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    EclipZe Muzik2 months ago

    keep it up!

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    Dennis LeeYear ago

    Carrie Underwood, hates Christians and White people, go to Hell with your millions of dollars, God knows you are evil.

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    Jen DowlingYear ago

    carrie underwood can you messege me please

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    Jen DowlingYear ago

    wene is your nekst consert

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    Jen DowlingYear ago


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    Peter CarusoYear ago

    Hey Carrie, please sing the national anthem at a Boston Red Sox game, a New England Patriots game, a Boston Celtics game, and a Boston Bruins game.

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    Astral Twins2 years ago

    ♫♪ Hi Carrie - We Subbed you from G+ Why not Sub Back - Add us on Myspace & Reverbnation (Links on our page 'About' section) Okus & Isoa :-)

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    Sharon Sheridan3 years ago

    Carrie Underwood I admire you so much. I love your voice and every one of your songs. You are my inspiration to keep singing no matter what anyone says. I would love to meet you one day. You are so beautiful.

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    CarrieMarieUnderwoodFanLoves5105 years ago


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    CarrieMarieUnderwoodFanLoves5105 years ago

    -amazing vocal range,beauty,class,sass and voice and etc you are so phenomonal that words cant describe how incredible you are. -all your songs are my favourite and you just inspire me.

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    CarrieMarieUnderwoodFanLoves5105 years ago

    carrie i loved you since idol and never stopped you are a huge role model to me and i want to meet you someday

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    Genesis Keren Nava5 years ago

    Hello Carrie.. I love your music.. I sang your song Good Girl on Americas got talent and the first song I ever learned was Jesus take the wheel when I was 3 years old. I cant wait to see you in concert September 6 in my Home the Rio Grande Valley at the state farm arena!!!! Just seeing you in concert is a dream come true. Maybe one day I can sing with you on stage!!! If you have time please visit my channel. Love Genesis

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    kevin kula5 years ago

    dear carrie will you please kiss me on the lips

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    Ads2Adsense5 years ago

    so good, please subscribe me

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    Lunaryuna5 years ago

    I love Carrie's newest video, But is it just me or does it have a creepy feel to it?

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    DragonFireShadow885 years ago

    Hey Carrie I love you I have all your Albums

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    Once upon A time5 years ago

    Hi Carrie

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    Scott Zaccagnini5 years ago

    Carrie is a jealous bitch!

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    marcy Johnson5 years ago

    Carrie, I fell in love with your music when I first heard Jesus, Take the Wheel. You have a great voice and a big heart. You have been a godly influence to me. You're the reason I asked Christ into my life. Thank you! Best decision I ever made. Thank you, Carrie. Thank you. :)

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    VictoriousMiracle5 years ago

    Keep enduring in our Saviour Almighty Jesus who has promised to never leave believers nor forsake us ( Heb.13:5 ) !!! Complete,safe, and victorious in Christ forever , Vic, Colossians 2:10, John 10:28-30, I John 5:4

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    tracey watt6 years ago


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    Vanessa Herrmann6 years ago

    A so great woman with such a wonderful voice. Your album Blown away is great. I hope that we hear you one day singing in Germany. And sorry my English is not sooooo good :-)

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    Rukia Orihime6 years ago

    2nd favorite female country singer ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Lyssa Ann6 years ago

    I went to your concert in Ottawa on December 8th. It was AWESOME!!! :D

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    walts Kfan6 years ago

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    walts Kfan6 years ago

    watch out yall for psycho stalkerts/haters/billies/racists/rapists/childmolseures/liars 1973stefant and nigthwing1409 they have bullied stalked and harassed me and many others for 2 years now on youtube stefant and nightwing said before theya re kelliepicklers biggest stalkers they deny it now they started this stupid fued with stefants and nightwings threats and insults against kelliepickler and me and my family and others they deny it now they talked about molesting littleboys and girls theyve made racisst comments and theyve told many slanderous lies about me and my family on youtube

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    _Lexie_6 years ago


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    Steven Carter6 years ago

    Carrie has shown tremendous growth since graduating as American Idol's 4th season winner. Her four albums show her voice becoming something more than awesome and her writing abilities more present on each. Carrie deserves the awards she's gotten and then some. An tremendous asset to the Country / Pop crossover genre she's got it all. Carrie is beautiful both inside and out and has always recognized her fans as the important reason why she has come so far, so fast. To me she represents the best that entertainment can give us and the best kind of person we can all emulate to be. I'm so thankful that she's one of the bright lights in this crazy world that demonstrates to us what joy and love can do. Carrie is and will always be the best of us. ♥ 2 U Carrie. :-)

