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  1. author

    Neil Carvajal2 years ago

    What will happen if humans have animal abilities ?

  2. author

    WitchGaming 1442 years ago

    Can we eat ice?? :o

  3. author

    Kit Redfield2 years ago

    Why so some people see Trypophobia and want to press there palms or arms against the holes?

  4. author

    Maria Del Carmen Rodriguez2 years ago

    i really love ur music videos <3, the lyrics and the rhythm. i can listen to ur songs all day <3

  5. author

    kyubi _1012 years ago

    what is the first ancient weapon in the universe?

  6. author

    Marcello Teixeira2 years ago

    Question If all the other planets were earth what would happen?

  7. author

    Gregg Cappa2 years ago

    Question: How is Carbonated Water made? ANOTHER Question: Will the sun eventually blow up because it is a star? Real weird Question: how and why does your nose produce boogers? :P LAST QUESTION: Do elephants actually hate mice like they do in cartoons and jokes? Note: No one else pls dont answer these questions I would like the channel to answer if they do.

  8. author

    Heather Peterson2 years ago

    why do cats purr???

  9. author

    LunarWave Gaming2 years ago

    Question: Who/How does one close a school bus door when the driver gets out?

  10. author

    ADDICTED ARTIST2 years ago

    Qestion: Why can't some people poop in strange places? That has always irritated me.

  11. author

    Daood Qasim2 years ago

    I've got a question for you. Why does eating a banana stop cramps?

  12. author

    Doctor Boom2 years ago

    What is the main difference between a pie and a cake

  13. author

    MrGameAndPlay2 years ago

    how can I see my asks on your videos?

  14. author

    non32 years ago

    Was Old McDonald a real farmer?

  15. author

    crazy jamie2 years ago

    can you grow plants on other planets?

  16. author

    The weird Gamers2 years ago

    also please subscribe then send a comment if you have then i will

  17. author

    The weird Gamers2 years ago

    why do we get created by DNA?

  18. author

    Anubhav Gupta2 years ago

    Wait isn't the word Mellisa come from a 1999 virus which infected Windows 98 and below pc and i am telling you to kill mellisa right now

  19. author

    zenithh2 years ago

    why is the other side of the heads on a coin called tails?

  20. author

    c mccahey2 years ago

    When i'm trying to clear my mind I think of the number 7, why?

  21. author

    Koda Bear2 years ago

    is it possible for wood to clap

  22. author

    ItsEthanIGuess2 years ago

    QUESTION (when we get older can we have a different hair color)

  23. author

    ItsEthanIGuess2 years ago

    I HAVE DER QUESTION (why do we have toes)

  24. author

    ·TheLegendGamer· 12 years ago

    How Did People Get So Smart?

  25. author

    Kdav4242 years ago

    Why are cats afraid of cucumbers

  26. author

    Paul Bivol2 years ago

    Where did swearwords came from?

  27. author

    Melodie Sky2 years ago

    What would happen if every animal on the planet was a herbivore?

  28. author

    Alpha ƒ Bewilderbeast2 years ago

    When was Mother's Day evented?

  29. author

    Shahrul XD2 years ago

    What happened if eat to much noodle

  30. author

    EQUAL22 years ago

    Why do people smack their lips when they wake up?

  31. author

    O̶b̨li͂͑̀vion Wal̵k̡er̛T҉A̡҉̛G̷̴ -2 years ago

    please may i MReporter Poop you guys?

  32. author

    Koda Bear2 years ago

    what would happen if all cats dissapeared

  33. author

    epic melon gaming2 years ago

    could we survive on breathing something different than oxygen ?

  34. author

    Dylan Evans2 years ago


  35. author

    OYeog2 years ago

    I was looking for more videos from you guys when I found out I had already watched them all. XD

  36. author

    GoldenEpicFace2 years ago

    Are Zombies Real? Can it happen? #Question

  37. author

    Adam Perry2 years ago

    can someone be alergict to are

  38. author

    Adam Perry2 years ago

    can peple bring back dinos

  39. author

    T Yunzo2 years ago

    What was the first mask ever made in the entire world including helmets

  40. author

    xBionic Gamingx2 years ago

    How does rubber make grip?

  41. author

    Spartan King2 years ago

    why are some parts of the ocean different colors?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  42. author

    Dipper hat Dude2 years ago

    How do you get tired of fall asleep? #Question

  43. author

    Marcello Teixeira2 years ago

    Hi danger dozen for your next 10 burning questions can you put this on your next facts "what would happen if earth was a barren waste land?"

  44. author

    Shadowmewtwo Gamer2 years ago

    why do people have allergies?

  45. author

    Shadowmewtwo Gamer2 years ago

    why does are skin jump?

  46. author

    beavis anderson2 years ago

    why am i scared, but stay scared for a while?

  47. author

    UnKnownHost2 years ago

    shimaaaaaaa come backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  48. author

    Mr.SaltyPancake2 years ago

    what will happen if earth stopped spinning

  49. author

    Jewly2 years ago

    Is the universe expanding every second?

