How to and craft videos, using simple house hold items. Cool projects, life hacks, science experiments, and cooking tips for you to try at home. Featuring a mixture of original ideas and reworks of classic concepts, together with some slow motion destruction videos, all in one channel...
// Dave Hax

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Egg Life Hacks

7 months ago

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New Home Hacks

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    NightEffects5 months ago

    Hello, Check my channel ! I finnaly hit 1000 subscribers. I will upload a lot of interesting videos ! :)

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    اكاديمية شهم لتقنية المعلومات-Shahm Makarati5 months ago

    hello DaveHax, I want to ask you if i can reupload your video on my own channel. .I live in germany I will put your channel link in the description of the video and so you can also get some subscribers to your channel and so you can get subscribers form all around the world I hope you answer me quickly THANKS

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    kyle bates5 months ago

    mreporter.net/block-UC1TB2BB4DR1WTmC9_w21qEg sub 2 him

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    GameIvan465 months ago

    just a try

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    Think Plus5 months ago

    Love your greatest hack.

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    Antwan Anderson5 months ago


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    rebekah ramrattan5 months ago

    btw do minecraft vids

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    rebekah ramrattan5 months ago

    please change your profile pic

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    Debbie Grice5 months ago

    Ok I have tried to make the Glow in the Dark Spider Web phone case twice, and both times I could not get it off the wax paper. What am I doing wrong???? Help!

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    Horrera GTA & More6 months ago


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    Ken Wong7 months ago

    On Vacation? No video for a month?

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    vikash agrawal7 months ago

    no more fidgets! plz! plz! plz!

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    Blitz Fire8 months ago


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    Blitz Fire8 months ago


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    P. Pavlidis8 months ago

    DaveHax I like all your videos and they are all good !!!!!!

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    WII BOWLING8 months ago

    upload a video now it's friday today

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    WII BOWLING8 months ago

    please upload a video on tuesday

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    WII BOWLING8 months ago

    your not uploading a video on tuesday

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    WII BOWLING8 months ago

    i want to come to your house

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    WII BOWLING8 months ago

    davehax i love you so much

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    WII BOWLING8 months ago

    upload a video it's friday

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    WII BOWLING8 months ago

    listen to how it begins by kevin macleod

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    WII BOWLING8 months ago

    make mario

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    Theonlycrossfiregami8 months ago

    Im new a MReporterr can reference me in a video my name is Theonlycrossfiregaming

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    game freaks9 months ago

    Make frigit spinner ok

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    XYLOPHONE GLASBA9 months ago


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    PizzaHorder9 months ago


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    Hussain S Universe9 months ago


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    BlasteroidPlayzYT9 months ago


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    BlasteroidPlayzYT9 months ago

    the link is down here its belowwwww!!!

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    BlasteroidPlayzYT9 months ago

    hello from adele sound tune!!!!!

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    PizzaHorder9 months ago

    Non-gallium video: like No fidget spinner videos for a month: resubscribe to you No gallium videos for a month: Rejoin notification squad

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    Stupid Breed9 months ago

    Should be called Galium Dave looking through his videos

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    PizzaHorder9 months ago

    I think that the people that want more fidget spinner videos have no creativity and can't think of a design for a circle that's 5 incheswide

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    Pixel_Vengeur9 months ago

    Stop this gallium/spinner nonsense. That's honnestly getting really boring and we all agree to say that you are only doing this to get more views and subscribers. And yes, I've unsubscribed.

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    WII BOWLING9 months ago

    change your watch trailer video wants to put gallium

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    subhasree bhattacharyya9 months ago

    Dave please please please no more gallium fidget spinners!

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    WII BOWLING9 months ago

    Make the Nintendo switch cake

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    andypandypootv9 months ago

    wanting to make a gallium fidget spinner... how many grammes do we need to buy to make one please? thank you!

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    Tony Mark10 months ago

    Where we can we find gallium pieces

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    Fast Tech10 months ago

    Dave very very nice channel

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    //Matthetic Memes//10 months ago

    please make more fidget spinner videos

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    Ibraheem Qazi10 months ago


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    Salvatore Viola10 months ago

    no more fidget spinners dave!

