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We Bought A HouseWe Bought A House

We Bought A House

2 months ago

My Dogs Meet A CatMy Dogs Meet A Cat

My Dogs Meet A Cat

6 months ago

Shaving My FaceShaving My Face

Shaving My Face

6 months ago

I Suck At Pranks 3I Suck At Pranks 3

I Suck At Pranks 3

11 months ago

  1. author

    Kyle PrestonDay ago

    do your dogs have a water fountain drinking bowl? if not i think they would like it

  2. author

    Tony YeungDay ago

    Hello 2018.. Who is still on this discussion section?

  3. author

    Kae CollinsDay ago Jenna I think this girl is as suave as you\

  4. author

    Diana Valles2 days ago


  5. author

    Flisafoxwao AJ5 days ago

    whole head of baloons

  6. author

    Allie Johnson5 days ago

    Hey Jenna I was wondering if you have any plans to write your own closed captions for your videos any time soon? The MReporter captions that are auto generated don't always pick up all of your audio, especially when Julien's off camera and it makes it a little difficult for deaf/hard of hearing fans to follow what's going on. I love your content! I just wish I could read all of it!

  7. author

    Alison Maupin6 days ago

    Jenna, are you interested in doing a collab with MOLLY BURKE? I feel like that could really be cool since you both are funny, beautiful, interesting, and whatever you two decided to do I bet would be waaaay outside the box. And/or just really great! AND JULIAN HAS TO COME TOO!!!

  8. author

    Enchanting music6 days ago

    JENNNNAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! OMG so i was at the drugstore and OMG i saw this realy weird thing... i thought of you when i saw it... so its a mask (beauty mask) for your foot... !?!? weird i know but please try it!!!

  9. author

    Teresa Everich7 days ago

    Girl! look at this tumblr some fan made! i found it randomly and it's so cute i thought you would like to see!

  10. author

    I like Everything! !!!9 days ago

    I did this because no one else would comment. Your welcome

  11. author


    literally Jenna is so funny it hurts. Julian just makes it all even better! I love her videos.

  12. author

    Serenity Paws11 days ago

    RIP Ad

  13. author

    MamaMidnight9814 days ago

    The shop link is outdated. I wanna get your official merch!!

  14. author

    Lily Macdonald14 days ago

    What kind of dog is Kermit??????

  15. author

    YouToogle16 days ago

    Hi Jenna. I love your channel and have been a fan for many years. I have worked tirelessly on my videos as you can understand what that's like. Please kindly consider supporting my new channel as you may find videos there useful to you, family and friends. Many blessings of love, health and happiness to you.

  16. author

    Rocanten Rocanten19 days ago


  17. author

    georgiaphallamm19 days ago

    transform julien into marbles

  18. author

    Kit Wilson19 days ago

    you are also very pretty.. people like to watch pretty people.

  19. author

    Isabelle Ducote19 days ago

    Can you follow a Bob Ross tutorial

  20. author

    Jessy Sauer20 days ago

    Please do a tiny hands make up tutorial video!

  21. author

    Lunala Games! Roblox and Minecraft!!!21 day ago


  22. author

    Хайповый Пацан23 days ago

    A я русский :)

  23. author

    vanessavii24 days ago

    what ever happened to spidermannnnnn??

  24. author

    envyandlove26 days ago

    This channel use to be so good :(

  25. author

    фома кэт27 days ago

  26. author

    DarkWave27 days ago

    Dear Jenna, Please lower your peak volumes for your videos during editing, because your voice can be loud when the camera is closer to you, or not loud enough when far away. Should not be time consuming to do either.

  27. author

    Lorraine CottinghamMonth ago

    Hey Jenna I love you and your videos. I was recently talking to my friend and she told me something and I wanted to know if it was true or not. She said that in one of your older videos you were signing in ASL. I wanted to know if you know any ASL still or if it was true. If it is can you please make a video about it and show what you know. I'm interested because I know some ASL and I think it's cool to see how different people sign across the country. Again I love your videos so much and you make me feel better when I'm having a bad day and you are just a general beam of amazingness who shows that you can do whatever you want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. (P.S. I'm sorry this comment was so long)

  28. author

    Melody CervantesMonth ago

    I think that putting acrylics on your toes is the best and the worst idea, and I think you should do it because SCIENCE

  29. author

    Sophia DartMonth ago

    She's the funniest youtuber ever!! God, I love her so much!! She makes my week better!!

  30. author

    Jami De VliegerMonth ago

    I've been watching your channel for quite a number of years. I have loved all of your doggy spoiling videos and wanted to drop a thought on something you could so for the boys (and the lady)! Fill a room (small room mind you) with those plastic ball pit type balls, enough to make it deep enough for them to run and chase through. I saw a video of this on FB but I can't post the link here. Search for 'hallway filled with balls' and you'll find the first link in FB to be of a husky having a blast. I think Peaches would be in doggy heaven!

