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Meet Our Goats!Meet Our Goats!

Meet Our Goats!

5 months ago

We messed upWe messed up

We messed up

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  1. author

    Gracie AwesomenessHour ago

    what the heck nebraska is.. not fun but stil how dare

  2. author

    Hannah MillerHour ago

    At the time of 8:30 there is a weird like laugh in the background when they are switching sides.

  3. author

    AriHour ago

    19:50 me : don’t tell me he made a fucking montage 19:55 me : he made a fucking montage (no hate ily rylan lmao)

  4. author

    Nope Nope2 hours ago

    Ugh I want ur family

  5. author

    Carolyn Elizabeth2 hours ago

    "oN tHiS beaUtIFul mONdAy moRnInG!" My mood never.

  6. author

    Bella Mooney2 hours ago

    丂卄卂几乇 ㄖ爪Ꮆ 工 千ㄩ匚Ҝ丨几Ꮆ ㄥㄖᐯ乇 ㄚㄖㄩ😂😂😂

  7. author

    Josè Feliciano2 hours ago

    A you dont need a pasport to go tu Puerto Rico Cuba dominican republic

  8. author

    lps alyssa2 hours ago

    I relly wanna meet you and yo frens. I'm gunna make a song fo all of ya. . on me guttar soon luv ya guys kissis cheek on ryland.

  9. author

    Kit Kat2 hours ago

    Am I the only one who loves the sound of the camera when it zooms in a out it's so satisfying😂 Just me? Ok😂

  10. author

    Katie George2 hours ago

    I'm confused as to why ryland expected a invite? 🤔

  11. author

    Kelsey Willhoite2 hours ago

    i cant 1:32 what was that shane:))))

  12. author

    J D2 hours ago

    TIP: if you dont want to touch the chicken use a knife and fork to cut it - literally the only way I cut meat now!

  13. author

    Blue Fox2 hours ago

    Who else thinks that ryland is too.... over dramatic?!?!

  14. author

    JJ Reid2 hours ago

    garrett is so high

  15. author

    KAILS AND FRIENDS3 hours ago


  16. author

    i love animals3 hours ago

    Aww man I was about to get so happy that u might come to Canada :(

  17. author

    gee way3 hours ago

    Idk if that’s over the west or east coast but I know in that part of the US graffiti is looked up on. I used to live in Oregon and graffiti there is considered art and no one gets fined for it unless you don’t have a permit. 👌🏽

  18. author

    Nope Nope3 hours ago


  19. author

    Kat yeshhh3 hours ago

    were is drew plz someone tell me

  20. author

    助けて BrokenLunatic助けて3 hours ago

    At first I didn’t like Ryland but thanks to shane I like him now, Love you Queen 👑❤️

  21. author

    tati3 hours ago


  22. author

    Megan Gardner3 hours ago

    Shane: I am Pooh and you are Piglet....Shane: I used to be Eeyore and then I met you and now I'm Pooh. Oh my heart!!!! <3 <3 <3 Love you guys so much and you deserve this beautiful home for you and your children!!!!

  23. author

    Gamer Girl3 hours ago

    22:00 look in the background and honey almost fell in the pool

  24. author

    Atianna Marrero3 hours ago

    If you do a part 2 I would be amazing if you came to New Jersey

  25. author

    Andrew C3 hours ago

    Where my Nebraska folks at!??😂

  26. author

    Grace LoveBird3 hours ago

    Hee hee hee 😁

  27. author

    Cannabis king3 hours ago

    Wear that for a WEEK!!!!!!! 🤗😂

  28. author

    i love animals3 hours ago

    I wish Drew was there :(

  29. author

    Clover G3 hours ago

    I wish this was my family!!

  30. author

    Officially Chlobear3 hours ago

    y'all really hurt my feelings saying that nebraska is ew. thats my state you're talking about man.

