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I'm Back ...I'm Back ...

I'm Back ...

9 months ago

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    You NEED to do this again PLEASE

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    Holly PlataDay ago

    The new liquid blush from Maybelline is nice. I think it is called Cheek Heat.

  3. author

    Lou 25Day ago

    Tellement sincère. Tati vous êtes exceptionnelle honnête et si belle On vous adore. 😘 de France 🇫🇷

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    nimnim HDay ago

    Do u only give gifts etc to your subscriber in usa..europe..u have lots of subscriber in other parts of the world too..anyway u are beautiful and anything thats put on your face looks beautiful on cam..with that ring light..i a fan!

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    KairosDay ago

    the only thing I heard in the last 45mins : "i sweat glitter..."

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    Mariana HernandezDay ago

    You just put out a video of weird products literally a few hours ago, it went private and after refreshing the page....the video is gone?...what happened? I hope everything is ok.

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    Weezey BDay ago

    I have used some Nubian products. They are really great!

  8. author

    Melissa SmithDay ago

    I have the Blendiful. Would really love to buy the palette, but I'm having hard time finding actual purchased customer reviews. There are none on the website. Also no phone number nor returns. So.. If it's that great why the lack of transparency? I really wish I could see a average rating and peer reviews. I do love my Blendiful!

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    Deirdre Dolan Van De MheenDay ago

    Montale Vanille Absolu ...smells exactly like that body wash...hints of vanilla, tobacco,...I always get compliments. Someone always ask if someone is smoking a pipe, but in a good way..

  10. author

    VarshaDay ago

    Anyone know what brush she used for her highlighter?

  11. author

    Britt JDay ago

    Yeah she is not even just saying Scotts brushes are great because he is her friend... BEST EYE BRUSHES I HAVE EVER USED, Face brushes are great also but his eye brushes are just revolutionary.

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    Kristian MaiorcaDay ago

    I’ve started coming to the realization that something is wrong fertility wise with me. My periods skip entire months, sometimes two months, and then goes back to being predictable for 4/5 months. And when I went to get an iud in, my doctor went, “hold on. That’s not normal.” They’ve always been that way, I think, from what I can remember anyway, so I just assumed they were. It’s scary realizing this. But. She’s great and went, if it’s still doing this in a year let me know and we’ll put you on a specific pill so we can try and get them regular. I was on the implant, 3 different ones, for 9 years. And didn’t have a period at all during that time. I also lost about a hundred pounds since going off of it. So. We’re giving my body sometime to see if it’s just readjusting from all of that. But. I’m starting to think that it’s not. So. Agh. It’s scary. I want kids. But. What if I can’t?

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    Alex YoumansDay ago

    Can you please please please do a video on guide beauty, especially their new applicator for people with disabilities

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    CandiceDay ago

    I always want to know where you’re jewelry is from, you have a couple rings I love! I think a lot of your viewers would like more outfit info or maybe every quarter your seasonal faves

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    Aerosmith SrinivasanDay ago

    whats the eye shadow Tati's is wearing?

  16. author

    Laura BrusDay ago

    My rainbow 🌈 hi lighter made me look like I had been playing in green marker. I’m glad to see I wasn’t the only one. Lol I love 💕 how you did it on the other side of your face.

  17. author

    Kristen ADay ago

    The balloon is supposed to come off

  18. author

    Amanda LeavellDay ago

    I just got my Textured Neutrals and Blendiful taking advantage of your free shipping. One question do you advise using glitter glue for your glitter shades? I watch NikkiTutorials review the palette and she just used her finger for it (which I would usually do) but I picked up some glitter glue too. What do you think is the best way to get the best effect?

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    Ashley CurranDay ago

    Does ringing the bell do anything for you monetarily wise? I just check your channel for new vids and don't rely on MReporter to tell me. If it does I'll ring it.

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    Vanessa MarquinaDay ago

    Tati please include the list with colors! 💕🙏🏻

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    Tela SamanoDay ago

    I watched Robert's review and immediately bought the pallet and blendiful after being on the fence for weeks. That beautiful man has all my trust when it comes to makeup 💜💜💜

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    h0rsegurrrlDay ago

    I've tried really hard to like Lush. I appreciate everything they stand for. Their products just fall flat for me. I'm always drawn into Lush whenever I'm in a fancy mall, but then I'm like "...There's just nothing in here that I want."