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    flyeralan10 months ago

    Dear Dave. Dont be mad at me becouse what i will tell you, but long ago you are showed hacks. Smart little things what people can do themself at home easily. I liked it thats why i subscribed to you. But now... what i see... you found gallium, like "yaaay it is like lego, but fluid lets make things from iiit yaaay" and you are making things with gallium... We get it. Gallium can be shaped in every form. But please PLEASE PLEASE stop theese things, does not makes any sense, yes we can form into ANYTHING fidget spinners, Cube, lego figures, fidget spinners, hell even a frickin spoon fork ect ect... Put down the gallium man, and PLEASE do some more good hack videos, this... this.. does not makes sense anymore... sorry... We get it how this thing works thanks. If cool and all.. but just becouse you can do any other thing about it, you dont need to make all the shapes man! We can imagine it; thank you very much. Fidges spinnet, check - Lock - Check - Usless figures in any shapes - check, looks nice when melting- check... you get the idea?!?!

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    Luddsar 310 months ago

    your last 13 videos was about gallium, fidget spinners or both...

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    Atarster10 months ago

    Your videos are really awesome, and keep it up! :)

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    Vladimir Pootis10 months ago

    Pretty cool, huh?

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    Andrew Hinger10 months ago

    Use to love your videos, way to many fidget spinner videos though. :( please go back to the way it was before.

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    Equuary10 months ago

    Can't wait todays fidget spinner video!

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    Spivix10 months ago

    Dave, Please stop doing the fidget spinner videos.

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    GayPanda10 months ago

    go on a DaveHax bingewatch and take a shot of [insert desired drink here] for every time he says "pretty cool, huh?"

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    Mega Faggot10 months ago

    This guy called "Tomo" made a "lava gallium fidget spinner" tho that it isn't possible and that guy is a clickbaiter he ol0nyl did was reacting to videos about gallium fidget spinners. But the problem is that he did it with your first gallium fidget spinner video without crediting you ANYWHERE not in the desc. not kn the comments,and he got over a 1.000.000 views. You should claim that video for copyright.

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    hippo svien10 months ago

    nice Work mannnn

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    Άννα Παπαδοπούλου10 months ago

    please stop making fidget spiners videos

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    Wahyudi Sumartono10 months ago

    Do more life hacks

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    Adventures with El10 months ago

    Dave, I'm very impressed with your stupendous ideas, don't stop making videos ever!

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    PizzaHorder10 months ago


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    PizzaHorder10 months ago

    WOW, when are you gonna make useful videos again?

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    Smith Smith10 months ago

    Hey Dave Gallium slime and/or slime fidget spinner? Also where can I buy gallium? t. Smith

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    Vormian10 months ago

    *I wish you die :)*

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    WildcatTech10 months ago

    Loved your DIY Gallium Fidget Spinner video. Never saw your vids below, but I've seen several now and I subscribed. BIG QUESTION: How much gallium do these take? I'm trying to buy the components and I see it sold in unit sizes anywhere from 20 grams to 100 grams, but I can't seem to figure out from your video how much you're using, and your syringe measures in oz, so that doesn't help either.

  63. author

    EnderGamer6710 months ago

    Do 1000 degree knife vs. gallium fidget spinner! Like if you agree! :D (I'm not that guy who want a lot of likes, I just want to know, how many people want to see it in his video :))

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    Li Min Huang10 months ago

    everyday we get further from god's light......

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    ThebluehipsterAJ10 months ago

    Please.. Stop making those fidget spinner videos it was fine one time but now it's a bit too much

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    Epic Cereals10 months ago

    make a sugru fidget spinner

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    WII BOWLING10 months ago

    upload a coke gallium

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    jamarion johnson10 months ago

    where do you find gallium

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    Darky10 months ago

    Heya Dave! The Channel "XtremeGamez" Have "Stolen" your DIY Galium Fidger spinner thumbnail. They are using it to Clickbait their "DIY gold Fidger spinner" Where they make a fidget spinner by hot gluing Gold coins to a bearing. The thumbnail in question is photoshopped to make the gallium look like flowing gold and they removed your syringe and added their own. Cheers mate and keep making whatever content you wanna make!

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    Qais almokdad10 months ago

    DaveHax can you make Gallium MReporter Play Button please

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    Pepperoni Jam10 months ago

    I just love this channel, gives me great ideas. Yo should do something on Christmas too :) or maybe a birthday thing. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! :D

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    Jaminben 32710 months ago

    3 million subs!!