  31. author

    Ren Is Artsy4 hours ago

    3:23 it would like Rylans is bomitong

  32. author

    kelsa lynne4 hours ago

    Being from Nebraska the remarks regarding here are hilarious. Really the only good thing here year round is the zoo. 😂😂 come at the right time either football or the college World Series are fun events that’s about it 😂😂

  33. author

    Jeff Tackett4 hours ago

    I see a Sex change in your future.

  34. author

    Alexis Pleizier-Evans4 hours ago

    Morgan was a vsco girl before it was relevant

  35. author

    Harry is mine edits4 hours ago

    Please tell me I´m not the only one that agrees with Garrett. Paydays are the best candy bar by far.

  36. author

    ItsYourGirlKarina 134 hours ago

    At 2:42 that is how I react when my crush text me back.

  37. author

    Caryn Meyer4 hours ago

    Okay... but if you turned the entrance of this into like a coat closet.... it could be a whole ass narnia.

  38. author

    Unearthly Alien4 hours ago

    I love how Andrews directing this all.

  39. author

    Monica Ceniceros4 hours ago

    I love ya

  40. author

    gokissthewookie5 hours ago

    not to be that bitch lol but it's ESpresso, not EXpresso

  41. author

    Eynique Waterman5 hours ago

    Love that song by niki and Gabi

  42. author

    Melanie DelValle5 hours ago

    There should be a limit on how much someone can say sickening. Cuz him saying it so much is actually sickening🤮 no hate I live him

  43. author

    gacha girl5 hours ago

    I'm so happy for you guys!!!!

  44. author

    b.3 lla5 hours ago

    *this video is genuinely cute and something I would love doing with my family and best friend*

  45. author

    kele carpenter5 hours ago

    Why hasn't shane posted anything recent?

  46. author

    Quirky Kaitlyn5 hours ago

    This is my absolute favorite video of yours, I am not kidding. Thank You For Your Time.

  47. author

    Emma Smith5 hours ago

    Shane and Ryland *eats burgers* Shane : “ it’s iconic”

  48. author

    Samantha Sims6 hours ago

    Go to Chicago.. that view of the lake is beautiful.

  49. author

    Olivia Rose6 hours ago

    Shane is me in a relationship 😂

  50. author

    Lissa Reyes6 hours ago

    Andrew is literally so fucking hot

  51. author

    Lily Johnson6 hours ago

    Garrett was so cute when he was getting stuff ready😂

  52. author

    mrstrisha19766 hours ago

    And I love yo vids

  53. author

    mrstrisha19766 hours ago

    I'm a kid and I can make a cake and a thanks giving dinner

  54. author

    Summer Cantor6 hours ago

    At 4:48 did anyone else see the hickey on Shane’s neck?🤪🤪👀👀👀👀

  55. author

    Jaylen Palmer6 hours ago

    I live in Georgia

  56. author

    Dynah Kitchen6 hours ago


  57. author

    Jeff Tackett7 hours ago

    1250 is outrageous for a sweat shirt and 900 for shorts insane donate to bstrong Bethany Frankel hurricane relief fund.

  58. author

    Ethan Rylee7 hours ago

    pause the video at 5:46

  59. author

    Dark Shibe7 hours ago

    if you ever decide to go to tennessee, don’t go to memphis (it’s dangerous) and i live there -_-

  60. author

    Adrianna Harmon7 hours ago

    I wish Shane got Wisconsin that would be so funny

  61. author

    Miss_ Murder7 hours ago

    Ryland: would you rather be with Garrot than me? Shane: No Me: joey? Shane: no.... John: LIES

  62. author

    Picassos Beret7 hours ago

    Nebraska is ready to load our corn. We WILL cancel. That’s a threat. Lol jk

  63. author

    Ashley Clark7 hours ago

    4:51 James laughed at morgan

  64. author

    Ashley Clark7 hours ago

    4:49 I CANT

  65. author

    Alli Roma7 hours ago

    Surprised Shane wasn't invited. He was in the old taco bell commercials

  66. author

    Julian Thomas8 hours ago

    Roses are red vilotes are blue im scrolling through the comments and so are you

  67. author

    jdjsgbw heheheh8 hours ago

    come do a meet and greet in portland!!!

