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  1. author

    Fox Trap3 hours ago

    China stroooonk.

  2. author

    Tin Highlands3 hours ago

    Close Schools and all education institutions please

  3. author

    Joelle773 hours ago

    But a million reporters in a closed space all bumping against each other - no need for masks or concern, lol.

  4. author

    Cheryl Kringelbach3 hours ago

    Well you better set up a food source right there too, if you expect them to go straight to home quarantine . Other wise people will go to get supplies needed.

  5. author

    Pheno Zeno, Intergalactic Federation of Grey's.3 hours ago

    Little to late you Moron! Just goes to show you just can't fix Super Coronavirus Stupid!😲😵😷👎

  6. author

    First Last3 hours ago

    Resident Evil: Dead Aim. (can someone stop screwing with simulated reality)

  7. author

    Kevin A3 hours ago

    Comeon! Forget about the PRC workers. Let them qurantine in their own country. After the epidemic then decide. Health is more important than wealth. Mr Wong.

  8. author

    Susan Booth3 hours ago

    From one person. To. ........

  9. author

    cjb cjb3 hours ago

    Everyday is something else, let’s stay positive ppl

  10. author

    De Shan3 hours ago

    Big mistake. How can you guarantee that they will stay at home? Why can't you people quarantine them at a controlled location and monitor them there. I'm sure the cases will increase.

  11. author

    Loretta Joann3 hours ago

    I know exactly how they feel. My son is only 8 years old, and he is nonverbal autistic. I am 49 and I worry so much about his future. I pray that he becomes independent like him in his future and will be able to say a few words. God bless this beautiful family 💞

  12. author

    Captain Carpenter3 hours ago

    Sink the ship.

  13. author

    Jethro Jackson3 hours ago

    This is very sad news...but Art will always survive!

  14. author

    dayy logg3 hours ago

    The theater and any confined space is reminiscent of the cruise ship Diamond Princess.

  15. author

    textmachine093 hours ago

    Kim jong un is so fat that his face is starting to take a square shape.

  16. author

    Paradigm3 hours ago

    If new cases are popping up, the quarantine so far is void. Quite worrrying.

  17. author

    Nielson Jorge3 hours ago

    Yep, Islam. Religion of peace they said.

  18. author

    Alex Wu3 hours ago

    I think maybe it's time the WHO steps in on decisions like this...

  19. author

    Navneet Kumar Bhaskar3 hours ago

    *_Philippines government should developed bilateral relations with India, India can fulfill all required of Philippines like _**_#Financial_**_ & _**_#Defance_**_.. Otherwise China will occupy Philippines_*

  20. author

    ROGER LABARR3 hours ago

    I don't know if this is true or not?!

  21. author

    Mark Gitschel3 hours ago

    Taxi driver and Doctor passing the Corona virus around in Tokyo ! Just great ! Japan is next ! Carelessness will kill !

  22. author

    Kevin A3 hours ago

    It didn't look so good. Is it? Mr Wong. Quite shaky when you are speaking.

  23. author

    Discharge Summary3 hours ago


  24. author

    Jayakanth J3 hours ago

    The ship 'diamond princess' should be renamed once their services rebegin. It's whole reputation is now damaged and it can cause sentimental beleifs forbidding ppl from choosing it.

  25. author

    Pixel Wanderer3 hours ago

    looks like Queen Zenobia in Resident Evil Revelations

  26. author

    King Chemical3 hours ago

    this is a pathetic answer how can we let this kind of minster to protect us Singaporean, said that people who came back to Singapore from China to stay home for 14-day quarantine and implying to have a strict home quarantine which going out is not allowed but people visiting is alright and will be monitor by what phone tracking? don't we have a solution at all why not use a building to quarantine people who have gone to China and which will help to prevent from getting out or people getting in and best what about using the Jail Tag Tracker to track where these people are if they are home quarantine? this is to prove Singapore government is not prepared for this kind of outbreak after hearing what they said I have lost hope on their capability of handling the situation. Prepare for more cases coming to Singapore you know it and it happening. the word "I don't think" from a minster is rather show how they know they cant take care of it

  27. author

    Fish, Plants, and Hamsters4 hours ago

    Being quarantined is enforced, but having visitors is "discouraged", but not enforced. doesn't that defeat the purpose of quarantine? And what about the family members that live with them? are they forced to stay home too? Also, there's a good chance one of them will be stubborn enough to violate the quarantine rule. sure they will be punished if caught but what if they are actually infected? once they spread the virus in public there's no going back... can't they stay in a secured/guarded apartment just like those previously quarantined before? I know it costs money but at this point in time, you can't put a price on risk right now.

