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  1. author

    yessir39 minutes ago

    Press F To pay respect

  2. author

    VarietyGamesDX48 minutes ago

    Why is everyone saying the campaign was amazing? It was painfully mediocre at best.

  3. author

    Conmon115Hour ago

    This really needs a sequel.

  4. author

    ABHour ago

    Infinity ward made 3 bad cod's in a row. Time to kick them off the development cycle

  5. author

    nangel gamer HD2 hours ago

    I have this game

  6. author

    Dedy Kamata2 hours ago

    6749172413340057601 oM_dheddd...

  7. author

    Dedy Kamata2 hours ago


  8. author

    Fusionplayz2 hours ago


  9. author

    Billy Young3 hours ago

    Best cod

  10. author

    My Leg4 hours ago

    I wish Carry on by A7X was a playable song in Tanzit

  11. author

    adrian setiawan4 hours ago

    Open id:13928836405395150342

  12. author

    Manuel Martinez4 hours ago

    Now I'm on elite v

  13. author

    Manuel Martinez4 hours ago

    I'm on pro 1

  14. author

    Manuel Martinez4 hours ago

    Fix that

  15. author

    Faze_Scope4 hours ago

    Who's here after "Going Dark"????

  16. author

    Radi Tia4 hours ago

    Is not like that fu*king

  17. author

    Eren C4 hours ago

    Me getting in shape for the coronavirus apocalypse

  18. author

    RydoGaming5 hours ago

    this game is very cool.

  19. author

    bola shop5 hours ago

    wajib nonton saya ini... makasih

  20. author

    HypnotiZe6 hours ago

    I must say I do tend to revisit this trailer a ton. It's just so neatly edited...

  21. author

    ben solo6 hours ago

    You said we can get free cp

  22. author

    ben solo6 hours ago


  23. author

    European Infidel6 hours ago

    Call of camping modern safe space door edition

  24. author

    Jskor Nick7 hours ago

    1:13 when your in the Taco Bell bathroom

  25. author

    Will7 hours ago

    STRIKER is a hit market machine. get ready to lose most gunfights while using it. but hey Joe Cecunt likes it that way.

  26. author

    Lleyton Tinsley7 hours ago

    This just puts bo4 in the grave

  27. author

    Brody Hughson8 hours ago

    It's rock out

  28. author

    FBI8 hours ago

    I bought this game, my wallet is now empty.

  29. author

    Arish Zeeshan8 hours ago


  30. author

    Dasep Sabarudin8 hours ago

    nickname: RANGGA123

  31. author

    QuantumLeopard GAMINGYT9 hours ago

    I cant sign in to PSN so i cant play multiplayer and i cant buy ghost which makes me sad

  32. author

    kirvy 248110 hours ago

    So ghost didn't died?? I need some explanation

  33. author

    Domovèn0k TV10 hours ago

    *ПОМОГИТЕ набрать лайки и просмотры пожалуйста *

  34. author

    IAmSirZak10 hours ago

    Are those chainsaw like sounds the zombies? If so, they sound horrifying.

  35. author

    IAmSirZak10 hours ago

    Man, I miss Co-Op campaign so much.

  36. author

    Warren D 3rd11 hours ago

    Guys follow my channel please!

  37. author

    Ary Dandois12 hours ago


  38. author

    Andi Yunianto12 hours ago

    Name : ๛KimiHime๛ Id : 6742996099658678273

  39. author

    Erick Enciso12 hours ago


  40. author

    Daniel Reyes12 hours ago

    Name song?

  41. author

    Iks Lums12 hours ago

    fix the game

  42. author

    PunkDude 22312 hours ago

    I liked the game sjnce the begining...They called me a madman

  43. author

    CONSTANTINE12 hours ago

    Do more updates, and put less loot boxes and lucky draws... If we want to spend money on your game, at least we wanna get the items we want.

  44. author

    Eric 0513 hours ago


  45. author

    David Soroz13 hours ago


  46. author

    David Soroz13 hours ago


  47. author

    David Soroz13 hours ago


  48. author

    David Soroz13 hours ago


  49. author

    Shirley C. Middleton13 hours ago

    "Knife the watermelon" "Nice your fruit killing skills are remarkable" Power: goes out Girls: scream Boys: bravo six going dark 1:24 I love how the bombs are on beat

  50. author

    lucia pretty13 hours ago

    Name:legendguy23 Id:5129659954300673812 Semoga menang AMIN

  51. author

    SCP 09613 hours ago

    Easy map to copy and paste . they've milked this map to death and it's ridiculous.

  52. author

    Rizky Kamadjaya13 hours ago

    Openid : 6401406729687227404 Nickname : OP×KAMAJAYA>

  53. author

    Ahmad Diki13 hours ago

    6743561803357224962 id ingat Nick mane : Binjutsy

  54. author

    D3AD von KAT13 hours ago

    This a free dlc?

