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  1. author

    Amy Palladino2 hours ago

    "It's one of those places you can really trust" *looks at chicken* it's fucking raw!

  2. author

    Juliette Purdy2 hours ago

    The secret diner Is a Ass. I think the waiter handled him perfectly .Pay for the wine

  3. author

    SpynX YT2 hours ago

    At exactly 4:42 you can tell the women ain't talking to no one. And she's literally just on the home page. Also how the freak is her dad still alive if she is like 65. Even if dad had her at like 16 he would be atleast 81. And I just done see it possible. Could this show be faking some of the episode. Just saying

  4. author

    Aggerwal2 hours ago

    1:50 Dat look though

  5. author

    J Nuy2 hours ago

    I'm just happy these prisoners are doing something instead of sleeping and eating in a cage.

  6. author

    Dylans World2 hours ago

    My diet consists of KFC and Pepsi

  7. author

    Ramond McCusker2 hours ago

    Lost all respect for you on this one

  8. author

    Isas Dance2 hours ago

    At least he doesn’t yell at them lol . Teaching them how to cook amazing food like that is a great advantage for them .

  9. author

    xCaroI14352 hours ago

    What jam is playing @21:08 ? That guitar man

  10. author

    chirag Sethi2 hours ago

    Give him a break. Most every professional chef use a good amount of olive oil for scampi because unlike most of the other oils it doesn't overpower the shrimp or pasta

  11. author

    raebnus wolley2 hours ago

    the best way to get rid of all the invasive species is to eat them

  12. author

    Alexander Tøp2 hours ago

    Him standing in his lil sleeping bag is so adorable

  13. author

    SirCavemaninthewest2 hours ago

    This is a good example where people bring their problems to work.

  14. author

    Scubadog2 hours ago

    anyone notice how often he says nice?

  15. author

    Rabbit2 hours ago

    those poor employees. they don’t even get a paycheque.

  16. author

    eli paredes2 hours ago

    was this shot in like 2002 or smm

  17. author

    SAwesome22 hours ago

    "Gordon Ramsay Literally Cooks Shrimp Scampi In Literally Just 10 Minutes"

  18. author

    Insane_ Poisøn2 hours ago

    King crabs are just crabs with spikes *Change my mind*

  19. author

    CALife2 hours ago

    Put these criminals in a 3rd world prison and see if they complain about not taking a shower.

  20. author

    Lankey Bastard2 hours ago

    An alcoholic restaurant manager? Noooooooo! Who'd a thunk it?

  21. author

    E Johnson2 hours ago

    shit chicken overpriced what a joke not worth the replacement population of turd world trash

  22. author

    David Stixx2 hours ago

    Chief can you go on a submarine? Im sure that would be a great show.

  23. author

    Tameer Mackey2 hours ago

    He shows no mercy no doors or seat belt gosh🤣🤣🤣

  24. author

    Ayisha Mirza2 hours ago


  25. author

    vapor3 hours ago

    *K A R E N*

  26. author

    7bteen 23 hours ago

    I feel bad for the owner

  27. author

    yane Baggert3 hours ago


  28. author

    Brittanie D.3 hours ago

    That was more like pasta and shrimp oil sauce.

  29. author

    Michelle Prera3 hours ago

    Why does he always move around like he has to pee or ADD

  30. author

    Katie Gaming3 hours ago

    The ‘chef’: *can’t boil an egg* Me: *putting my microwaved food in the microwave* pshh this cooking crap is easy.

  31. author

    thomas deburca3 hours ago

    Just wow

  32. author

    mario mendez3 hours ago

    How much is a caviar burrito?

  33. author

    Bobby Sweeney3 hours ago

    This literally was an absolute joy to watch in the literal sense. Literally. Literally. . . . .

  34. author

    piper wilder3 hours ago

    THIS IS GORGEOUS AND CAN'T WAIT TO MAKE.. Your style of cooking is just like mine.. LOVE IT... One thing I need to learn. is how to flip the pan.. wish you could teach me.. It really is an important skill to master .. Right..

