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Hi I'm Jaclyn Hill from JaclynHill1 on MReporter. I am a professional makeup artist. I'm young, ambitious & full of life. I post makeup tutorials and makeup reviews on all different holidays and themes, like smokey eye tutorials, how to shape and sculpt brow tutorials, challenges/tags, celebrity makeup tutorials like the Kardashians and Jenners along with other celebrity makeup looks, hair tutorials and more! I hope you love my makeup tutorials.
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Where I've Been

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Lets Talk...Lets Talk...

Lets Talk...

Year ago

  1. author

    Kayla BebeHour ago

    Your amazing, I love you!

  2. author

    Lizz D.2 hours ago

    I am PROUD of you for letting yourself be so vulnerable and so open! You deserve all the best things that life can give you, and it's refreshing to feel so close to another person. 😘❤️

  3. author

    Peppyboi 232 hours ago

    Hon cigarettes are fda approved, and they kill people

  4. author

    Peppyboi 232 hours ago

    Why are you talking so fast ah

  5. author

    Jenny Lee2 hours ago

    Jaclyn!!!! Love you! Stay strong!

  6. author

    Carolyn LePine2 hours ago

    I love Jaclyn- but the sad part is that she is easily twice as beautiful here, and it has nothing to do with her weight. Her idea of beauty has turned to super crazy nails, fillers, nose correction, being tan, lips so big she can hardly speak sometimes.....And I don’t like that people who are beauty experts can’t see that they’ve made themselves look less beautiful.

  7. author

    Crystal Cleary2 hours ago

    Girl I bought the palette on launch day Ive followed you from the beginning and will continue to do so your an amazing human keep being you

  8. author

    Kylee Morrison2 hours ago

    then take your production and manufacturing to florida, if we californians suck so bad

  9. author

    Samarina2 hours ago

    I have been watching you for years, this is my FAVOURITE makeup look on you. Your eyeshadow looks stunning!!

  10. author

    Ashton Fosu2 hours ago

    You’re anxiety is gonna get stronger

  11. author

    Mar Yo3 hours ago

    SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!! Ignore the haters, you did amazing on this pallet!!!!

  12. author

    MairaYarix3 hours ago

    I love this. You made a GREAT point about spreading positivity. It takes little to no effort. Let’s spread the love! 💗💛

  13. author

    Adriona Ball3 hours ago

    Loved this video, I’ve missed listening to you talk with us!

  14. author

    Ola 773 hours ago

    Conspiracy theory... she doesn't actually/naturally have dry skin, it just becomes dry because of THIS that she does to her face everyday

  15. author

    Cupcake Productions3 hours ago

    My broke butt woulda grabbed everything in the store

  16. author

    Stephanie Clark3 hours ago

    Girl this is the first video I’ve seen of yours. I completely feel you about January! Worst “year” ever!! I as well got influenza b. I was fevered for 11 days! Followed by a horrible chest cold. It’s unbelievable how cruel people can be on social media! I don’t understand how it’s possible for anyone to be so nasty. Just keep being you and stay strong.

  17. author

    Teona’s Life3 hours ago

    I got this for my birthday 2 days ago and i’m absolutely in love my favourite pallet and present ever !! x

  18. author

    Verzwijvelen3 hours ago

    When she looked like an actual human being. Now, well, we all know how she looks now.

  19. author

    Susan Archibald3 hours ago

    You are absolutely a beautiful person inside and out! To open up and tell the world your issues is just awesome! Most of the world judges people by their appearance. Not the way it should be

  20. author

    jordan lewis3 hours ago

    Can we pleeeeeease get a video on the look you’re wearing I’m in love with it

  21. author

    Liz Marsh3 hours ago

    Of course everything is going to be more aggressive online. Insecure, weak minded people hide behind screens, and don’t have the balls to say anything in person. That’s why the internet is so dang toxic.

  22. author

    Anamaria Vaca3 hours ago

    I saw the palette in store. I couldn’t buy but let me say it’s beautiful!!! Congrats queen! 😘

  23. author

    Daisy McGinley3 hours ago

    Love love love your videos ❤️

  24. author

    Starlight883 hours ago


  25. author

    Kate Bar3 hours ago

    Why did this pop up in my recommenced hahah

  26. author

    evenise perkins3 hours ago

    I love it!!

  27. author

    Jennifer Slambert3 hours ago

    Yes, I agree. I was thinking the same thing. People always say: I never comment on a video. Why are all the good people not commenting? We really need more good comments. Love 💖 You Jaclyn 😘

  28. author

    Kaenicole4 hours ago

    Awww so cute !!

