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  1. author

    reWIND8 hours ago

    Magic Eddie Jones Elgin Baylor Robert Horry Shaq

  2. author

    Moonroof8 hours ago


  3. author

    Dave Chappelle8 hours ago

    Yea, great. Lets see how accurate you throw a pass at a guy running a 4.3/40 split route while 300lb defensive lineman and linebackers are coming at you full speed.

  4. author

    Enrique Mendoza8 hours ago

    City should have won

  5. author

    makavelithedon139968 hours ago


  6. author

    HeadshotTatertot938 hours ago

    Ocho voice and accent is completely different now

  7. author

    James Hamilton8 hours ago

    Even though we won the chip this still breaks my fucking heart.

  8. author

    Over Under Sideways Down8 hours ago

    Looks like everyone missed tackling class...and coverage class...and pass rushing class... Some schools hire DEFENSIVE COORDINATORS.

  9. author

    Stan guian-Illanes8 hours ago

    Man, the last highlight made me fucking emotional. What a legend

  10. author

    Tharun Bala9 hours ago

    Hi, still can’t get over the fact that the packers are a top three defense, the wait has paid off

  11. author

    wow that's cool 1239 hours ago

    Kawhi at 3? Disrespect.

  12. author

    Jon Dunn9 hours ago

    Magic Johnson: $5 Eddie Jones: $1 (biggest steal for a guy who got multiple all-star selection when he was a Laker) Cedric Ceballos: $2 (only played a couple years but was an all star who didn’t need the ball in his hands to be effective) Pau Gasol: $3 Shaq: $4 (Possibly the best player in his prime out of anyone here and his stint with the Lakers he was in his prime)

  13. author

    AJ Jav9 hours ago

    Magic, Kobe, Odom, Horry, Vern.

  14. author

    Daniel Thomas9 hours ago

    Tennessee vs Jax was actually a good game. The Packers/Bears on the other hand...

  15. author

    dodai matthew9 hours ago


  16. author

    Jason Harris9 hours ago

    at 4:00 is his 1st throw.

  17. author

    Aaron ExalTeD9 hours ago

    Of course they're wearing glasses indoors in a low light room

  18. author

    mojoe Lindell9 hours ago

    Americans love to watch men in tights playing with balls.

  19. author

    Nelson Housos9 hours ago

    PG- LeBron $5 SG- Klay $2 SF- Kawhi $3 PF- Tatum $1 C- KD $4 But no AD? Um ok...JR must have made this list🤣

  20. author

    Tuomas Kallio9 hours ago

    lost all of his sponsors and his guarenteed money. business ain't boomin no more

  21. author

    Drew Martinez9 hours ago

    How tf is Oladipo $4 and Kawhi $3 ? Wow

  22. author

    Dabeast_229 hours ago

    35:57 as Dwight is on the lakers

  23. author

    NICHOLAS JOHNSON9 hours ago

    Shower takes away ur high dumbass😂

  24. author

    Drew Martinez9 hours ago

    The fact that JR is on this 😂

  25. author

    050brandon9 hours ago

    Homie in the back was pressed for the dap lol

  26. author

    Quentin Coberley9 hours ago

    A team of Lebron KD Kawhi Is going to go undefeated

  27. author

    RealMenCry9 hours ago

    $5 Steph $4 KD $3 Kawhi $2 Klay $1 Drummond That team running through everyone, they have 3 guys that know how to play together and then Kawhi and Drummond 4 elite defenders 4 elite scorers that compliment each other 0 ball dominant players

  28. author

    Daniel GGG9 hours ago

    Pg- magic 5$ Sg- Eddie Jones 1$ Sf- Cedric 2$ Pf- Pau 3$ C- Shaq

  29. author

    xzahvien ikon9 hours ago

    I will 🙏 for you

  30. author

    Zach A10 hours ago

    It’s nice to see a professional player pull up to the casual runs every once in a while

  31. author

    Nba Kid10 hours ago

    3 sf

  32. author

    Nba Kid10 hours ago

    Kyrie klay Kawhi lebron drummond

  33. author

    Jordan Cole10 hours ago

    I went. 5 Bron 5 Steph 2 klay 2 La 1 drum

  34. author

    Oscar P10 hours ago

    M. Mack or Carlos Hyde???? ??

  35. author

    Raj Shah10 hours ago

    Joe mixon or John brown

  36. author

    Mr L wiseman10 hours ago

    You know TO had to make his presence. TO can still play, if a team called him right now, he'll suit up

  37. author

    Aidan Davis10 hours ago

    They messed up when they told us who the ratings adjuster is, now people probably gonna try and jump him or somethin 😂😂😂

  38. author

    DaviG10 hours ago

    Mark Andrews to start?

