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  1. author

    ADE ADE3 hours ago

    This guy too get money oo

  2. author

    Drunk russian3 hours ago

    What a nice flip phone, have to buy that to my grandfather

  3. author

    Zack Hattab3 hours ago

    When is the release date ?

  4. author

    loyaltyfamilyfirst4 hours ago

    Have you ever used the Panamax outlet for any of your setup? @UrAvgConsumer

  5. author

    Jim Bob4 hours ago

    A.) This shit aint "minimalistic" B.) Do you even use half the stuff in the video? I feel like everytime u make a backpack vid, its filled with random items companies sent you that month

  6. author

    status454 hours ago

    Pre orders start on 21st. I love your videos but stop saying guys after each sentence it's really annoying.

  7. author

    Arjyaman Basu4 hours ago

    I can't wait for the day when he has to whisper open can or all our garbage cans will open up.

  8. author

    david Walsh5 hours ago

    Is that a breitling super avenger watch ..? Your wearing

  9. author

    Mini Moni5 hours ago


  10. author

    Drew C.5 hours ago

    Is the XR a good buy in 2020?

  11. author

    Aishaa Omaar5 hours ago


  12. author

    Lau San5 hours ago

    Hey samsung where is the glass????? Lie lie lie

  13. author

    Jay B5 hours ago

    Why do tech reviewers get so bent out of shape about bezels? I never even hear anyone use the word "bezels" outside of MReporter tech reviews.

  14. author

    Rob Whiff5 hours ago

    They best designed so far 😀☝🏼 this eliminates the need a ear hook that I had to put on 1st 2nd gen , the pro is the fix for those that couldn’t keep them on 👍🏼💪🏼 . Thanks apple all I am asking now is volume control on the actual AirPods now 😛

  15. author

    ANYTHING HERE6 hours ago

    This man doesn't look real, he looks like a wax figure I swear..

  16. author

    Amit Bhadana6 hours ago

    *Bhai ek like India army ke liye kardo* LIKE

  17. author

    Jorge L7 hours ago

    Super Nice Z flip !!

  18. author

    Abdulrahman Shiker7 hours ago

    This man is very Toit, yesh yesh yesh. Toit like a tiger.

  19. author

    なみのりYUSEI8 hours ago


  20. author

    Derrick W9 hours ago

    This phone looks like a modern gameboy advanced lol

  21. author

    LittleWhole9 hours ago

    This channel was started for the average consumer in 2012. Now in 2020, he’s a way above average consumer. It’s amazing how far he’s come and hard work pays off

  22. author

    LittleWhole9 hours ago

    1500 subs? He has 2.74 million subs in 2020!

  23. author

    LittleWhole9 hours ago

    Who’s here after Arie got pregnant?

  24. author

    LittleWhole9 hours ago

    Anyone in 2020?

  25. author

    LittleWhole9 hours ago

    Who’s watching in 2020? It’s amazing to see how far he’s come...

  26. author

    Dj Wu1879 hours ago


  27. author

    Allure Goddess9 hours ago

    That’s like the worst idea ever lol like it’s pretty cool and ridiculous at the same time ... I really hope Apple don’t think it’s cute and try to come up with a iPhone flip 😭🤣

  28. author

    SharkHark9 hours ago

    Love this channel, gives me MKHD vibes. It’s really nice

  29. author

    A.10 hours ago

    A lot of the tips on here I didn't even know about or forgot existed. Thanks for sharing!

  30. author

    stevey62610 hours ago

    Yo id love to have this in my room, badass!

  31. author

    RageFlix10 hours ago

    which is that phone that you've mentioned in the video?

  32. author

    Top Dog10 hours ago

    monitor looks sick what is it?

  33. author

    bruce Wayne10 hours ago

    Must have 6 hack it.

  34. author

    BJC T10 hours ago

    Samsung is late to the game Apple has had a folding phone since the iPhone 6

  35. author

    mitchell abbys11 hours ago


  36. author

    GrammarNazi198811 hours ago

    I kinda want this phone but don't trust its design/durability. You cannot even press on the screen hard.

  37. author

    A Rev12 hours ago

    Real day in the life.

  38. author

    The Beastly Bat Studio12 hours ago

    This is technically a micro cinema Also this set up looks futuristic and just astonishing Well done dude

  39. author

    vinay vinothkumar12 hours ago

    Goood stress revever

  40. author

    Ryan Russell12 hours ago

    **about** six, or six?

  41. author

    Raveed Dewan13 hours ago

    Who is watching on their iPhone 11 Drop a 👍

  42. author

    Daniel Harvey13 hours ago

    "call a spade a spade" isn't of racist origin. look it up friends.

  43. author

    J_Igbo _13 hours ago

    Watching on iPad Pro 12.9

  44. author

    J_Igbo _13 hours ago

    Can you use a Apple Pencil

  45. author

    Alexandros Kostas14 hours ago

    1:04 this controller is useless 😂

  46. author

    Abhay Behera15 hours ago

    Man! This vid is a lifesaver!!

  47. author

    Pong Pango15 hours ago

    Will utorrent work in pro x?

  48. author

    S K.15 hours ago

    Could we hav less of ur face and more of the laptop please

  49. author

    Beeasy61715 hours ago

    Got me a new bag to carry my guns. Ty

  50. author

    lakhan prajapati16 hours ago

    if these entire thing is of $1000 you would need to have atleast $10000 worth of stuff already in your place, to make all these usable. :p

  51. author

    Nyokabi Ngatia16 hours ago

    also your backpacks and gaming stuff

  52. author

    Nyokabi Ngatia16 hours ago

    hi my name is nyokabi ngatia and i live in kenya ,africa. i love your videos and i always wish to be able to have stuff like your head phones desktops and your most loved gaming man cave. i am only 12 but i would wish to know if you have any other job?

