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Bunny's First BathBunny's First Bath

Bunny's First Bath

2 months ago

Making More SoupMaking More Soup

Making More Soup

2 months ago

3 months ago

I'm A Disco BallI'm A Disco Ball

I'm A Disco Ball

8 months ago

I Want A New FaceI Want A New Face

I Want A New Face

9 months ago

2 Week Bunny Update2 Week Bunny Update

2 Week Bunny Update

10 months ago

A Tour Of My PlantsA Tour Of My Plants

A Tour Of My Plants

11 months ago

  1. author

    Kobe Taylor4 hours ago

    Jenna really ate this one up

  2. author

    Chiara Koch4 hours ago

    i know this is a very less known fact but please never sit with your feet up like that.. ESPECIALLY NOT IN THE FRONT. the airbag in the front will propell your knee into your brain. im not joking. im working in an ER and it can kill you or leave you brain damaged. you see what happened to jennas knee and this was a normal impact without airbag excelleration. please never put your knee up on a seat or the dashboard <3

  3. author

    Brooke ford4454 hours ago

    Did she make a Thrash metal reference on purpose, or am I the only one who listens to thrash metal and is watching Jenna? Just me. Thought so.

  4. author

    BuckBucktheWookie334 hours ago

    That seahorse is effin’ dope! 10/10 would wear!

  5. author

    Katie Hayward4 hours ago

    OMFG GuRrrrrrrl @jennamarbles Hahahaha 😆 my department is literally called "project Seahorse" lmfao 😆😂😂🤣😂 I NEED to make this jacket Hahahaha 😆!!!!

  6. author

    Random Nao4 hours ago

    7:50 Justin Bieber looking ass-

  7. author

    Madison Gamble4 hours ago

    Get a new hamster

  8. author

    Amelie Chong4 hours ago

    10:02 will never not be funny

  9. author

    Chaos12264 hours ago

    I farted

  10. author

    tthetac4 hours ago

    Jenna’s jacket with her two fish kissing face paint would be PERFECT for the aquarium

  11. author

    Weave mami Mami4 hours ago

    U should buy some holo bath bombs and do some creative shit with them

  12. author

    Bitter Apple4 hours ago

    You might not notice but I’m pretty sure this is the first video the black choker was in I said I’m pretty sure

  13. author

    Marcus Jackson4 hours ago

    The last sexual Wednesday 😢

  14. author

    SirVyre4 hours ago

    Such a convincing human optical illusion.

  15. author

    Hector Torres4 hours ago

    This looks amazing!

  16. author

    Tuesday Nyx4 hours ago

    This was the best

  17. author

    Renee Ricci4 hours ago

    Kerm’s TONGUE flick omg

  18. author

    varun kandhari4 hours ago

    This is the most calmest video I've ever seen on Jennas channel 😋😋

  19. author

    Inga4 hours ago

    Jenna: I just wanna shake hands with soap. Is that too much to ask? 🙄 Other MReporterrs: - - - - - - Wievers: Rushin to the comment section to quote Jenna👇

  20. author

    regi :p4 hours ago

    this makes me so happy i love you both so SO MUCH

  21. author

    Y1 plus4 hours ago

    Good! I want To be Friends

  22. author

    Tuesday Nyx4 hours ago

    Avocados are like super sucky magicians that make all of the flavor of whatever you put them on disappear.

  23. author

    Hannah JS4 hours ago

    totally tripping out i love u guys so thankful for ur positive beautiful presence great stuff!!!!!!

  24. author

    Rosie4 hours ago

    2:12 Peach teleports

  25. author

    Fork Huggins4 hours ago

    do any of y’all see a 😐 in the rose

  26. author

    Annie Castro4 hours ago

    Jennas eyebrow game is amazing!

  27. author

    Robyn West4 hours ago

    can you do a gelatin art tutorial, please and thanks if you do......please ;0

  28. author

    Mikal S4 hours ago

    Once I seen Julien struggling with that white paint and Jenna struggling with her too much gene I thought It was already over for them but DAMN I was pleasantly surprised. Beautiful jackets beautiful people

  29. author

    Ann Mendoza4 hours ago

    As an aquarius, I enjoy watching this.

