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  1. author

    Gacha Ashel4 hours ago

    Tori dyed her hair,

  2. author

    reo4 hours ago

    Stray kids who, i only know Baby Photo 😳

  3. author

    Sanni anything4 hours ago

    God that laugh on 5:22 XD

  4. author

    Jibubblesᄋᄉᄋ4 hours ago

    I guess I'm not sleeping tonight ლ(^o^ლ)

  5. author

    I see you BlackPink all up in my area4 hours ago

    11:04 look at his eyes lol

  6. author

    Mayy 134 hours ago

    They are so cute.... stream levanter and double knot by Baby Photos

  7. author

    Parsee Mizuhashi4 hours ago

    5:28 the camera would be shaking if there was an earthquake of any sorts.

  8. author

    Nastasja Alar4 hours ago

    I should show them a scary tik tok. There are so many ghost videos and thay are so scary.

  9. author

    Parsee Mizuhashi4 hours ago

    5:25 she’s indoors. No wind.

  10. author

    Michael Gleeson4 hours ago

    i cried to google ad my god why

  11. author

    Student-IPK Ghaya Khaled Mansoor Ali Alhadhrami 3D4 hours ago

    it is so creepy

  12. author

    Brig Came4 hours ago

    Tag NukesTop5s for #9. It’s literally his voice and his video not a reddit post

  13. author

    Liz Afid4 hours ago

    11:06 HIS EYESSSS

  14. author

    Taco :34 hours ago

    Seungmin looks so cute 🥺

  15. author

    The Obnoxious Narwhal4 hours ago

    The only explanation is it's the chameleon man

  16. author

    Parsee Mizuhashi4 hours ago

    3:38 yeah, um...what you see through the camera is different from what the person that is recording it can see.

  17. author

    jorden -4 hours ago

    why aren’t Sam&Colbys youtube videos in this video...

  18. author

    Ibrahim Khalil4 hours ago

    These videos are nothing. You should've made them react to James' (theodd2sout) ghost in the basement video.

  19. author

    john cox4 hours ago


  20. author

    Parsee Mizuhashi4 hours ago

    2:26 there’s no reason to believe something, but there’s also no reason to doubt it.

  21. author

    Lulo4 hours ago

    Omfg its 5am in my country and Idk why im watching it right now

  22. author

    Ufuk Sama4 hours ago


  23. author

    Duda Melissa4 hours ago

    Who is the guy that say "Love You, Google"?

  24. author

    Amina-arwa Abdi4 hours ago

    Minho in the corner third wheeling like 🤭🤭

  25. author

    Parsee Mizuhashi4 hours ago

    Where’s the fun in meeting a normal ghost?

  26. author

    Keziah Cuison4 hours ago

    Seungmin and Jisung is literally me and my friends in a nutshell

  27. author

    dahikhok shen4 hours ago

    my bois looking so good

  28. author

    The Average Guy4 hours ago

    Malaysia has a lot creepy thing man.

  29. author

    Rik van Egdom4 hours ago

    queen is PERFECT

  30. author

    A.K.M. Didar Uddin Salim4 hours ago

    My wish became reality!!!!

  31. author

    Cheryl Bombshell4 hours ago

    8:48 I just said f*** it. And paused the video. OH HELL NAH.

  32. author

    Twurq4 hours ago

    & here I am watching this at 3am lol. ooooop

  33. author

    Alex Castro4 hours ago

    well... 13:19 I'm doing the opposite :) and I'm scared, bye

  34. author

    EricArgyris4 hours ago

    Any explanation is more likely than the "paranormal". isn't prank, technical glitch, video artifact, lence flair, and camera/editing trick more likely than ghosts?

  35. author

    Kiki黄晓妹4 hours ago


  36. author

    Jibubblesᄋᄉᄋ4 hours ago

    If you guys ever wondered what Seungmin said by "Gone Days" is a Korean joke, it basically sounds like "Kkondae" which translates to "old b*stard" Thank me later

  37. author

    Anindya Kinasih4 hours ago


  38. author

    Bartosz Bylliński4 hours ago

    Can you do reaction for polish rap. But after song you should give them translation.

  39. author

    Bailey Saddler4 hours ago

    This is shameful smh 🤦‍♀️

  40. author

    X3 BUILDS24 hours ago

    No 4 was a animal

  41. author

    Rhonda Flesher4 hours ago

    Burgers blended with plant base products have been around for ages. And the funny thing is up until recently they have been the poor man's hamburger patties (soybean added as a cheap meat extender). At least they had been (with the current trends they will probably go up in price just like the ground turkey skyrocketed when it suddenly became popular as a healthy choice).

  42. author

    Andreea ZHL4 hours ago

    So...I am a stan of BabyPhotos?

  43. author

    Kyle Tessier4 hours ago

    2:35 is so wholesome lmao

  44. author

    --4 hours ago

    React to Nuke's top 5 scary ghost videos that will scare anyone! video: mreporter.net/v/video-fki_oysETtA.html OR 5 videos of ghosts caught on camera! video: mreporter.net/v/video-_CZmjSrIIVw.html

  45. author

    Leilani Leyva4 hours ago

    Am I the only one who doesn’t know like the majority of these teens like when did they this happen? when did they come? Or am I just not keeping up

  46. author

    Misael Francisco Ramirez4 hours ago

    Reactors : “Don’t watch it at 3am” Me: *watches at 4am*

  47. author

    Hooded Swordsman4 hours ago

    Why am I watching this at 3am?