  23. author

    Kim KDay ago

    Thank you for this. I am experiencing this, too... even after a hysterectomy.😔

  24. author

    Jaime KetchumDay ago

    I don't like coconut either

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    Cindy LuDay ago

    Those eyes! What colors and brands do you have on today? Also, what color is the MUA Lip Crayon? LOOOVVEEE your total look!

  26. author

    E GramzDay ago

    I wonder how long this would last for oily skin. Since no primer lol

  27. author

    Leah BarkerDay ago

    Can i just ask did she like the foundation or not i didnt rlly get that

  28. author

    Ishrat ContractorDay ago

    How come nobody pointed out the fact that Tati literally used a million brushes just for the eyes😂

  29. author

    Sara DelallaDay ago

    You are the real deal 💕❤️ I love that about you. Your such an inspiration 💫

  30. author

    French FriesDay ago

    *RedBull Enters Frame*

  31. author

    Le Pink ChateauDay ago

    Thank you so much for this I felt like i was alone 😢

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    Vivi JensenDay ago

    Green screen 🤔😳 looks odd🙈

  33. author

    Xixi WangDay ago

    What's the buzzing thing 😳

  34. author

    Xixi WangDay ago

    I do 😳

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    Suomitiare HerreroDay ago

    Scott is cute

  36. author

    Sarah BrownDay ago

    I just bought the lotion and shower gel 😉

  37. author

    Southern YankeeDay ago

    I bought both your pallet and the blendiful when they launched and I thought I lost my blendiful when I was traveling i was frantaically looking for it because it blends my foundation so nicely and I was lost without it! I found it thank goodness! Also I love Robert Welsh and his review of your pallet was so great!

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    A GoldDay ago

    He looks ridiculous!

  39. author

    musique1o1Day ago

    OMG so happy I found this video. I've recently lost 80lbs and I wanted to see if I can use this for an area that won't go away no matter what

  40. author

    ElayneDay ago

    Tati! I love the Nubian brand and I really like their African black soap and their Indian hemp & Haitian vetiver bar soaps! I find them at my local Sprouts store. I’m not sure if you have one available in your area but I love the brand

  41. author

    Maria NiklassonDay ago

    Such a fun video Tati! great tips!

  42. author

    kaylah pilgrimDay ago

    Wait so he didn’t use foundation or I’m bugging?

  43. author

    laurie mullayDay ago

    "At least that's what I tell myself"... lol! ;)

  44. author

    Louisplayz WDay ago

    Tati: is it holo? **silence** Cristine wnh:is Iridescent Tati:god da-

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    Simran KhannaDay ago


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    Kathleen TavernierDay ago

    I love love LOVE the Nubian brand. The deodorant is literally the only thing I can use because of my sensitive skin. If you don’t like using anti-perspirant and have a sensitivity to baking soda based deodorants, this is definitely for you. My favorites are the patchouli & buriti and the raw Shea butter.

  47. author

    Marc-AntoineDay ago

    When you make a video and edit it? Do you actually realise how much you talk NOT about the make up and just introduce stuff or give story time... but like 1 min for 1 min actual content... please cut some story time or deep deep thought about stuff... it’s juste make up, keep it about it.

  48. author

    lulujean88Day ago

    PLEASE list your products!

  49. author

    Barbara Farina2 days ago

    Those lip oils! I'm off to CVS. Ha!

  50. author

    riski rival2 days ago

    lipstiknya saya suka ka.

  51. author

    Erika Polianskyte- Huynh2 days ago

    Me halfway video: *goes to shop for charlotte tilbury makeup* 😂😅

  52. author

    lhl2 days ago

    Tati can you try new products from Kiko Milano. Have been enjoying them recently and I am sure you will too

  53. author

    Lady VIP2 days ago

    💖💖💖✨✨✨Why items not listed?

  54. author

    Perrie Edward2 days ago

    Hi 😳

  55. author

    Stacie Berry2 days ago

    Something about her voice and accent reminds me so much of Gordon Ramsey and it’s all I can hear lol

  56. author

    Hanf Lieu2 days ago


  57. author

    dan darth2 days ago

    I don t want to hear your whined. Boo ho ho! I don t care. I am here to see products.If you have problems go to professionals .

  58. author

    Cassandra Sciortino2 days ago

    Tati, please please please incorporate fashion. I love your taste SO much and always want to know where your clothes are from 👍💕

  59. author

    krystall busbea2 days ago

    Love the purple eyeshadow on you! Your eyes really pop! I love purple shadows!

  60. author

    Karolina R2 days ago

    Erika needs her own channel, love her!!!