  35. author

    asma elasri3 hours ago

    welcome cordon from morocco

  36. author

    CM995013 hours ago

    Honestly i find that stupid that someone would be outraged because of no vegetarian food on the menu. Thats your problem chick. You cant blame the restaurant for your picky eating style. If you dont like it, then leave.

  37. author

    MoonschoolGamer3 hours ago

    Anyone complaining about vegetarians going to an Asian restaurant is an idiot. Gordon and the show have obviously personally picked the customers, and will have picked vegetarians to see how the restaurant handles it.

  38. author

    Taylor Craig Newbold3 hours ago

    Sha-LOTS. Sha-LOTS. Sha-LOTS.

  39. author

    Gromit3 hours ago

    The lass in the green tops pretty

  40. author

    Gracelyn Saunders3 hours ago

    wtf kinda jank ass weed is that thumbnail 💀💀💀 takes a 14 yr old to see that

  41. author

    Kyle L3 hours ago

    The look on its face really made me feel bad

  42. author

    Cole James Ríos Miller3 hours ago

    😪🐓🍗 Lol.

  43. author

    roguy26 Is Inactive3 hours ago

    12:30 “6 meals here and not 1 vegetarian option” why are you vegetarian in the first place.

  44. author

    Emman Joshua Engada3 hours ago

    Still asking why gordon ramsay is the best chef ??

  45. author

    Peter Tozer3 hours ago

    u cant get free samples of wine the waiters in the right them secret dinors are unbelivble

  46. author

    bu n3 hours ago

    when that lady said “I nEeD to TaLk to ThE maNaGeR” my eyes rolled so far back i saw my throat

  47. author

    Shonteia Richardson3 hours ago

    Hey love your food and shows you should watch this guy name Brennen Taylor. He is going to some of the restaurants that you help get back on their feet and see if they are still doing good. In the business and how the the food taste. They try things you tasted on the show and food you put on the menu. It’s vary interesting could you make maybe a reaction video to one of the videos of him doing it?

  48. author

    The Mini Macho Man WWE Action Figure Show & Dad3 hours ago

    That guy was an ass about the wine, he was playing him and it was very obvious thats why that waiter got frustrated I dont blame him

  49. author

    Sub to Curtis Playz3 hours ago

    If your a veggie then why try food on Gordon Ramsay’s show 😂😂

  50. author

    E Johnson3 hours ago

    little spot in the middle of nowhere has a cunt demand that they waste a bottle of wine for his ego get fucked Ramsay

  51. author

    Alicia love3 hours ago


  52. author

    Alicia love3 hours ago


  53. author

    SmackedBy Hussii3 hours ago

    And he says to other people their food looks like someone’s took a dump on😂😂

  54. author

    CLASH TEN3 hours ago

    2:50 butt

  55. author

    rancorjoy3 hours ago

    Should’ve just shown him the film tbh

  56. author

    Nebai Araya3 hours ago

    Did he just burn his hand? 10:28

  57. author

    Mr. Johnson & The Juice Crew3 hours ago


  58. author

    qenten053 hours ago

    I wonder if I would feel more horror than humor if I saw Gordon bald...

  59. author

    O Husky3 hours ago

    gordon cooking in ACU's is amazing

  60. author

    Ace EG3 hours ago

    Cheese never goes with seafood

  61. author

    Ray Skinner3 hours ago

    Just made this tonight for dinner. Fantastic flavor. Prepping shrimp took a bit of time (purchased raw unpeeled). The rest was a breeze.

  62. author

    Gary Oak3 hours ago

    those pretentious anglos who think a menu needs vegetarian need to be put on a farm themselves.

