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Top 5 WTF MomentsTop 5 WTF Moments

Top 5 WTF Moments

2 months ago

The End Of LTAT.The End Of LTAT.

The End Of LTAT.

2 months ago

  1. author

    Hooty Poot7 hours ago

    How could twins be a clone ? Who is the singular propagine?

  2. author

    xthatwhiteguyx7 hours ago

    Hope we got a small one, this time... my jaw needs a rest. You and me both.

  3. author

    ChurroKidd7 hours ago

    8:04 Lol

  4. author

    Rica7 hours ago

    They should do song biscuits with them !!

  5. author

    Jilson7 hours ago


  6. author

    YourFriendlyNeighborhoodTrashcan7 hours ago

    New idea: Takis Tacos

  7. author

    YourFriendlyNeighborhoodTrashcan7 hours ago

    Clone Josh 8 billion times so everyone on earth can have him as their personal chef.

  8. author

    Denise Zimmerman7 hours ago

    Idk how but I guessed that was a clay pot at 8 seconds. Also, are we not going to be able to watch the reverse slow-mo punch the other way around?

  9. author

    mistyocdragons7 hours ago

    *Umm Rhett, of COURSE you used the same colours, they are the only colours that were given to you!!*

  10. author

    Maaggiie D7 hours ago

    I got the pool noodle instantly

  11. author

    SoulLVL 17 hours ago

    People in 2020 me

  12. author

    Sheena Campbell7 hours ago

    I used to work at Dairy Queen when I was 16 and we would microwave those puppies

  13. author

    MyNameBill7 hours ago

    whos watching this in 2020

  14. author

    TheRealPonsoy7 hours ago

    4:34 for future laughs for myself.

  15. author

    Katie -7 hours ago

    I like this format. They should do it again

  16. author

    Chrome Neelson7 hours ago

    Oh The Drink

  17. author

    Natalia Trejo7 hours ago

    Link was extra happy in this episode

  18. author

    Vengeful Polititron7 hours ago

    Cotton candy guy.... Weird. Not even a joke.

  19. author

    reario reario7 hours ago

    This iz Ryan and Shane of GMM~ WHAHAHAH

  20. author

    seems legit7 hours ago

    7:59 “you can just do that?”

  21. author

    LovelyRosetta7 hours ago

    Chase wears the same shirt for every episode that they do this in 😂

  22. author

    MelvinLopez7 hours ago

    Wawa is best

  23. author

    Yes7 hours ago

    I don’t think Ben knows the meaning of “slow”

  24. author

    Dominique Siwulich7 hours ago

    Rhett made me like beards

  25. author

    Joelson Moon7 hours ago


  26. author

    Sarah R.7 hours ago

    One of my all time favourite episodes!

  27. author

    Ismail Salcinovic7 hours ago

    Try balkan Food

  28. author

    Bob Nobsgobs7 hours ago

    Yo! Where’s portillos representation, am I right?

  29. author

    Sparkling Garbage :37 hours ago

    Link reminds me of Pete Wentz

  30. author

    Autumn Dennis7 hours ago

    I got lexical gustatory synesthesia and mirror touch

  31. author

    Naama Loll7 hours ago

    11:42 dying at their reaction 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  32. author

    oklexiok7 hours ago

    i laughed so hard at this

  33. author

    Vengeful Polititron7 hours ago

    Salvatore is Jabba the Hut.

  34. author

    Daniel Aguilar8 hours ago

    6:45 , was that a hair hanging from the fork?

  35. author

    Morgan Browne8 hours ago

    “Do you speak any other languages?” Me: 4:12

  36. author

    Howie Feltersnatch8 hours ago

    I love how the bald guy has the gmm neon sign perfectly behind his head so he looks like a mythical super sayan

  37. author

    Progamer10138 hours ago

    12:22 That zoom in was PERFECT.

  38. author

    Sterling Buck- 'Canaflix'8 hours ago

    They missed a golden opportunity to call it a Sloppy Jo-Nut

  39. author

    Sid Gillespie8 hours ago

    If you're interested why the cheese grater got one star - it's because of the string that breaks in several days. They forgot to speak about it so I had to search for the answer. Also, why did she take the crappies product?

  40. author

    Panda Manda8 hours ago

    What about Ruffles!?

  41. author

    USB Dongle8 hours ago

    jordaaaaaannnnnn ❤️

  42. author

    William Gugins8 hours ago

    No you can’t watch daddy’s home 2 before daddy’s home 1

  43. author

    velynxia x8 hours ago

    all the gifs that could be made lololl

  44. author

    Dominique Siwulich8 hours ago

    They sure made that milkshake LOOK delicious

  45. author

    Xbeast FN8 hours ago


  46. author

    B G8 hours ago

    Eating gas station food is absolutely disgusting....

  47. author

    Lisa Deladurantaye8 hours ago

    The fun wasn't talked about enough...hahaha

  48. author

    snowbird8 hours ago

    How to find rhett in a crowd: *inhales* Tokyo!

  49. author

    thepeacekeeperofchi8 hours ago

    I don't think I should have been avocado Toast Crunch, it should have something like nutmeg Toast Crunch or some type of spice keeping with the theme

  50. author

    Luis E8 hours ago

    "As you can see, we can't" Lmao

  51. author

    Anxious8 hours ago

    I was luckly eating while watching ;)

  52. author

    Sonourious8 hours ago

    Bro why didn’t you do lays stax

  53. author

    ParanormalPansy8 hours ago

    Miss Jordyn so much! Wish he was in more episodes.