  55. author

    Jim chamberlain15 hours ago


  56. author

    فيصل الدخيّل15 hours ago

    2020? miss ya bo2

  57. author

    luxury obsession15 hours ago

    Floyd is badass. My favorite character to play with.

  58. author

    Beatmy Yeet16 hours ago

    What a time to be kid. Best game ever

  59. author

    Fakhrul Hidayat16 hours ago

    6743259776374800385 codm

  60. author

    Fakhrul Hidayat16 hours ago

    6743259776374800385 codm

  61. author

    Fakhrul Hidayat16 hours ago

    6743259776374800385 codm

  62. author

    Fakhrul Hidayat16 hours ago

    6743259776374800385 codm

  63. author

    Leonan Fischer16 hours ago


  64. author

    Crkustoms Rivera17 hours ago

    How many upgrades or GB does this game need.? $69 wasn’t enough??

  65. author

    ValenBelloso2417 hours ago

    so much hype to later disappoint

  66. author

    ValenBelloso2417 hours ago

    Sbmm + microtransactions= Worst Call of duty of the decade

  67. author

    TioGu17 hours ago

    I would like to see perks like Martyrdom and Last Stand in this game :P

  68. author

    ValenBelloso2417 hours ago

    Garbage and more garbage

  69. author

    ValenBelloso2417 hours ago

    Infinity ward and Activision= 💩 Off call of duty

  70. author

    ValenBelloso2417 hours ago

    Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Gabrage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage

  71. author

    victor dominguez17 hours ago

    Muy bonito y todo pero ustedes le están dando en la m$%#... al juego con su ambición.

  72. author

    下丹刀モ刀ㄥS卄18 hours ago

    It's been like 3 months They still haven't removed SBMM

  73. author

    Doughboy I19 hours ago

    Overall, the best visuals, audio, and cutscenes I've ever seen in a video game. Along with great characters, story, and gameplay, make this campaign stellar. I would recommend playing on Realism to get the most out of the game.

  74. author

    CT gaming19 hours ago

    We need all the old call of duty dlc to be free

  75. author

    Ramon Fransisco19 hours ago

    Só uma ideia pra nova atualização

  76. author

    Ramon Fransisco19 hours ago

    Só uma ideia pra nova atualização

  77. author

    Ramon Fransisco19 hours ago

    Tinha q ter mais pistolas e facas

  78. author

    Melodic Meerkat20 hours ago

    It was and is a great game, but was completely released at the worst possible time. BF1 made the craze being boots on the ground WW1 and 2 but instead of going back they went far...far forward!

  79. author

    DomPapers20 hours ago

    Did I miss the part where there was a release date

  80. author

    AndyXP20 hours ago

    Will they do this type of community reveal for Black Ops 5?

  81. author

    Ahmad Fobs YT21 hour ago

    I have ZERO self esteem for this game. Rather play infinite warfare than this

  82. author

    StaTus Game21 hour ago

    Black ops 2 remastered !

  83. author

    anus21 hour ago

    never understood the hate lol loved the game and still do. why did people have such a problem with it?

  84. author

    Capta_1n21 hour ago

    Where the Barrett Is?

  85. author

    Mr. Odd21 hour ago

    Not lying. I have played the game but this is my first time seeing this game trailer

  86. author

    Jordan GAVIANO22 hours ago

    Hi. This is the last Call of I buy. The SBMM is really not the way to make us have fun. It is a game not a competition. Add to that the problems you know about... Spawns,loud step noises, etc... You dont listen to the critics of your fans. Bye

  87. author

    Mainque Rodriguez22 hours ago

    Guys where going to las vegas Girls: yes i can't wait to go :D Me and the boys:

  88. author

    Xxx_420BLAZEitNoscope_xxX God23 hours ago

    Love kino with the thunder gun🍕

  89. author

    Press E23 hours ago

    Why do we have solders dressed up like DJ’s or something now? Yeah, nothing makes sense anymore.

  90. author

    Nagobrots 77723 hours ago


  91. author

    Nagobrots 77723 hours ago

    For you

  92. author

    Daedric_HunterzDay ago

    When 2025 comes around, i'll come back to this video

  93. author

    DcyphRDay ago

    Still better than Modern Warfare.

  94. author

    Rok_ 27Day ago

    Almost 4 millions... Dislikes!! КЭК

  95. author


    If u think that the story o fmodern warfare should continue....then like here

  96. author

    Brandon BockDay ago

    I want 24/7 shipment back for the grind

  97. author

    StreetCanDay ago

    MetalicA \m/

  98. author

    DingoDay ago

    I dont know how i feel about the realistic graphics

  99. author

    Unknown GamerDay ago

    I thought I was watching a movie trailer