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    OceanGirlJillie6 years ago

    Hi Carrie...I made a tribute video to "See You Again"...the subject of the video is Elizabeth "Lizzi" Marriott, a 19 year old UNH student and Westborough, MA native who was believed to be murdered a couples weeks ago. The name of my video is In Memory of Elizabeth "Lizzi" Marriott and it's on my MReporter channel. Carrie and Carrie Fans, if you could check it out, that would be awesome! I really hope you enjoy it. Rest in Peace Lizzi! Love you Carrie; I will forever be your biggest fan! xoxo

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    denasja spencer6 years ago

    I love GOOD GIRL

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    Nicki Hazelett6 years ago

    I like MOST Carrie Underwood's songs and videos

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    Nicki Hazelett6 years ago

    I like the song, video, and CD Carrie Underwood''s Blown Away. I have the CD.

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    ashley johnson6 years ago

    i love you! i have been a fan of yours since i could remmember<3 i would always sing "before he cheats" to my family and have my own little concerts. you inspired me to start really singing i hope one day i can sing along with you one day!<3:)

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    A Spinosa6 years ago

    just a dreAM

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    Celeste Turner6 years ago

    Hey Carrie, I'm sure you won't see this, but I wanted to tell you I admire you and LOVE your music. I am 12 years old and I just did a cover to your song, Cupid's got a Shotgun!! It was so much fun recording and filming it. I did it in Nashville. I'm a big FAN and people tell me that I'm a little Carrie Underwood all the time! lol!

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    Jackie Gomez6 years ago

    Carrie Underwood's song Blown Away is AWESOME! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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    Chantel Boyd6 years ago

    I remember when I was 8 singing jesus take the wheel the first song I remembered ever and now I'm 15 and I still love all of your songs just wish the best for u:)

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    Ciro Amaral6 years ago

    Just stopping by to wish you a great week! Thanks a lot! Ciro Amaral

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    Laura Mir6 years ago

    Very good videos

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    Paulo Vitor6 years ago


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    MIGHTYMAN12566 years ago

    your awesome from head to toe''daniel

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    Shannon Tiffany Barrow6 years ago

    your so inspirational.

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    Shannon Tiffany Barrow6 years ago

    I love your music Carrie!:')

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    Kara Morgan6 years ago

    I Love Your New Music Video Blown Away Carrie!!! Can't Wait To See You For My 5th Time In October In Dallas Texas!!! I Also Can't Wait To See Hunter Hayes!!!

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    Prince Romeo6 years ago

    your music is so good

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    Sean Stahler6 years ago

    My name is Sean Stahler. I play country music and southern/classic rock. Please view my channel and tell me how I am doing. Any advice is appreciated! I plan to major in music in college and would like to keep on improving. Thank you so much for your time!

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    geejaybee4136 years ago

    Hi Carrie, Listening to the Blown Away album. Absolutely love it! Congratulations on another great album. Lotsa Love

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    Monica Peck6 years ago

    Carrie is so unbelievable!! I will <3 her forever. please check me out singing You Won't Find This by Carrie at MonicaSings23 :) thank you. Every view, like, comment, subscriber... Whatever! Means so much to me. :)

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    Frankie Justin6 years ago

    Hey everyone, My name is Frankie Justin Lamprey and I am a 13 year old country music singer/songwriter. check out my latest video. Thank y'all so much!

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    Melanie Maxwell6 years ago

    h carrie u are awesome

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    anonymous person6 years ago

    love you so much. you inspire me alot. Congrats on all of your success!!!! (: if anyone would like to go to my channel and check out my uploads and leave comments please do. thanks

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    Christina Wagner6 years ago

    Blown away is no.9 in the world charts

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    MICDaBoss16 years ago


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    Jada Facer6 years ago

    Hi! My name is Jada Facer and I'm 11 years old. I LOVE the Carrie Underwood and just did cover video of Blown Away. Sorry to bother you, but if you have a sec to view it I would really appreciate the support! :) Thnx! x Jada

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    Morgan Zetocha6 years ago

    hey so i have a favor to ask....i have to make up a camp dance for the camp i work at this summer. i have a dance and song picked out but usually the song is something that the kids havn't heard and is a camp original. cud u possibly make a song that is up beat and line dance-able? :)

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    Christina Wagner6 years ago

    Blown away is no.1 in the world charts

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    vanfield876 years ago

    Carrie is beatiful inside & out! ;)

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    jake6 years ago

    most over ratted country singer out there

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    Rahma Hassan6 years ago

    Awwww :)

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    Hermione Jean Granger6 years ago

    i love you

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    nocarey6 years ago

    great video, good to get the youngins involved! <3

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    Carrie Underwood6 years ago

    Blown Away is now available on iTunes

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    TheMariher6 years ago

    Hi Carrie cant wait for Blown Away. !!! sounds great !!! love all the way from South Africa !!!

