Why Does Getting Water Up Your Nose Hurt So Much?
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Jumping into a refreshingly cold body of water on a hot summer day can feel wonderful, except for your nose. Why does it hurt so much when you get wat...
A Deadly Mistake That Led to Safer Medicine | Elixir Sulfanilamide
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In the 1930s, a mistake that cost over a hundred lives helped usher in a new era of safer medicine. We're conducting a survey of our viewers! If you h...
Shrimp Treadmills and 5 Other Odd Research Projects
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Science isn't always a straightforward process. Here are 6 seemingly odd but absolutely creative ways researchers have approached their subjects. Spec...
Is Sitting Too Close to the TV Really Bad for You?
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It may be antiquated now, but the old pearl of wisdom: “Don't sit too close to the TV” was good advice in the 1960s We're conducting a survey of o...
How Meltdown and Spectre Make Your Computer Vulnerable
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Another year, another security breach that could expose all of your information. Installing updates might be a good New Year's resolution. Check out t...
How Kodak Discovered Radioactive Rain
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The Trinity Test had some unexpected consequences, including the creation of radioactive rain found hundreds of miles away from the test site. We're c...
How Close Are We to Curing Alzheimer's?
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Researchers are working hard to understand the mechanics of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. So, how close are we to finding a cure? W...
What Do Dogs See When They Watch TV?
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Some dogs just seem to love watching TV. But are they really watching what we see? We're conducting a survey of our viewers! If you have time, please ...
The 7 Coolest Active Space Probes
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We've sent thousands of things into space over the years! Many of them just orbit the Earth, and some are flying out past the edges of the Solar Syste...
The 1918 Pandemic: The Deadliest Flu in History
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The science behind why the 1918 flu is “the mother of all pandemics” continues to challenge scientists today. Olivia sheds some light on why this ...
What Makes Radiators Bang So Loudly?
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If you hear a loud bang in the middle of the night, it is probably your radiator. But how does a hollow hunk of metal make such a loud noise? We're co...
How the First Americans Got There
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This week, researches published a genetic analysis of the 11500-year-old remains of a baby found in Alaska, near where the first Americans crossed the...
Egyptian Blue: How an Ancient Pigment Could Save Lives
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The world's first artificial pigment, Egyptian blue, may help scientists prevent forgery and even save lives. We're conducting a survey of our viewers...
Molecule Architecture: SciShow Talk Show with Dr. Orion Berryman
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Dr. Orion Berryman talks with Hank about the cool chemistry going on in his lab, and Jessi from Animal Wonders brings in Prickle the Hedgehog! Animal ...
Can You Actually Die from a Broken Heart?
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It turns out this common phrase might have more of a basis in truth than you thought! We're conducting a survey of our viewers! If you have time, plea...