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What would you do if you only had a year left to live? Would you squander the time you were given? Or would you make every second count?
Welcome to Unus Annus. In exactly 365 days this channel will be deleted along with all of the daily uploads accumulated since then. Nothing will be saved. Nothing will be reuploaded.
This is your one chance to join us at the onset of our adventure. To be there from the beginning. To make every second count. Subscribe now and relish what little time we have left or have the choice made for you as we disappear from existence forever. But remember... everything has an end. Even you.
Memento mori.
Unus annus.

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  1. author

    CaptinCrissPants Says hi6 hours ago

    Dude Bryans da mannn

  2. author

    Cytherea Savannah Gilbert Winchester6 hours ago

    I was late in knowing this was only gonna last a year so binge watching at february 2020 hahaha I'm too latee

  3. author

    Alexander Elderhorst6 hours ago

    Ethan and mark have seen each other naked so if Ethan says Mark has a big pp, you better believe it. Confirmed right there

  4. author

    originálny človek6 hours ago

    Bryan looks like that actor (ad Astra,Once upon a time in Hollywood)

  5. author

    spyder9766 hours ago

    Why am I so constantly reminded of Jenna Marbles's videos?! Making themselves taller, 5 minute BS crafts, makeup challenges...

  6. author

    Better Electrically6 hours ago

    Ethan made Nickelodeon slime

  7. author

    Hope McCormack6 hours ago

    Next: Amy teaches us the amazing art of making a urn for when our clock stops ticking.

  8. author

    Robert Jensen6 hours ago

    also IQ tests are quantifying how much knowledge you have and how capable you are of putting that knowledge to use. FRACTIONS are one such form of knowledge and they really arent that hard. some IQ tests just get mean.

  9. author

    Serenitykitten6 hours ago

    I kindof really want to see the finalized results, like up close against a white or black background.

  10. author

    kairuso6 hours ago

    i wanna save this video but i don’t think i’m allowed to

  11. author

    Leo Pittam6 hours ago

    Louse: *is singular of Lice* Ethan: FUCKIN PLURALS BRO

  12. author

    kimberly h6 hours ago

    idk why, but I was expecting Ethan to say “Heapass” at some point in this video lmao

  13. author

    Robert Jensen6 hours ago

    welp now we know why ethan is prone to jump into stuipd challenges headfirst at least. mark was trying to be an engineer at one point so hes obviously book smart.

  14. author

    Selina6 hours ago

    Marks slime literally looks like what happens when you put a bunch of corn starch in a bowl of milk!! The slower you run your hands through it, the more it lets you push through, but the faster you push on it, it becomes almost a solid! Makes sense... the first ingredient IS cornstarch haha

  15. author

    DonOpsrey6 hours ago

    Ethan is getting bullied and we aren't even down to 100 days.

  16. author

    Cas-The-Rat6 hours ago

    I love how chill bryan was and just went along with the vibes, its a nice change from the usual look of horror that we see on the professionals faces

  17. author

    Luluxion6 hours ago

    Does the gong says "wuhan"??

  18. author

    Kassen Fox6 hours ago

    "B To Blow" Anyone remember that?

  19. author

    Bruce Lee6 hours ago

    22:13 Ethans thoughts: He cares about me ^^ Marks thoughts: *Big Glass Mark*

  20. author

    Riant Demiurge6 hours ago

    and what temperature is that bad boi rockin'?! *aH dOnT tOuCh It*

  21. author

    trashpanda6 hours ago

    That man was so down to earth, he was getting so annoyed by mark lol

  22. author

    saxdczxc36 hours ago

    quit using double negatives you two.

  23. author

    Nico6 hours ago

    They should do some welding

  24. author

    vyladgem gacha6 hours ago

    When he was chanting Bloody Mary, i started choking on noodles

  25. author

    Zer0 Punisher6 hours ago

    Markiplier: makes videos with sex toys MReporter: meh I don't care Zer0 Punisher: swares MReporter: REEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

  26. author

    waffle man and jonny plaze6 hours ago

    100% mark

  27. author

    Khaliege David6 hours ago

    At the age of 8 i wanted a cookie so i asked my father and he told me do 50 push ups 100 jumping jacks 50 sit ups and run all the way tto the store and back i could not do push ups so i did 100 sit ups and 100 jumping jacks and still ran to the store and back my little brother did the same and this was all for a cookie still good job guys

  28. author

    Tralfazz746 hours ago


  29. author

    Damien Rodriguez6 hours ago

    Sitting here catching feeling from a song about cheese. WHY!!!