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    Antler-Jen10 months ago

    My sister was a subscriber of yours since you had almost a million :) She introduced me to this channel, thanks for helping me learn to do laundry:3

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    HC Soul Hunter10 months ago

    3 million!

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    Ares Papa10 months ago

    Hey Dave, I just wanted to let you know that I saw your galium fidget spinner video posted on instagram by @ifyouspin. I don't know if you gave them permission, I just thought you should know. By the way, I love your videos!

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    Eric Fernandez10 months ago

    Your videos are cringe. gtfo

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    krishna fashions10 months ago

    this is an amazing place where in each video i find something new

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    joeymendesdacosta11 months ago

    davhax is gay

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    SamandChrissy11 months ago

    what is your birthday /birth year. This sounds creepy, but i wanted to add you on a website called famous birthdays. It needs that info to add you. thanks!

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    TFSimple11 months ago

    Everytime a video of you gets in trending, I'll slit someone's throat.

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    WII BOWLING11 months ago

    come to my house

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    WII BOWLING11 months ago

    you do life hacks

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    WII BOWLING11 months ago

    i love you

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    WII BOWLING11 months ago

    i love you

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    krish fun world11 months ago

    Your video are awesome

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    Daniel Stonhill11 months ago

    not sure you can do anything about it but i found this on Facebook facebook.com/dagens.dk/videos/1478019782250931/

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    WII BOWLING11 months ago

    your the Creeping Chrysanthemum

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    WII BOWLING11 months ago

    come to the united states

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    WII BOWLING11 months ago

    make a chocolate pepsi bottle

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    WII BOWLING11 months ago

    stay safe have fun and as always thanks for watching

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    Rita MaruYear ago

    i like your channel but you should upload videos thrice a week and i subscribed too

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    Keira's Random Video'sYear ago

    hey yoo

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    WII BOWLINGYear ago

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    hi sir i really wanna ask the reason that why the coin produce the electricity.......please tell the reason sir please.....

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    Melissa DayYear ago

    Is your channel for kids under 3 too.

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    Raihana MYear ago

    can you do more life hacks

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    origamiYear ago

    can you make a oblige slime

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    Ian VestYear ago

    Dave's old videos used to be sooo much better, now he's pretty much just click-bating and using any trend he can to get views. It's a shame

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    FappyColaYear ago

    This guy got two million subscribers by using stock transitions and royalty free music, just remember, if he can do it then you can do it too.

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    GeometryDash FuadzYear ago

    DaveHax i wish you could make videos everyday or monday and tuesday btw keep it up!

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    djsmiley 12eliYear ago

    you should make a video making meringue

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    Hesham RashidYear ago

    ┻┳I I'm just .... ┳┻| ┻┳I ┳┻|  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ┻┳I ∧ going to ... ┳┻| ・) ┻┳Io) ┳┻| J  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ┳┻| ∧ _∧ put this... ┻┳I • ω • ) ┳┻| o🏀o ┻┳I ―J’  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ┳┻|∧ _∧ here ... ┻┳I • ω •) ┳┻| つ つ ┻┳|ーJ' 🏀  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ┳┻|∧ and leave... ┻┳I •) ┳┻|o) ┻┳|J 🏀

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    cirf euYear ago


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    Sukhbir SinghYear ago

    today is tuesday and he has not uploaded any new video

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    Rosaline RachelYear ago

    i want a video on something like morning and evening life hacks and please upload your videos every tuesday and friday

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    ManuThisGuyYear ago

    Hey Guys Please review my channel :) Thanks

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    Wheels On Fire 風火輪Year ago

    This channel is awesome!!!

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    how to drawYear ago

    Neat. So amazing.

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    david valenciaYear ago

    your channel is pretty cool huh?

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    Undercover SpyYear ago

    You must be suffering from mental retardation...

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    DiamondLover1000Year ago

    Can you help me with my youtube plz?

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    Khav 4 Sound Masters Inc.Year ago

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    Edward ChuYear ago

    Awesome Channel ! I love your videos ! Do upload more awesome videos !

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    That Strange GirlYear ago

    I subscribed because of just one of your videos made me fall in love with your videos 😃

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    nancy linYear ago

    ewww so disgust my favitoer drinks is water

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    Lukasz KubickiYear ago

    co tam

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    Claudio RamirezYear ago

    Hi Dave, love your videos they're very creative and helpful. Say do you know any useful tips to clean up or polish scratched CD, DVD's and BD's? Perhaps a video would be nice? Thank you -RobotboyCentury.