  54. author

    私は尻を食べる8 hours ago

    where was nathans what

  55. author

    jon maciel8 hours ago

    I’m telling y’all everyone sleeps on 7 eleven they got great coffee and hotdogs

  56. author

    Shayla Kirkland8 hours ago

    As a hotdog enthusiast, Freddys frozen custard serves the absolute best hotdog. Idc what these internetainers say

  57. author

    Ethereal the Sylveon8 hours ago

    PORTILLO'S ???

  58. author

    nick black8 hours ago

    711 is the spot, i go there twice a day

  59. author

    TheKidblazer18 hours ago

    they were in a cemetery when they sent them that video

  60. author

    Julia Panda8 hours ago

    It still feels like he’s still here, I can’t believe he’s gone 😭😭Praying for the Bryant family Rest In Peace Kobe and Gigi and anyone else in the crash ❤️

  61. author

    Sean Murphy8 hours ago

    Missed opportunity to ask if he busted a nut lmao

  62. author

    ATM Quavo8 hours ago

    9:00 someone mocked him 😂😂 .

  63. author

    BEARDNOISE K-Pop8 hours ago


  64. author

    Abby Beardsley8 hours ago

    I used to use scope but I feel the same way link did, it’s sweet! I now use listerine total care (the purple one) and I like it a lot more

  65. author

    Ashley Wells8 hours ago

    Watching this in 2020 and thinking about how the Segway was kinda a precursor to the hoverboard. Also feeling really old for remembering seeing people riding on Segways

  66. author

    Sam and Colby fan always E8 hours ago

    i counted d 47 indivisuaul gags im sure im incoorect but still

  67. author

    BEARDNOISE K-Pop8 hours ago

    Hi Poppy ❤️

  68. author

    kiwi23frog8 hours ago

    Rhett looks very defeated at the end of round 3.

  69. author

    Emma Lindell8 hours ago

    Truefuly thank you I am diagnosed and have sever OCD I got so mad until my brother showed me this it's now liked and I can't thank u enough

  70. author

    The Real Sheepy8 hours ago

    7-11 is my go to

  71. author

    Japan Step8 hours ago

    We need more of these, this was hilarious.

  72. author

    Sub Zero2958 hours ago

    Soups is better

  73. author

    Amєrio8 hours ago

    Costco is the best and it will always be the the best and it always has been the best and nothing will ever come close to it aaaaaah

  74. author

    Damian Hurtado8 hours ago

    I’ve been saying 7/11 has some of best hotdogs for years now and nobody’s believed me

  75. author

    zombiemom little man's place8 hours ago

    I believe that Elvis is still alive

  76. author

    David Runion8 hours ago

    Dunkaroos are coming back

  77. author

    XxrustybananaxX 568 hours ago

    I love the bite

  78. author

    McKinley Whalen8 hours ago

    Rhett is so hairy

  79. author

    iiwɔsiih ɔnaakyaa8 hours ago

    Visiting my parents this weekend and watching this at night. I hope they don't think I'm watching something else. Their dialogue is awkward.

  80. author

    Simone Sharp8 hours ago

    I’m so proud of 7/11 ❤️ the true underdog 🌭

  81. author

    Audrena Talia8 hours ago

    I have mirror touch

  82. author

    DIAxDHUITx7198 hours ago

    Again with the strawberries lol.

  83. author

    Shelly Nelson8 hours ago

    Every time you “speak your truth” you put up symbolism how are we supposed to believe what you’re saying if you’re going to do the symbols keep your hands down and speak please

  84. author

    Shirley Cheng8 hours ago

    No Nathan's??

  85. author

    Bob Dylan8 hours ago

    You can see it all the time if you actually look at the sky. It's not hard to see it. Especially with polarized sunglasses

  86. author

    PC GameBoy8 hours ago

    lol This channel is just food testing now. xD

  87. author

    gwyneth anne radatz8 hours ago

    this cannot be real life

  88. author

    Erin Lynn8 hours ago

    When you did the wedgieman I could feel your pain

  89. author

    Oscar A. Delgado8 hours ago

    Imagine not having portillos

  90. author

    Charobeein Charchar8 hours ago

    I’m terrified

  91. author

    Fahmina Zaman8 hours ago

    They should have done Shake Shack too!!

  92. author

    Sloane M8 hours ago

    You guys should make a mythical cookbook

  93. author

    William Gugins8 hours ago

    Hi 👋 is was a good show

  94. author

    rodeo king8 hours ago

    I talk to my crabs Rhett 2020

  95. author

    Bri Pois8 hours ago

    My meal: bacon, beef jerky, a filet o-fish, Big Mac, ceviche, strawberry’s, lemonade

  96. author

    Moonbot 78 hours ago

    Nobody will see this but you should compare the Easter jelly beans to the original candy on Easter company’s like starburst, jolly ranchers etc

  97. author

    Shimeara Mosby8 hours ago

    Can someone get chase a shirt he can fit???

  98. author

    ALL DOR8 hours ago

    USA's ice cream floats, how convenient 🤔