  29. author

    Judy Kent4 hours ago

    Well I loved this video! ❤❤❤Jaclyn!!!

  30. author

    Athina Loemba4 hours ago

    I need an updated version of this ,for real

  31. author

    Messy Mama Makeup4 hours ago

    you should go in depth about that move where you put your arm back behind your head with the iron.. i feel like i will burn my damn self.

  32. author

    Thao Tran4 hours ago

    DON'T BE TERRIFIED. OWN YOUR LIFE. YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS. I wish you the best in life and many more successful launches and business opportunities. We need to be better as human beings. We need to be more empathetic to others. I've read so many hate comments towards you and it just makes me sick to my core how these little children/women can say such harsh words and so I can't even imagine the damage it has done to you on a mental level. I'm happy to see that you got help and trying to better yourself FOR YOURSELF. ITS OK to fuck up (we're humans we make mistakes and we learn). ITS OK to cry. ITS OK TO HAVE EMOTIONS. This is LIFE. Keep doing you Jac, walk your path with respect, integrity, empathy, and love. I watched this entire video without skipping, I listened to your story, and I'll pray for you. For your health and for a more stable life.

  33. author

    Johanna Umstätter4 hours ago

    Okay.. I have been watching your videos since a few years now. But this is by far the saddest video you have ever done. I really recommend you going on a break. Just go somewhere where you feel happy and breath in some fresh air. What you are telling in this video sounds like you are devastated and cannot lift yourself up anymore. Throwing up blood, vomiting, crying, gaining weight and drinking alcohol to numb your feelings are all very serious issues and shouldn't be taken easily. You almost sound like a machine. Nobody human is capable of such things for long. I think you really need a serious break without the internet, with your closest friends or even alone. Just to focus on your mental health to get better and to process all the things which happened in the last year.. Your health is the most important thing you have. Never ever forget that. I wish you all the best and really hope that you get better.

  34. author

    Alvee Moni4 hours ago

    She always has to film a self pity video before she tries to sell a new item 🙄 lmao after her last video I knew her next video would be some product she’s trying to sell cause she literally only ever posts things when she’s trying to shove products down everyone throats .

  35. author

    Alvee Moni4 hours ago

    Guys literally she only posts these right before she’s about to sell something new or has to promote something. She literally gives zero fucks about her subscribers and followers. She only cares about money and everyone can see through her now. Smh

  36. author

    Hi. How. Are. Ya4 hours ago

    I miss this Jaclyn🤷🏻‍♀️ Jaclyn 2020 is so different 😔

  37. author

    Hi. How. Are. Ya4 hours ago

    I miss this Jaclyn Hill 🤯😱❤️ and just bcuz she was so relatable and actually made MReporter videos 💜

  38. author

    Charlie W4 hours ago

    Ive never watched a video from her before 2018 so im like😲😲😲 shes still gorgeous though just different which i guess everyone is when they grow up❤

  39. author

    LA Woman684 hours ago

    Darling dear Jaclyn, I can relate. All I want to do or say is I'm sending prayers and POSITIVE vibes to you dear girl. You're incredible! The negative people - they exist only because of that jealousy bug. Love you. xoxo

  40. author

    Kirsten Overlie5 hours ago

    Jaclyn, I feel this on such a deep level! Thank you for sharing your vulnerabilities with the world, I can’t imagine how difficult it must be. I hardly ever comment on videos, positive or negative really, but you touched me deeply and I wanted to be sure to let you know. Thank you for reminding me that I’m not alone in my depression. Sending you love, sweet Jaclyn! 💕

  41. author

    Yulisa Castillo5 hours ago

    your so beautifullllll

  42. author

    Esmeralda Diaz5 hours ago

    Your amazing, 2020 is your year💛

  43. author

    ChooChoo JM5 hours ago

    i’m happy u posted

  44. author

    Stanley Uris5 hours ago

    I need it.

  45. author

    Megan Smith5 hours ago

    I LOVE the original palette and that makes me extremely excited because this is so much more up my alley!!! This is like my dream colored palette!!!! Yes jaclyn!!! Thank you for finally putting out a palette that screams JACLYN HILL I was kinda bummed the first time because I thought this was what it would be because it’s more you than the first one!

  46. author

    Jennifer Smith5 hours ago

    ❤️ everyone has something - this shows your amazing strength to talk about all of this. You are fantastic, keep your chin up Love. 💕

  47. author

    Heather Knox5 hours ago

    Just remember shit happens just move forward your great..

  48. author

    Stephanie Vlahos5 hours ago

    We Stan a positive queen ❤️❤️❤️

  49. author

    celine soosai5 hours ago

    Liked this girl. Loved her ... without the lips or the cheeks. I dont know her but always pray for her. She has been through a lot. I don't know why you tube recommended this now. Saw it 5 years ago already.

