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    Jacky E7 hours ago

    Bread man

  2. author

    Weedo7 hours ago

    cops at the deaf black kid speaking sign language: 11:14

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    Electric Angel7 hours ago

    On the first product/puzzle when it is put together it kinda looks like that one Hittler sign.

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    Noah 07_77 hours ago


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    Draco Braving7 hours ago

    19:50 blast from the past

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    Princess Kiwi gamer 778 hours ago

    Do haunted video

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    Russell Char8 hours ago

    power stone space stone reality stone soul stone time stone mind stone

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    Hank Anderson8 hours ago


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    Diana Byrum8 hours ago

    This is how many likes I get l V

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    A Martyr's Confession8 hours ago

    John 3:16 KJV [16] For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

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    Michael Steinocher8 hours ago

    I want that! ;)

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    Danica Frost8 hours ago


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    Mr. Blue1o78 hours ago

    I'm gonna punch your face in the face

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    Quianmore8 hours ago

    "English probably isn't your first language but..." *Puts 'chainsaw' as two words in the request*

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    ThaEmoTrash 008 hours ago


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    Darius Nefle8 hours ago

    i have to agree orange is the greatest color XD its also the most common fruit flavor that shares its name with the color of which it is commonly seen as today. mean while what edible thing is called red, blue, green answer none (well none that i know of atleast)

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    Gucci Chicken8 hours ago

    Why did they have to pay for boogers when they have a whole supply of boogers in 4yr olds noses

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    Live with Alex8 hours ago

    SUGAR GANG!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Tony Plays8 hours ago

    Iron Man dies

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    Trayce Brown8 hours ago

    OMG....that sound was horrible...loved the video but because of that sound, it was actually painful 2 watch/listen 2 😖

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    Jake Thompson8 hours ago

    Tanner your right bout the sagging coming from prison but your explanation was wrong. Sagging started in jail by the gays and they would sagg there pants to show that there single. And by the words of an awesome comedian Eddie Griffin. "Saggin is faggin".

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    Logan Riffe8 hours ago

    Space time soul mind power and reality

  23. author

    Mack Studios8 hours ago

    If you guys made a band you would be the beard boys I love it

  24. author

    Salomon Flores8 hours ago

    Happy birthday Matt and your wish will be hitting tanner in the face

  25. author

    Alicea Gentry8 hours ago

    Matt why do you remind me of team edge :O get recked

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    Sydney Gest8 hours ago

    I asked my 10 year old cousin on if he would build this knowing how long it would take and he said yes he would so there you go note: he has a bigger IQ then his 16 year old sister I don’t know if that helps but yeah

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    ASMR With Blayke8 hours ago

    Reality, space, time, power, mind, and soul

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    Drama Queen8 hours ago

    Tan Man: "if you haven't seen it, you're a rookie." Me: "nah I'm just poor."

  29. author

    Camryn nicole8 hours ago

    Let Luna have a waki taki!!!

  30. author

    lollig lolliger8 hours ago

    Yeaaaah 7 milijon subs

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    Mack Studios8 hours ago

    Matthias: send me this to remind of the happiest time of my life Me: aren’t u married and have a daughter

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    de secret Doge8 hours ago


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    • Stxrryshq8 hours ago

    I would eat it! I’m Asian and we eat it! PIN DIS OR ELSE ME LOL

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    Potatoe Thingie9 hours ago

    You are not supposed to do thick drinks like milk or orange juice with pulp

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    Sloth Barf9 hours ago

    I'll take the robot when ur finished

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    Bob Cunningham9 hours ago

    it's a rubic's cube ball

  37. author

    The Sun9 hours ago

    the idea is coal but you talk too much. Try to spend less time talking and more time reviewing

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    MM Madness9 hours ago

    You owe him $233

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    him robot9 hours ago

    7:22 mntdew:"take a swig... or suck at gaming"hilarious!!!!

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    Ka'iulani D'Eredita9 hours ago

    hi tanner i am a big fan omg give a sout out that youare the best and yoour friends at these videos

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    JJ Phantom9 hours ago

    matt and michal were thinking so hard about soap and pencil holders

  42. author

    Andy Diaz9 hours ago

    Micheal: it’s an “X” bro Nobody: Me: Jah?

  43. author

    Eric Lang9 hours ago

    My feet get super sweaty

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    Valerie Sadler9 hours ago


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    Anthony Coussa9 hours ago

    Did u know that cows explode it is true

  46. author

    LPSMoonDragon9 hours ago

    LOL. Can u do another fnaf one?

  47. author

    Colton Starr9 hours ago

    Battle bot

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    Legit bunny2479 hours ago

    Tanner used the lasso wrong.