  68. author

    Juana Artiaga8 hours ago

    Beautiful eyes

  69. author

    It's Emely8 hours ago

    Shane is way better at makeup than me ooo I'm jelaues 😒😂😔 Makeup gurus are quacking 😂

  70. author

    Any Saito8 hours ago

    This vídeo is everything for meeeeeeeeee OMGGGG

  71. author

    kay lee9 hours ago

    Hi Ryland I texted you on your Instragram and it very very important my Instagram is kaylee_i_guess with a cute little turtle so could you pls pls pls answer it would make my dat

  72. author

    Dark Shibe9 hours ago

    i da ho, you da ho

  73. author

    Nativ3 Girl9118 •9 hours ago

    The reason that the bears doesn’t attack you is because you didn’t bother them or like attack them and if you run from them they gonna run after you

  74. author

    Andrea Rivera9 hours ago

    I was born there it is so nice I

  75. author

    Min Yoongi9 hours ago

    i'm a lesbian but i really wanna destroy garret's asshole with my strap 😳

  76. author

    jackie pinkz9 hours ago

    Andrews laugh makes the videos even funnier

  77. author

    Wolfe8639 hours ago

    Shane is a baby but I still love him

  78. author

    javier Gonzalez9 hours ago

    RYLAND...Little bad brother.

  79. author

    Alexx and zack games/ madisons awesome channel9 hours ago

    the most gayest thing i have ever seen 3:59 pause really quick :>

  80. author

    Rocha sisters9 hours ago

    Your supposed to get on two knees when you propose?

  81. author

    Jessica Shamoon9 hours ago

    I use Hotel Tonight for last min. deals on hotels! I love it!

  82. author

    Thuglife109 hours ago

    I wish they would ryland would stop complaining about every little thing and just live in the moment

  83. author

    Wolfie Gamer9 hours ago

    Shane just kept roasting himself 🤣

  84. author

    Liz Rangeloff10 hours ago

    You guys should’ve gone to Nebraska

  85. author

    Maryclaire Laing10 hours ago

    Ummm hello makeup Shane

  86. author

    Jasmine Slime10 hours ago

    I live near Seattle

  87. author

    Erin Hirschi10 hours ago

    TWO OF THEM LANDED ON MONTANA!!!!!!! why does Montana never get the recognition it deserves (part 2?)

  88. author

    Libby Vlogs10 hours ago

    It’s so beautif- ulgh 7:43

  89. author

    neptune8810 hours ago


  90. author

    kitkat foreal111 hours ago

    When Ryland was dancing I realized that that's probably what I look like when I dance and I think I'm good at it but I'm not.

  91. author

    Melissa Alvarez11 hours ago

    Wilding !!!

  92. author

    Emma11 hours ago

    The downstairs of the hotel looks like ahs

  93. author

    Luna dunstone11 hours ago


  94. author

    mia xoxo12 hours ago

    Who thinks ryland should shave his chest

  95. author

    Angela Monique12 hours ago

    Shane 😀😧👑

  96. author

    Black Soul12 hours ago

    Wait he just said "wet water"

  97. author

    Crystal Young12 hours ago

    Can't wait for you both to start a family...that child will be so loved and lucky AF! What a life❤

  98. author

    Del Angelie Tabelon12 hours ago

    Both ur eyes are so prettyyyyyy

  99. author

    Mad Madz13 hours ago

    When Morgan said “you literally look like a circus clown” and sounded like the alien Snapchat filter. Bro I literally felt that 😂😂😭😭

  100. author

    Kinley Creamer13 hours ago

    0:28-19:27- *The funny circle.*