Our mission is to build the most advanced robots on Earth, with remarkable mobility, agility, dexterity and speed.
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    Firedude784Year ago

    Really impressed with all of these robots, but my question is, why are you building them? Are they going to be sold for consumer use at some point or are they just for the military? Thanks.

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    Lord of the PiesYear ago

    keep up the good work

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    Steve LastYear ago

    Do a video of Atlas taking mini spot for a walk on a leash!...ya

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    Jen YatesYear ago

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    jbw!Year ago

    Hey, just thought you might want to know, there are bots impersonating you in the comments section of your videos, consider trying to get verified

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    GDG NovosibirskYear ago

    How can I get your engineers as a speakers to our IT Conference?

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    redneckforlife887 aYear ago

    YOU guys had better keep in mind, if you build something that takes out us citizens WE the armed citizens will take YOU out!

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    wardymullYear ago

    inb4 mass shooting wha happen

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    Alan HourmandYear ago

    I wonder if you guys give tours of your robots? I live in NJ and I would love to drive there and check them out in person.

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    CheetahVedaPitaYear ago

    Welp. Now this is my favorite channel.

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    6M iBMYear ago

    New vid plz

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    DeathEMEYear ago


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    Wile E. CoyoteYear ago

    Its been 8 months TIME FOR A NEW ROBO VIDEO PLEASE

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    RENE POJACKYear ago


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    Cyrus IgonoYear ago


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    MR BOSTONYear ago

    Bristol university Made a diamond carbon 14 batterie That last 5000 YEARS GET ON THIS AM TRYING TO HELP YOUR COMPANY!

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    MR BOSTONYear ago

    Design them for the military and have them have javalin rockets and Railguns

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    MR BOSTONYear ago


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    박지호Year ago

    Hi, I am a high school student who lives in Korea. Because I am not good at English, I send a message to the translator. It might be awkward. Actually, I've studied the study of walking in school. It was a much harder study than I expected. So, I felt the bottom line when I saw the video clips of Boston Dynamics ' and walking robot images. How could a two-walking robot walk sideways? And can you tell me the principle of the human walk? Please tell me the principles of robot and man! Excuse me, but I'm curious. Thank you.

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    ConversaMalucaYear ago

    Se os robos dominarem o mundo nois só vai sair loco instalando Baidu em qualquer PenDrive é colocando nos Robos

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    koreshkhvYear ago

    России нужно новые ракеты испытать на каком нибудь вашем скакуне епта))))

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    koreshkhvYear ago

    ну че вы там тупите. когда трансформера выпустите?

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    ReelBillGatesYear ago

    Nice content.

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    Arthur Don'tYear ago

    Cool stuff; make us a new president, please

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    MrSquareartYear ago

    VERY Nice to see more!!! soon more videos????????

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    Furlock FurliYear ago

    I want you to stop all your activity. I want you to destroy all your devices, engines, plans and software. I want you to withdraw from any further intent of creating robots, androids or similar machines. I want you to turn around from your robotic future and start again where you left humanity. Do it now. NOW. Kind regards.

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    Shiv Shankar 5-Yr IDD Metallurgical Engg.Year ago

    what kind of software is used or required for making that kind of stuff?

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    Allison KolibasYear ago

    Boston dynamics. Building robots so we can be dicks to them

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    MintyYear ago

    stop it

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    Китай Али и ЯYear ago

    жду не дождусь у себя в доме такого)

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    Томат ОгородовYear ago

    Show us Handle!

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    d3afYear ago

    why dont we get an official video with the wheeled-legged hybrid.?

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    sri lakshmi kathaYear ago

    can i know the types of motors and sensors used in this ATLAS

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    _ AttheveryendYear ago

    Have you given any of your robots any ability to dance yet? A robot that cannot dance is just a machine, you know.

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    dave jones2 years ago

    So when is the next video

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    jfowler1282 years ago

    Do you guys have any new videos of anything? last time we saw something was 6 months ago.

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    Cookie Wolf The Wolf2 years ago

    when are new robots coming how bout a elephant or a wolf

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    alexander Filyaev2 years ago


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    AceRaptor2 years ago

    You guys are doing amazing job in the field of robotics... I'm a student of Computer Science and I would love to learn robotics, so can someone from Boston Dynamics teach me or guide me ? ;)

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    21area212 years ago

    Hope everything's going well with Google selling them and all. :/

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    Grofor Armas2 years ago

    Amazing ^^

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    LMC20202 years ago

    Boston Dynamics is literally the Institute.

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    Tenshi Neko2 years ago

    Oh my God do you think one day their grandchildren will avenge them being kicked around? Huehue, kidding. What a time to be alive, great job!

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    AIDENM 3692 years ago

    fallout 4 was right

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    bittal Mundra2 years ago


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    menczer2 years ago


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    OMNI-BOT Autopia Motors2 years ago

    and what about swarm-robots?

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    EddieMcDonald812 years ago

    You can also saint number 5 from the movie short circuit(1986) to build? With the current technology? Or is this type of construction is not more modern?

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    J. José Rivera Torres2 years ago

    This is amazing work. Granted you are ushering in a new era of machine domination, but still amazing work....

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    Epic TartarSauce2 years ago

    #robotlivesmatter you robot abusers!

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    TheHueisOver™2 years ago

    I love you guys, when is the next video coming?