  30. author

    Evan Furber6 hours ago

    Mark that was so cute😂😂😂! But then again, Ik how that feels 😎

  31. author

    NoelCreamPie6 hours ago

    Mark is becoming ethan Ethan is becoming Mark Lol 😆

  32. author

    We Bleed Fire Performances6 hours ago

    Memento mori: totalbiscuit, he passed away from stomach cancer. I used to love to watch him and Jesse cox play terraria. I can even bring myself to go back and watch his old videos its too sad

  33. author

    Lumi Ghosts6 hours ago

    Mark: "I love sour things!!" Me: *brings out whole lemon to share* "oh fuck yeah! lets eat some lemons!"

  34. author

    Zer0 Punisher6 hours ago

    Why... just why... FOR FUCKS SAKE WHY IS THIS A FUCKING THING!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. author

    SentinalSlice6 hours ago

    Louse is the singular of lice. Sheesh! Get it right Etha-Mark.

  36. author

    Sabrina Sona6 hours ago

    Amazing! Leila, that's so great you collaborated with Mark and Ethan. Such a fun video and great to see how others write songs =)!

  37. author

    Rae ofLyte6 hours ago

    Don't worry Mark, I don't know the names of the Jonas Brothers either

  38. author

    Kill Me7 hours ago

    It always ends with mark killing Ethan .

  39. author

    Russell Gage7 hours ago

    No, fuck no

  40. author

    CREATIVEART1007 hours ago

    I can’t wait to see the fully finished versions of what they made closer up! I really wanna see how the paper weights turned out especially with the colors!

  41. author

    Midytheimp7 hours ago

    Mark has great taste in music. ^.^ Adagio for Strings is an amazing piece

  42. author

    Origami Girl7 hours ago

    Bro you sure have Sean teach you guys more about drums and playing them!!! Please do it!!!!!

  43. author

    Spencer Burkart7 hours ago

    Next they should learn to forge a blade.

  44. author

    Julieanna Wallinger7 hours ago

    Bryan is the most Californian dude I've ever seen, and I'm also Californian.

  45. author

    Lumi Ghosts7 hours ago

    Mark: *shaves beard* Everyone: "Omfg... 2012 Mark??? Is that you?"

  46. author

    Patrick Barnes7 hours ago

    Anyone else click the video thinking this was video game

  47. author

    Bri Nycole7 hours ago

    “ come on partner” had me DYING

  48. author

    MasterSord7 hours ago

    at my first track meet a couple of weeks ago i missed check in... i understand what youre going through mark

  49. author

    Bambllamaking127 hours ago

    First video I’ve ever seen Amy...

  50. author

    saxdczxc37 hours ago

    A Wessel.

  51. author

    Miles Lacki7 hours ago

    I do Cross Country for my school, so watching them get tired after like one minute on a bike was making me cringe so bad.

  52. author

    Caiden Merritt7 hours ago


  53. author

    Tricia Sunderland-drezek7 hours ago

    Really cool too see these experiences

  54. author

    Full-Metal-Girl7 hours ago

    2:15 Best safety glasses EVER! 5:42 LOL I love Bryan. His humor is perfect.

  55. author

    Sam Harder7 hours ago

    Bryan was so awkward I’m sorry but he was

  56. author

    Side Winder7 hours ago

    Louse is plural of lice? Must be opposite day.

  57. author

    UnorignalBlu7 hours ago

    Mad props for Bryan. The man was so ready to help these knuckleheads stay safe.

  58. author

    Shane your local gay Satyr7 hours ago

    Bryan is vibing so hard

  59. author

    SEBE7 hours ago


  60. author

    NayDay7 hours ago

    Bryan: I'm going to let you pick the color. Mark: Ok, reeeeed. Bryan: Actually, no

  61. author

    Fenekku Kitsune7 hours ago

    Bryan is so awkward I like him, he seems nice.

  62. author

    Delusional Dunmer7 hours ago

    Nice to see that Mark and Ethan's friendship has increased to the point where Mark shuts his body off when Ethan gets close to him as a defensive measure

  63. author

    SentinalSlice7 hours ago

    Bryan has yellow shirt. Mark with black shirt. Ethan with yellow shirt. Me: Bumblebee?