  39. author

    Edric Evasco10 hours ago

    Kareem Shaq Kobe Eddie jones Snoop

  40. author

    Chris Tyburski10 hours ago

    marlon mack or robert woods HELP

  41. author

    Angela Dalberiste11 hours ago

    Qb Ryan or Trubisky? Ahh so torn

  42. author

    Ethan Lowman11 hours ago

    “You think it’s true what they say about the cover curse?” Idk Antonio what do you think

  43. author

    Blake Mast11 hours ago

    Mark Andrews or zach ertz

  44. author

    Joshua Lynch11 hours ago

    Sony Michel or nick chubb at rb2 this week

  45. author

    Str8kuntri611 hours ago

    He didn’t even show up in the playoffs

  46. author

    Andrew11 hours ago

    What 2 RB should I start: Raheem Mostert, Nick Chubb, and Phillip Lindsey

  47. author

    Andrew11 hours ago

    Who should I start at the flex: McLaurin, Marquese Brown, or TJ Hockenson.

  48. author

    Gaven Hill11 hours ago

    Man so much has changed after this video

  49. author

    Justin Brown11 hours ago

    Mark Andrews or Vance McDonald

  50. author

    alex marques11 hours ago

    Taylor brooks. Hell.

  51. author

    Fabian Naranjo11 hours ago

    Go Seahawks

  52. author

    lol toxic gamer11 hours ago

    Love how if he make it its wet as fuck

  53. author

    Owen Clark11 hours ago

    Prescott or may field

  54. author

    k1lla4nian11 hours ago

    John brown or Cooper Kupp in flex. Matt Ryan or Wentz?

  55. author

    Christopher Black11 hours ago

    **Throws for 69 yards** *Nice*

  56. author

    Caleb Kief11 hours ago

    Josh Rosen: you guys are all fing mistakes 1 year later Dubbed a mistake

  57. author

    Gilbert Brovar11 hours ago

    Given rain storm in kc would you start Brady over mahomes Would you start at flex: Olsen over marquis brown?

  58. author

    Justin Williams11 hours ago

    Anthony Davis is going to be MVP this year.

  59. author

    Landfill Productions11 hours ago

    Yo, BR, we're trying to keep this dude under wraps. Stop it.

  60. author

    George Moody11 hours ago

    Patriots are watching this.

  61. author

    kid with a smug hat11 hours ago

    “We beat the Browns! Titans Mania” *TITANS TITANS TITAN-*

  62. author

    Roman Avila11 hours ago

    Kind of ruin the video if you put his answers on the thumbnail 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️

  63. author

    dave c11 hours ago

    I'm no longer a fan of new buracracy association. But i support certain players. Dudley is an accecptional player. His hard work ethic. And true grit should inspire his teamates. Yes. Good fit.

  64. author

    Rajkumar Raghuram11 hours ago

    Snoop actually sounds like black Johnny Deep.

  65. author

    PoppaRBX11 hours ago

    So Mohammed sanu is a good QBs and cam newton broke a world record that was made by Odell Beckham at wide receiver 🤔

  66. author

    HP Jodi11 hours ago

    He on a 10 day contract

  67. author

    beastbro11 hours ago

    Who else said Awww SHT when they tied up the series....

  68. author

    Jjakeee11 hours ago

    Was the must unathletic get up ever

  69. author

    beastbro11 hours ago

    Who else lost their mind and started crying when this happened🖐🏾🏆🇨🇦

  70. author

    PowerHouse Watson11 hours ago

    These niggas look so much alike

  71. author

    ROUJJ11 hours ago

    Cookies and Cream and Candy Paint🔥🔥🔥

  72. author

    U Haul11 hours ago

    Nun anywhurr near da top 10. Female play-by-play announca? Da fuck?