  61. author

    The Big O2 days ago


  62. author

    Flordalisa Hernandez2 days ago

    Omg you ladies are TWINS !!!! Love it !!!!

  63. author

    Pam Tan2 days ago

    Fabulous artistry. I'm sold. I just bought $400 worth of products from Scott Barnes. Tati, where can I please find the brush that Scott used on you to create the hard shade on your jawline? I don't see this brush on his website.

  64. author

    Aleksandra Naczynska2 days ago

    You did made money... you just decided to put them back into the company like most investors do on the beegining,

  65. author

    Flordalisa Hernandez2 days ago

    Wow !!! You guys are the BEST together !!!!

  66. author

    Vatsla Bagai2 days ago

    Please link products you talk about! Thanks <3

  67. author

    Ashley Rudder2 days ago

    Here in February of 2020 and hears Tati say: “I don’t think I want a brand with my name on it.” 😂 Welp, that changed! In comes Tati Beauty!

  68. author

    Patty S2 days ago

    What COLOR is the MUA matte lip?

  69. author

    Marisol Gonzales2 days ago

    I love gorgeous armamani

  70. author

    Marisol Gonzales2 days ago

    I love the wizard of oz too and repozel

  71. author

    Marisol Gonzales2 days ago

    I have got to try Revlon candid now .

  72. author

    Marisol Gonzales2 days ago

    You both make me want to go dark brown. Y'all really need rests. Take care!! Lots of luck!! God be with you!!!❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋❤️❤️💄💄💄😘😘😘

  73. author

    Marisol Gonzales2 days ago

    Enjoy your videos!!! Your sisters are awesome as you. Thank you so much for sharing all information and knowledge. God bless you both.❤️❤️❤️❤️💄💄💄💄

  74. author

    Tammy Eaton2 days ago

    Morphe has patchy mattes. I would be inclined to try the Elf in the smaller palettes. You’re a really great resource for people who want to be educated about their makeup. You, Elle Leary, Risa and Allie Glines are my go-tos.

  75. author

    London Werewolf2 days ago

    Can you do a side-by-side of the original Photofocus foundation and the dewy one? :)

  76. author

    M.D. Cercone2 days ago

    I love Scott!!!

  77. author

    Alejandra Castellanos2 days ago

    Thank you so much for this video! I'm JUST starting on makeup and it's really hard but really fun so your videos really help me out!

  78. author

    Allison Belmont2 days ago

    Please talk about FASHION on MReporter!!

  79. author

    Makayla Borchers2 days ago

    This video is just a masterpiece

  80. author

    Tammy Eaton2 days ago

    It’s not a bun, TATI-it’s a hair pagoda!!!

  81. author

    Kylah F.2 days ago

    Hi Tati! I love your videos so much. I would love to see videos on clean makeup brands and products.

  82. author

    London Werewolf2 days ago

    Nubian Heritage is one of my fave brands. 💜💜

  83. author

    Elizabeth R2 days ago

    I love my BM eye shadow palette but how do I get bare mineral eye shadow to stay on?? Help

  84. author

    Elizabeth R2 days ago

    One my favorite application videos and liked seeing you do mascara not a lash

  85. author

    Bre Loftin2 days ago

    Hey Tati I love you and your Channel. I hope you are doing okay. I promise your not the only sensitive person that gets in their head. You just have to tell yourself no get out of your head

  86. author

    Candace Foley2 days ago

    I know I've mentioned it before, but you should start a jewelry line

  87. author

    Mary Scott Head2 days ago

    tati is a bed time essential

  88. author

    Greg Cook2 days ago

    Damn...can you not look at yourself in the monitor for 1 second? Can’t stand the phoniness.

  89. author

    jaelyn2 days ago

    1:33 “it’s not that phone” lmao i love that

  90. author

    Christine Um2 days ago

    Tati, I have no idea if you’re ever going to read this but please go see a chiropractor if you aren’t already!!!! Chiropractors dont just help with back pain and headaches. Getting your spine aligned can help lower inflammation in the body. I hope you make more videos about Endo in the future to help spread awareness. Love you so much!!

  91. author

    Rachel Lynn Gordy Chaney2 days ago

    I love love the wet wild photo focus. It’s my favorite

  92. author

    Meka Malice2 days ago

    That blazer makes your eyes POP. It matches perfectly

  93. author

    Sarah Rae2 days ago

    Love the fashion segment 🤗

  94. author

    marcella bowie2 days ago

    You obviously haven’t read the instructions

  95. author

    Christian Music2 days ago