  28. author

    antonio silveira4 hours ago


  29. author

    Nancy Supan4 hours ago

    Healthcare workers are priceless gifts to everyone of us, please take extra precautions for yourselves and others. Adapt to ever changing processes to keep everyone healthy and safe from this virus. Please don't touch peoples clothing.. Distance for now until we are all clear of getting this life threatening virus.. Thank you for your amazing service to others. Bless all healthcare workers and your families.

  30. author

    sunil kumar4 hours ago

    Burn down the ship.....

  31. author

    Tea 4 24 hours ago

    The ship is a petridish, bughouse

  32. author

    Tea 4 24 hours ago

    Disembark with a bug attached to a shoe......duh.....this is so scary, all those people with bugs on all their belongings.

  33. author

    Tea 4 24 hours ago

    This disease is soooo dangerous.....cancel flights cancel olympics, stop for a year and clean house countries

  34. author

    Alexis Zaganidis4 hours ago

    In fact, it is better to assume that 95% of cruise passenger are infected and to deduce that test efficiency is 35-40% (because virus mutations, incubation period, etc...)

  35. author

    jack madison-smith4 hours ago

    so barnier is putting on his size 10 boots on. this arrogant frenchman needs to wake up and smell the coffee. times have changed since the last election. now give us a free trade deal without conditions or we willl walk away and trade with the rest of the world and the EU will not be calling UK treasure island any more.. and without us you are dead.

  36. author

    Nancy Supan4 hours ago

    Stop touching people, yes you are touching their clothing tagging them with each others germs... STOP Touching people's clothing THIS IS SO WRONG IN SO MANY WAYS>. Put the stickers AWAY. TAG you got now, NEXT tag you got it.. STOP tagging people.. STOP the stickers.. STOP STOP STOP. People cough into their clothing then you touch it and contaminate the person. STOP THE DAMN STICKERS.. Point people into the areas you want them. Hand them a piece of paper. DON"T TOUCH PEOPLE'S clothing.. STOP STOP STOP

  37. author

    678667 Malhaba4 hours ago

    Managed to quarantine 3700 passengers, providing medical assistance in their own land, working very very hard. The mother land of all the citizens in DP should have come to pick them up earlier. This American / British cruise company captain should have informed other passengers when they found out there was one infected 80 years old Hong Kong guy already onboard.

  38. author

    oldporkchops4 hours ago

    Strict measures now? Or Draconian measures later?

  39. author

    Cosmo4 hours ago

    Wonder why food handlers don't wear masks? Plenty of masks available, don't panic. Your honorable words are trusted. Where to buy.? Most pharmacies don't have. Any lists of shops to buy? Don't wear masks if you are not sick. But what happens when someone else is sick, knowingly or not knowing with symptoms will to talk to you or cough face to face near you, no time to avoid. Also good example of not %afraid of virus, leaders of Singapore, i didnt see wearing masks. Ignorant or trying to calm the people. Immune? Even President Xi wore 1. and assembly postpone.

  40. author

    Elder Lich4 hours ago

    Put them at Tekong for 2 week quarantine, instead of at home, at home confirm will have some go out and roam shopping malls.

  41. author

    Abdul Razak shaikh4 hours ago

    Nice game. I like counter strike game

  42. author

    Anony Mouse4 hours ago

    99 more out of how many total tested at this point? Can we get that info too?

  43. author

    Discharge Summary4 hours ago

    It seems to be becoming more strict & the authorities becoming more serious where before it was all smiles & telling us not to prepare or think for ourselves...just wash your hands & use mask if you feel unwell

  44. author

    fuusha 994 hours ago

    So how are the quarantinees going to buy food and throw rubbish. Some of them have flatmates, who can get infected.

  45. author

    Marek Spacek4 hours ago

    The deliberate endangerment of humanity deserves to be condemned, not applause.

  46. author

    Goaler Fc4 hours ago

    Who don't parent born!! We wanted to be safe also and we are not selfish. Government , shld asking them to fix a CCTV on their house door. The person must be wearing a location tracking device to ensure the person around. In Case the person went out,must be punished on cane and fine.. Singapore Law.

  47. author

    Yong King Kun4 hours ago

    Did they think properly before proceed this move? As some mention this covid-19 have possible attach to person without symptoms. Wouldn’t this a bit risky to make this move? By all mean it still have risk . Singapore is a very small country. Would be better gov temporary provide place for them to stay to minimise the possibility of spreading?

  48. author

    Discharge Summary4 hours ago

    Massive psychological operations

  49. author

    Dust screen4 hours ago

    Yes youngee and oldees. ..lock them up both problematic tenure..