  63. author

    Connie Lewis3 hours ago

    You are such a jerk and soooo fricking picky

  64. author

    NIMA 24x3 hours ago


  65. author

    OscarTheGrouch3 hours ago

    The one time ive seen somebody pronounce Laos properly (The "s" in Laos is silent, so you say it like Lao)

  66. author

    Ace EG3 hours ago

    You need garlic by the way stick to French Italy uses garlic for Scampi

  67. author

    Uraleafintehwind3 hours ago

    I wanted to kick Sandy's teeth *inn*

  68. author

    Ace EG3 hours ago

    What the F? Is he saying Shal-Lots? It’s Shallots dopey

  69. author

    E Johnson3 hours ago

    vegetarians are retards vegans are religious zealots stop catering to them at all

  70. author

    LD LD3 hours ago

    Gordon doesn't know how to park between the lines xD 0:50

  71. author

    mugensamurai3 hours ago

    That's a $40-60 steak sandwich.

  72. author

    J B3 hours ago

    Gordon, you're a shitbrain wanker.

  73. author

    VikingFevahGames3 hours ago

    7:00 «okay, is there anything else I can get for you?» «A wheel for that bike over there...» «That way I can get the fuck out of here.» This guys a straight up savage. What a G

  74. author

    Only one3 hours ago

    the guy who cooked the raw chicken was fired

  75. author

    TheLando713 hours ago

    Waitress: "We're sorry Mr. Jackson we are all out of what you ordered" Samuel (while wearing an eyepatch): "NOW THAT'S SOME BULLSHIT"

  76. author

    From Australia3 hours ago

    0:01 not airbrushed at all

  77. author

    John Smith3 hours ago

    That face at 12:48 "I wanted to bitch about the food tho"

  78. author

    458 1233 hours ago

    2:23 Real Tears unavailable. Please purchase from store

  79. author

    Darryl Smith3 hours ago

    That's not a cockroach

  80. author

    mugensamurai3 hours ago

    I made a sandwich in 10 minutes.

  81. author

    Golden State Warriors fan since 20153 hours ago

    Lol the Scottish guy couldn’t even attempt to learn tai

  82. author

    Insite Gaming3 hours ago

    Used a bit more than just a little olive oil.

  83. author

    Nikolai Mavromatis3 hours ago

    That fat bitch is not a vegan lol

  84. author

    Juan Toledo3 hours ago

    Holy shit, this looks ridiculous

  85. author

    Thirsty Apple3 hours ago

    i amo is multus ❤️🥰

  86. author

    Bluebrose3 hours ago

    0:52 great parking job

  87. author

    Thirsty Apple3 hours ago

    i amo is multus 🥰💪

  88. author

    tech1nocat3 hours ago

    just looked online and namh-jim has closed down?

  89. author

    Arneshia Jenkins3 hours ago

    I live in Mississippi 🌲💚

  90. author

    June Diaz3 hours ago

    some body show this man that is american dish trying to imitate a mexican dish he thinks he knows every dish lol its all his opinion

  91. author

    E Johnson3 hours ago

    Ramsay supports the genocide of the British people just remember that

  92. author

    Taylor Nicholson3 hours ago

    What type of range is he using? I see a gas stove on his left, but what exactly is the stove top on his right?

  93. author

    Maya Suu3 hours ago

    “I’m vegetarian” *goes to an Asian restaurant*

  94. author

    Morgan Dalton3 hours ago

    Alright MReporter, you got me.

  95. author

    LS6-SS3 hours ago

    That C.O is an asshole. Shit. It's pretty much a job requirement.

  96. author

    dwayne the ROCK johnson3 hours ago

    He just gave the dog garlic bread Garlic a fucking poisonous for dogs and cats

  97. author

    LackHapeLuis3 hours ago

    Nah im sorry but F that... HE said you cant try it you can obly buy a bottle..... -_- dumb af

  98. author

    TheOneTheOnly Izzy3 hours ago

    Ahhhh it’s litterly covered in bodily fluids

  99. author

    Katie Gaming3 hours ago

    Gotta say. I think Gordon was low key entertained by Mandy’s speech 👀😂

  100. author

    Noah Kirkpatrick3 hours ago

    they are not ja making me like the food.