  50. author

    Craig Madison2 years ago

    Who created/invented footie pajamas, when? why?

  51. author

    Tuxman123 Sims2 years ago

    Why is there only 7 continents on Earth?

  52. author

    Jonah Lucas2 years ago

    Why are cats so evil

  53. author

    CHICHI72 years ago

    what was the last anime made in black and white?

  54. author

    Shad the Hedgehog2 years ago

    Why do your eyes watter when you drink soda?

  55. author

    Vcorp2 years ago

    How come 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +... = -1/12 ?

  56. author

    Mark Paule2 years ago

    If we die we reborn or juts go to heaven

  57. author

    ying ma2 years ago

    What is the color of nothing?

  58. author

    Mituna Captor2 years ago

    Does anyone know how large the universe is? I know people say it's infinity, but how did we find this out? Is it true?((Yes, people will probably reply to this comment. But this is for the channel facts series thing--))

  59. author

    zlkjsfhgjki as dkjfa;l2 years ago

    do a video about rule 34 and yiff.

  60. author

    Allen Durst2 years ago

    Is there anyway to download some of the songs like "Sea of Tea" or "Dropping Things and They're Just Gone"

  61. author

    ChevyRoll482 years ago

    Considering that kryptonite could be used, could anyone beat superman?

  62. author

    Fenomena Fatahilla2 years ago

    Why does salt water fish more colorfull than the fresh water fish?

  63. author

    Erwin Falcon2 years ago

    What Is Planet X

  64. author

    ramil Cruz2 years ago

    is a unicorn real?

  65. author

    Odin Rivera2 years ago

    How does a Yo-Yo work?

  66. author

    Buttered Toastx2 years ago

    and also were is shima

  67. author

    Buttered Toastx2 years ago

    what is the meaning of life ?

  68. author

    Stardash 162 years ago

    Q: when was earth formed?

  69. author

    boxfox reyes2 years ago

    shima come back soon

  70. author

    Highfivepaw Birbs2 years ago

    What was the first book ever written?

  71. author

    Tyler Smith2 years ago

    Is it possible that there are parallel universes

  72. author

    Emily Smith2 years ago

    why do i have cruses on so many boys

  73. author

    Emily Smith2 years ago

    what is dark magic

  74. author

    ROBLOX Sisters2 years ago

    I HAVE A QUESTION :O which side of the Andromeda Galaxy do we see?

  75. author

    Simos Katsiaris2 years ago

    Is Shimma coming back? Melissa is not the same, she feels younger and not experienced, Shimma sounded more like an experienced teacher that loved the subjects she was talking about

  76. author

    ShaniaMidnightBerry2 years ago

    Hey +Super Planet Dolan I was wondering if you could PLEASE Subscribe to my channel! I would really appreciate it if you would subscribe! Thank you so much!

  77. author

    Kawaii Yet2 years ago

    Heres some questions: 1) why does it hurt if u have a cut and touch metal? like a metal shower head or hose with ur cut? 2) why do some ppl, like me, sneeze when they eat too much?

  78. author

    jade hudson2 years ago

    What is dark energy?

  79. author

    Raven Winters2 years ago

    Nolan, why does my blood taste metallic?

  80. author

    Lavon Martin2 years ago

    y do you pee

  81. author

    TheBlownut2 years ago

    What is the World record of looking at the sun without getting blind?

  82. author

    fireclaw 7892 years ago

    what was the first dinosaur discovered?

  83. author

    carlgaming2 years ago

    super planet dolan more like super planet dopelan

  84. author

    The G-Wing2 years ago

    Like everyone's been saying, where did shima disappear off to?

  85. author

    Poidachi2 years ago

    what will happen to Earth if My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic still be Popular for 10 Centuries more??

  86. author

    Game Dreamer2 years ago

    Everybody was arguing about "what came first chicken or egg"?

  87. author

    Matheson Hertel2 years ago

    What happened to shima

  88. author

    Stardash 162 years ago

    what is anime?

  89. author

    Dud32 years ago

    Has someone seen my Hellbent Plushie , i cant find it.

  90. author

    Hazel2 years ago

    why do you sometimes see the moon in the morning?

  91. author

    Superweegee152 years ago

    What happened to shema

  92. author

    TheEmeraldGolem2 years ago

    Is it possible for each of your eyes to face in different directions??? like a derp guy

  93. author

    Mystery Girl2 years ago

    is it possible to die of sadness/loneliness?

  94. author

    Grrrizzly2 years ago

    Why is it that time goes faster when you fall asleep?

  95. author

    OutOfCommision2 years ago

    what is the point of this channel

  96. author

    Levi Hopkins2 years ago

    I have to admit that Melissa is cute oh and what makes the noteon a piano key

  97. author

    Mark Tony2 years ago

    How Much Money Is There In The World And Will Shima Meet Mellisa?

  98. author

    weirdo chickin2 years ago

    what is the closest thing to a dinosaur today?

  99. author

    Zachary Hartsel2 years ago

    what happens when Jupiter is bigger than the sun?

  100. author

    kosgamesbulgaria2 years ago

    what if the school doesn't maked