  53. author

    HanThar Tun17 hours ago

    low PPI and no 1080p on youtube is the biggest problem in xr ?

  54. author

    Laura Sanchez17 hours ago

    7:49 I love this hahaha

  55. author

    Mikey Johnson17 hours ago

    These phones are all overpriced. No phone should be over $1000. That's stupid. Everyone should stop supporting this consumer robbery. Vote with your dollars and don't buy these.

  56. author

    Laura Sanchez17 hours ago

    Am I the only one thinking they will make a flip phone that doesn't have a crease? I'm just wondering how they're gonna do it :)

  57. author

    David Zavala17 hours ago

    Thanks for telling the price how it is. $1,000 and $1,200 and $1,400

  58. author

    Ascher Lafayette17 hours ago

    2016: wow the new iPhone has 2 whole cameras! 2020: it only has two cameras?

  59. author

    Golden Giveaways17 hours ago

    I’m giving away a Samsung galaxy z flip! (Free and reliable) 🎁😝

  60. author

    deniz elli17 hours ago

    This is the end of Apple

  61. author

    snaredrummer012317 hours ago

    If you leave the phone on but not in Bluetooth rang it will still get notifications from apps on your phone

  62. author

    venomonsta18 hours ago

    i want one... but i'm pretty poorman....

  63. author

    Tami Basar18 hours ago

    How Much Iphone Company Paid U ???

  64. author

    Mr. FILMS18 hours ago

    Damn 1.3k dislikes what he do wrong

  65. author

    john Retro18 hours ago

    Hey me too, always put my controller on a plant !

  66. author

    Adam Nelson18 hours ago

    It really bothers me hiw he wears the galaxy buds wrong😂

  67. author

    MuahMan18 hours ago

    I have some 5-6 year old Crossfade M-100's. Still my go to headphones. Sound the best.

  68. author

    Leafar Zerep18 hours ago

    Ehhh i really do not want to feel a 1382 dolar anger noise. Because means is broke.

  69. author

    shibidi18 hours ago

    What kind of laptop backpack is that?

  70. author

    Zach Bixby19 hours ago

    Real day in the life video

  71. author

    MEDiAgamer19 hours ago

    I don't need it... I don't need it... I don't need it.... --- I NEED IT!!!!!

  72. author

    Gwilosteez19 hours ago

    Thumbs up for adding all might 😭😅

  73. author

    Born 2 Win19 hours ago

    Got the Asus GX502 for gaming and web surfing and the 16 MCB for business and school 🔥😤

  74. author

    Tommy19 hours ago

    lying your ass off about durability, went through 3 pairs because the hinges break.

  75. author

    PunishedBread19 hours ago

    Just switched over after using the one plus 6t for a year. Would have continued using it had it not bricked after the newest update ;(

  76. author

    Tristan Phillips20 hours ago

    My solid black beats studio 3's arrive tomorrow

  77. author

    Alexis Geveart-Mooney20 hours ago

    That is sooo cool!!!!!

  78. author

    Phunky Munky20 hours ago

    Cool phone...but that price is way too much

  79. author

    AntwonDaBusiness20 hours ago

    I wish Samsung would overhaul my kitchen for free

  80. author

    Andre Ayton21 hour ago

    Where’d you get that shirt bro

  81. author

    Tayzon Hurt21 hour ago

    The Cubot X20 Pro is better

  82. author

    Karmaツ21 hour ago

    thought I could afford Astro controller lmao

  83. author

    PUBG MØBÍLÉ21 hour ago

    Dud u dont hve Logitech g29...

  84. author

    PUBG MØBÍLÉ21 hour ago

    Bro please give away some ps4 games The Ultra legend gamer..

  85. author

    anju sofonal21 hour ago

    When you are from LATAM :')

  86. author

    Flávio Fonseca21 hour ago

    My boy putting up great content for us, enjoy y'all!!! 🙌🏾

  87. author

    Ryan Z21 hour ago

    First smart phones were small. Then people wanted them bigger. So they went BIG! And now you are telling me big is bad so lets have a foldable phone again? Why? Might as well just go back to basic flip phones. I thought most of us had left flip phones in the past and embraced the smart phone concept and now smart watches. This is a dumb concept.

  88. author

    Spencer Lorrigan21 hour ago

    Honestly, I would actually buy this phone just for the novelty if I had that much money to play with. But I don't.

  89. author

    Beel The Beast 121 hour ago

    Can you wear the Powerbeats pro in one ear and leave the other in the case

  90. author

    CJKnowsTECH21 hour ago

    Dope tips

  91. author

    Techy Boy21 hour ago

    I clean my tech to much

  92. author

    peter fetus21 hour ago

    it looks like a skinny nintendo DS

  93. author

    shoptilldeath22 hours ago

    I dont understand the difference between a flip phone and a folded phone

  94. author

    roni saarinen22 hours ago

    Eww wtf lol

  95. author

    DGLS_Official22 hours ago

    How exactly is that overpriced?

  96. author

    DGLS_Official22 hours ago

    Why do you keep calling it a coffee table? That is nowhere near being a coffee table

  97. author

    Scott Ray22 hours ago

    That'll be 15 grand please

  98. author

    Karen Davidson22 hours ago

    Its shit how its not even glass.

  99. author

    Fernando Rosales23 hours ago

    Watch them long fingernails, they will damage the screen.

  100. author

    Crowned0123 hours ago

    Love to see day in the life.