  49. author

    Bethany Zdrojewski9 hours ago

    Well, I guess we know who Luna's favorite Uncle is.

  50. author

    Ayden Rider9 hours ago

    I subscribed and hit the bellAnd I also love your videos and you’re the best Yotuber’s ever

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    Mental Duck9 hours ago

    tanner looking red like a tomato as usual

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    PieDiePewFalconLover 699 hours ago

    6:10 Why did he have to spoiler endgame like that Now i know that Batman dies.

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    Tianna Elizalde9 hours ago

    I can bet mike is the youngest but still acts like the most mature guy there lol

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    Elizabete Deglava9 hours ago


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    Hdhshs HdhdbHdhdbs9 hours ago


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    Buzzafract9 hours ago


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    Tianna Elizalde9 hours ago

    I know that matt rated it a dope but u cant rate things nope if u DONT READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!!! You must first understand the product in order to then play my dudes!!

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    Akfairy Starbucks9 hours ago

    The stop motion game was a item my brother got a long time ago, we still have the app

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    awsome Tiger unboxing and gaming9 hours ago

    Infinity stones are power stone,time stone, space stone, reality stone, soul stone, mind stone

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    Lego Boss9 hours ago


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    MythicalBeast789 hours ago

    TANNERS 24!!??

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    Andy Paez9 hours ago

    Battle bots

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    Ben Watson9 hours ago

    Tanner said blog

  64. author

    Fatima Haq9 hours ago

    I officially declare their crazy

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    XxDepressed LiaxX9 hours ago

    "must be an android"*unsubscribes*

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    Bob Weekley9 hours ago

    U flap ur lips

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    the boss legend10 hours ago

    The beard makes you look like thanos

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    Amazingrain YT10 hours ago


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    Emiliano Serrano10 hours ago


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    Owen Esposito10 hours ago

    Reality soul time space mind power

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    Cactus Queen6810 hours ago

    I’m waiting for the one day where every product is a dope

  72. author

    Afsar Ahmed10 hours ago

    Except the playset you can download rocket car ball for free

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    Dawn Moonias10 hours ago


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    Isaac Mealey10 hours ago

    How many times has Michael spilled coffee on himself????

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    John Villegas10 hours ago


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    aj hi10 hours ago

    Bread man

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    rqattan2510 hours ago


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    smoking monkey_UY10 hours ago

    3:27 Spock is the sound that you will hear when I take it out of your A. SNS XD classic

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    AnimatedUnicorn10 hours ago

    When u remember the Septiplier videos Robert made years ago XD

  80. author

    Loralin Biernaczyk10 hours ago

    nobody: me:nO yOu!

  81. author

    Madie D.10 hours ago

    Pikachu I choose you

  82. author

    Ryan Sweeney10 hours ago

    Power space time mind soul reality

  83. author

    Lached Spoon710 hours ago

    This is so weird. This Matt is completely different from now Matt. It’s weird

  84. author

    Mr Gabumon10 hours ago

    Pikachu I choose you!

  85. author

    DragonQueenGaming 91010 hours ago

    I had the door alarm. It worked but no one tried to get into my room, so I didn’t have a use for it.

  86. author

    Russell Wallace10 hours ago

    Was this video sponsored by that spy brand lol

  87. author

    Andy Paez10 hours ago


  88. author

    Lynx10 hours ago

    When I was little,I wanted to be an actor now I want to work for matt

  89. author

    AnimatedUnicorn10 hours ago


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    BotBlok10 hours ago


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    Brigitte Mendez10 hours ago


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    Josie Awe10 hours ago

    Hi 😜 I love you ❤️😘💕 and tanner is a nerd 🤓

  93. author

    Peyton Lorah11 hours ago

    I’m 12and I even know how to make the foam tower

  94. author

    Fernando Chiuman11 hours ago

    10:29 after tanner hit the camera my screen start to blurry

  95. author

    Bane Kondic11 hours ago

    I would have put disco ball in picture of childrens party 😏, for treadmill i would have made picture that is split in 4 sections and in middle is treadmill that is in all 4 parts but in every part the treadmill is different based to background behind treadmill like cameleon treadmill

  96. author

    Zuhair Khan11 hours ago

    Tanner sounds like Penny wise 9:09

  97. author

    Santos Tovar11 hours ago

    On the front of the drawing pad that Bonnie is from the book series and it’s name is twisted Bonnie

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    Ladeena Rotger11 hours ago


  99. author

    Max Anopolsky11 hours ago

    Come on down to del taco we got #fr esh Ava ca doo

  100. author

    nicodemus Damon11 hours ago

    pikocho i choose you