing from previous models. Should all improve with updates. If not for the differences in d range this would have been an easy win for the S20U. The drop in d range from Samsung allowed the iphone back in the contest but overall the S20U still takes it. Just has a lot more to offer and did so much better in lowlight which is also just as key as d range.

  94. author

    M SinghDay ago

    Saf putting leicester on the map!

  95. author

    wosiu uDay ago

    s20 easy win

  96. author

    Dr OzDay ago

    iPhone is still better than S20 ultra....quality matters not the megapixels.....Samsung always disappoints people.....

  97. author


    do a s20 ultra vs google pixel 4xl

  98. author

    JJDay ago

    Should've turned the scene optimization off if you wanted to make it "fair." Also, it would've made more sense to use the 108 mp camera in daylight shootings since that's the phone's biggest camera feature.. the 12mp binned camera was said to be more for night shots, I thought.

  99. author

    Sheikh tayeemDay ago

    This is the most biased iPhone comparison. From the video and images, you can clearly tell that s20 is sporting much higher pixels per screen and better image and video quality. iPhone upscale image to 4k and isn't even 4k native in the first place

  100. author

    aaaDay ago

    S20ultra very god!