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    edgar pierre2 years ago

    Hello Amazing robot builders... Please make another video soon, its been too long. Can you give us a hint at what the new stuff looks like. How about making a 30 second video until your next big video?? best regards a human

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    FELLA FELLZ2 years ago

    I mess with this but you need to get in tune with Kash Da Kid and CutThroat Cash look for these dudes they got heat and they running up numbers

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    Xcbbdfg Dfgdgr2 years ago

    Los felicito de todo corazón por su trabajo, siento gran admiración por su avance y su continua superación, desde que tengo 11 años sigo sus proyectos y es bastante notorio lo mucho que han logrado, ustedes me inspiraron a estudiar ingeniería y mi mayor sueño es hacer parte de este grandioso mundo de la robotica y la automatización, adelante, en sus manos esta el futuro de este mundo.

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    ZZDaikun2 years ago

    Have fun at Toyota.

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    blvcknode2 years ago


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    ukpropaganda2 years ago

    Dangerous company. You need to be destroyed ASAP.

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    John Motherfuckin' Coltrane2 years ago


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    Roman Tirent2 years ago

    Can you make little dog a product or just sell me one

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    The Meme Master.2 years ago

    Why are you Boston Dynamics people abusing your robots, JUST STOP.

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    Arkoth2 years ago


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    Fourth xd2 years ago

    The institute?

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    MachineGunJinx2 years ago

    Boston Dynamics a.k.a Cyberdyne Systems

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    O Menezes2 years ago


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    Somalian Teafactory2 years ago

    Your not in anyway affiliated with Seegson Synthetic are you? If so I would like to place a pre-order for your Working Joe model.

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    Jörgsuchus2 years ago

    I subbed to your channel ! :)

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    beautifulsmall2 years ago

    Sale, So whats left after Google stripped the realists, the hard core academics who answer to no one, mostly because they are busy dreaming , If I made my cheese toastie under 2Bar nitrogen would it stop the cheese leaking out .

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    memetologist2 years ago

    Developing the Future Robot Apocalypse, just for us!

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    Thou Art That3 years ago

    Hurry up ...we need your robots for Syria / ISIS

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    Bruxe Rattel3 years ago

    Awesome robots! Would love to know more and see more new vids!

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    PVT-AcESWiLD3 years ago

    Is there a reason as to why you guys blocked all of your videos from United States viewers when you live in the United States? "Boston" Dynamics. Really disappointed I couldn't share your video of Introducing Spot.

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    Kahlil Gunther3 years ago

    I am unable to playback your videos. They are flagged with "This videos contains content from BostonDynamics. It is not available in your country." Do you have them available anywhere else? I saw one video on FB and wanted to find more to share with my son but the ones on MReporter do not play for me. Thanks.

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    Thou Art That3 years ago

    more robot vids...........ffs

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    noobslayer1353 years ago

    These guys are gonna make a real life Metal Gear one of these days

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    Demalem3 years ago

    Hey are you guys gonna upload another video?

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    Quotes & Emotions3 years ago

    awesome channel

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    fast9153 years ago

    Great R&D going on here for people with physical disabilities, medical applications etc. However, the big problem is that in the near future, these machines will have weapons hanging of them.

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    Dom Baker3 years ago

    Will you ever plan to sell some of these drones in the future or now?

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    OP KilliE3 years ago

    can i get one as a pet and feed it power

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    Matthew Morgan4 years ago

    Why no new videos? Ill volunteer if you need,

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    Kimble Angus4 years ago

    Any new advances on your robots worth showing us?

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    pixartist4 years ago

    Google, please give us updates. These are the most advanced robots in the world and you are keeping them secret ? DON'T BE EVIL!

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    Alex Schmidt4 years ago


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    Kek Mitt Uns4 years ago

    Suspicious pecause there hasn't been a video out while google has owned the company.

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    Kek Mitt Uns4 years ago

    Did they integrate google plus into WildCat?

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    tcdahn74 years ago

    So did Google help or hurt? I was hoping for more videos since the purchase.

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    buhtak24 years ago

    indeed interesting channel

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    Derdge Gaming4 years ago

    Why can't the dog bots have normal dog legs, like, is it a design choice or a problem with the feet, or something else?

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    Fam Angus4 years ago


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    Alday Emanuel4 years ago

    a ver cuando ponen los videos de los T-800 (?) saludos xD

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    Bangkok Rhinoplasty4 years ago

    congrats and more videos please...

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    Daaviator58964 years ago

    Keep documenting and uploading!

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    Ether 24 years ago

    Fantastic work, these videos are great : ) I am really impressed and congratulations for all your hard work

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    Brian Nolan4 years ago

    Enemy's response to BigDog/LR3: Cesar Millan. Enemy's response to WildCat: Cesar Millan w/ spray bottle or random hungry asian guy.

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    guru prasath4 years ago

    world would see you high up above all

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    Cure for Premature Ejaculation4 years ago

    Dynamics is a branch of physics (specifically classical mechanics) concerned with the study of forces and torques and their effect on motion, as opposed to kinematics, which studies the motion of objects without reference to its causes

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    Hanna Yoon4 years ago

    Can I put your videos onto my MReporter Account? Our organization is an non-profit and non-government organization creating a site named "the ROBOT ONLINE MALL" for helping robotics companies in the world. This site is not for commercial site.

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    Anass Nadjari4 years ago

    can we know the technologies behinde it?