  50. author

    bridget o'reilly6 hours ago

    jaclyn, i love you ❤️

  51. author

    Dorothy Parker6 hours ago

    Money reveals people. It's true.

  52. author

    Breanna Burgett6 hours ago

    What self tanner are you using?

  53. author

    Joleen6 hours ago

    Not very wearable colors for me, but it is pretty. Nikkitutorials said it’s good quality stuff and did two stunning looks with this palette.

  54. author

    Flawed & Fabulous6 hours ago

    When you make a palette a year later killing this color theory...💕💕💕

  55. author

    Gabes 776 hours ago

    love this pallet just ordered mine!

  56. author

    Heather O'Connor7 hours ago


  57. author

    JacquelineRosexo7 hours ago

    This broke my heart. Hearing about the anxious throwing up made me sick to my stomach Bc I deal with this sooo frequently and I know how absolutely horrific it is.

  58. author

    JacquelineRosexo7 hours ago

    Love you mama your better then each and everyone of those haters. 🤍

  59. author

    Aviksha Ramdukhi7 hours ago

    Well done for taking control of your life. Continue fighting . You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone. Be strong. Your life is defined by those that love you. 🤗🎉✨💖

  60. author

    Tracy7 hours ago

    Sending good vibes your way. 🦋

  61. author

    hayley dion7 hours ago

    I love fresh market!! But the ones in nh and ma closed

  62. author

    Jack Kristensen7 hours ago

    SHE DELETED MY COMMENT 😂😂😂😂😂 bruhhhh can’t handle the truth?

  63. author

    Spooky Carrie8 hours ago


  64. author

    Dayana Saavedra8 hours ago

    @jaclynHill I’m so sorry you had to experience this situation in LA... I promise you .. you Allred’s hanging with the wrong people... I haven followed you for many years... and lately I’ve been so depressed. Living with my ex bf and my 2 amazing dogs who I would give the world too. I’ve been struggling to find my own place to afford when LA is so damn expensive .. I have no where to go here ok all by myself @jaclynhill @jaclynhill

  65. author

    faris issa8 hours ago

    Why you talk about your personal problems control your fatness and weight

  66. author

    Ashton Fosu8 hours ago

    U let yourself go

  67. author

    Tatiana Lykken8 hours ago

    I have very red under tone , what is good on my face ?

  68. author

    marlry Coffie8 hours ago

    Wow you did an amazing job on your makeup 😍😍😍 pure talent

  69. author

    Sarah Haji9 hours ago

    U look soooo cute today

  70. author

    Siddhi Wakdikar9 hours ago

    I just happened to stumble across your channel because of the launch of your palette. Congratulations on that❤️❤️❤️ I really love your message to spread positivity. I think it is so important for the people of the world to be so positive in times where people are dying because of an epidemic, and in general there's too much negativity. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Hope you're having a fantastic day, night, afternoon 💜💜💜💜💜

  71. author

    jessica_roylopez9 hours ago

    Who else is this getting recommend in 2020?

  72. author

    Sarah Haji9 hours ago

    Jak u look cute in this video .. i wanna just hug u

  73. author

    Natasha loves Freddie Mercury9 hours ago

    Funny how she does this video right as her pallette is coming out.... smh... her motive is gaining ppls empathy n trust....she will never change...

  74. author

    Nichole Elizabeth Waggoner9 hours ago

    Thank you for sharing your journey! Ignore the haters, there are so many people going through the same things and not in the public eye! So much respect for you for sharing!

  75. author

    Kayla Cortes9 hours ago

    MReporter recommends is so weird.

  76. author

    Sahara Panda10 hours ago

    Could you do a morning + evening skincare routine ? 🥰🙏🏻

  77. author

    Katherine Robertson11 hours ago

    Who is here in 2020😍❤️🔥

  78. author

    Morgan Jaymes11 hours ago

    Passion Flower and Ashwaghanda capsules are natural supplements and REAAAALLLY help with anxiety. :) No odd side effects that some prescriptions can give. <3 Been there! When my anxiety gets over the top I take them and the difference is gorgeous. Im glad youre in therapy and nurturing yourself!