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    OggiYear ago

    Someone freebooted your "How to open a botle with a cucumber" video! facebook.com/pg/Recollection.buzz/videos/

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    andrew johnsonYear ago

    please stop making slime videos

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    3AGLE / ChaseMyMazeYear ago

    DaveHax Can u Post More Regularly?

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    THE ROCKsparkYear ago

    Sir plss promote my chanel THE ROCKspark

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    Elise L.Year ago

    you are my favorite you tuber keep up the good work

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    William B161Year ago

    you got a good channel DaveHax

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    alanna duffyYear ago

    question:dave people are agruing about the channel being better before and everyone is saying now its shit you have to awnser all theese idiots right.but how do you deal with them also i still <3 your channel keep it up ^^

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    Carson BushYear ago

    Awesome videos man! Keep it up!

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    Brecht VandepoeleYear ago

    no video anymore?

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    MojalYear ago

    Looks like someone's stealing your videos: mreporter.net/block-UCC-yA0VxdubM28VuXNICH9gvideos

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    andrew johnsonYear ago

    hulk is revived

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    MaxotorxYear ago

    Good Channel

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    Matthew FoxYear ago

    Hey just wondering if you could do me a big favour by answering some questions. Im currently do a degree in film and TV production and I am doing a project on web analytics. Could you tell me what your total watch time is, your average view duration, what geographic ranges your viewers come from, what percentage are male or female, what your traffic sources are and what are your playback locations. Also what are your views on trends in the youtube business, how did start off and do you have any tips for me as a new filmmaker. Thank you so much and congratulations on the great vids again.

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    Matthew FoxYear ago

    Hey great videos you have. A great use of lighting, your videos are very entertaining and informative. Keep up the great work.

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    Vintage FlixYear ago

    This channel is amazing...

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    JIMMY 513Year ago

    Awesome Lessons For Daily Living. Very Creative DaveHax Pretty Cool Huh ?

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    niovi sarriYear ago

    how old are you and hox many years are you doing videos???????????

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    gym queen2Year ago

    Face reveal

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    limejuiceYear ago

    He talks so clearly, like I have never turned on the subtitles saw what he said in the bottom of the screen.

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    Kazaii aka AneziYear ago

    You're"Pretty Cool" Is Not Funny 😒

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    DevyyonYear ago

    something to do when i'm bored

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    Martin JouYear ago

    I have a pen I have an island ughh Penisland... :D

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    WasicYear ago

    on which camera you shoot ???

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    Jenny PennyYear ago

    Dave, I'm autistic and I love watching all your videos hacks they are so cool. ☺😊

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    AnxiaTYear ago

    I have a question but i'd first like to say that i love watching your videos. They're so well put together and you script them very well. My question is are you okay with me posting a video with every time you ve said "pretty cool, huh?" I've already watched every video and recorded every time, so i just want permission to monetize it and such. Please respond if you can =] Best regards - AnxiaT

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    Halbatord / Th3Ch1cK3nYear ago

    DaveHax your channel it's Great 100000/100000

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    David EngelsYear ago

    Your how to make your own cough drops. I've made them and let them cool in the fridge but they do not harden is there a reason why? And how long do I need to cool them

  151. author

    Pontius PilateYear ago

    Dave, there is a Facebook page who is stealing your videos, not even giving your credits, they just put his name at the end of the video, they have used like 4 of your videos already, the page name is "Perfecto Trucos" and they use your videos in Facebook advertising

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    Tiny Turtle GamingYear ago

    DAVE! I GOT A GREAT IDEA FOR A VIDEO! It's called Oreo Dip! Take a bunch of Oreos, twist the shell of, and scrap the filling in a microwave safe bowl. microwave for a minute and boom! Pretty Cool, Huh?

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    jack josepYear ago

    new catch phrase for dave: Pretty cool huh ?

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    Animator DudeYear ago

    Dave i love your videos but i dont do them (some) but I like to watch them a lot of times and keep making videos Pretty cool huh?

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    Cloudgut235Year ago

    Dave you inspire us every time you make a video! If you keep this up you would be away from your goals you will achieve the world will never seen a lots of supporters friends and family although some of us isn't related to you but, you are family either way!

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    Birender TiwariYear ago

    Dave- make a video which helps kids to get up early in the morning............

