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What's in the Box?!What's in the Box?!

What's in the Box?!

11 months ago

  1. author

    The Aeronautics GuyHour ago

    So essentially what you’ve done is create a bowl? VAT19 YOU MAKE ME ANGRY VAT19 you could’ve just used these. *pulls out 2 bowls* THE EASY WAY TO HAVE CRISPY CEREAL

  2. author

    FreshiiHour ago

    Liquid glass thinking putty *Clearly* awesome... PUN CITY yes i got the joke from another dude on the real lqtp video

  3. author

    Julia ReasonerHour ago

    How much is a Rick? Oh, wait, :( but I wanted a Rick

  4. author

    Tram anh LeHour ago

    She always gets a golden 🎫

  5. author

    Puppie 21Hour ago

    The chocolate covered banana and the pickle looks really bad

  6. author

    Ethan YuanHour ago

    I do not know how they survived making the foam horse with that squeaking sound

  7. author

    Blue Dragon xoxHour ago

    Legend has it there still using that pen

  8. author

    Anthony’s Slime and putty channelHour ago

    Hey Jamie you should check your Tesla’s trunk and see if he is in there

  9. author

    Dylan RossHour ago

    Lil bitts

  10. author

    Weird yet Satisfying OFFICIALHour ago

    edgy danny

  11. author

    The 4 TeamHour ago

    But I still will...

  12. author

    •Ryū Doragon•Hour ago

    I had a red shock ball as a kid, yeah a kid. Like my little sister was 4, I was 7 and my sister was 11. We played hot potato and like Jamie said it burned!

  13. author

    Azlan MirzaHour ago

    Jon: It kinda looks like Santa's sack of... Balloon: POP! Jon: toys 2:35

  14. author

    Jams HatchetHour ago

    I just got a ad for a shuffleboard

  15. author

    K KHour ago

    0:23. “Just the right amount...” Me:..hmmmm....I seriously doubt that.....

  16. author

    Shayna WeidenmaierHour ago

    I’ve ate one

  17. author

    Emmanuel DoradoHour ago


  18. author

    Kyle BrownHour ago

    why did you kill your fish

  19. author

    Orca_man030410 GamingHour ago

    The views

  20. author

    Larry PekinheimerHour ago

    Rubber duck!!!

  21. author

    Sanam HaiderHour ago

    you should do the white elephant show with the cotton candy flavours

  22. author

    Reborns 4 LifeHour ago

    My friend at a sleepover: “Let’s pull an all nighter!! Me: 6:05

  23. author

    RacoonzHour ago


  24. author

    JackandDerekHDHour ago


  25. author

    Dr.Spider PotatoHour ago

    how did they not know what a flashlight and rubber duckie look like

  26. author

    Tyler Stith2 hours ago

    I wonder how many viscos got triggered

  27. author

    Logan Sok2 hours ago

    😱 🎮🥊😈

  28. author

    James Nyugien2 hours ago

    The ending super mario tune would sounds like a level in super mario sunshine

  29. author

    Wendy Wendt2 hours ago

    Orange Lifesavers

  30. author

    Jose Francisco Carro Pazos2 hours ago


  31. author

    Aeleen Reyed2 hours ago

    the sownd

  32. author

    Zack / zackattack88052 hours ago

    Poor baby

  33. author

    Frogify2 hours ago


  34. author

    Brian Freas2 hours ago

    It's glow-in-the-dark of course I want to buy it I only buy glow in the dark stuff cuz I love it😀😁😂😃😄😅😆😉😊😋😎😍😘😗😙😚☺🙂🤗😇🙄😏🤑☻😺😸😻😹👧👦👸

  35. author

    LillianaDodson2 hours ago

    Why didn’t they think to make it a circular shape and just go around ??

  36. author

    Emily Prince2 hours ago

    Can u erase without baking it

  37. author

    Nick Shayanpour2 hours ago

    Raid really just hired every MReporterr for a sponsor, didn't they?

  38. author

    Floss_Boss 2022 hours ago

    I love how the first part the stardust is also when Danny was hiding in the kitchen and Adam was wearing the shirt😂

  39. author

    Jayden Chase De La Cruz2 hours ago

    any body watching in 2019

  40. author

    Adorablycute Kitten2 hours ago

    Does no one else just eat lemons and drink lemon juice because they think it tastes good?

  41. author

    Hunter Comey2 hours ago

    1 year till those brain chip cellphones can't wait

  42. author

    Clouded Gamer2 hours ago

    When you run out of ideas

  43. author

    Anabella Garcia2 hours ago

    I actually love soggy cereal 🥣

  44. author

    GhostdogeWoW2 hours ago

    6:13 weed jokes lol

  45. author

    Carcy2 hours ago

    Happy Birthday Adam!

  46. author

    Orange374082 hours ago

    *Sugartoes* Rhett from GMM: “That was my nickname in high school.”