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    Brooklynn Smith6 years ago

    i love Carrie Underwood!XD

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    roberto halimsyah6 years ago


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    Lauren Koshak6 years ago

    how cute

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    Sophie Hudson6 years ago

    cant wait to see you carrie when you come to london!!! ive beeen waiting since your first album came out to see you can now your coming :D ive got pretty rubbish seats really high up and 'restricted view' but hopefully i can still see you!!! xxx

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    Robin Bremer6 years ago

    Carrie thank you for your investment in Checotah animal shelter. I just got me a border Collie mix from your shelter and love her. Thank you so much for your finacele investment in your home town. I heard of how much your mom loves dogs to. Bless you, I pray that you would know Jesus and walk in the fulness of his calling on your life.

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    feliceconte6 years ago

    Please make some videos available in my country. :(

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    Kylee Gwilliam6 years ago

    oh my gosh i Luv Carri Underwood ever since i was little she is so talented ps good girl is awesome

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    misty woods6 years ago

    love this!

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    hamza hashlamoun6 years ago


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    Risha R.L. Ricker6 years ago

    You rock girl woot woot

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    williametta abalo6 years ago

    i love her

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    Columbia20156 years ago

    Love her music!

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    Nicki R.6 years ago

    Hi Carrie!!!

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    Sarai Mallin6 years ago

    I think that your "good Girl" song is great i really like

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    OFBI76 years ago


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    Jake Mills6 years ago

    Hey, if you ever need a fiddle player let me know.... ;) Check out my fiddle videos!

  80. author

    Jake Mills6 years ago

    You are amazing

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    julierichful6 years ago

    go to and vote for this video, it is in the high 5 already, lets keep it going..

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    julierichful6 years ago

    it is amazing that Carries videos are the most watched on MReporter, in the millions. She is the best ever. Good Girl is fantastic, as is Carrie.

  83. author

    julierichful6 years ago

    there is no limit to this woman's talent! I love this song and video.

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    Lynn Bowser6 years ago

    Please help me raise awareness for APRAXIA by listening to the song I wrote for my son.

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    Danielle Lowe6 years ago

    Sending you a big hug! hugs♡dani

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    scream cage6 years ago

    suks u suk

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    JaimeeBallard6 years ago

    I just saw your new video Carrie. Thank you soo much for writing such an AWESOME song. I enjoy your rocker side alot. Continue to grow but always remain your sweet and humble self. I love you carrie Underwood!

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    kglab kglab6 years ago


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    TheAllaMusic6 years ago

    Is it even possible for you to have a concert in Armenia? I think it's no( I don't believe, but it would be fantastic!

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    Lynn Bowser6 years ago

    Carrie, you are an inspiration for all of us with dreams! Your talent is breathtaking. As an aspiring song writer you make me believe it can happen!

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    Deja Love6 years ago

    happy birthday

  92. author

    JaimeeBallard6 years ago

    Happy Birthday, Carrie!

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    walts Kfan6 years ago

    Happy birthday beautiful carrieunderwood love you and your great music takecare girl

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    harleybluemusic6 years ago

    happy birthday carrie i love you

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    PokeNut63456 years ago

    Happy Birthday Carrie! How's it feel to be 29? Your single is AMAZING and I wish you'd come out with the video already!!! I don't wanna wait anymore I'm so excited! Hope you have a great Birthday!

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    CarrieFanWorld6 years ago

    HBD!! Carrie!

  97. author

    Devin Johnson6 years ago

    Happy Birthday Carrie! :)

  98. author

    Bella Barrio6 years ago

    Happy Birthday

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    Peter L6 years ago

    The just uploaded Good Girl video teaser has the wrong month. It says 5 (for May), but it's 3 (March).

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    Frankie Justin6 years ago

    Hey everyone, My name is Frankie Justin Lamprey and I am a 12 year old country music singer/songwriter. Check out my video channel. Thank you so much!