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    Stereo RoomYear ago

    You should write "Pretty Cool huh?" on your youtube banner. Its kind of like your slogans. : )

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    NorlestmanYear ago

    I wonder how many times has Dave said:"Pretty cool, huh?"

  159. author

    NorlestmanYear ago

    Dave, i love your videos. Your videos are fun and shows some really good life hacks! Your videos are really helping me out and i hope you could make more videos in the future.

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    SketchBookYear ago

    You would be an awesome science teacher.

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    Tarun KumarYear ago

    I'm a big fan! Love the Videos.

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    NxTinManYear ago

    fucking hate your accent

  163. author

    The sarcastic OneYear ago

    Make a coke bottle made out of jello! PLZ

  164. author

    Jeff MoseyYear ago

    A lifehack that we use in our house that i have never seen on the internet: We hate ice cube trays. Either they break really quickly or it is hard to get the ice out. Here is our solution. 1. Take an empty 2 liter soda bottle and cut off the top just above where the curve becomes the straight side. 2. Fill with water, leaving 1 inch of space at the top. 3. When frozen, hit it with a hammer and put the broken pieces in another bowl in the freezer. A 2 liter bottle will last for about 2-3 months of daily beatings and freezings before it finally splits along the side. Even when it splits, in the three years we have done this, it has never leaked into the freezer.

  165. author

    sweetangelgirls ajYear ago

    DaveHax can you find a away to mat something that flys and is not a paper plane

  166. author

    andrew johnsonYear ago

    your the best thanks dave :]

  167. author

    andrew johnsonYear ago

    the best youtuber in the world!

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    ZERO 313Year ago

    Pretty cool huh?

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    Rich UnsworthYear ago

    Dave I love your multiplication video!! How does it work for the last digit being a zero though? 10 x 10 ??

  170. author

    TheChipremixYear ago

    Dave , could you make a video about how to fill a banana with a flavour. I heard of banana surprise thing that u can fill your banana with a flavour. but I haven't got one, so could you think of an idea on how to fill a banana with a flavour please? thanks

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    Ernie JasonYear ago

    this guy is amazing,its such a lucky n happy thing to join DaveHax's party if ppl have the chance

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    Jonah FrazierYear ago

    The jig is up I've finally figured it out you're secretly quircology!

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    Yee EeYear ago

    You're pretty cool huh

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    mig189189189Year ago

    Great Channel! Subbed with Love!

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    to dave hax and everyone i finish dave's video from be for and new video

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    Congrats on 2 million subs!!

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    I think your channel is pretty cool, huh?

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    i love your video

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    congratulations for 2 million subscribers Dave! You deserve it more than anybody.

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    SarahYear ago

    +DaveHax Please start making more videos! The last one you posted was LAST YEAR!

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    Jeen 2112Year ago

    Can you show me how to make cheese ball

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    Rock Creek siblingYear ago

    are you quirkology

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    Flame GFXYear ago

    um i don't know but your voice sounds like quirkology channel are you from that don't juge

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    Jerome WilhortYear ago

    Your channel is so amazing it's not even funny.

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    Cosmica TVYear ago

    Pretty cool,huh? I like your channel

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    TheCraftedDragonYear ago

    Idk... but you sound like the guy in Quirkology much.....

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    KibopYear ago

    "Pretty cool,huh?" -Dave. Since Ever.

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    Krissi KingYear ago

    Hi Dave, I love your videos! They are very awesome and teach a bunch of awesome hacks that make life easier! I always get so exited when I see you have a new video up! :D

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    avishkar satavase2 years ago

    your all videos are amazing !!! tried half of all ...

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    be waiting2 years ago

    You can make the food to eat

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    Michal Štein2 years ago

    Nine channel and ideas that i never tought of! We are slowly making way to 2 000 000 SUBS!

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    Crystal minecrafter2 years ago

    Dave you should make some recipes on mexican food dishes like tacos. youd go pretty well with that. love all your videos. so does my daddy ;)

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    GAURAV CHAUDHARI2 years ago

    everyday i just open the youtube to cheak out your videos so plzz opload on tuesday and friday without fail. the videos are just amazing

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    Gregory Knipe2 years ago

    reply to me and nothing happens only i get a notification

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    ItzShahir2 years ago

    hi cheack out my channel

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    I think these guys shoud have given you credit: facebook.com/1675690029375418/videos/1707457342865353/