  47. author

    Mauricio Jimenez2 hours ago

    Almost every Vat19 product has a bottle opener

  48. author

    Brynn Reddmann2 hours ago

    Find C oooooooooooooooooooooooo Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Oooooooooooocooooooooooooooooo Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Mwuhahahah

  49. author

    Taking L’s2 hours ago

    Rip worm

  50. author

    Alice lice2 hours ago


  51. author

    Lps Wildwolverine2 hours ago

    1:53 I knew it!!😌

  52. author

    Fun box with Miles2 hours ago

    Can I put bacon

  53. author

    Zen2 hours ago

    1:00 That's what she said.

  54. author

    MrZiiman3 hours ago

    That is unsanitary,but.......... IT IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!

  55. author

    Ryan Marshall3 hours ago

    Give me your number reply back please👏🏻

  56. author

    TheFlammingUmbreon3 hours ago

    Rock-Hard [REDACTED]

  57. author

    Super Pizza773 hours ago

    Song 7 sounds like the mii theme kinda

  58. author

    Nico3 hours ago

    Jamie is like Michael Scott from the office

  59. author

    Charger Plug.3 hours ago

    When you say fart

  60. author

    Shiza Zahid3 hours ago


  61. author

    WeirdThingzz YT3 hours ago

    Make a big pop it pal Like if you agree

  62. author

    Blaine Smith3 hours ago

    Rolla coasters are high and the ride you hate was high

  63. author

    anne wallace3 hours ago


  64. author

    Sarahchu3 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thinks cotton candy is gross, and doesn’t like the cotton feeling in my mouth

  65. author

    Taryn Preston3 hours ago

    tribute entry to eric

  66. author

    Rex_The_ Cat _ lady Random3 hours ago

    heeey das my hair

  67. author

    It’s Over3 hours ago

    Now this is kegselant

  68. author

    Amy Richter3 hours ago

    Who is the new guy?

  69. author

    XxxZuzu Unicornxx X3 hours ago

    6: 50The glitch tho

  70. author

    A Thousand Subs With One Video3 hours ago

    Self advertising

  71. author

    Peppermint Studios3 hours ago

    There was an ad right before the drop on Towet of Power. Way to intensify.

  72. author

    Leland Hammonds3 hours ago

    Why do bacon like that?!🤭😕

  73. author

    Nuclear Bombs3 hours ago

    The mad lad actually licked his toe

  74. author

    chloe&mikaele best friends3 hours ago

    First one is a burning question get it?

  75. author

    Austin Bowen3 hours ago

    10:07 is what you’re here for no need to thank me

  76. author

    Vance Malczon3 hours ago

    You've never found the perfect hiding spot if you found the perfect hiding spot........

  77. author

    Juan QUINTINO Cisneros3 hours ago

    0:30 0:12

  78. author

    Stars Drawandgame3 hours ago

    Does anyone remember Flexy and in the video Jamie has a beard?

  79. author

    MASTER OF THE GAMERS Ortiz3 hours ago

    2019 anyone

  80. author

    Santonio Soldano3 hours ago

    Why do these sound like ringtones on 1980s phones?

  81. author

    Chrissa Englert3 hours ago

    Me:I can’t wait to eat myself!! My sister:isn’t that cannibalism? Me:not if it’s candy. Go buy it at vat19. My sister:ok *buys it* Weeks later gets it My sister: got it looks at it *takes a massive bite. Me:so you like it? My sister:can you be me 100,000 more on my birthday in a week?!

  82. author

    lps cookie3 hours ago

    Does anyone know where my pet rabbit went?

  83. author

    Lukas Baxter3 hours ago


  84. author

    Build and Bounce4 hours ago

    Randa is my old cars name!!🤣

  85. author

    Mortal Inkling08304 hours ago

    Is it weird that the people at vat19 had trouble seeing their own products?

  86. author

    HyperHarlow334 hours ago


  87. author

    Random Cat Person4 hours ago

    Guessing Kelsey is a Jin / RJ fan.....

  88. author

    Little Noodle4 hours ago

    If I drink Liquid Plumr will it unclog my heart full of sadness 😭

  89. author

    katie4 hours ago

    I found a flashlight in my dad's drawer, but I don't know why it has lips on it

  90. author

    Emily Markey4 hours ago


  91. author

    A pineapple4 hours ago

    What is a communal candy dish? That sounds disgusting

  92. author

    Random Cat Person4 hours ago

    “Its easy to clean up the play dirt” “That looks fun, but it’s very messy..” Wut

  93. author

    Wombo__Combo__On__The_Computer4 hours ago

    What the....

  94. author

    Reucraft vlogs4 hours ago

    I'm still using the pen... They didn't lie.

  95. author

    Woozy4 hours ago

    Am I the only one eating one of these while watching??

  96. author

    Charley Atkins9094 hours ago

    £88!!!!!! For some elastic??!!?!?

  97. author

    Amdocool4 hours ago

    I love edges

  98. author

    Jacob’s Comedy Channel4 hours ago

    3:34 best part

  99. author

    Tribeofthesky_LilMac 114 hours ago

    5:07 Jacksepticeye

  100. author

    Lizzie Vu4 hours ago

    Oh aco