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How To Quickly Defrost a Turkey
by HowToBasic
2 months ago ∗ Views: 2,976,257
Today I show you how to quickly defrost a turkey. Forgot to take the turkey out of your freezer last night? Don't panic! Simply follow the step by ste...
1 year ago ∗ Views: 1,114,954
Title: How to (mixtape) Artist:STAGE-N , PEECLOCK Mixed&Mastering: Z4 record (mikesickflow) Cameraman&V...
How To Install a Toilet
by HowToBasic
6 months ago ∗ Views: 4,226,441
Today I show you how to easily remove and install a new toilet in minutes. This method requires no previous plumbing experience whatsoever. Accidental...
How To Make a Breakfast Pizza
by HowToBasic
3 months ago ∗ Views: 2,764,115
Today I show you how to make a delicious breakfast pizza. The crispy pizza base - perfectly accompanied by the freshest ingredients is sure to go down...
How To Morph Into a Chicken
by HowToBasic
3 months ago ∗ Views: 1,982,026
Today I show you how to magically turn yourself into a chicken. This amazing magic trick will be sure to impress your loved ones. They wont believe th...
How to speak so that people want to listen | Julian Treasure
by TED
4 years ago ∗ Views: 15,335,655
Have you ever felt like you're talking, but nobody is listening? Here's Julian Treasure to help you fix that. As the sound expert demonstrates some us...
13 Tips on How to Survive Wild Animal Attacks
4 months ago ∗ Views: 36,693,671
How to survive bear or shark attack? What should you do if you are bitten by a snake? We've gathered 13 easy tips that will save your life if you do m...
How To Make a Vegan Cake
by HowToBasic
4 months ago ∗ Views: 3,903,633
Today I show you how to make a delicious vegan chocolate cake. You won't believe this cake is vegan! It tastes and looks identical to a normal chocola...
How To Quickly Get a Six Pack
by HowToBasic
1 year ago ∗ Views: 12,774,688
Today I show you how to quickly get six pack abs. This incredibly fast six pack building technique will completely transform you in just 20 days. Alwa...
How To Make McDonald's French Fries
by HowToBasic
3 years ago ∗ Views: 30,058,641
Today I show you how to make McDonald's famous french fries. McDonald's french fries recipe has been kept secret for as long as they've existed, but d...
How To Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer
by HowToBasic
2 months ago ∗ Views: 1,942,882
Today I show you how to make your iPhone battery last up to 5X longer. This simple trick can be used on any iPhone to boost the battery 5 fold. You'll...
by PrankInvas...
1 year ago ∗ Views: 24,424,747
FREE MAGIC THUMB TO KISS ANY GIRL: Music "Chill Day" by Lakey Inspired: Soundcloud: Wha...
How To Master 5 Basic Cooking Skills - Gordon Ramsay
by Gordon Ram...
2 years ago ∗ Views: 13,113,262
We've compiled five previous videos into one, helping you to master your basic skills in the kitchen. Cooking rice, chopping an onion, sharpening a kn...
How To Build a Computer
by HowToBasic
4 years ago ∗ Views: 6,957,757
Today I show you how to build a computer. Building a computer has many advantages. For starters you will save thousands of dollars, you also have the ...
Cash Cash - How To Love ft Sofia Reyes (Official Video)
by Cash Cash
2 years ago ∗ Views: 29,825,716
Cash Cash's album Blood Sweat & 3 Years is available now! Spotify: Apple Music: