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    Angelic Felon5 months ago

    Where are you from ? Im a rapper from Maryland. Your videos aew amazing. Check out mine. Id love to know your thoughts. 💪😍

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    Llew Gibson7 months ago

    Insane video Mate, keep killing it! Look into my channel we both love to gym!

  3. author

    TheNewVocalYear ago

    Greetings from The Lion City - SG :P =) Wish you a wonderful day!

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    Maz Dela CernaYear ago

    Great work!!

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    CCGtvYear ago

    I just checked out your video, nice content, stay blessed !!!

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    GIGGLRYear ago

    I'm a real actual housecat. After taking a bong-hit I SWEAR I can type in English for about 45 secmeow meow meow meow meow

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    Dana PrietoYear ago

    Looking for the best hamburger in Tulsa OK? Check out this video!

  8. author

    Mayank Singh2 years ago


  9. author

    Isabella Raicu2 years ago

    Video Request - Do thoughts have mass? or How can mass-less particles exist in our 3D world. I've been so confused because if something has no mass, then it technically has no volume, and it cannot be three dimensional if it has no volume?! How could they still exist?

  10. author

    sam Rak2 years ago

    Can study drugs help you study better + get better grades?

  11. author

    Neil Gupta2 years ago

    why is buzzfeedvideo in the related channels...?

  12. author

    Kintaroe2 years ago

    ✞✞✞ Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven ✝†✝ ** Rapture Document (Important!);

  13. author

    Spiff The Magnificent2 years ago

    You guys lost a lot of Cred by putting that fraud Bill on your video. I seriously thought about dumping this channel but I'll give you one more chance. Don't play alarmist again.

  14. author

    SmileMangaArt2 years ago

    What's an itch?

  15. author

    Elayne Lennox2 years ago

    Video Idea: How many people would it take to drink the ocean? (assuming all the water is safe to drink. This is purely a math question)

  16. author

    Tardigradum2 years ago

    Please make video about Asperger Syrdrome

  17. author

    Lamar O'Brien2 years ago


  18. author

    dan b2 years ago

    why are cats scared of cucumbers ?

  19. author

    vijayetc2 years ago

    How about a video explaining how Hidden Image Stereograms works. I am very intrigued by the computer generated 3D images which gets passed around.

  20. author

    Zedfinite2 years ago

    Video idea: The science of why people litter everywhere.

  21. author

    Wobbegong2 years ago

    Video request: why do we have dreams and?

  22. author

    Pshtiwan Kharib2 years ago

    hey guys , big fan of your channel , can you guys make episode about multi-vitamin .. and what it would do to me if i stopped eating food just took multi-vitamin instead ? they have all supports that we can get from food right ? hope you can help me , thank you and good day :)

  23. author

    Johnathan Lopez2 years ago

    can lake placid really happen?

  24. author

    CheshireTomcat682 years ago

    6/2(1+2)= your comments :-)

  25. author

    TheCyberd12 years ago

    Just watched you asteroid episode from 3 years ago and I have always had the question. Wouldn't exploding a nuclear bomb next to the asteroid deflect it enough for a miss? Even if it was a group of rocks they all should be affected by the blast and shifted the same amount. Also, it doesn't have to be nuclear, I used that as the example because it is the biggest bang for the weight and we have way too many of them lying around.

  26. author

    Siddhant Vats2 years ago

    Your videos are awsome...pla make a vidoe on how to... <<STUDY IN EXAMS>>....

  27. author

    Leah Farber2 years ago

    i have a question i am 14 and i have only taken medicine twice in my life time does that mean when i feel pain i can bare it more than others or do i feel the same pain level?

  28. author

    Tyler Hoang2 years ago

    Hey guys, love your videos! Can you do an episode about fracking? I have a hard understanding on what it is.

  29. author

    Raul Emmanuel Bolipombo2 years ago

    Good. Can you guys do a video on where the different races come from ?

  30. author

    Jönu Films2 years ago

    Great job guys! Please tell me if you need an animator for any project. I'm also an archeologist and can easily combine science and funny animations ;)

  31. author

    Lori Rodriguez2 years ago

    Do you guys watch the show Glee

  32. author

    Lena Gjerde2 years ago

    Can you make a video about the facinating subject of "the uncanny valley"? I think people would be amazed by this and so many don't know about it!

  33. author

    Erik K2 years ago

    Video idea: Cineplex is doing a marketing stunt with a big bag of popcorn bag and a lightning rod and people are voting to see if it will pop or not once struck by lighting. whats the science behind this and could it work. bonus get them to sponsor your video?

  34. author

    Samantha Capone2 years ago

    Video idea: Your Brain on Ativan

  35. author

    Willy Boey2 years ago

    Hi AsapSCIENCE, i've a question that i want answer. Are psychopaths born or made?

  36. author

    Stephanie Schavlay2 years ago

    Video idea: The effect of chocolate and learning (:

  37. author

    violet2 years ago

    video idea: what is the most dangerous human organ? like which one is most likely to hurt or kill you?

  38. author

    sam Rak2 years ago

    Video idea: Do study drugs work and how effective are they and what are the effects on your brain?

  39. author

    Sahil Dahiya2 years ago

    please make a video on, "how does electromagnetic propulsion drive works?" Thank you!!

  40. author

    Biozarr2 years ago

    How difficult is asteroid mining? is it possible and how difficult is it?

  41. author

    Mariam. M2 years ago

    Why do ears hurt when a plane is taking off or landing?

  42. author

    Merk DraGame2 years ago

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  43. author

    Mellanie2 years ago

    i know this is soo off science topic.. but umm.. bin wondering this for so long.. but mitch.....are you a member of the pop group the moffits?? sorry to pester... if so that is soo awesome .. if not oh well.. your still awesome :) just a great memories of alot of songs from my youth... ;)

  44. author

    Mikezorander2 years ago

    You did a video on e-cigarettes a while ago, do you think the same kind of health implications apply to vaping essential oils like with this new "MonQ The personal essential oil diffuser"?

  45. author

    Michelle Vicious2 years ago

    Video request: It seems like every two years someone is breaking an Olympic world record, and it amazes me to see what the human body is capable of. However, it got me thinking: what is the actual physical limit? Is there a point to where we can't run or swim any faster or farther? jump any higher? lift anything heaver? Is there a biological maximum? For example, I've heard on documentaries that cheetahs can actually run so fast that they suffer brain damage and die because they can exceed their biological limit, so they have to take breaks to cool down. Do we have a similar biological limit that we simply haven't hit yet, or do olympians, scientists, and other amazing people just infinitely adapt to the strains they put themselves through in the pursuit of greatness?

  46. author

    keba152 years ago

    Video Request: what would happen if the social security age increases to 75

  47. author

    holmes feronton2 years ago

    make a video the science of greed and hoarding addiction

  48. author

    Zyan2528 Gaming2 years ago


  49. author

    Dominik Peschke2 years ago

    We need more music videos :)

  50. author

    James Tanner2 years ago

    Heres a video idea: How in the world does internet work?

  51. author

    Dominik Peschke2 years ago

    You are really doing a fantastic job and your videos are extremely inspiring and nice to watch :) Greetings from Germany

  52. author

    Hoy Zeyn2 years ago

    Video RequestHow carbon dating works? All carbon elements were created 4. billions ago. Why some carbon elements have more neutrons and some have less?

  53. author

    Medvedi Petrovichi2 years ago

    Hello! I'd love to see a video about how possible would be to build a Dyson Sphere, how much material would be needed and so on. Thank you!

  54. author

    D2 years ago

    Hey can you do a video on bugs and spiders and how to repel them and things not to do that might attract them..? thats like scientifically legitimate,,, :)

  55. author

    deddleity2 years ago

    for a video: what is the best or fastest way to learn activities, like dancing, playing music, etc, between doing it step by step or jumping to action and by try - error- research , thanks

  56. author

    PolygonPanic2 years ago

    Could you please include measurements in metric whenever you say them in imperial? Not only Americans watch your videos. Cheers

  57. author

    Diane Miller2 years ago

    How about one on why we need to change our underwear every day? Or why teens need to shower? Tried explaining both to my teen son...ugh!

  58. author

    poop butt2 years ago

    You should do a video about LSD. I see you have multiple drug videos and explaining how they work, but not one dedicated to acid.

  59. author

    bassem goubran2 years ago

    Video Request: What happens if we stopped pooping? how are bodies will get affected and when its cautious to visit a doctor? I just Knew about someone who died for not pooping for 5 days

  60. author

    Camala Hedenschau2 years ago

    Hey guys! I wanted to start off by saying I am a huge fan. I am a 6th grade science teacher and although not all your videos are classroom safe, the ones that are the kiddos really enjoy. Your music videos are truly a big hit in my classes. Students ask to listen to them all year long and they sing along to your videos. Your videos inspire and engage their minds. I was hoping you would produce more music videos over topics that we cover in our curriculum. Music Video Request: Matter Atoms Density Physical and Chemical Changes Scientific Method Independent/Dependent Variable Energy Resources Thermal Energy Force and Motion Plate Tectonics Rock Cycle Weathering, Erosion and Deposition Space Science Cells Classifying Organisms Body Systems Natural Selection If you are interested I would be happy to send you an email of our curriculum. Students from 4th-8th grade could use these songs as teaching tools, and teachers everywhere would be forever thankful. Thanks.

  61. author

    TheGamingMouse HD2 years ago

    cool channel bro!

  62. author

    Karan uno2 years ago

    thanks guysfor very nice informative videos can u please post a video of music and science

  63. author

    Me li2 years ago

    Hey, can you please make a video to explain the String-Theory? I keep reading about it and sometimes I think "Ok, I got it now" and then I read more and it just gets confusing. I think an AsapSCIENCE video would help a lot. I hope you read this. Thank you! Lots of love from Germany!

  64. author

    Abdullah Mohammed2 years ago

    is atmosphere moving with earth surface?