  31. author

    RetestedMonth ago


  32. author

    sofie5aMonth ago

  33. author

    Ayye it’s Big K985Month ago

    ur trash but ily,,, kinda,,,, not really... bye....bitch still ly

  34. author

    Haley BarnesMonth ago

    Hey Jenna! I've been following you for years and years, since your very first video actually. And I absolutely adore seeing your progress and seeing you come from the rants to just enjoying your life with Julien ♥️ So absolutely kudos to you for growing as a person and also congratulations on your new house! My side reason for commenting is, I noticed in some of your older videos (not too too old but) that you had this absolutely beautiful peach, rose gold hair going on. I absolutely love the color and it's a color I would like to do on myself. Hopefully you respond some time, but I know you're really busy. If you could let me know what you used on your hair I would love to know. :) You're beautiful and wonderful and I'm excited to keep seeing you grow!

  35. author

    Shade AristotleMonth ago

    You're still my favourite.

  36. author

    OgreliciousMonth ago

    Hot Garbage like Jackfilms always says

  37. author

    Heather the FireislefairyMonth ago

    It's World Otter Day. An excellent day to celebrate otters, and any other captivating, dignified, playful individuals you know.

  38. author

    WutsThinkableTVMonth ago

    You need to watch this: kermit has flashbacks (meme)

  39. author

    400mintsMonth ago

    doing things blindfolded, like painting and making cereal

  40. author

    Isabella SnowolfMonth ago

    Love you Jenna!

  41. author

    София ГорностальMonth ago

    Hello from Russia!

  42. author

    Hello it's TrashMonth ago

    Why dont u post on your vlog channel anymore?

  43. author

    Hello it's TrashMonth ago

    How is ur new house Jenna?

  44. author

    Shelby's NuttsMonth ago

    Jenna, I would LOVE if you did one of BOB ROSS'S paintings. Like talk like him and all the funny things he says, but with Jenna fuckery. Love you!

  45. author

    Annette Celia RosemaryMonth ago

    Collab with Mr. Kate to help makeover your new house!!!!

  46. author

    Дарья ЮрицинаMonth ago

    а вы лохи кто согласикн лайк

  47. author

    Leslie RoqueMonth ago

    hi mom!

  48. author

    Nichole NessMonth ago

    My students asked me to post to you. They wrote the lyrics and created this music video!! Please view and share if you like it and you could possibly help our school win $10 000!! You won’t believe what they came up with!!!

  49. author

    Lucy RiehmMonth ago

    you should make your dogs come to petco with you and meat lizards/snakes/cats

  50. author

    Nichole NessMonth ago

    My students suggested sharing this with you. Please share and view our schools @barenakedladies music video for our schools chance to win $10 000. You will be blown away by our students ideas. We already have 2800 views on MReporter as a small town.

  51. author

    FranziskaMonth ago

    Jenna, I love you soooooo much!! <3

  52. author

    AlexMonth ago

    Your next video is going to be your 400th one!!!! Congrats!

  53. author

    ForRealz71Month ago This is jenna a bit 😂

  54. author

    Cain SandersonMonth ago


  55. author

    Nevaeh Rousseau2 months ago


  56. author

    Anna Praet2 months ago

    VIDEO IDEA: recreating fashion photos with dogs --> also - CONGRATS ON THE HOUSE OMFG U SO ADULT NOW

  57. author

    ImJoosh2 months ago

    I like your dogs Just kidding

  58. author

    Califa de Vico2 months ago


  59. author

    Michael King2 months ago


  60. author

    Tina M2 months ago

    Hey Jenna, I just wanted to tell you that you're fucking awesome and I love what you do! Recently you inspired me to ditch my hairdresser and start doing my own hair ... it has saved me hundreds of dollars, and I always get the result I want. Thank you for the laughs and inspiration. HEEEEYULL YEAHHHH!

  61. author

    disneyworlddreamer2 months ago

    Jenna can I get a shout out on your next video my 32nd birthday is this wednesday/Thursday May 10th 3:24am. I live in WNY (Lockport). Been watching you since the annoying people in the airport video.

  62. author

    karianne lazor2 months ago

    try 1 of those charcoal mask

  63. author

    SEToys2 months ago

    so nice channel, Big Like from Setoys for kids

  64. author

    iamthshibalord2 months ago


  65. author

    A B2 months ago

    You should react to your old Draw My Life video. It ended so sadly but it was made before you met Julien :)

  66. author

    jenna Capps2 months ago

    hello my name is jenna to ha

  67. author

    Makalus Nina2 months ago

    Friends! Help my daughter, plz to get more LIKES and WIN a music contest on MReporter. She was a disciple 2 class piano. Follow the link and give it a like, please! Special thanks for the repost Thank You! Good luck!