  50. author

    Hong Luu4 hours ago

    Lth. Indonesia: fine. Virus Corona love the hot, Hot, hot.. extra heater of the. outside AIR... Then don't need to come Into inside Human Body... SINGAPORE:..& friends... Too too much rooms, buildings for working people having COOLing AIR machines.... Then the VIRUS Corona Might feel Freezing, and LOOKING for HUMAN body WARMER to escape.... So SINGAPORE: Shut off : cold air machines TURN on The HEATers HOT Until your SWEATs come out when people still stands Staying inside buildings ROOMs.... Testing: how the VIRUS Corona are loving Heat, Hot TEMPERATUREs..... degree Celcius.... Placing RAW - MEATs outdoor.... Microscope check monitoring ... Lth. I very much believe that: VIRUS Corona are: Thirsty, hungry of waters... And Heat,Hot highly Temperatures.....of the AIR outdoor environment s... Luu Thanh Hong SSN#:114-64-2018 USA. BS.EE 1982 Lth. Try all and narrower test... Good luck.... Bye. 9:25am February 17, 2020 El Monte, California, USA.

  51. author

    Dust screen4 hours ago

    Hei..island nation wake up..this also to late..steam them with clorex first than..send them for a stink to j.b. that will make them okay.

  52. author

    mymydelilah4 hours ago

    "Princess Cut Diamond"..flawless COVID-19... everyone is DYING to be around it !!

  53. author

    Martha Villanueva4 hours ago

    The world is changing. And not for. The better, Need to. Turn. To GOD , read the bible. Mathew 24. Said. It would be like this. In the end times. Wars. , Rumors of. Wars. Pestillences ,(pandemics) famines , Ask God. For forgives. And. Revive. Jesuscrist. In your. Life

  54. author

    healty me !4 hours ago

    rather than us judging and blaming we better help to a volunteer rescuers and pet hotel care so that their needs are fulfilled

  55. author

    TOM STONE4 hours ago

    covid-19 = China output virus in December 2019?

  56. author

    Adam Octorachmadi4 hours ago

    If desinfectant/alcohol kill the virus why not let the patient get some vodka?🤣

  57. author

    Benjamin Koh4 hours ago

    Annual report of screwing the citizens over.

  58. author

    Benjamin Koh4 hours ago

    Guys, let's just do what the people from Iran did and boycott the election. Neither the pap nor the wp are qualified to run a prestigious country like ours.

  59. author

    Elisabeth McGregor4 hours ago

    Wouldn't it be cool if this virus causes mutations in our DNA and a new generation of humans get born with superpowers. 🤪

  60. author

    Kaybee4 hours ago

    What’s the point of making people stay at home when they can still have visitors. If they have the virus, they will infect the visitors and those visitors will infect others.

  61. author

    Cher M4 hours ago

    Do people not know that bringing all these people from the ships in from these countries who have been exposed to this virus letting them back into countries like us and Canada it's a bad idea. This is just letting the virus spread even more over the world

  62. author

    History Money4 hours ago

    Don't use mask LOL, stupid gouverment, Singaporean never brave to vocal to protest.. Bcoz singapore =mini China/communist, if u dare to vocal with gouverment they will drag u with sentences

  63. author

    MirrorSpiritus4 hours ago

    Are the tests accurate?

  64. author

    younggrandma4 hours ago

    Should eat separately from the rest of the family.

  65. author

    Natasha4 hours ago

    I love he is just so sincere in his answers. Very handsome as usual LSG 😍

  66. author

    MasterRetrd4 hours ago

    Hikkikomori is not a disease it just a person being lazy bollocks have no job and watch anime everyday

  67. author

    Discharge Summary5 hours ago

    CCP👎Xi Xing Ping 👎

  68. author

    younggrandma5 hours ago

    Using phones ? What a joke. People can leave home for a wonton noodle purposely not carrying their mobile. And then they tell you that "Sorry, I just went to the toilet. That's why I missed your calls." HI everyone, please sign this petition. Dr. Tedros of W.H.O. should resign.

  69. author

    Cher M5 hours ago

    If they are in the rooms how are they spreading this??? Are people really respecting the quarentie?

  70. author

    kenz5 hours ago

    Well, they got to eat. The food is contaminated.

  71. author

    Robbie Huhn5 hours ago

    This virus is going to expose Chinese spies! With “no” contact people will get the virus, spies are going to unknowingly spread this virus

  72. author

    younggrandma5 hours ago

    Singaporean, Don't believe in those people coming back from china will really stay at home. We have 2 runaway people in HK. I hope you can participating in signing this petition. W.H.O. should be responsible for this too.

  73. author

    Michelle August5 hours ago

    I’m in the USA and I’m so frightened of getting this virus. I’m healthy, but I’m still very worried. I just cry sometimes because I don’t know what to do. Are we next?