  30. author

    That_equestrian_weirdo4 hours ago

    Fuck all those people

  31. author

    harrison fitzgerald4 hours ago

    '; )

  32. author

    Juul Cat4 hours ago

    *it shidded on my eye*

  33. author

    Ari Torres4 hours ago

    I love Jenna but...I just can't with dogs licking her mouth lol its sooo gross. It gives me anxiety and I don't even have that 😂

  34. author

    Jason Auld4 hours ago

    i am from ROCHESTER which is REAL upsate NEW YORK make ANOTHER garbage plate VIDEO !!!! does cermet eat garbage?

  35. author

    abbeychristine4 hours ago

    You two should paint a bunch more stuff, then sell it to fans, and then donate the money to a greyhound rescue!

  36. author

    Tiffany Richey4 hours ago

    This is hilarious !!!!! Love it !!! I’m like dying laughing so hard !! Sculpture 🤣🤣🤣

  37. author

    Krystal Maestas4 hours ago

    I would love to buy an "Its seahorse time!" merch.

  38. author

    Jason Auld5 hours ago

    DO A GARBAGE PLATE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. author

    olivia glynn5 hours ago

    How do u do that hair?! Love❤️

  40. author

    Kaylah V.5 hours ago

    It’s seahorse time!

  41. author

    SUZY SCHORE5 hours ago


  42. author

    Mackenzie Alyse5 hours ago

    Julie has come so far!!! Aries kitchen is killing it and he needs to surprise Jenna with more red velvet cupcakessss

  43. author

    Sunshine Yoshi5 hours ago

    It won't get ruined if they ever clean it right? Is there a setting spray to use for this kinda thing so it never washes off? This art needs to be preserved for all seahorse time!

  44. author

    tori burgers5 hours ago


  45. author

    Lance Tyers5 hours ago

    He likes the smell so he’s like cleaning himself

  46. author

    Aryn5 hours ago

    These are so CUTE. My unartistic self could NEVER. I can barely even hold a PENCIL.

  47. author

    TheTallentlessWriter Cult5 hours ago


  48. author

    thebookishfiiasco5 hours ago


  49. author

    Syd Perkins5 hours ago

    Jenna has come so far xD

  50. author

    Haley Popish5 hours ago

    This is the last video Jenna made with the squeaky toy intro. RIP

  51. author

    Olivia Mae5 hours ago

    nobody: my door: 3:37

  52. author

    Hailey Garrett5 hours ago

    Was anyone else waiting for Jenna’s too much gene to come through? I’m glad she found an art that she can do without stressing :)

  53. author

    Amber J5 hours ago

    Yo I want that rose lightning bolt on some merch 💯

  54. author

    Don Serrano5 hours ago

    The question is, is it pernanent?

  55. author

    hali bell5 hours ago

    anyone else feel like marbles needs more attention?

  56. author

    Eve Rae May5 hours ago

    I mean this in the BEST way possible. I think that jacket would go amazing with the bangs.

  57. author

    Ad Deryl5 hours ago

    I think a mother doe is missing her baby deer and they just strapped it to their car, but in the car, which maybe deer will now be confused about, because normally they see them on the hood, but now they’ll see that their baby is actually riding inside, living, thriving, even excelling within the industrialized world, calling them weech and living with a grey deer which is even more confusing to the deer world because where did they find that one. Confusing wild life is really the main issue with this video, let me tell ya .

  58. author

    Maddy Mckee5 hours ago

    I don’t own a single jacket that isn’t painted on

  59. author

    bleebleeblahblah5 hours ago

    Julien's laugh 13:19 is to die for. I need that in my life.

  60. author

    Brooke ford4455 hours ago

    start at 0:40 and watch Kermit

  61. author

    AttackOnEreri5 hours ago

    MReporter decided to show me this video okay

  62. author

    Megan Sanguedolce5 hours ago

    she should’ve said that her name was trey and that she has a basketball game tomorrow and that she’s point guard🤣

  63. author

    Ignis5 hours ago

    petition for them to make merch out of these designs

  64. author

    LittleCutie ABDL5 hours ago

    Plot twist: Izz nAsTy so can indicate he needs a bath; the crying is him trying to communicate in a + eloquent way that he wants a bath. The soap rubbing is a cry for help and to show. He doesn't want to wear clothes because he feels self-conscious about body odour and does not want to get it dirty. When no one listens he bites. nhanHnHANhanHA! ((shark sound)) Please Jenna + Julien hear the lil' boy out. Edit: 😅😂😂can't even say this without bursting out laughing. But hey for all you know it may be true. Conspiracy theory...Shane?🐷 get on that.