  64. author

    Aichi Toshiki7 hours ago


  65. author

    Abigail7 hours ago

    My name's Abigail.... But I wouldn't reject anyone. In fact, I think I say yes more than no..

  66. author

    Madi-the-Slayer77 hours ago

    Unus annus.

  67. author

    Allison Owens7 hours ago

    Bryan has a good sense of humor, I like that he actually is bouncing off of them and having a good time.

  68. author

    Chryen507 hours ago

    23:46 coz I'm not perfect XD

  69. author

    Spicy Salt7 hours ago

    Not a soul Mark and ethan: *mental breakdown while trying to open a box*

  70. author

    solusauroraborealis7 hours ago

    I would love to see the finished glass work!

  71. author

    Ayla Porter7 hours ago


  72. author

    Kirby Hypno7 hours ago

    Mark and Ethan blowing glass: Me changing my name to Glass: 😏

  73. author

    F e l c i u s7 hours ago

    5:53 Amy pics

  74. author

    ChesaYamisa7 hours ago

    marks furry

  75. author

    CHARLES JOHNSON7 hours ago

    There are so many sex jokes that could have been made here

  76. author

    -_emo.kid.gaming _-7 hours ago

    mark:"it gets hard quick" me with my dirty mind: hehe>:)

  77. author

    Jake Custodio7 hours ago

    So no one's gonna talk about how Ethan has "LEFT" and "RIGHT" written on the bottom of his shoes?

  78. author

    Hey Now7 hours ago

    I love watching glass blowing, it's such a beautiful art.

  79. author

    ImThinkingGroup7 hours ago

    A scale from 1-100 is not a good drumming scale... should be like: beginner (1-10) intermediate (1-10) expert (1-10) master (1-10)

  80. author

    Hope Hicks7 hours ago

    “I’ve been blowing glass”? Um I think I took that wrong

  81. author

    Sam Lewis7 hours ago

    Bryan: 'I've been blowing glass since 1999' Me: damn! you got some strong lungs! how do you have that much breath!? ... Yeah, i'll go home

  82. author

    cheese7fold7 hours ago

    I never meant to hurt Ethan like that.

  83. author

    nightmarish zebra7 hours ago

    You two should try black smithing as well

  84. author

    Carolyn Argo7 hours ago

    Mark in the first few videos: Don't touch me Mark now: doesn't even stop talking as Ethan picks off stuff from his shirt I just love the growth that we've seen in the boys over the course of this channel. They've become closer as friends and I love it

  85. author

    Derpilicus7 hours ago

    If I download all unus annuss videos Mark's not gonna be in my closet with a knife right?

  86. author

    Swirly Art7 hours ago

    the hilarious shit's here 14:33

  87. author

    Victor Salazar7 hours ago

    This guy sucks.

  88. author

    Nire7 hours ago

    Grandpa Ethan: Ohohoh, that's a lil leaky just like lil old me! hahah Grandpa Markiplier: *AGGRESSIVELY WALKS UNDERWATER*

  89. author

    DuckDuck 20007 hours ago

    Jack is definitely more pro, the following video was just jack playing the drums.

  90. author

    Logan Martin7 hours ago

    Out of all the instructors on this channel yet, this guy seems the most.... unique.... (Edit) Mark saying, "I want-" and being cutoff for the shape of the vessel is the hardest I have cringed in 2020, good job.

  91. author

    boots fire7 hours ago

    Where the buff old dude?

  92. author

    Ethan Wood7 hours ago

    lost my marbles when brian said" I like that you invented a new way of doing that... but what ... what are you doing though?..."

  93. author

    Allie Flynn7 hours ago

    okay i’m very dumb so bare with me. this is twice now that mark has mentioned he can’t drink. i have no clue y, can someone please explain so i feel less stupid than usual.

  94. author

    Emma7 hours ago

    Show us what u made!!!!

  95. author

    FDS Dynamo7 hours ago

    This instructor had the most fun out of them.

  96. author

    Nocturne 037 hours ago

    Can I just say THANK GOD Mark knows what he’s doing

  97. author

    lil cookie7 hours ago

    Im german polish irish scottish english abd roman

  98. author

    0sammm07 hours ago


  99. author

    Fred David7 hours ago

    Chica: Ed-ward

  100. author

    Wither Destroyer 57 hours ago

    Well then I have seen people react but never actually seen the real video of two girls one cup thinking what's so disgusting well I know why does that exist 🤢🤮 🙅🙅🥤 What the fūçK disgusting!!!