  48. author

    XT Gaming5 hours ago

    11:04 That is so creepy but hilarious

  49. author

    Luis Grimaldo5 hours ago

    vanossgaming funny moment

  50. author

    Alex Nguyen5 hours ago

    Thath tho scawee

  51. author

    The Nightingale5 hours ago

    Number 6 - Gollum??

  52. author

    Rachel Smith5 hours ago

    I know someone is going to come later and put up some comment which is gonna get so many likes _Why can't I be the one_

  53. author

    Naia Sands5 hours ago

    can i have a shoutout plzzzzz

  54. author

    Fora 01915 hours ago

    okay this video is from 3 weeks ago but most of the comments are hours ago?

  55. author

    Falionys5 hours ago

    Lol as soon as she said "if your watching this at 3 a.m." looked at the clock its 3 a.m. exactly

  56. author

    Kingrockkid5 hours ago

    I watched this before going to sleep. I now dont want to sleep.

  57. author

    Fam Smith5 hours ago

    are the all wearing like the same 3 outfits omg?!

  58. author

    Mae Alias5 hours ago

    Why am I watching this at 12am

  59. author

    Moon5 hours ago

    Isnt this the same as that one video?

  60. author

    chris 19825 hours ago

    Id really like to watch fake videos.

  61. author

    Austy5 hours ago

    I recognized Nuke’s Top 5’s voice in #9!!

  62. author

    Philip Stathas5 hours ago

    2:27 "Human people"

  63. author

    MR Cornholio4205 hours ago

    i mean they all look fake

  64. author

    LestahLester035 hours ago

    That Hyunjin guy is totally my type. He looks so good. ❤

  65. author

    i see that i’m icy5 hours ago

    They should react to bismilla rahman rahim vids😂

  66. author

    Cheilin Park-Hash5 hours ago


  67. author

    guacomani5 hours ago

    what was the censored word in the “Hacked Camera” video?

  68. author

    Jihoon Manoban Vigonte5 hours ago

    Han: Oh, really? Love you, Google Me: Hi! Im Google😆

  69. author

    ZEneru15 hours ago

    1:26 That grin was nasty, Jaxon

  70. author

    Quantica V15 hours ago

    Will definition of a pro

  71. author

    Rachel Smith5 hours ago


  72. author

    _5 hours ago

    11:03 this is creepier than the video

  73. author

    nicosie worrell5 hours ago

    “There’s is no explanation for why a table stood up on its own” 💀💀 ok

  74. author

    Jerome Soriano5 hours ago

    i think i broke my phone because i threw it out

  75. author

    Maryam Alam5 hours ago


  76. author

    Night Fang5 hours ago

    Its the rake!!!!! Edit:Also some of those scared the freak out of me

  77. author

    Klek Music Official5 hours ago

    Parents react to Iann Dior🙏🙏

  78. author

    Angela L5 hours ago

    Have watched this episode many times just for SYDNEY!!!

  79. author

    Saf Khalid5 hours ago

    i love Talia when she talk so cute

  80. author

    Nuke's Top 55 hours ago

    At #9 you played a clip straight from my channel that literally has me narrating over the entire clip. ...Then credited a random Reddit post of the video in the description. Y U DO DIS? 😜

  81. author

    Hanma Yujiro chijo saikyo no seibutsu aka ogre5 hours ago

    Kids react to this Song. This Song Rock from Malaysia i hope you Will react and give a comment about it here is the link : m.mreporter.net/v/video-IUaCMUxlpO4.html

  82. author

    Kamara Powell5 hours ago

    13:04 this guy just called me tf out 😭😭

  83. author

    it's raining isn't it5 hours ago

    In 5:19 , the video was real Its happen in my country I think

  84. author

    Anouk5 hours ago

    Isn’t that like a movement detector? Like when you stand up the toilet automatically flushes? The have pretty much the samen thing in airport bathrooms.

  85. author

    Jan Hracho5 hours ago


  86. author

    mrschuu5 hours ago

    the tiktok bathroom camera trend is fake its legit the first result when you search up "outlet hidden camera" people are just doin this to get views

  87. author

    Siddhartha Sharma5 hours ago

    4:10 thats a black metal band filming their video

  88. author

    Just Guest5 hours ago

    hmm the wrath of the siblings lol

  89. author

    Menghuy5 hours ago

    2:27 IQ 💯 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  90. author

    Jaron DL5 hours ago

    Raise your hand if you don't use tiktok. 🖐

  91. author

    Domishi5 hours ago

    But you no tell why kurtko bain ded

  92. author

    reivien erediano5 hours ago

    ash: i think tiktok is good it lets the weirdo blossom me: thats what in talking about hahahahaha

  93. author

    Diamond_ Dragon5 hours ago

    I loooove there accent!😌💜

  94. author

    one sad bitch5 hours ago

    why am I just starting to watch this at almost 1am 😐🤚🏼

  95. author

    David Waller5 hours ago

    Human people?? Hmmm that was phrased very suspiciously, like something an alien playing a human would say lol.

  96. author

    Skelecat5 hours ago

    4 isn’t a cougar, it’s a lady screaming from another video. Cougars do have scary calls though lol

  97. author

    Booker DeWitt5 hours ago

    They should've shown the Elisa Lam video. 100% real security footage of Elisa Lam before she was found dead in a water tank on top of a building. She acts in a bizarre creepy way, I'm actually getting chills just thinking about it.

  98. author

    Yayah Bakar5 hours ago

    Why don’t police take the creepy clowns to the police station and take off the makeup and see who it really is and arrest them??

  99. author

    Victorhea Tongi5 hours ago

    John is a lowkey cute father, his smile made my day.

  100. author

    joey's is god5 hours ago

    Anthony IS hot