  65. author

    Megan Rumph5 hours ago

    can julien make me one

  66. author

    Sophia Cierley5 hours ago

    This could be like, a feminist performance piece at a prestigious art school

  67. author

    Kitty Kat5 hours ago

    marbles: i don't know where I am but I know that's a tasty snack :3

  68. author

    Margaret Sensiba5 hours ago

    *is a millionaire* *has paper curtains*

  69. author

    Our kind of Wonderful5 hours ago

    He wanted some some lol but he couldn't get any God I can't stand the crying my baby didn't cry as much as he did 😂

  70. author

    Superjarofnutella5 hours ago

    @JennaMarbles have you ever done shaving cream art?

  71. author

    JaraelMoonsilver5 hours ago

    Why are they both sick-ass tattoo designs?

  72. author

    Charlottsie5 hours ago

    this is the best thing I've ever seen

  73. author

    Andy Hernandez5 hours ago

    What breed of chiuahuah is marbles?

  74. author

    Lacey Barnes5 hours ago

    Remake this wt bunny

  75. author

    massacrene15 hours ago

    the title of this video makes me feel lie im buying stuff too cause i watch her videos and we all collectively make her money so in all honesty we are all buying this damn stuff

  76. author

    Ann Mendoza5 hours ago

    Omg she watches rpdr. Gagged

  77. author

    Blade Pup Yamoi5 hours ago

    11:21 Okay that’s-

  78. author

    Celine S5 hours ago

    And they never even kissed damn

  79. author

    Lancette Bethea5 hours ago

    you look like celine dion

  80. author

    White Ghost5 hours ago

    Why isnt Bunny named cement

  81. author

    cherrychanhee5 hours ago

    this entire video was so unnecessarily funny

  82. author

    Kitty Kat5 hours ago

    also I appreciate that you knew people would wanna know what breed she is XD she's precious

  83. author

    Lillian5 hours ago

    I would pay Jenna and Julian to paint on my clothes

  84. author

    Brooke ford4455 hours ago

    The imovie templated horror edits confusing Jenna is my favorite.

  85. author

    Kitty Kat5 hours ago

    that might've been the funniest thing I've ever seen xD

  86. author

    lady grinch5 hours ago

    I want to find somebody that talks about me the way that Jenna talks about her plants

  87. author

    Our kind of Wonderful5 hours ago

    Your dog is fucking epic I want to buy one and give it soap just to brighten my day and laugh 😂

  88. author

    Darian Louise6 hours ago

    Drinking game: Every time someone says seahorse time take a shot.

  89. author

    lady grinch6 hours ago

    I vote the palm that she referred to as the love of her life be instantly named *Julien*

  90. author

    Tamatha Ray6 hours ago

    I love this and yall. Good clean fun. 10 thumbs up. Yall should auction them off for a cool charity!!

  91. author

    mackenna6 hours ago


  92. author

    The Court Of Public Opinion6 hours ago

    Rolling annnnd

  93. author

    Brenya Stewart6 hours ago

    Murdering his friends helps him grow.

  94. author

    Lane Hittle6 hours ago

    You should make this a series

  95. author

    Anthony Garcia6 hours ago

    But why is time not capitalized but Its Seahorse is?

  96. author

    Speedy6 hours ago

    I keep looking at the tv because it’s seahorse time

  97. author

    Josie Garcia6 hours ago

    Y’all can be soooo cringe sometimes lol

  98. author

    Bee6 hours ago

    JENNNAAAA!!! You should do that trend where people get an old pair of jeans and draw on them with a bleach pen for like an acid wash art look 😍

  99. author

    Taylor Burnham6 hours ago

    Jennas jacket would look absolutely amazing if she just outlined it in black! It’s looks so good the black would just make it pop a little more

  100. author

    ygl6 hours ago

    i think cermit like beef