  73. author

    RLB FISHING TBROWN12 hours ago

    Why the f would you not put Kobe on that list wtf snoop

  74. author

    oocarter22 Carter12 hours ago

    No one touched him though how is that not a touchdown 🤔🤔🤔

  75. author

    Kdub 20812 hours ago

    Giannis Kyrie Kawai Klay Drummond

  76. author

    George12 hours ago

    Man If I hear one more O I am smart by saying they should have kept Brogdan instead of 1st Team defense Bledsoe for a dude with FUCKING and fused bone in his foot with plantar fasciitis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Google plantar fasciitis- let me know if you trust that! You don't think the Bucks front office didn't do their homework!!! Love Malcom but he's damaged goods waiting for an injury!! You don't give 80mil to that with Giannis window!! By trading Malcom, with that money were able to retain George Hill, Brook Lopez, sign Mathews and Korver all while receiving a first round draft pick.. Check please!!

  77. author

    OURSIS THEFURY12 hours ago

    Kawhi 3 dollars? Are you f*$@!&' kidding me? He's the best in the world right now. Carried us to a ring.

  78. author

    Alex Charles12 hours ago

    I’ll take: Russ $3 Harden $5 Klay $2 Tatum: $1 KAT: $4

  79. author

    Sean OBrien12 hours ago

    4:36 nice.

  80. author

    Random person12 hours ago

    best dunk of the playoffs forsure

  81. author

    Cheezitchar12313 hours ago

    Wouldn’t have happened if the 🐐 was still playing for Washington State

  82. author

    Rare Mylo13 hours ago

    Curry $5 Klay 2$ Butler $2 Kawhi $3 Gobert $3

  83. author

    Daniel Lamostre13 hours ago

    $5 - Curry (PG) $4 - Thurmond (C) $3 - Green (PF) $2 - Jackson (SG) $1 - Richardson(SF) $1 - Ellis (SG) (Sixth man)

  84. author

    G Mays13 hours ago

    Thats the most weakest line up ever...without kobe and shaq

  85. author

    Nes13 hours ago

    Hi power offense more 80 90 power football runnning

  86. author

    Nes13 hours ago

    Genius..lmao..were not in high school..3points in the SuperbowL is genius ..embarrassment 🤮

  87. author

    Roy Got Hops13 hours ago

    This Nigga was definitely high

  88. author

    Fresh IceCubes13 hours ago


  89. author

    diegodayzz __13 hours ago

    dak prescott threw 60 on air in a game.. carson wentz probably could do it aswell

  90. author

    Itso Zim13 hours ago

    Its tough Shaq man gotta be in

  91. author

    John Rosie13 hours ago

    All right I'll subscribe calm down Phil.

  92. author

    Villainous Show13 hours ago

    Pascal & FVV gonna ball this season. Look for OG an the new SG from ole miss to step up hopefully

  93. author

    bryan YAU13 hours ago

    4. KD, 3. Kawhi. 3. Lilard. 3. K love. 2. Klay…. No way you can top that with just 15dollar

  94. author

    Blue Red13 hours ago

    Can't wait to see him next to our rookies Mann & Kabengele, as well as McGruder. The bench is going to be even nastier this year.

  95. author

    LaSTdaY13 hours ago

    My team would have been LeBron, Jimmy, Kawhi, Kd, Drummond

  96. author

    Young Callo13 hours ago

    Steph, Klay, Kawhi, Giannis and Drummond

  97. author

    YO Yoyo13 hours ago

    Tua, Herbert, Burrows, Lawrence...lots of good QBs coming out the next 2 years. Bears need to eat it on Trubisky & get in position to draft one of 'em.

  98. author

    Sandy Gao13 hours ago

    Who is here when it says 2018-119 Highlights

  99. author

    Jacob Fournier14 hours ago

    Georgia fans punching the air rn

  100. author

    chao wan14 hours ago

    Did this guys just ignore andre iguodala at $2???