  65. author

    Martin Huber2 years ago

    Video idea: how do Yogis survive without water- Oh! sorry my bad i forgot our totally smart "Scientists" don't have an answer yet.

  66. author

    1002 years ago

    How does the breaking of ATP to ADP create energy?

  67. author

    ASAPCoptic2 years ago

    The organs in charge of your sense of balance are in your inner ear. When you move your head, the fluid inside these organs pushes against the receptor cells. If you move your head quickly and then stop suddenly, the fluid continues to move and gives you a false sense of moving - what we call dizziness.

  68. author

    Paige Copeland2 years ago

    Hi guys, would you be able to do a video showing the effects of adderall on your brain? With love from BC! <3

  69. author

    William Wallace2 years ago

    There used to be a lot more actual science on this channel.....sigh.

  70. author

    Hana Caitriona t2 years ago

    Hey! Would you please do a video on not washing your hair/body I think it would be interesting since the No Poo movement is trending Love you guys!

  71. author

    Shenni2 years ago

    DO THE SHARPIE SHOCK CHALLENGE! Explain to us what's going on!!!

  72. author

    Sadro Salvacion2 years ago

    very interesting channel.. got some awesome information and videos here...

  73. author

    Mel-Anie2 years ago

    do babies think? without language, do they think in the form of emotions and feelings and senses? do babies feel love for their parents and relatives and people around them? do they feel confusion about the strange world they've been placed in?

  74. author

    Rachel Rodriguez2 years ago

    Video Request: What is Autism?

  75. author

    Thunder Bolt2 years ago


  76. author

    Jeni Lee2 years ago

    Can you do a video on different types of seizures?

  77. author

    Silly Goose2 years ago

    Who else thinks Mitch looks like Matt Damon in the Channel Art? (That was a complement.)

  78. author

    Maruchi Kim2 years ago

    Video Request: My friend and I have been debating this endlessly for two separate occasions now, will humans sink or float when lying face up in mud? My reasoning is that mud is more dense than water, and humans float in water, so humans must be able to float in mud. But my friend thinks otherwise.

  79. author

    Kelsi Lan2 years ago

    Thank you so much for the awesome videos! Can you guys do a video on sleep paralysis?

  80. author

    Satish Kumar2 years ago

    Can you guys explain the Schrödinger's cat Theory.

  81. author

    andreaacme2 years ago

    Hi there, I'm from Italy .... did you know there is a channel called "SCIENZIATI subito" using your content (video and music) with italian overlayed words? I just came across it today by accident ... are they joining ventures with you? or just unauthorized copiers?

  82. author

    Amari2 years ago

    Video Request: Why Do we get involuntary shivers at random times?

  83. author

    Claudia Simone Lee2 years ago

    Does IQ increase with age?

  84. author

    Potato222 years ago

    Does every tones(Hz) have their own Forms? Please do this one!

  85. author

    benjamin_ G_Man2 years ago

    Periodic table song is out of date

  86. author

    TheoreticalKnot2 years ago


  87. author

    Fabian L2 years ago

    You'll have to make The NEW NEW Periodic Table Song (Updated Again) because of the new names for elements 113, 115, 117, and 118 (Nihonium, Moscovium, Tennessine, and Oganessom respectively)

  88. author

    Momo L.2 years ago

    what is the psychology of eating? What makes us want to eat junk food?

  89. author

    Yash Dudani2 years ago

    My parents argue on this a lot. Minecraft makes you dull, even if you play for 30 mins a day!!

  90. author

    Liam Graneri2 years ago

    Yo man you da reasin I haf my kids today thank u so much I <3 ur videos ur that vsuace guy rite?

  91. author

    Yogis in Service2 years ago

    Can you do a video on the effects of doing breath work or deep breathing to reduce stress and anxiety. Maybe break down the the diaphragm works, connections with the Vagus Nerve, etc..?

  92. author

    Flower girl Dunne2 years ago

    Video request: why do cats have 9 lives and humans don't?

  93. author

    YumSoup :/2 years ago

    Just got the book :D

  94. author

    ElliottLarson2 years ago

    Cats and Cucumbers??

  95. author

    Albylion2 years ago

    Video Request: why we get dizzy when we spin around and how to fix it.

  96. author

    casela2 years ago

    Video request: lift awareness about homofobia.

  97. author

    Erick del Oceano2 years ago

    Video Request: Hello guys, can you explain the JOULE THOMSON EFFECT. The other day i was at my friends house who had a can of compressed air (for cleaning PC) and he turn it upside down and the air was super cold, it even left me a mark of frostbite in my hand, is this because the JOULE THOMSON EFFECT

  98. author

    Ian Moore2 years ago

    can you make a video for me about place value counting adding subtracting multiply divide and can you make fact families from 0 all the to 20000 oh ... I don't want any songs I a video all in one ... I don't want any mental math and it better be perfect

  99. author

    Holl S-B2 years ago


  100. author

    Zalika D.2 years ago

    Video request: Why do we close our eyes and gently grasp the bridge of our nose with our index finger and thumb when we are "embarrassed" or "trying to calm down"?