  74. author

    Sunshine 🌞5 hours ago

    I would ask for duck tape and seal the vents. And open the balcony door for air Apparently, they are all breathing the same recycle air. 🙏☝️

  75. author

    Becky Coty5 hours ago

    So when do they disband all of the Communist China's news on Facebook or MReporter or anywhere else?? Talk about fake news fake statistics lies. When do they go after the communist China pages??

  76. author

    Just_us Spartacus5 hours ago

    Romans 10:9 9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved ◄ 1 John 1:9 ► If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness Luke 11:28 28 But he said, Yea rather, blessed are they that hear the word of God, and keep it. Romans 10:13-15 King James Version (KJV) 13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. 14 How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? 15 And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things Luke 21:36 ► Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man

  77. author

    Lauren5 hours ago

    People are going to start JUMPING OFF that ship to escape the virus it appears unless your government comes to bring you home, there is NO escape off that ship except via stretcher or body bag...

  78. author

    younggrandma5 hours ago

    W.H.O. sided with china. That's why the outbreak is out of control. Please sign this petition.

  79. author

    Michelle August5 hours ago

    I’m trying not to get worked up over this, but it makes me cry. I’m scared for myself and everyone else. My family. I don’t know what to do 😢

  80. author

    JZ Gurung5 hours ago

    I wished hk had a leader like him

  81. author

    Barbara Hatfield5 hours ago

    These ships are DEATH TRAPS.

  82. author

    Robbie Huhn5 hours ago

    This virus is going to expose Chinese SPIES!

  83. author

    John L5 hours ago

    These people should have been sent home to their countries to be quarantined in their countries. The world's governments have been very slow in dealing with this. Maybe they wanted to see how fast the virus spreads in an enclosed environment?

  84. author

    G Wal5 hours ago

    Questions should be asked seriously about the people on Diamond Princess and how they continue to get infected. If they are being confined to their cabins then they should not be infected. unless the virus is moving through the air-conditioning system via an aerosol. If so then the Cruise ship is a giant petri dish. Doctors are the worst spreaders of viruses ... they can't acknowledge and diagnose when they are ill themselves.

  85. author

    Peter Q5 hours ago

    let's see the action...words are cheap a dime a dozen...and action should NOT be crumbs but at least roti with kaya not necessary with butter...if can? BUTTER still!

  86. author

    tiffsaver5 hours ago

    I always stay at home... BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE A JOB.

  87. author

    tiffsaver5 hours ago

    I understand that the Diamond Princess is offering deep discounts for all new passengers.

  88. author

    The Dude Man Jeremy Olson5 hours ago

    Plus 14 Americans that left and are in America now.... So that is 113 new infections from that cruise ship in one day...

  89. author

    Show Doctors5 hours ago

    I think they should have done before

  90. author

    Dan Healey5 hours ago

    the whole world need's to help right now and STOP the blame game........lets all make this better and then play the blame game......people are dying and it's coming to you i feel and that's just my feeling......the very best to all and lets don't spread rumor's......

  91. author

    Magnus Soevgaard5 hours ago

    The genie is out of the bottle and is killing without mercy.

  92. author

    Leonardo Vosper5 hours ago

    Time to use T-virus for the ship which was contaminated with Covid-19

  93. author

    Loolul5 hours ago

    Has anyone notice how many "uhmmm Ummm" the japanese news woman said xD

  94. author

    Jethro Jackson5 hours ago

    Free Masons/Jesuits/Illuminati want to create a one world government. They control the World's banks and the mainstream media. This virus is part of their agenda. Watch out the pope - pushing a ecumenical religious body - top candidate for Antichrist.

  95. author

    Archi Tech20055 hours ago

    Too much talk. U dnt know wat u are talking about. U tslk rbsh

  96. author

    albert miller5 hours ago

    How long can society “stay at home” consuming resources that are not being replenished? This is an issue entirely separate from infection, too. The whole world cannot simply stay home & wait for instructions- without an extraordinary side-effect relative to food & medicine & vital resources.

  97. author

    31YAH5 hours ago

    Thank the WHO! Look what a good job they did putting countries at risk by pressuring ports to open! Countries believing it was safe!

  98. author

    jon pogi5 hours ago

    Wow, the end of the month. Its gonna b the whole population of the ship

  99. author

    jeevanajyothi b5 hours ago

    OMG entered japan

  100. author

    Kvetch Dreckmann5 hours ago

    Ocean engineering materials is a tough dilemma. Sea water is basically 'life paste', where if you stick something in the ocean, stuff will grow on it, and often into it. Then there's the corrosion of sea water itself, especially at the oxygenated 'lapping' level. Things get ugly quickly when you stick them in the ocean, unless it's coated in something toxic. It's fine to put on virtual reality goggles and have hope, perhaps, but there's a massive lack of practicality without a materials and maintenance discussion. It's the difference between an investment scam and an investment, or waste versus progress.