  68. author

    Alia Marie2 months ago

    do more calling into jobs you dont have videos lololol

  69. author

    The Rock172 months ago

    You should do henna tattoos!! I think I saw that you could buy the henna on amazon! Love your videos!

  70. author

    Miss S2 months ago

    Someone did a video dub of you singing Dua Lupa- thought you might think it was funny cause i did.

  71. author

    LOL SMILE2 months ago

    add sur lai cho minh voi

  72. author

    Wolf Fire2 months ago


  73. author

    Dorcas Megan Yábar2 months ago

    More 'people that deserve a raise', please!

  74. author

    Jenni Segaar3 months ago

    Jenna, have you seen the Tiny Hands Challenge? Please check it out cuz you're the first person I thought of that would really enjoy doing it.

  75. author

    KawiiYuki 33 months ago

    hey jenna, love you so much. just had a cute idea for your dogs that i thought you might love, making a bento, for your dogs. ive seen a couple of people do it and thought you could probably make it even better.

  76. author

    mia guzina3 months ago

    Next video: Teaching My Boyfriend How to Go-go Dance

  77. author

    Kyla Goodwin3 months ago

    your an a amazing human being thank you for your existence

  78. author

    Graceanne Read3 months ago

    PLEAZ re-enact a quiet place but the dogs are the monsters and you and Julien are trying to hide from them by sneaking around and if they find you just die super dramatically

  79. author

    Little Swamico3 months ago


  80. author

    Asno Nervoso3 months ago


  81. author

    Mia Birdsell3 months ago

    I'm so sorry about you guys losing Ad. I loved watching your videos with him and I'm sad to see him go. R.I.P Ad

  82. author

    Hacker Game3 months ago

    Hello! I watch your videos very often. I have friends and relatives, so I often starve. At the moment I have nothing to eat ... I'm dying. Please, help. I will be happy even for one dollar ... Yandex money: 410012851782096

  83. author

    blkschizo3 months ago

    Do some more sports videos!! Softball, Jiu Jitsu, Bowl Julien under the table, basketball game TOMORROW. Something sports related. I like to see you guys playing around.

  84. author

    Patricio_the_Chileno3 months ago

    Hey, I found this a while back. They can make a replica of your pet as a stuffed animal. That way you can still have a little #ad in your life to remind you of the handsome boy forever! :) We will miss you #ad.

  85. author

    Chantal Schmitt3 months ago

    Hey! I love your videos so much! Could you do the dame tu cosita challenge where people dance like this green alien?

  86. author

    AcidxD3 months ago

    Rip Ad :(

  87. author

    Hannah Oshinsky3 months ago

    you should remake one of your old videos! like ur cancun video, what your dogs do when you're not home, or the dance game.

  88. author

    Clara Montague3 months ago

    JENNA JENNA JENNA I go to Ithaca College in upstate NY and I've been watching your videos since I was in middle school and your love for making videos and having fun with them really drove me to try to have a similar career. ANYWAY recently I made a 30-second spot for the Regal Coca-Cola competition and I would really appreciate it if you mentioned it in a video so we can get more attention. You can vote by tweeting #ContestTheLibrary bc the spot is named The Library bc it happens in a library or you can vote for the other 4 spots in the competition if you like them better I wont have any hard feelings. It would MAKE MY LIFE if you even mentioned me in a video.

  89. author

    Elia Muncey3 months ago

    Jenna can you make your dogs tinder profiles?

  90. author

    Jefferson Abney3 months ago

    Congrats on 18 million subscribers Jenna!

  91. author

    Евгений Михайлов3 months ago

    hi friends. Как мне известно, вы самая популярная блогер в штатах. У меня есть к Вам просьба - могли ли Вы разъяснить, что Российская Федерация не враг штатам. мы просто защищаем свое право на жизнь и историю. И посмотрите видео, что ниже по ссылке, может, что и поймете...

  92. author

    Narahal3 months ago

    cover 👏🏼 a 👏🏼baldcap 👏🏼 with 👏🏼 rhinestones 👏🏼

  93. author

    Laila3 months ago

    Jenna you should do another questions video!!

  94. author

    Brandon Johnson3 months ago

    Inspired and Robust from early times

  95. author

    Jaden Zeider4 months ago

    hi friends

  96. author

    ebisawkward4 months ago

    Hi I've been watching your channel since "the face" and watching the channel grow and your videos mature into what they are now has been incredible. Thank you for doing what you do.

  97. author

    Jeannine Gelinas4 months ago

    Do the fish tail nails from Captain Sparkles' "now that's what I call fast food" video!!

  98. author

    Pinky and Marcel4 months ago

    I want to be like Jenna. She keep it realz.

  99. author

    MooLissaa4 months ago