  79. author

    Dannielle Leaf12 hours ago

    Ooooo I love that you're talking to Jefree too 😍😍

  80. author

    Dannielle Leaf12 hours ago

    I never comment but doing it for the sake ❤ you're all good Jaclyn please stick around xxx

  81. author

    Victoria12 hours ago

    This just makes me more excited to receive my palette ! 😍 I have all your palettes with morphe & as an MUA I can honestly say I ALWAYS bring your palettes with me & always use them on my clients ♥️ love you mamas! ♥️♥️♥️

  82. author

    Amanda Marin12 hours ago

    You are so beautiful Jaclyn, inside and out 💕 I´ll always support you and believe in you! You got this girl! Sending you all positive vibes and love 💕

  83. author

    Pri Vya12 hours ago

    99.99% people who are body shaming her have to go and see mirror , yes you aren’t perfect too.

  84. author

    Gemma Hayler12 hours ago

    You're beautiful x

  85. author

    Abigail Gutierrez12 hours ago

    I wish you nothing but the best and hope your anxiety gets better ❤

  86. author

    Layal Maraby13 hours ago

    I can’t wait to have this palette, keep creating makeup, love you ♥️

  87. author

    sophia scarlett green13 hours ago

    7:38 palette

  88. author

    courtney robinson13 hours ago

    I struggle with addiction...n god ive been just beaten here lately just done u kno? Something hit me tonight i started youtubing my fav christian worship songs...n after that i really didnt expect u to have a tut up but u did....n its like we havent met for a while n so much to catch up....n now i feel awful for being so selfish for being upset with u for goin ghost when your really goin through it to. I just love u so much n idc u will always be my favorite youtuber. I will always support u i love u!!!!

  89. author

    wftwtb g13 hours ago

    woman are high drama queens on here

  90. author

    courtney robinson14 hours ago

    Hey girl. I. Like. You. PERIOD!!! I commented

  91. author

    Maria & Kimberly14 hours ago

    You’re beautiful 💗💗 and I cannot wait for your launch. My birthday is coming up in March and I would really want to support you on your launch ❣️ can’t wait to get my hands on it hehe

  92. author

    Adree Thomas14 hours ago

    Her hair was perfect before she curled it

  93. author

    Audrey Grace14 hours ago

    I still can’t believe her and Jon are divorced. They were perfect for each other. They chose their careers instead of their marriage. I’m not saying Jaclyn or Jon should have given up their careers, but they let it become bigger than their marriage.

  94. author

    Rebecca Lane14 hours ago

    :( she is so different now

  95. author

    Janel Murray14 hours ago

    Congrats Jaclyn...as always..here to support you.

  96. author

    Rain Marie14 hours ago

    I love you Jaclyn, I have been watching you for years. Everyone makes mistakes. That’s just the human in you, but I know this took a lot for you to post and admitting your wrongs. Made my bond with you even stronger ❤️ you got this!

  97. author

    Steph A Shaw14 hours ago

    I started watching your channel years back. Probably in like 2015 ish. Maybe 2014. I always thought you were such a talented, beautiful and funny person. I still do. But you have to understand... Not all the critisim you receive, is mean. Not everyone who calls something out, is a hater. Just because people point things out and want you to own up to your mistakes, for sure doesn't mean they aren't a true fan. If you have a best friend who keeps messing up or making herself look bad, you tell her. And that makes you an even better friend. We all mess up. Not one of us are perfect. I for sure do not support people being horrible to you, nor making fun of your looks. I understand how awful anxiety and depression can be. I suffered with it since i was 15. I know how it can wreck your life. But at the same time, for years now, you haven't been consistent in uploading. Now i know we all have lives and get busy. But i am subscribed to a bunch of other people on here, and they aren't Mia like this all the time. It's not that most of us expect you to post 24/7. But at least put out consistent content. Be real and open with your audience.

  98. author

    Renee Clark14 hours ago

    The bad porn music and all the ads😔

  99. author

    Cristina24N14 hours ago

    Jaclyn it breaks my heart that you have to be explaining your self in very video because people are so cruel. But you are one of the first beauty influencers I started watching back when you use to film in your kitchen. I hope it gets back to the way it was, just doing making and having fun with it! Love ya girl, stay strong! ❤

  100. author

    Tia Claire15 hours ago

    Im not a follower, I came out of normal curiosity as im out of the loop and Nikkie’s review of the latest pallette got me interested. I can feel your vibes, we all can. And I want you to hear this: You are WORTHY. People are DISGUSTING. Please please please, stay strong, listen to YOUR HEART and NOONE ELSE. Depression is evil and you are SO MUCH MORE than comments, opinions, cruel words, your ‘mistakes’ or your ‘fears’. You are BEAUTIFUL. Please, stay real and stay true to yourself - we cannot afford to lose you the horrific world that is fuckhead low-vibing toxic humans who spew hate. You are LOVED. Dont be so hard on yourself. YOU ARE WORTHY and you owe NOONE an explanation. 💕